solo in the 2nd city


Nubie Solos:

1st Jentry Little - THE POINTE PAC

2nd Pierson Aldridge - THE POINTE PAC

3rd Ever Rhea - DANCE DYNAMICS

4th Gabriella Bonilla - AMARILLO

Mini Solos:

1st Avery Watson - PRODIGY DANCE

2nd Ava Lawson - ROCK CITY

3rd Madison Green - DANCE DYNAMICS

4th Brooklyn Simpson - WILLIAMS CENTER

5th Canaan Blansit - TIFFANY’S

6th Faith Stoner - THE POINTE PAC

7th Finlay Aldridge - THE POINTE PAC

8th Peyton Koepke - THE POINTE PAC

8th Skylar Steward - OWASSO

8th Olivia Nguyen - THE POINTE PAC

9th Olivia Freebern - THEATRE ARTS

9th Ava Longacre - PC DANCE

9th Rylin Hendrickson - GRAYCE DEWITT

10th Olivia Brewer - THE POINTE PAC


“Relax Max” - Ava Lawson, Rock City Dance Center, mini jazz solo, 2nd overall, Nuvo Tulsa, November 2017
★ Choreography by ?
Relax Max ~ Dinah Washington, Quincy Jones And His Orchestra

⛔ due to music copyrights, may not be available on some devices

The B Words

The B word. This post is meant to tell you a few things. 

First off, this post is to say Bye. This may come as no surprise as I haven’t posted much this year, but I’ll be saying Bye-Bye to Solo in the 2nd City. This project has been my Baby for 4 years and I’ve had a Blast. My career has become the number one priority for me in my life, while Boys and dating were put on the Backburner. Hopefully I’ll do some writing that has something to do with other than Boys soon enough, but at this point, I say Adieu. (Also, because I’m too cheap to renew the dotcom address.) You can still find all the stories and fun on our tumblr: I’ll be leaving it up indefinitely.

Second B-word is Boyfriend. Yep. Used the word for the first time today. (He used the G word first though, I swear.) I’ve been dating someone for a couple of months now. He has a Bank account and even has sheets on his Bed. So for now, my stories will be limited to making chili together on Sunday nights or something else equally lame that doesn’t make for great writing. But he’s cute and I’m happy.

Happy 2016! 2015 has been a good year full of Blessings and I hope your 2016 is all you hope and dream and then some. 

Thank you to all of you who have read for all these years, been to our shows, and been there for us. I cannot say enough about this little old Blog and what it has done for me. 

Lots of my love,