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the b&b “canon” and influences in the new beauty and the beast movie (an illustrated essay)

Of all the franchises I’ve ever loved, Beauty and the Beast has got to be the messiest. Since the groundbreaking 1991 film, not one thing has made sense. 

I mean, the story does not make a lick of sense even within the original film, so as a franchise, it’s gotten pretty wild. 

The original Disney version of Beauty and the Beast (or ‘OG B&B,’ as I will be calling it for the rest of the essay) has spawned an uncountable amount of spin-offs, midquels, musicals, and books since its release. 

i tried to draw a chart but it kind of got away from me. 

One would think that the inspiration for the material in B&B 2017 had to come exclusively from OG B&B. The franchise is too much of a dumpster fire to control. 

For example, the Name Situation: 

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Well, now I think Kylo Ren have the possibility to will make a balance in the force, no dark, no light… I mean its really suspect to Kylo Ren stay in the pack of Jedi Heroes 🤔 the same time this is my last hope to see the redemption of Kylo Ren to Ben Solo 😍


1. Meow Meow sheets

2. That’s a Spicy Wolverine pizza

3. America Chavez

4. serious drama

5. Patsy Walker aka Hellcat #8 by Kate Leth  @kateordie and Brittany Williams @anotherbrittneywilliams is amazing!

6. It’s new today, too!

7. I feel like this list should be 8 things long because it’s issue #8.

8. cookies

anonymous asked:

Okay ♥ I figured i should ask before i just spewed a bunch of names out at you lol. I'm really into x-men but there's so many comics i have no idea where to start. My favorites are probably Rogue, Gambit, Magneto, Jean, Deadpool, Emma, X-23, and Wolverine (I'm going through your fic rec tag right now to see if you've done any before!!!)

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The Force Awakens vs. The Knights of the Old Republic - Parallels

Has anyone noticed certain similarities between KotOR and TFA characters? 

  • Kylo Ren may be the biggest Darth Vader fanboy, but Darth Revan is his fashion guru,
  • Rey with her weapon of choice, girly pigtails and outfit resembles Bastila Shan. Not to mention the accent.

Those characters are completely different in terms of personality but the visual similarity is certainly there. It makes me wonder – what if some parts of TFA were really inspired by KotOR? I was trying to come up with other possible future connections:

  • A deserter (Atton Rand/Finn) from an evil organization (The Sith/The First Order) meets a Force sensitive woman (femExile/Rey). He develops a crush on her and desperately tries to conceal his dark past from her. Played for laughs with Finn, played for drama with Atton,
  • Rey could have lost her connection to the Force due to some traumatic experiences, just like Exile or Rey’s memory was wiped out like Revan’s,
  • If Kylo Ren is the founder of the Knights of Ren and if they are a group of fallen Jedis/force sensitives, it mirrors Revan with his Revanchists,
  • Snoke could be an expy for the Sith Emperor, who lured a promising, young Jedi knight into the dark side of the Force.

I know, it doesn’t change anything for KotOR fans like myself. The games will remain Legends and won’t make it into the new canon. Yet spotting those similarities gives me hope that at least KotOR heritage wasn’t completely wasted.