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If you’re not really fond of having your heart remain intact for the day, here’s a fun thing from the game:  Vader, Leia, Kylo, and Luke all fighting a battle in the throne room of Naboo.

The room–and the very seat–that Padme Amidala was first introduced to us, the room where she took so many important steps forward for her people and in her role in the story, that this was the center of her authority for so long, it was so defining a place in her life.

And this family is her legacy, too.  These aren’t just Anakin’s descendants, they are from Padme just as much.  Luke and Leia are her children, too.  Kylo is her grandson, too.

To see each of them passing by this room, where she governed and fought (both politically and with the blaster she hid in that chair), that they too fight and either are spiritual successors to her legacy or are contrasted against it, is one of the reasons I am so, so glad that SWBF2 included Naboo in their game.

(Star Wars: Battlefront II caps provided by the wonderful @glompcat!)

Happy Force Friday!!!

Seeing as how BB-8 was the biggest hit of Force Friday in 2015, I thought it appropriate to celebrate the debut of the arch-nemesis to our favorite ball droid, BB-9E.

Artwork by Jay Doherty aka Vitamin Jay.

629 Days until Episode IX

266 Days until the Han Solo Movie









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Sci-fi/space mercenary AU for the soul AKA i should probably translate this but then y’all would know how bad the dialogue is


the b&b “canon” and influences in the new beauty and the beast movie (an illustrated essay)

Of all the franchises I’ve ever loved, Beauty and the Beast has got to be the messiest. Since the groundbreaking 1991 film, not one thing has made sense. 

I mean, the story does not make a lick of sense even within the original film, so as a franchise, it’s gotten pretty wild. 

The original Disney version of Beauty and the Beast (or ‘OG B&B,’ as I will be calling it for the rest of the essay) has spawned an uncountable amount of spin-offs, midquels, musicals, and books since its release. 

i tried to draw a chart but it kind of got away from me. 

One would think that the inspiration for the material in B&B 2017 had to come exclusively from OG B&B. The franchise is too much of a dumpster fire to control. 

For example, the Name Situation: 

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