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Answering shameful tweets about women’s football

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And now here you have some wise words:

“When tackled, they get up and play on. They don’t pretend to be hurt. They don’t dive. They don’t get opponents sent off. They don’t wrestle at corner kicks. Worst of all, they don’t hassle the match officials. As any fool who has watched the men’s Premiership knows, that is not the way to play football.

Ladies, please continue playing and loving this beautiful sport. We are doing a fantastic job in this (supposed) “men’s world”.

He didn’t have a lot of hobbies (or interests, even) and he was very secretive (and angry/defensive when pryed, even resorting to lying), having no friends or even real acquaintances. Dahmer’s life consisted of indulging and maintaining the means to his obsession and virtually nothing else once the second murder took place. However, there are some interesting, less known things surrounding who he was as a person:

•He liked to people-watch at the local mall, even when he wasn’t scoping for victims (sometimes he just happened upon them when he wasn’t even looking for one)

•Some things not really talked about that were found in his apartment were acne cream, a shaving kit, a contact lens cleaning kit, and a pair of men’s black nylon shorts.

•Dahmer preferred hairless (body hair) men and usually shaved his own chest, etc. He was also really into biceps and chest muscles.

•As a kid, he once submitted a science fair project in school on moulds and fungi.

•He went through small, mild “satanic” phases, dabbling in the occult. It was during one of these times, he stole a vial of blood from his phlebotomy job (that he didn’t care for) and attempted to drink it (and did not like it.) Some of his shrine ideas derived from the altar that he initially set up for rituals based on the occult.

•The day that Lionel came home to discover Jeff living alone at the family home, there were other teenagers there, sleeping and hungover from the previous night, in which they had used a Ouija board and Dahmer had drawn a pentagram on the coffee table. The girl he ditched at prom was there.

•He really liked guns and was knowledgeable about different types. Shooting was a hobby he kept up after his exit from the military.

•He liked taking walks solo while stationed in Germany, watching the boars roam the hills.

•He enjoyed cop shows, NYPD Blue was one of his favorites. He hated Geraldo Rivera, but he still watched his show in the mornings.

•He listened to metal and classic rock, but while he was in prison, he said sometimes hearing music that reminded him of the gay night clubs (presumably pop or dance from the 80’s) made him nostalgic and upset.

• According to Lionel, Jeff really liked weight lifting for almost a whole year in high school, he picked it up almost immediately, and it was one of the few things that kept his interest for that long. Upon his arrest, supplements and vitamins were found in his apartment.

•He loved horror movies and science fiction including Star Wars, the Exorcist, and Blade Runner, and Hellbound. Most of the films found in his apartment were porn.

•He enjoyed drag shows and strips clubs, these are the primary reason he would visit the Chicago area, aside from the bath houses he held memberships at there, but he wasn’t attracted to men dressed in drag.

•He liked helping his father raise and tend to livestock as a child.

•He was never much into reading or writing. In school, he only read assigned books and Alfred Hitchcock’s Horror for Children. In his apartment were four books on fish, a King James Version of the Bible, a few creation science books, a numerology book, and a learning kit for Latin.

•He failed all of his college courses except Administrative Science, in which he was “mediocre” in, and Riflery, which he passed with a B-.

•Dahmer not only sought the death penalty, but he believed in it. He stated that if it was wrong, it wouldn’t be in the Bible.

•He also thought that his suicide would be justified, saying there wasn’t much more he could do wrong.


Summary: Y/N can’t stop baking. While the rest of the team enjoys the treats, Bucky knows that something deeper is going on.

Bucky x reader. HURT/COMFORT. Fluff. Word count: 1.6 k

TW: anxiety, bruises

The tower was filled with laughter as Bucky walked in, just having returned from a solo mission in Germany. He walked into the lounge to find the team sprawled out on the furniture stuffing their faces with cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and other desserts. He looked over at the counter to see an array of treats—enough to feed the team several times over.

“Hey, what’s with all the treats? Did Tony buy out a bakery or what?” Bucky asked Steve. While licking frosting off of his fingertips, Steve said “Nope. Y/N has gone on some kind of baking rampage. She’s gone to the store twice so far to get more flour. Not sure why she’s doing it, but I’m not complaining—these cupcakes are amazing! You’re a lucky fella, Buck—your girlfriend is one heck of a baker!” Bucky closed his eyes and exhaled loudly. “I know why she’s doing it.” Bucky muttered as he walked toward the kitchen.

When he walked in, Bucky saw that the kitchen was a disaster. Flour and sugar covered the counters, the sink was full of dirty mixing bowls and spoons, a sea of cookies was spread out on cooling racks, and the ticking of three separate cooking timers rang through the kitchen as Y/N stood there rolling out dough on the counter. She was wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt, with her hair in a ponytail. Her purple apron was covered with smears of flour and cake batter. “What are you doing?” asked Bucky, even though he knew her answer would only be a smokescreen. He knew that she only baked when she was feeling stressed or anxious because she found it therapeutic, but for her to be baking this much, it must be pretty bad this time. “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m trying to roll out this pie dough but I can’t get it right.” said Y/N without even looking up. She continued rolling the dough as Bucky slowly walked toward her. “So, how was—“ Bucky was cut off by the ringing of a cooking timer before he could finish his sentence. “Hold that thought!” said Y/N as she reached for the timer. “Ok, the cow-shaped timer is for the red velvet cupcakes, the piggy timer is for the peanut butter cookies, and the little chicken is for the chocolate chip cookies…I think. Can you hand me that oven mitt? The piggy is ringing so I’ve gotta take the peanut butter cookies out of the oven.” Bucky grabbed the bright pink oven mitt sitting on the counter, and when Y/N turned to take it from him he saw that she had a dark bruise running from just above her left eye all the way down her cheek. “She must’ve had a mission go south. That’s got to be why she’s so upset.” Bucky thought to himself.

Y/N turned off the pig timer, pulled the cookies out of the oven, placed them on a cooling rack, and immediately went back to rolling the pie dough. The smell of peanut butter filled the room as Bucky watched her. “Want some help?” asked Bucky. He knew nothing about baking, but wanted to spend some time with Y/N, and be there for her, even if she didn’t realize exactly why he was there. “Sure,” she replied. “See that piping bag over there? That frosting is for the devil’s food cupcakes. They should be cool by now, so go ahead and frost them while I try to get this damn dough right.” “It looks okay to me,” Bucky said with a little hesitation. “What’s wrong with it?” Y/N threw the rolling pin down on the counter and nervously put her flour-dusted hands on her head. “EVERY TIME I ROLL IT OUT, I SCREW IT UP. IT WON’T ROLL OUT BIG ENOUGH TO COVER THE WHOLE PIE BUT THEN I TRY TO FIX IT AND I MAKE IT TOO THIN AND I’VE BEEN DOING IT OVER AND OVER FOR AN HOUR AND I CAN’T GET IT RIGHT BECAUSE I CAN’T GET ANYTHING RIGHT AND I JUST CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE!” she yelled, not in anger but rather in sadness. She broke down in tears and sat on the kitchen floor sobbing, covering her face with her hands. Bucky sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulder.

“It’s okay, Y/N. It happens to all of us—sometimes missions don’t go the way we’d like them too. If you want to talk about it, I’ll always listen. If not, that’s fine too. I can frost cupcakes. They probably won’t be very pretty, but I can give it a go. Anything for you.” She took her hands off of her face and leaned into Bucky’s chest. He wrapped his other arm around her and held her close until finished crying it out. He knew that sometimes she just needed a good cry to get it all out, and all she needed him to do was be there. She took a deep breath and looked up at him. “Thank you.” she whimpered softly. Bucky replied with a warm “I love you,” which Y/N answered with a kiss, and next thing they knew Y/N was sitting in Bucky’s lap and they were passionately making out.

All of a sudden, they were interrupted by Tony saying “Good Lord people! Why did you have to desecrate the kitchen?! Get a room—like literally leave and go to another room. Ridiculous.” Before they could reply, another one of the kitchen timers started ringing. Bucky and Y/N turned to each other and started laughing as they stood up. Y/N removed the remaining treats from the oven and set them on the counter. She and Bucky took all of the treats that were on the cooling racks and put them on plates to take out to the lounge to add to the dessert table. They walked into the room, and when they turned around to put down the plates, the rest of the team burst out in laughter. Not knowing the cause, Y/N and Bucky turned around. “What’s so funny?” asked Bucky. Nat was laughing so hard she was crying, but managed to squeak out the words “handprint” and “Bucky.” Y/N told Bucky to turn around, and she realized right away why they were laughing. There were flour handprints all over the back of Bucky’s black shirt, as well as a perfect flour handprint on the ass of Bucky’s jeans, obvious indicators of the make-out session they just had in the kitchen. Y/N couldn’t help but giggle as she explained to Bucky why he was the butt of the joke.

“Don’t you DARE sit on the furniture like that! Either of you!” shouted Tony from the other side of the room. Steve and Nat volunteered to clean the kitchen as a thank you for all of the goodies, and Y/N and Bucky accepted their offer. They each went back to their rooms to change and wash the flour off of their hands, and met back up in the lounge. They snuggled next to each other on one of the couches, each with a warm cookie in hand. “So, what movie are we watching?” Y/N asked. Sam cleared his throat and jokingly said “We figured we’d pop in one of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies and slowly fall into diabetic comas from all of the sugar you fed us today.” “Sounds good to me.” replied Y/N. Wanda put the movie in, and halfway through ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” everyone fell asleep, tummies full.

Y/N woke up as the credits were rolling. She was snuggled cozily in Bucky’s strong arms and looked up to see him smiling at her. “How long have you been watching me sleep, you little creeper?” she said teasingly. “Not long,” he replied. “It’s just that you always look so peaceful when you’re sleeping. You are so beautiful, Y/N.” Y/N rolled her eyes and said “C’mon Buck, you don’t have to lie to me. My face looks like I was hit by a train. I know the bruises are bad—you don’t have to try to make me feel better about it.” He looked at her with a confused expression on his face and said “Y/N, I’m not lying. I would think you were beautiful if you were bright green with orange polka dots. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, bruise or not, and I love you with all my heart.” He planted a gentle kiss on her forehead as a sweet smile grew on her face. “Bucky, you’re the best. I love you, too.” She then nuzzled her face into his chest and drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, Y/N and Bucky woke up on the couch. The rest of the team was gone except for Sam, who was hovering over the dessert table shoving cookies into his mouth. “Isn’t it a little early for sweets, Sam?” Y/N asked with a giggle. “Hey,” Sam replied in all seriousness, “these cookies have raisins. Raisins come from grapes. Grapes are a fruit, and fruit is breakfast, so no, it isn’t too early for sweets. Now quit hogging the couch—there’s a ‘Jurassic Park’ marathon on today and I wanna be comfy.” Bucky turned to Y/N and said “Well, Sweetheart, that’s probably our cue to get up.” The two of them got up off the couch and dragged themselves to the kitchen, where they ate breakfast and laughed together whenever they heard Sam yelling at the TV about velociraptors.