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Scorpio Rising

Out in the desert in the last light of day
We searched for the footprints of Bobby Beausoleil
And there in the desert past the L.A. county line
Bobby buried the canister in the middle of the night

I’m not alright
I’m not alright
I’m really not up for the fight

Slow it down
Slow it down, down, down
Slow it down
Slow it down, down, down

The gears grind on as the van accelerates
Some things buried deep need to stay that way

I’m not alright
I’m not alright
I’m really not up for the fight

Slow it down
Slow it down, down, down
Slow it down
Slow it down, down, down
Slow it down
Slow it down, down, down
Slow it down

from Moon Colony Bloodbath (2009)

anonymous asked:

Is the blog still alive? I'm not sure, but I just needed to share a story. I identify as demisexual. I've only liked one guy for going on 7 years, but yesterday I was asked out, by someone who is just an acquaintance. I turned him down of course, because I can't see myself dating a person I barely know, but then I just started breaking down crying. I guess just being asked out by someone who is virtually a stranger to me scared me or something? I don't know anymore.

Trying to be. It’s tough with work. I haven’t seen the other mod around in a while, so I may just open up for applications in a bit. I don’t want the blog to die, but it’s a lot for me to handle solo. 

(Friendly reminder to read the FAQ as well, I’ll be updating it with the most asked questions at some point in the near future.)

That said, I know for me, my reaction to just about anything is to start crying, so it may have just been a nervous or anxiety reaction as well. The last time I was in any sort of sexual situation I broke down as well, so I completely understand. 


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🔥🔥🔥 for SWTOR as a game or MMO in general?

I don’t mind that it’s been made more solo friendly. In fact, it’s almost, in a way, better for me because I work five days a week. The game certainly wasn’t HARD when I started playing in 3.x, but some bosses(Baras, Thanaton, the Consular’s chapter 2 final boss, etc) certainly were tough.

While I do like that anymore companion can heal, I miss their unique abilities as well. Like LS Jaesa and Kira had something similar to Ravage/Master Strike.

But while I understand the meta for why Bioware didn’t put more effort into operations, it doesn’t mean I don’t think there shouldn’t have been more balance between group and solo content



It turns out that it’s kind of a tradition on vinyl albums for artists to write messages for their fans.  My friendly former cubicle mate troll is familiar with the history and had ended up buying the special green edition of Zayn’s album.

There’s one part that stands out because it looks handwritten originally.  It reads [ “ P e - L “ ], but it also doesn’t look like the pressure was very even, so I suspect it’s actually [ “ R e A L “ ].

Can anyone else with a Zayn vinyl see this and if your version is more legible than ours is, what does it say?

Please signal boost this even if you don’t personally have a vinyl album.

Thank you!

Some Thoughts From the Infinite Effect Tour in Vancouver

1. They all have incredible legs. Like seriously. Why can’t my legs be that beautiful?

2. Dongwoo’s sole mission of the evening was to wreck the bias list of EVERY. PERSON. IN. THAT. ROOM. (and he kinds succeeded ngl)

3. Sunggyu pushed Dongwoo back behind the stage curtains for it.

4. Hoya can’t throw paper airplanes for crap. But he tried really, REALLY hard.

5. Woohyun is 100% ready for a solo debut. His solo stage was fantastic.

6. Dongwoo giggles when he’s nervous. Every time he felt like he flubbed an English word, he dissolved into giggling and it was basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

7. Kontrol is MAGNIFICENT live. The chorus was a literal WALL of sound.

8. Sungjong is a smiley ball of sunshine that should be protected at all costs.

9. Last Romeo’s original MV is 10 shades of beautiful, and I’m really glad I got to see it in HD.

10. I really wish they’d sold light sticks at the concert. The boys deserved a light stick ocean.

11. They were barely breaking a sweat up there. They made the dancing look easy.

12. Speaking of easy, everyone was hitting their high notes like a boss.

13. The fans at the front of the stage kind of reminded me of little fishes every time a member reached a hand out to them. It was super adorable.

14. I swear Sunggyu looked right at me at one point. He’s really handsome.

15. And yes. They really are that beautiful in person. 

16. Woohyun was just as cheesy as expected. To the point that when he was taking too long saying his goodbyes and basically flirting with the audience, Dongwoo asked “Are you done?”

17. They spent the majority of 3 songs tossing gifts from the stage and stealing phones out of the audience and taking selcas.

18. The new song is really nice, ya’ll. WAKE UP!

19. Dongwoo had no chill.

20. Hoya had all of it.

21. Anyone ragging on L for his vocals need to get their ears checked. He was legit ON POINT the entire evening, AND he held his high note in Between Me and You so well.

22. Sungyeol spoke no English in 2016 so he could save his words for the concert that night. And then he graced us with a classic: “If you cheat on us, we will chase you to the end of the world!”

23. Woohyun’s hair looked SO soft. And then he left some fans at the front touch it. T_T

24. Sunggyu complained about getting old. But if he’s old, then so am I. He’s one of the few guys in boy groups I follow who’s older than me. 89 LINE REPRESENT. 

25. Hoya made a really lovely, well-thought out speech in English toward the end of the show. Throughout the entire concert he was very thoughtful of the fans, whether it was speaking in English for the majority of the time or checking up on the people in the second level. He’s a real sweetheart.

26. Dongwoo should not be allowed to wear a wife beater. That is all.

27.  There were no signs of Hoya’s injury at all. He was in top form in each song. He also spoke about it during one of the ments to ensure fans he’d worked really hard during rehab, that he was fine now, and that he was going to dance his best tonight.

28. Even the freaking BORDER PATROL knew about the concert. “Where did you ladies go tonight?” “We went to a concert.” “Oh, Infinite?” “Yeah!”

29. They really do live up to their reputation for being incredible live performers. Everything was top notch all the way through.

30. Inspirits are a really lovely fandom. And after that concert, I might have to call myself one too.

i could not get this image out of my head, so i wrote it down // rey solo friendly – ben is 14, rey is 4 (as per how i saw her/them in my mind), also han and leia ofc. not really set in any of my other universes. 

“Leia,” Han got up from his place at the table and cleared his throat. “May I have this dance?” he asked more seriously. 

“I think you drank too much,” Leia giggled. “I know I did.”

“You barely had one glass of Corellian whiskey, sweetheart” Han grinned. 

“That was more than enough!” She said in mock outrage, “You know I don’t drink.”

They’d been playing a rather intense game of Sabacc–and it was made only intense by their sheer stubbornness. Han and Leia were as stubborn as they were competitive, respectively, and could not accept defeat–so they’d been at this for a while. 

In a sudden moment of bravado Han had decided he just really wanted to hold her, though Han never really needed a reason. 

“So,” he extended his hand out to her. “Will you dance with me?”

Leia giggled, “There’s no music, nerf.”

“We don’t need music,” Han tapped his chest, “We have the music in our hearts.”

Leia laughed at him outright then, “Force.” She got up and took his hand, “That was terrible! I shouldn’t even doing this after how bad that line was.” She mumbled into his chest, settling there as his head came to rest on top of hers and they began to move.

“I’m trying to make up for our disastrous first dance.”

She rested her chin on his chest and looked up at him through her lashes, “We didn’t have one, love.” 

“And I’ll be making it up to you for the rest of my life.”

“I’m holding you to that.” She said right before he kissed her. 


The children bumped into each other in the hallway. 

“Ben?” Rey questioned, looking up at him as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. 

“Shh, squirt. Why are you up?” he whispered. 

“I don’t know,” she mumbled. “Why are you up?” 

“I asked you first.”

“Hey! That’s no fair– ” 

“Shh, hop on.”

Ben crouched down to little sister’s height so she could climb on his back. As her arms wrapped securely around his neck, he tiptoed into the living room where they happened upon this parents dancing in front their fire place–quickly he hid them behind the wall of the kitchen. 

He could hear no music, but from his vantage point he could see his father’s content resting face and smirk as his head was on top of his mother’s, and if he listened closely enough he could hear his father’s off-beat humming. Ben would never admit this aloud but his parents were kind of cute sometimes. 

Rey yawned lowly into Ben’s neck, resting her head on his shoulder and sighed watching her parents dance through bleary eyes. 

They watched them sway about for a minutes before they saw their mother tilt her head in their direction. 

“I know you’re there.”

Rey gasped, her hand quickly going to cover mouth as her brother carried her out from behind their hiding spot. 

“Busted, squirt.” 

She climbed off Ben’s back and came to stand in front of him. Rey didn’t fully understand how their mother always knew she or her brother were near but it was one of the few things she didn’t question. 

Rey huffed in mild annoyance at being caught, “You guys were dancing.”

Leia nodded at her youngest, smiling, “We were.” 

Han then stepped forward and bowed towards his daughter, “Would you like to dance Rey?”

Rey’s eyes couldn’t have gotten any wider as she squealed in excitement–all traces of sleep gone. Ben was almost sure Uncle Chewie could hear her from the Falcon. Rey bounced into her father’s arms and he picked her up before swaying with her through their living room. 

As Han spun around with Rey, Leia approached Ben with a gentle smile and open arms. 

“Ben…” She said invitingly. 

Ben looked down at his bare feet, scratching the back of neck before sheepishly meeting his mother eyes.

“Mom,” He sighed. “Aren’t I a little too old?”

Leia shook her head adamantly, “To me, never.” 

In an act so like his father’s, Ben pursed his lips irritably and pointed at her, “Fine,” he said. Leia arched her brow challengingly. “But don’t tell Poe.” 

Leia laughed heartily but conceded, “I wouldn’t dare,” she beamed at her son. “So you’ll dance with me?” 

“I guess,” Ben nodded as he went into her arms. 

Quite the sight they were–at 14 Ben was already about an inch or so taller than her, and still growing. But soon mother and son joined father and daughter on their make shift dance floor.