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No obituary.  No tombstone. Only a shining legacy.

Reclusive woman donates $800,000 to National Wildlife Refuges, parks across the West

Photo by Nancy Zingheim in front of Rita Poe’s truck, which she used on her trip to see six National Wildlife Refuges.

By Brent Lawrence

Nobody really knew Rita Poe until she died.

She moved through the final years of her life with little apparent interaction with others. Few people could recall the tall, thin woman with salt-and-pepper hair and brown eyes. She died at age 66 in her home – a 27-foot travel trailer parked in the shadows of the Olympic Mountains – of colon cancer on Nov. 16, 2015.

Though Rita’s life came to a close, her legacy will live on for generations thanks to her final act of astonishing generosity.

With no known friends or heirs in her final years, Rita’s closest connection was Nancy Zingheim, the manager for SKP RV Park in Chimacum, Washington, where Rita had parked her Airstream during the summer of 2015. Their only encounters were when Rita would come in to pay her lot rent or an occasional wave on the street when she walked her dog, an Italian greyhound/basenji mix named I.G.

Then in September, Rita showed up with a question for Nancy: “Will you be the executor of my will?” Nancy agreed.

Rita died a few weeks later, and Nancy got her first look at the will. It was as generous as it was surprising: give almost everything – nearly $800,000 – to eight National Wildlife Refuges and four parks across the West.

On the list were three U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service refuges from her home state of California, with one refuge in each of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Texas. The four others recipients were state and national parks from Texas and Wyoming.

Photo of a young bull moose at Camas National Wildlife Refuge by Rita Poe

Rita’s legacy started Nancy on a path that culminated with a 4,000-mile “trip of a lifetime” during which she learned about wild spaces and public lands, and what made them meaningful to Rita.

Between December 2015 and April 2017, Nancy researched each refuge and park online. She called them with questions, intent on making sure that each refuge and park would live up to Rita’s expectations.

A big obstacle for Nancy was fighting to collect $374,000 owed to Rita from a long-ago inheritance. Once Nancy won that battle and the money came in, she could have considered her work nearly done. Someone else might have simply written the checks.

But not Nancy.

Over the months of searching through Rita’s paperwork and photos, Nancy started to understand Rita on a deeper level. The last photo Nancy found of Rita was from a 1981 Texas driver’s license. Nancy discovered that Rita was born on October 20, 1949, in California and that she was once a nurse. Nursing may have been what Rita did at some point, but it was clear that it wasn’t what fulfilled her. There was an empty spot in Rita’s soul that could only be filled on public lands.

Rita’s devotion to the places that left a mark on her was infectious, and Nancy was determined to see firsthand where Rita’s final act of generosity was going. “I had never heard of a (National Wildlife) Refuge,” Nancy said. “I wanted the money to go to what Rita would have wanted.”

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happy whatever it is you celebrate and happy new year for all of u

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Please write no. 6 for Dean!!


A/N: Yayy It’s a Dean one!! Even though this is a little short, I kinda like it haha enjoy!!

Prompt: 6. “You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!”

You opened the door to the bunker, trudging in, feeling completely drained. You went down the steps, and headed to your room. As you arrived at your room, you dropped your duffel bag at the foot of the bed before heading to the closet to get fresh, clean clothes.

Having just came back from a solo hunt, you were exhausted. You regretted not asking the Winchesters to follow you but at least your hunt went successfully.

You took a long shower, wanting to get rid of all the dirt and grime on your body, and at the same time, enjoying the warm water that pelted on your skin. After staying in some crappy motel for the past three days with no hot water, you started to treasure the bunker more and more.

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definitely one of the best early simpsons moments

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Han Solo being an amazing husband and father headcanons please! ❤️

Hi anon! Thanks so much for your request—this is what developed in response. I hope it fits your ask alright! It’s got some mother stuff in here too for Mother’s Day, and a little dancing (though real dancing is upcoming) for @knightedrogue‘s belated birthday. Sorry it’s 40 pages long friend

Things Han Solo Built


The first, of course, was the maple crib. Both inspired and simple, each bar spooled smooth and spaced at flawless intervals. No menacing edges. Burnished just with beeswax because, Han said, the kid might chew the wood. Leia found the crib reassuring as time contracted to the baby’s due date of late June. She knew Han would be a good father; his parental viability had never concerned her. Still Leia appreciated this manifestation of Han’s own labor, painstaking taken to an entirely unknown level. Finished, sturdy, meticulous, safe, the crib seemed to give off its own light and warmth, there in the loft under a window, waiting for the baby who turned out to be their daughter.

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I wrote this in destiel flavor

Sam was coming back from a solo hunt and completely exhausted. He opened the bunker door and slammed it behind him. He was eager to get to his room and freaking sleep. On his way down the hall he heard voices coming from Dean’s room.

He could also hear the murmur of an episode of game of thrones. Cas and Dean had taken to binge watching TV together in dean’s room lately.

Sam recognized it as the episode where Renley Baratheon was sleeping with Loras Tyrell.
Dean’s voice came through the door.

“So uh Cas. If we were gay…who do you think would top?”

Sam sat at the door and rolled his eyes. Very subtle Dean.

Cas’s gruff voice answered confidently “Oh, I would of course.”

“What?!” Dean’s voice squeaked a little high and cracked “I think my dick is bigger, so I’d top.”

“Well, I think mines bigger,” Cas stated flatly.

Sam should probably leave.

“Oh yeah tough guy?” Sam could practically hear Dean smirking. “Put up or shut up.”

Sam heard nothing for a moment. Cas was probably trying to figure out what Dean meant.

“Ugh. Pull your dick out of your pants Cas” Dean sighed.

Sam should leave right now.

“Okay,” Cas quickly answered. There was a moment of silence then Dean spoke.

“Bro. You’re fucking hung.”

There was a full minute of silence. Then Sam heard a slam and “Nghhh. Oh fuck. Cas.”

Sam had never run so fast in his life.

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"He barely seems to pause for breath, and over the next half hour Illya realizes that he was very, very wrong in his earlier assumption: tired Solo is quiet, but truly exhausted Solo cannot shut up." <— i should have titled this fic "in which I totally agree with the headcanon that Solo gets super chatty when he's tired and caffeinated"

… i love this!! asjkdhksjhfkj (where is the fic??)

Old Time Rock N Roll

This is my entry for @deanwinchester-af 25 songs challenge. My song prompt was Old Time Rock N Roll by Bob Seger. My beta was the lovely, talented @inmysparetime0. Tags are below the cut, if I have wrongly tagged you please let me know asap so I can remove asap :) I have used the tagging lists provided by @mrswhozeewhatsis and the SPN Fanfic Pond.

Summary: Dean comes back from a solo hunt to see his girlfriend and brother, messing around without him and he gets jealous, can his girlfriend convince him that everything was innocent fun?

Warnings: Some cussing, small mention of sex, angst, fluff.

Word count: 1315.

Originally posted by themalificentsnipe

Dean walked into the Bunker carrying his duffel bag, after coming back from a solo hunt. He was exhausted, hunting a Werewolf by yourself was never an easy task but Sam had wanted to stay at the Bunker, claiming he wasn’t feeling well and Y/N was away on a hunt when he left, so he had no choice but to go alone. He had managed to get the hunt wrapped up early and with minimal injuries so he had driven through the night to get back to the Bunker. He wanted to check on Sam and wait for you to get home safely.

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Well here’s the video, the revving was a little weird at the begging of the video as my gf was at the pedal hah

Solo-Performance Mach X V6 exhaust (J pipes removed) (by dvacek94)

Sustaining myself on blue powerade and a baconator I had an hour ago in Meridian. Andrew made a playlist of songs we both wanted; his songs are averaging 3 minutes and change, mine are all like 7 minutes minimum and he’s not amused. He also described the full version of Through the Fire and the Flames, complete with me “singing” the guitar solos, as “exhausting.”

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Can I pretty please have a scenario where V finally see's his girlfriend after a long time (she's a solo idol and has exhausted herself) and she stays with the boys and has a mental breakdown? P.s I love you guys!

BRUH, I feel like I could relate to this, yup… Lol! BTW WE LOVE YOU TOO~ <3 Thanks for the request!! Enjoy!


You press the elevator button, feeling so many emotions. Excitement. Exhaustion. Stress. So many things ran through your head, but the one that was most important was Taehyung.

You were about to see your boyfriend, and hadn’t seen him in months. You’ve been holding concerts, and have gone to 20 different countries in the span of three months. In between all these concerts, you’ve done photo shoots, fan signing, and a variety of different shows.

You were exhausted, and you’re company knew that, giving you three days of freedom before starting all over again. The elevator door opened, and you stepped out, walking to the dorm of Bangtan, where you planned to stay for the three days. You’re apartment was too lonely.

You knocked on the door, waiting patiently as you heard shouting and arguing from the other side. The door opened a moment later, revealing Suga. You smiled, waving softly.

“Ah! (Y/N)~ Hello!” He said, giving you a one armed hug, before letting you in. Before you could even say hello to the other boys, your alien boyfriend ran over, giving you a giant bear hug.

“Jagiya!” He screeched, making you flinch from the loudness. You giggle, hugging him back and burying your face into his neck, sighing loudly.

“I missed you, Oppa…” You say, tears threatening to spill over. He pulls you away, his big smile faltering.

“Come, Jagi. Come to my room and tell me about your concerts and things,” He said, grabbing your hand and dragging you to his room.

Once you entered, you walked over and layed on his bed, curling up and watching him shut the door, before he turned around, staring with eyes of concern. It amazed you how he could go from his bubbly, alien self, to a serious, concerned boyfriend. He walked over, laying with you and pulling you into a hug, where you sobbed quietly.

“(Y/N)… What happened, baby?” He whispered in your ear, petting your hair softly. You pulled away, sniffling. You sat up, reaching to the side to grab a tissue to blow your nose.

“I’m tired, Taehyung,” You sobbed, wiping the drying tears as new ones slipped down. You sighed, calming your staggered breath. “I’m tired of never being able to see you… I’m tired of traveling all around the world… I’m tired of not settling down. I’m exhausted, Tae,” You said, looking at him with big, swollen eyes. He sighed, grabbing your shoulders and pulling you into a tight hug.

“Jagiya, I miss you too…” He whispered. “But I hope you know, no matter where you are, I will always love you… It’ll never ever change,” You nodded, hugging him tired.

“I’m just really tired, Oppa…” You said, hugging him tighter, as if he’ll leave if you let him go.

“I know, baby… I know,” He said, pulling you out of the hug and wiping your tears with his already soaked grey sweater. “But think of it this way. You have a lot of fans who adore you and love what you day, that should be worth something. Plus, you have a handsome, smart, charming boyfriend to come home to,” He said, smirking. You gave a choked laugh, pushing him slightly.

“Shut up, you douche,” You say, kissing his cheek.

“I’m offended!” He said, giving a mock scoff, causing you to laugh more.

“Thank you, Taehyung…” You say, after officially calming down.

“Come on. Let me give you a shirt for you to sleep in,” Taehyung said, standing up to go to the closet.

“What about shorts?” You ask, eyeing him curiously.

“It’s not like they’d stay on anyway,” He said, turning and winking, before searching his closet for a shirt. You laugh, shaking your head. This is why you loved him so much.


Hope you liked it!!! ^_^

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