solo drop

top 11 shook cinematic moments


2. when they just straight up started singing in the hobbit


4. Organa-Solo Family Patricide

5. Steve dropping the shield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. the first 10 minutes of Up that we don’t talk about

7. Who Cares About Rogue One Dying, Vader Just Straight Up Threw a Guy Against the Ceiling™

8. the Shrek Hallelujah montage

9. Disney just murdering Ray the lightning bug in cold blood in Princess and the Frog

10. Luke Skywalker not even saying anything but changing my life

11. The Toy Story trash incinerator, aka a Metaphor for my Childhood

x-ladies who could carry a solo film:

  • storm
  • shadowcat
  • psylocke
  • laura kinney
  • magik
  • jubilee
  • dazzler
  • rogue
  • m
  • mystique, if she weren’t played by you-know-who
  • emma frost
OT4 Hypothetical: Rebrand and a Four Part Narrative

So, come with me on a journey. Bear in mind that I absolutely want OT4 back together post haste and I am prone to trying to see if I can make a case that what I want COULD happen. As always, I have no insider information and like to put together what if scenarios.

I’m going to start with the things that just don’t make sense to me:

  • This Town was promoted like a lead single of an album. Niall was everywhere. There’s no album announced, just an enigmatic Summer 2017 thought.
  • Just Hold On is being promoted as a lead single as well. Also no album in sight.
  • Liam has been talking about an album for ages but hasn’t dropped anything.
  • Liam involved in Babygate 2.0
  • Unsubstantiated rumors after unsubstantiated rumors about Harry dropping a solo album. And when I say unsubstantiated, I mean, if he signed a $80M deal with Columbia, why didn’t they put it in their shareholder letter at the end of the year?
  • For a band on hiatus they’re all in the media A LOT.

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Baby, Just Dance

Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader
Characters: Steve, the reader, Billy, randos at a party
Warnings: swearing, drugs, alcohol, Billy’s an ass, protective!Steve
Summary: At Tina’s halloween party, the reader has a run in with Billy- after a few too many drinks. 
A/N: currently OBSESSED with stranger things, and (no surprise) Steve Harrington!

Tina’s halloween parties had always been the best. Seriously, ever since freshman year, she’d have the biggest kegs, the wildest music, and absolutely no parental supervision. It was at one of Tina’s halloween parties where you’d lost your virginity, gotten drunk for the first time, and learned how to tap a keg. 

They’d always been completely wild, and this year’s was no exception. So, when you’d gotten the invite, you’d immediately picked out a costume and gotten excited for the weekend’s events.  

Upon arriving, you’d already been pretty drunk. You and your boyfriend, Steve, had gotten ready together- sneaking his parent’s liquor until both of you were buzzed and giggly (you definitely more so than he was.) So, when you’d strutted into the party, everything had that special layer of haze that only too much alcohol could produce. 

The two of you had walked in together, arm in arm, past the new kid Billy doing a keg stand. Honestly, you’d never been impressed by him. Not only did he seem like a real jack ass, but you’d seen the way he looked at you throughout the halls too. Almost predatory-like. Every time you passed him, his eyes roamed up and down, it had gotten to the point that even Steve was noticing it. 

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Stunt Fatigue

I’m looking over my page and realizing it’s been ages since I posted ANYTHING. I think the Chernobyl stunt has been too much for me, and while I’ve been lurking and staying updated on my OT5, my Liam heart just hasn’t had the strength to create content throughout all this mess. And the fact that there are fans out there that will dissect the remotest wink from Harry to anyone that’s not Louis, but will just accept this disgusting bs narrative surrounding Liam drives me crazy.

 It’s so obvious none of them are “out free.” Even the ones with new management, or new record labels. Watching so-called Ziams slam Liam for these tiny pinches of shade thrown at Zayn is even more upsetting, because you guys should know who Liam is, and that everything we see from him right now is directed and approved by their demented overlords. So the next time you’re thinking about boycotting Liam, or Harry, or Niall (is there a jealous fuck out there that would boycott Niall? What is wrong with you? I don’t like slow hands either but the boy is sunshine incarnate), take a walk to the interwebs and google up modest management’s website. The second picture you see (after poor Nialler) is One Direction.

Still repped by modest. Still signed to Syco. And remember that this is only “hiatus” which means whatever they want it to mean. Which is probably this:

 One Direction will not be releasing any music or touring while Sony tries to push Harry Styles down your throats. In the meantime, expect the same stunt foolery you’ve come to expect from modest! management, as they’ve signed their souls over to us in blood. 

Since Louis already gave you “I knocked up a thottie at the club, but immediately started dating an actress because, hetero,“ our next trick will be Liam falls prey to the whole “sexy teacher wants a baby” storyline, because nothing sells hetero like an icky pedophilia-laced desperate woman scenario. It will be perfect to sell Liam’s new brand of teen pop. Meanwhile, Harry will write an album full of tired sexist tropes while promoting feminism, and wear a plethora of rainbows while reminding us all about him and Taylor Swift. Oh, and Niall’s gonna have brown hair now. It’s more manly.

So this is why I haven’t been posting. It’s all so gross. But at the same time, I love these boys so freaking much. I can’t quit them. And while I hate these disgusting narratives they are being forced to play out, I don’t believe them. And if I tuned out completely I would miss things like this:

Payne chain promo or not, I heart this with my entire soul. So eff you Simon & Co. you’re not going to ruin 1d for me.

Super not into the theories and can’t come up with them to save my life.

BUT, I am an English major and can BS with the best of them.

What if the girls are actually embodiments of their solo songs?

Jin’s girl drops the book that AWAKENS him.

JK’s girl represents the BEGINNING of his recovery.

Suga’s girl is the physical manifestation of his FIRST LOVE, his piano, and keeps him from self destructive behavior (smoking).

Jhope’s is his MAMA who is there for him, celebrates him, comforts him.

Jimin’s girl is one he sees in reality (when she walks in), but he also sees another side - “A LIE” - through the screen

Rap Monster’s girl is someone who he REFLECTS is trying, but still needs help, who is losing hope and doesn’t seem to think it’s enough (her facial expressions)

V’s girl could be the physical representation of his “sins” and the STIGMA of minor crimes(?) (“cry because I couldn’t protect you ”)