solo debut stage

acceptable times exo could have mentioned yixing during this promotion period:

  • their official press conference
  • any of their multiple vlives
  • knowing brothers
  • their music show interviews
  • their music show wins
  • the exo-l birthday videos

when exo has actually mentioned yixing during this promotion period:

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Do normani & val. Friendship/relationship. Reunited in the future and both are hanging out and catching up as well as working together on a dance routine. Both are close friends, however feelings start to develop. She's a new solo artist anxious to kick off her own career. Thanks!

“normani kordei,” val says as he enters the dance studio, smile on his face as he recognizes the singer standing in the middle of the room. “my my, it has been a while, hasn’t it?” 

“val,” is all normani says before running up to him and wrapping her arms around his neck in a hug. his arms fall around her waist and he hugs her back, lifting her up in the air and spinning around, to which she squeals, only to laugh when she’s back on the ground again. 

“what are you doing here?” she asks.

“i was hired as a backup dancer for your performance,” val says. “as per request.”

“but i didn’t–” normani says confusedly, before realizing that her manager must have arranged this. “oh, i’m gonna get him.” val laughs. “you should have called me!”

“he said it had to be a surprise!” val says. normani smiles.

“okay,” she says. “you’re forgiven.” val smiles as well before the two join the other dancers and choreographer in the center of the room.

rehearsals go on for weeks before normani’s solo debut occurs on the stage of the american music awards. she and val instantly return to their old ways, acting exactly as they did back when they were a team on dancing with the stars. the other dancers can see the strong chemistry between the two, hence why val was designated the lead, or the dancer normani would be singing to for most of the performance.

throughout rehearsals, she maintains a positive energy, but when the night of the awards comes around, that begins to fall apart.

“what if i’m not good enough?” normani asks, pacing the backstage area just minutes before she’s set to go on stage. “what if i’m not ready? what if people don’t like me as a solo artist? what if the band should have stuck together? what if–?”

“babe,” val says, stepping in front of her, forcing her to stop pacing. he takes her head in his hands, forcing her to look up at him, right into his eyes. “you’re going to be fine. we’ve rehearsed this for weeks - you’re going to nail it. and who cares if some people don’t like it? haters can go fuck themselves.” normani smiles.

“thanks, val,” she says. “i really needed that.” val smiles as well, pressing a kiss to her forehead - just like he used to do way back when.

“two minutes,” a stage manager tells them.

“you ready?” val asks, hands back down at his sides

“yeah,” normani says, reaching over and taking val’s hand in hers. “i’m ready.”

the performance goes by in a blur. normani can hardly remember any of it by the time she gets off stage, but she does know that her face is starting to hurt from smiling so much, so she can assume it went well. 

when everyone’s backstage, she and val meet each other’s eyes, and she can’t help the squeal she lets out.

“that was amazing!” she exclaims, jumping up and pulling him into a tight hug. he returns the favor, lifting her off the ground just like he had done at that first rehearsal. again, she laughs when she’s back on her own two feet.

you were amazing,” he corrects her. she smiles, blushing.

“back at ya,” she says. val smiles - a certain something gleaming in his eyes that normani’s never noticed before. before she can comment on it, though, her mouth is occupied as he presses his lips to hers. all she can do is smile and return his kiss, arms sliding back around his neck as though they belong there, his arms falling to her waist, pulling her in closer.

she lets out a small gasp as she catches her breath when they pull away, staring at each other. they’re silent for a moment, eyes wide as they realize what just happened.

“um,” normani begins.

“sorry?” val says, not sure why the word comes out sounding like a question.

“no,” normani says simply, shaking her head. “don’t ever apologize.” she leans back in to kiss him again, and this time, he meets her halfway.

Some Thoughts From the Infinite Effect Tour in Vancouver

1. They all have incredible legs. Like seriously. Why can’t my legs be that beautiful?

2. Dongwoo’s sole mission of the evening was to wreck the bias list of EVERY. PERSON. IN. THAT. ROOM. (and he kinds succeeded ngl)

3. Sunggyu pushed Dongwoo back behind the stage curtains for it.

4. Hoya can’t throw paper airplanes for crap. But he tried really, REALLY hard.

5. Woohyun is 100% ready for a solo debut. His solo stage was fantastic.

6. Dongwoo giggles when he’s nervous. Every time he felt like he flubbed an English word, he dissolved into giggling and it was basically the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

7. Kontrol is MAGNIFICENT live. The chorus was a literal WALL of sound.

8. Sungjong is a smiley ball of sunshine that should be protected at all costs.

9. Last Romeo’s original MV is 10 shades of beautiful, and I’m really glad I got to see it in HD.

10. I really wish they’d sold light sticks at the concert. The boys deserved a light stick ocean.

11. They were barely breaking a sweat up there. They made the dancing look easy.

12. Speaking of easy, everyone was hitting their high notes like a boss.

13. The fans at the front of the stage kind of reminded me of little fishes every time a member reached a hand out to them. It was super adorable.

14. I swear Sunggyu looked right at me at one point. He’s really handsome.

15. And yes. They really are that beautiful in person. 

16. Woohyun was just as cheesy as expected. To the point that when he was taking too long saying his goodbyes and basically flirting with the audience, Dongwoo asked “Are you done?”

17. They spent the majority of 3 songs tossing gifts from the stage and stealing phones out of the audience and taking selcas.

18. The new song is really nice, ya’ll. WAKE UP!

19. Dongwoo had no chill.

20. Hoya had all of it.

21. Anyone ragging on L for his vocals need to get their ears checked. He was legit ON POINT the entire evening, AND he held his high note in Between Me and You so well.

22. Sungyeol spoke no English in 2016 so he could save his words for the concert that night. And then he graced us with a classic: “If you cheat on us, we will chase you to the end of the world!”

23. Woohyun’s hair looked SO soft. And then he left some fans at the front touch it. T_T

24. Sunggyu complained about getting old. But if he’s old, then so am I. He’s one of the few guys in boy groups I follow who’s older than me. 89 LINE REPRESENT. 

25. Hoya made a really lovely, well-thought out speech in English toward the end of the show. Throughout the entire concert he was very thoughtful of the fans, whether it was speaking in English for the majority of the time or checking up on the people in the second level. He’s a real sweetheart.

26. Dongwoo should not be allowed to wear a wife beater. That is all.

27.  There were no signs of Hoya’s injury at all. He was in top form in each song. He also spoke about it during one of the ments to ensure fans he’d worked really hard during rehab, that he was fine now, and that he was going to dance his best tonight.

28. Even the freaking BORDER PATROL knew about the concert. “Where did you ladies go tonight?” “We went to a concert.” “Oh, Infinite?” “Yeah!”

29. They really do live up to their reputation for being incredible live performers. Everything was top notch all the way through.

30. Inspirits are a really lovely fandom. And after that concert, I might have to call myself one too.