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Little details in ST that I love: Dustin specifying to Joyce that the kiddie pool is from when they bobbed for apples at her house. This means that, at some point, the Byers threw an adorable Halloween party for the kids and Joyce spent every free moment that week putting up homemade decorations Jonathan put together a spooky mixtape and Dustin tried to sneak as much candy home as humanly possible and Mike and Will awkwardly bumped heads while bobbing for apples and Lucas wore an expertly made Han Solo costume and the boys carved silly faces into their pumpkins…. Or something like that

Imagine someone else asking Person A out RIGHT IN FRONT OF PERSON B.

Imagine Being Kylo Ren Having Visions of You, His Pregnant Wife, Dying

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“Kylo, help me, please!”



Kylo sat bolt upright in his bed. Drenched in a sweat he felt even trickling down his bare chest and heart racing at a rate that startled him, he sighed and wiped his calloused hands over his face as he realized that nothing had happened. You were still laying comfortably next to him, still six months along and with no charring, blazing hole in your abdomen.

You shifted, almost like you’d heard his strife, but you didn’t wake. He breathed out through his nose to calm himself. A dream. It had only been a dream.

More like a nightmare, he thought.

The Knight of Ren settled back down, thinking of the significance of his dream as he held you. Was he going mad? Was it simply pre-parental paranoia? As he draped his arm protectively over his chest, Kylo knew he was only certain of one thing.

He would be damned if he let you and his child slip away so easily into death.

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