solo challenge 3

Solo Challenge Day 3

How is everyone feeling tonight? Are we done with the Halloweening? Because if we are, we can always go back to the Torture.

Torture King never rests, not even on his favorite month.

V-Ups should be up by tomorrow morning, I just need one more person to send me their number of reps and then I’ll post it.

However, I’m raising the points up to 3 to the winner of the middle of the week surprise challenge… it gets interesting every day don’t it? So I hope all 3 players are ready for this.




You 3 are playing Run The Throne.

How many miles can you walk or run in a day? Once this is done, send me your miles and send me your time. The person with the most miles thoughout the day wins the 3 points and will be miles to beat in the next group challenge. So don’t forget to send me the time it took you to do those miles also.