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RPDR Finale Rant

Yo, this post contains spoilers about RPDR Season 9 Finale:

So I went to the finale. One word: disheartening.

I went into this finale #TeamTrinity. To me, Trinity Taylor’s arc is a fantastic story of the underdog proving everybody wrong. She began the season in many ways edited as “the bitch,” so few people liked her, and even fewer saw potential in her (there was plenty of speculation threads postulating her quick demise on the show, leaving 1st or 2nd). After a whirlwind season, winning 3 solo challenges (the most solo challenges out of anybody this season), Trinity proved herself to be one of the most versatile and talented queens - breaking her early categorization as a simple, incapable pageant queen. What I loved about her was her ability to take her craft seriously, but also inject a sense of humor and personality into everything she did - it was very uniquely Trinity.

That being said, I also loved Shea for a variety of reasons. Having been a strong contender from the start and winning the most challenges - four!!! Go girl!!! - she deserved to win. She was the definition of C.U.N.T. in pretty much every way, and I think she would have made one of the strongest winners ever if crowned. So essentially I went into this finale expecting her, or possibly Trinity to win, and would have been incredibly happy with both.

This is not what happened… instead, Peppermint and Sasha are in the top two and Shea and Trinity had to sashay away. While some complain that having the person who wins the most challenges take the crown is predictable, it is predictable because it is logical. The person who exerts consistent effort throughout the show should see their hard work and effort pay off at the end. People don’t get into Harvard just by not dropping out of college before the admissions process, they get into Harvard by showing consistent effort and results, as well as standing out up until that point. To me, Shea and Trinity really did this - they showed consistent effort and results and showed that they are more than just the typical queen, and there is quality in numbers to show for this. While I do believe that either Peppermint or Sasha will make a great Next Drag Superstar - I love them both and agree that they are more than just the typical queen as well - I do believe that them being in the top two for the season negates a lot of what happened the rest of the season. It seems to disregard everything that Trinity and Shea turned out throughout the season, and really seems to take away an incredibly deserved opportunity for both of them. It was honestly just pretty disheartening because you got to see these queens who came in with confidence walk out confused and rightfully sad, because they worked so hard and did so well during the season, and nothing really paid off or even mattered. I don’t know, I know this was rather rambling and ended at an awkward point, but I’m still trying to put my disappointment into words…

TL;DR: RuPaul’s Drag Race has fucked up drag.