solo challenge 3



A surge of hot anger surged through him and brought him back to reality He quickly made a decision. Even though he could not go through with his original plan, he was not going to leave this child here and allow them to go on in their ignorant bliss. They must feel his pain.

He placed the child back in the crib, leaving one hand gently holding one of hers and closed his eyes.  He concentrated on the one place in this world he swore he would never go back to.Lost in his concentration, he didn’t notice the little cabin disappear around him as he and the child were slowly enveloped in a thick black mist.  It lifted Vlads feet from the ground and her body from the crib like a mother cat with carries her infant kitten., Once free of the cabin, it swiftly moved them across land and sea, finally stopping far, far away..  As the mist placed them gently down, it slowly thinned displaying the destination to them like a theatre curtain would display a stage to it’s audience.The wave of memories forced Vlad to remain still as until the last drop of mist was gone. Once the entire place was displayed, Vlad grit his teeth and spat on the ground.

“Well, hello you ugly bitch of a house.“ With the baby in his arms he stepped forward and headed for the door.