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It’s actually upsetting watching Cami Voorhees do choreography that is too easy for her.

╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 18: Favorite keyboard work/solo: ➙ Du Hast

Look, I think Du Hast is a bit… I don’t know how to put it, but if you meet a person that knows one Rammstein song, it probably is Du Hast and you all know it lol but, let’s face it, the song is great, the keyboard work is FUCKING awesome, I love the lyrics and yelling ‘nein!’, I fucking love the drums, guitars, bass, vocals… Ugh, dude, don’t even let me get started on the video, also. Honestly, y’all, Du Hast might be the one song everyone knows, but it has a reason, right? The song is goddamn awesome. I was honestly between Los and Du Hast, but then I went to listen to it again and… I just can’t, okay?

About Flake, he is a precious human being, and he is so fucking talented. I have never paid too much attention to keyboard players, and when I first got to Rammstein, I didn’t look much at Flake. But then you just start getting into their songs more and… Without him (or anyone of them) it wouldn’t be Rammstein. Flake is that little thing that you never thought you’d need, but if you don’t have it… It’s just not complete. I love Flake, honestly. He’s awesome and really fucking talented.

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The next few weeks were crazy! Now that orientation was done, each of the new Rangers had been assigned their areas.  They were the only ones responsible for their sections so if anything went wrong, it’s on them.  There were no visiting weekends for the first month after orientation.  Tanner and her parents weren’t happy but they understood. Bailey was secretly glad. She crashed as soon as she got home every night.

Good news though, she finally got her first paycheck! With it she built a little bathroom shelter and a space to cook and relax.  Still very much outdoors, but at least she wasn’t using a bush anymore!

Her garden was coming along amazingly and soon she would be able to sell her goods at the farmers market on her days off. That would bring in a little extra too. She couldn’t wait til she could start actually building walls!

She talked to Tanner nightly.  The calls were mostly short and he always seemed distant, but she knew somehow that it wasn’t her. He needed to figure this out on his own, whatever it was, and she needed to just be there.  She hoped he would come this weekend for the stayover , but she didn’t push it. He’d be there or he wouldn’t.  At least her Mom and Dad were definitely coming!

The Empire  storyline raised the sexual stakes between Solo and Leia. Gone was the asexual dialogue of Star Wars. In its place, Kasdan had inserted a more playful, if still rather cartoonish relationship. The first exchanges came during filming of the evacuation of the rebel base on the ice planet Hoth. Amid the chaos, Solo would challenge Leia to reveal her true feelings for him. Whatever the cause, the residual tensions between Fisher and Ford were worked out in front of a full crew. “It got a lot hotter than it should have between Harrison and Carrie. I think it was, ‘Let’s get rid of it through performances in front of the cameras rather than keeping it bottled up,’ said Peter Mayhew. Fisher, in particular, was prone to walking off the set, Mayhew recalled. ‘It would build up, build up, build up. Then one or the other of them would storm off.’” - Empire Building by Garry Jenkins

╄ 30 days Rammstein Challenge | Day 16: Favorite vocals (+ bass):  Rosenrot

Do y’all have a tiny bit of idea on how hard it was to choose a favorite?? I literally spent days thinking about this day and the few next (hence why I’ve done this all before starting to post).  I just wanna say that I love every song, okay? Till’s voice is flawless and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. And Rosenrot, being one of my favorites, is one of the songs that I listen to and go ‘fuck, this man’s voice’. And also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the lyrics, because it’s pure poetry. 

+ y’all, whoever made this challenge, forgot to put a day with ‘favorite bass work/solo’, and I’m so angry that they forgot my precious son that I decided I’d find a song that I loved the bass. It happened to be Rosenrot as well, so, I’m putting this little note here to remind you guys that Rosenrot also has a great bass work, like all the other songs <3

Till and Ollie are great musicians. Till is a great singer, his voice is unique, and he’s a great writer too. His lyrics are pure gold and poetry, and one of the many reasons I got into Rammstein. I admire lyrics with meanings behind them, and this is what they bring into their songs. Ollie is just an awesome bassist, whenever I stop to listen to the bass only I’m just in awe… He’s just great and very talented, too precious for this world.

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Rhubarb likes the idea of flying, but she isn’t too sure she likes the claws and messy fur it comes with…

A Darigan-dipped Rhubarb as per request by @deliciouslyimpossiblecolour ! My wrist gave up when i was shading so,,,, have this ^^; I’m still open to doing the neopet brushes! But specify which of the twins you want to see (because my wrist can only do so much drawing unfortunately)

studiocyen  asked:

Just want to say your suggestion on using Mirage on Corpus ship interception map was excellent. Yesterday I used her to beat the riven mod challenge of soloing level 30+ interception, and she made it a piece of cake. :D

Glad to know it helped!

Mirage’s Sleight of Hand is my #1 tool against security cameras, laser doors, alarms, Arc traps and Ramparts. (Doesn’t work on Sensor Regulators and magnetic doors, however.)