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I see One Direction's future like the BSB, they never broke up, but they all started doing their own projects when the pressure became too much and then they came back as a group when the time was right while also pursuing solo careers. Of course with 1D will be different because they're more famous than them. But this is what I read in those lines, the band will never be "done", it's just not their first priority now, because they want to see what they can do alone and grow up. And it's 100% ok

I agree! Sounds like the best of both worlds to me.

We want to make some solo projects and find our way by ourselves, and we don’t know if we’re going to be back one day - even if it’s not a “never again”- .
—  Things that would have been easy to tell us in August 2015, by One Direction.

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I know we all interpret the answers differently but the whole tone to me seemed like Harry making a clear move into rebranding himself apart from 1D, with soft confirmations the band has no current plans to reunite & that Harry is pursing lots of solo work (acting and/or singing). His answers & wording about the band gave me a nostalgic feeling. I wonder if OT4 are going to all test the waters for solo careers and then if things don't work out to come back together. Hence the vagueness.

Certainly possible. That was a thought I had back when they originally announced the hiatus but were vague about timing. I wondered if they would see what else is out there and see what successes they have with different projects before deciding to regroup which makes sense. We shall see.

I really enjoy that the article was positive about the band though. I like that they could rebrand him as an individual without making it seem like he had to be rebranded cause the band wasn’t good enough. Thumbs up for that. 

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Can I ask how are you feeling about interview? Like emotions

Aside from the layer of PR work that it certainly has, I feel like this is the closest to the ‘real Harry’ we’ve ever been to - or, at least, the closest to the way he wants to be perceived. He is - intentionally - very vague about everything, aside from the Dunkirk talk. I like it! I don’t see how people read it as ONE DIRECTION is dead. We says the same stuff we knew already - how they took some time off and they’re focusing on solo projects. (Well, more or less. Anyway, clearly, that’s the route they’ve gone for.) I just want them to be free. I want Liam to be able to do promo for his solo career, Louis to shine the way he deserves, and so on. The band, the way it was managed and handled, was a lot. It would have been a lot for anyone. They deserve to be able to do other things.

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But Camila acknowledged the group when theyve won VMAs. And when Normani was the subject of hate, Camila went against her fans who attacked Normani and said she doesn't appreciate that kind of support. We're all too sensitive and insecure because she has the biggest chance to have solo career with the opportunities that's been given to her. Dinah, lauren uses "I", "my" in their captions and we dont make a big deal out of it. Give this poor girl a chance to be happy with her success.

it’s normal to feel insecure lol if it was dinah or lauren or any of them i would react the same way, as i said i’m happy for her and i’ll always be

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What I took from the interview is a little different than what you took. To me, Harry only confirmed he's writing and doing a movie. He didn't sound like someone who wants to go on a massive solo career like Liam sounds like. It sounds more that he wants to release some songs and be lowkey.

Certainly a reasonable interpretation of what was said.

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legit, i hope certain harry stans (/those/ ones you know) who said he hated 1d will read this and take their words back afjaef omg. even though he was really vague about a lot of things (like the solo career?), he was so clear about how he felt about 1d and that's so beautiful :')

He’s saying what he can and even though everyone can find their bit there depending on their mindset, it’s crystal clear he loves 1d and the boys

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Harry said he's been back in the studio and liking it, THAT IS ENOUGH FOR ME(for now...) 😊 #soloharryRISE

I agree…it’s coming and none of us are prepared for what he has in store….

I’m going to attach a few more asks here because answering them separately gets me to post limit WAY too fast and you can’t use sideblogs…might i resort to having to use my old larry blog today???? AHAHAHAHAH…only time will tell

Anonymous said:Harry said he’s enjoying writing atm and trying new things. He said he’s been asking himself “what do I want to say?” I took this as he’s writing songs so he indirectly mentioned his solo music career. I think he’s still working on his music and he can’t tell people more info since it’s a work in progress. 

Anonymous said:I don’t really get why people keep saying he didn’t talk about his solo career? I mean I get he didn’t give a timeline for anything yet but literally all he talked about was finding his sound now and that he’s loving working in the studio. He even asked Paul McCartney how he felt writing music and being on stage by himself without his band! I don’t get why people are even questioning! He literally said exactly what he’s up to

I agree. It does sound very much like he’s working on it. No timetable necessary as far as im concerned. take your time harry. make it great. 

Anonymous said: What I admire about Harry is that I’m sure they all had their ups and downs in the 1d. Compromised to create music that would work for the group. I’m sure everyone is excited to create solo material because of that. Personalities probably clashed there was a definite tension between Harry and Louis for example. When they talk about that time they could easily focus on what they now can but then couldn’t do but Harry focuses on what he loved and got from it while still wanting to do his own thing

I agree. Harry is just a really lovely person. He is very much that glass half full person. i admire him so very much. 

Anonymous said:I’m so overwhelmed, I don’t think it’s fully hit me yet. Him asking Paul McCartney about his transition from a huge group to solo career is so important. This is really the start of an incredible era

I know….like…it’s gonna be wild. i haven’t been this truly overwhelmed in a long time. i’m still just trying to take it all in and it’s been seven hours. i haven’t processed fully yet. 

Anonymous said:I am not sure I could love something more. The pictures have no words, they are just art and breathtaking. I love his words, the love he has for ID and the excitement he has for the future. I love seeing small glimpses of his life and I love seeing his sister’s own words. My favorite might be this, “He never came home, he grew up and his memories are now his origin” That is such as strong statement and what I think we all strive for in life. Just so proud of him and cannot wait for his future.

I love him more than anyone i didn’t give life to. i just. i don’t even have words to express it. like i want to sit down and write what i feel about all this but i literally can’t put it to paper. the future will be a beautiful experience for all of us though, i believe. 

what I love about the interview is that he both confirms the solo career while denying that 1d is officially over - he said he would never be against doing something again and honestly so many of us knew that from the start. it’s the start of Harry, Niall, Louis, and Liam but it isn’t the end of One Direction

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Bruh. We don't care what the girls use to promote 5H. An emoji, a group selfie, hashtags, or snapchat of a water bottle with a wig singing TMG. Sh*t. As long as they promote! There's a distance with Camila. That's all we're saying. Now you want to blame that on the fans. That's BS. The fans are a reaction to her actions. Your fans aren't making you want to go solo, you want to go solo. It's that simple. This story Camila is being forced into a solo career is ridiculous.

i like this debate, it’s showing different pov 👀 just don’t be rude

Stand Music #10: New York Minute

Don Henley is a drummer and singer, and one of the founding members of the Eagles. The Eagles performed from 1971 to 1980, when the band decided to go their separate ways. Henley then started his solo career, which initially sounded to many as ‘Eagles-lite’, until he eventually morphed into his own distinct sound, creating a soft-rock/jazzy quality that defines his latter output.

He eventually reformed the Eagles with the original members, and performed once again until 2016, when Glenn Frey passed away. The band has since split, presumably for the final time.

-New York Minute

-Witchy Woman

-Doolin’ Dalton


-Hotel California

-Nobody’s Business

-Dirty Laundry

-You Can’t Make Love

-The End of the Innocence

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Thank you for reading! ‘Til next time!

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I saw the pictures of Harry at my bus stop this morning and I was about to cry because I was so proud and happy. I just cant believe this is a real time in my young life. ❤️💯👏🏻

I honestly can’t believe he kickstarted his solo career with a stunning photoshoot - that bugger is gon'a be the death of me, I’m telling you. I’m not okay. I was expecting a single to be dropped unexpectedly but this .. well, this photoshoot is even better. xx

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Harry's happy & I wish I could be happy for him, I wish I just had one favourite instead of two, I wish I could throw myself behind one solo career without thinking about what it means for the others, I wish I didn't feel silly for believing them when they said they'd come back from hiatus. Harry not mentioning the other boys is part of him closing that chapter, solo Harry is not here to talk about the others, this is about him, not about them. RIP 1D, we had some good times, didn't we?

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this is the first time something has happened that i haven't run to a larry blog to see them whine. i feel completely free now, able to enjoy harry as i should. i am so excited to be starting his solo career free of bitterness and anger.

y’know, today is a day for celebration. i am staying away from all negativity and larrie v anti stuff today. i just want to scream about harry and think about the future.