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The story of the 5H fandom. What’s next?

I feel weirdly detached from all the drama right now, as if I’m just watching it all unfold from the outside. The way that the structure of this fandom has been continually reshaped over the most recent part of 5H’s career is fascinating (and disturbing). Having read that post about the Sony boss who discussed how they analyse and manipulate fanbases, I want to try and sum up the 5H story and recent events from that perspective.

For around 3 years there were just five girls who were cute and sung together and the fandom just bonded over loving 5H. Of course there were faves and fandom-bickering and shippers, but nothing out of the ordinary for a modern pop group. Then the seeds were planted for Camila’s solo career and she was given opportunities that separated her from the group. Hence the birth of the Camilizers vs OT4 battle. For over a year it seemed that the people in charge encouraged and reinforced this separation - effectively building two separate fanbases ready for when the split would happen. 

Meanwhile, as time went on, ‘faving’ someone increasingly became about aggressively stanning one girl at the expense of the others. This came to define the 5H fandom. I’m sure other fandoms have similar issues, but this hateful problematic kind of stanning became so woven into the fabric of Fifth Harmony that its hard to even imagine a time when the fandom was normal. 

And while all this was going on, the battle between shippers and non-shippers grew to new heights. A large portion of the fan-base were young LGBT fans who sought solace in ‘camren’, but as time went on and the shipping became more and more of an inconvenience to the girls personally, and to the label’s mainstream marketing strategy, ‘camren’ became elusive. Luckily for the label, a large portion of the LGBT shipping fanbase was maintained as many jumped ship to ‘laucy’ which was becoming ever more publicised each day. Then finally, with the help of ‘Laucy’, Lauren was able to come out without it affecting Camila or the mainstream appeal of the group too much. From a personal and moral perspective Lauren’s coming out was a brave and commendable move (something no-one can take away from her). But from a PR perspective, Lauren became an LGBT icon and her individual public persona was strengthened. The loyal LGBT fanbase who were originally drawn in by camren, were now encouraged to stick with 5H just for the representation they found in Lauren alone. 

The problem is, this was a lot of pressure to put on Lauren’s shoulders. She never asked to be a sex symbol or an LGBT icon. Only a short while after coming out, both of Lauren’s big ships have been killed. This means they are running the risk of losing a large portion of the fanbase that feeds on Lauren’s relationships and personal life. I have already seen multiple big accounts leaving the fanbase or distancing themselves from the situation. Yet again, a few small events and pointed moves have radically restructured the fan base.

So here is where we are now in the story. A state of limbo. If a large portion of the fanbase are sailers without a ship, then a void has been left. This is what worries me. How are they going to fill the void? i honestly don’t think they can afford to lose this huge portion of the 5H fanbase. How are they going to keep this part of the fanbase interested in Lauren and 5H? Are they going to fill it through PR relationships? Stunts? Drama? Or just sexualising Lauren even more? In any case it’s going to be a lot of PR pressure all put onto Lauren. I just feel like they must have something big up their sleeves and they have proven that they are not afraid to feed info about her personal life to the media. I don’t know what’s going to happen next but I just know that they have to feed the fandom something big and juicy if they want to retain the core fanbase, and this is what worries me. All I want is for Lauren and the other 4 girls to be able to live their private lives without having to navigate all the PR strategies that are used to manipulate the fanbase for business purposes. i imagine meeting rooms where business people discuss the different categories of the fanbase (Queer, Straight, Young, old, camren shippers, laucy shippers, camilizers, OT4s, Laurenizers etc.. etc…) and move the pieces around on the metaphorical chess board. Even though I‘m sure some of the events we witness do unfold naturally, I still think most of the time they know exactly what they’re doing, and they always have the next move in mind.

I just want the girls to be happy, and I hope they find ways to not get too caught up in all this bullshit.

To anyone who’s concerned or “concerned” about how Harry and his team are handling his solo career: Don’t be. There’s nothing strange about not promoting anything until there’s something to promote. And once there is, promo can look very differently depending on the artist. Harry and his team has had a plan in place since day one and I think they’re executing it perfectly.

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Nothing. zero. zip. zilch. nada is happening on April 7th. Unfortunately, some twitter troll had a fever dream that Z100 said Harry was releasing a single on that day and the Holos proceeded to vilify anyone who thought that seemed an odd way to market a solo career. Sadly for them there is audio evidence that Z100 said no such thing.

Sounds like I should be glad I missed it all.


On this day in music history: March 24, 1983 - “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant is released. Written and produced by Eddy Grant, it is the it is the fourth US single for the Guyanese born, British raised singer, songwriter and musician. Immigrating to the UK in mid 60’s while still a teenager, Eddy Grant and his family settle in Kentish Town in Northwest London. In 1965, Grant becomes the lead singer and guitarist for the UK pop/rock band The Equals. The band scores his first major hit in 1968, when Eddy is only twenty years old with the worldwide hit “Baby Come Back” (#1 UK Pop, #14 US Pop). Also penning the classics “Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys” and “Police On My Back” (the later being covered by The Clash), Eddy leaves the band in 1971 after a health scare brought on by exhaustion. He begins a solo career in 1972, then in 1977 forms his own label Ice Records. The singles “Living On The Front Line” and “Walking On Sunshine”, with the latter being released in the US by Epic Records and topping the Club Play chart in remixed form in 1982. The song “Electric Avenue” is inspired by a street in the Brixton district of South London, where in the 1880’s was the first area in the city to be lit by electric street lights. A century later in 1981, Brixton is the scene of major rioting taking place between April 10 - 12, 1981. With the United Kingdom in the throes of a major recession, the conditions in Brixton are even worse. With a largely African-Caribbean population by affected by high unemployment, poor housing and a high crime rate, tensions boil over after citizens have one too many run ins with the police. With numerous people injured in the melee, in the aftermath, then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher publicly denies that racial bias and unemployment were reasons for the riots. Angered by her statements, Grant writes the song in part as a rebuke of her statements. The song is recorded at Grant’s Blue Wave Studios in St Phillip, Barbados in 1982. Released in the UK first in January of 1983, “Electric Avenue” hits number two on the UK singles chart. The song is released in the US on Epic subsidiary Portrait Records along with the album “Killer On The Rampage”, quickly becoming a smash on club dance floors and crossing over to radio. Entering the Hot 100 at #89 on April 16, 1983, it climbs to number two on July 2, 1983, spending five weeks in the runner up spot when it is unable to dislodge Irene Cara’s “Flashdance… What A Feeling” and The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” from the number one spot. The music video directed by Steve Barron (“Billie Jean”, “Take On Me”, “Don’t You Want Me”), receives heavy play on MTV and other video programs. The singles B-side, the non-LP track “Time Warp” also becomes a sizable club hit at the time “Electric Avenue” is on the charts. “Electric Avenue” is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

 This beautiful man, aka the love of my life, my best friend, my nightmare and dream is going to start his solo career in a few weeks. and I am so happy for him, I feel so proud, and I feel so lucky that I get to be alive at this time, in this era with him. I choose his path. And I am beyond blessed. I get to love him so so so much, and I hope he knows how much he means to us! He will always going to be the beginning of love and happiness in my life. 

plus: I am going to cry so so so hard when I hear his voice

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I dont understand why some larries are so mean and hostile to Harry. I thought being a larrie meant supporting them both equally.

I actually disagree. For me, being a larrie means that you believe Harry and Louis are together. I don’t think all larries must love Harry as much as they love Louis. That would be hypocritical of me, because I love Harry more than I love Louis and the other boys.

But I do think being a larrie means that you always remember that H and L are a team, that they trust each other and make their decisions together, as all normal couples do. Larries should always keep in mind that Harry/Louis is their fave’s love and should be kind to them. That’s my main issue with larries who are nasty toward Harry and his solo career: they treat Harry like a fic character whose life must revolve around Louis and who shouldn’t have any ambitions as an artist. I’m sorry, but that’s not how healthy relationships work.

People in a relationship aren’t in a competition. Like, my husband has been without a job for half a year. He’s kind of depressed because of that, but he never resented me for my job or wanted me to quit my job so we could be depressed together. It’s not how it works. His problems are my problems, and my happiness is his happiness, because we’re a team. Like, if you can’t be happy for Harry himself, think how happy and proud of him Louis is and how much Louis would hate his “fans” for all the ugly things they say about Harry.

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Bromo is having a meltdown with this solo harry thing.... but yes, she is a very supportive fan! Sure, Jan....

Oh and Bulletproofhalo is comparing Harry’s solo career to Freddie’s existence:

#some of the mental gymnastics I have seen#on my own dash#to rationalize the harry solo album and the way it’s been handled thus far#without acknowledging the problems with it#by says by oh we just don’t know what goes on BTS we don’t know everything#this is how it is random ass publication man quoted a source#who said it’s true so!!!!#is the same argument antis make about why Freddie is Louis’ kid#makes me question the validity and rationality of some larries that’s for damn sure

Which is gonna be funny by the end of April when both Harry’s album and Freddie’s paternity will continue on as though all your thousands of posts whining about them never mattered to anyone.

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P1 I don't really know what to think about all this harry stuff... I literally see all these arguments on my dash. People are either excited and they don't think it's shady and some people r like it's shady I'm still excited and want this to play out and some people are annoyed and angry and just want answers. And I'm just hear listening and I kind of agree with all points, ya know?! That's what's so frustrating to me and maybe I'm crazy but that's y I think this is his stunt?

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:P2… like I think he has music coming and I think old team knows that. I think they are letting people run wild with info that’s half factual half bullshit. I think his team is trying to combat it but they (especially Harry) can’t really say anything though. I mean the fandom is at odds about it and I think it’s hurting Harry solo career before it even starts. Ugh im frustrated and just want answers either way! Thanks for letting me vent in ur inbox!

I feel you, nony. I’m the same, I’m annoyed at how it’s being handled, and I’d like for some facts and actual confirmations, bit I’m also very much exited and I’m trying not to think too much of it. I’m just like going with the wave and side eying everything haha but I understand, lots of points are valid and I’m reading lots of things that are different opinion but I tend to agree. It’s really just??? Confusing??? Idk, it’s hard to guess what they’re doing when it’s all rumors and weird info all around - also don’t worry! Feel free to vent every time you need! x 


On this day in music history: March 24, 1986 - “5150”, the seventh studio album by Van Halen is released. Produced by Mick Jones, Donn Landee and Van Halen, it is recorded at 5150 Studios in Hollywood, CA from November 1985 - February 1986. Prior to recording, long time lead vocalist David Lee Roth departs from the band for a solo career, making Van Halen’s future uncertain. After considering a number of possible replacements, Van Halen even consider disbanding at one point. Then in July of 1985, Eddie Van Halen meets singer and guitarist Sammy Hagar at a garage while both are having work done on their cars. Van Halen extends an invitation to work with the band, and Hagar accepts. Once in the studio together, everyone gets along so well that Hagar is offered the lead singer spot, taking David Lee Roth’s place. When word gets out about Sammy Hagar replacing Roth, many fans are skeptical at first, referring to the new line up mockingly as “Van Hagar”. But once the album is released, opinions quickly change, with the record becoming a huge success and the first chart topping album of their career. The title comes from the California Welfare And Institutions code for someone who is “criminally insane”. Van Halen adopts the moniker as the name of his home recording studio, as well as a line of guitar amplifiers (made by Peavey) that he helps design and endorses. The album spins off three (plus two additional radio only tracks) singles including “Why Can’t This Be Love” (#3 Pop), “Dreams” (#22 Pop), and “Love Walks In” (#22 Pop). “5150” spends three weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 6x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

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Y'all think Laurens abt toconfirm camren? The girl's dead on the floor for that mija. She rather make fans think about something else than outing Camila or doing something that might hurt her new solo career js..

I just think it’s kinda funny how the same people who, despite Louis saying explicitly that he wasn’t particularly interested in a solo career and never talking about one, were immediately excited and super hyped when the Just Hold On cover was released, are now saying that they think that, despite Harry talking about being in the studio and asking about advice for his solo career in a magazine spread, it’s “reasonable” to not get excited at all about Harry’s single until they “hear from harry” themselves… and by funny i mean really transparent

Louis’ Album track list:

1. Boats

2. More and More Boats 

3. Even More Boats ft.Harry Styles

4. we are not subtle

5. Rose and Dagger

6. ‘Appy days!

7. I have loved him since he was 16

8. Home 2.0

9. Stronger

10. Something is Great


11. I am SBB

12. Chonce ft.Niall Horan

13. Chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in parma ham with a side of homemade mash

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harry didn't break the internet with the another man drop lmao when you check the google trends the amount of people who searched him up that day and the following weeks was less than half the amount of searches he got when yachtgate happened. because the general public doesn't give a shit about him expressing himself, or him in a floral suit. they like scandals and messy relationships which is why he used to be everywhere in 2013, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, I feel like some people think that gp loves Harry like we do and are obsessed with him and his career like we are but that’s really how it works? gp does like him a lot and mostly know about him and only him (the typicals zayn and harry are the only good ones to make a successful  solo career), but they’re not like us that reblog his AM pics every week and talk about him in a movie or about his solo music all the time because we’re all excited about. Literally, a non fan will read some Harry news, skip to the next and tomorrow they won’t even remember about it (especially if some other celebrity drops something/there’s a scandal). But if they are constantly reading articles about his solo music being x and then being yand the next week being z, they’ll start to get like??? Is this kid dropping something or… and that’s what I’m talking about it. I saw comments of people annoyed about all this rumors and wondering if he’s really going to drop music at all? Because nothing is confirmed ever and Harry never said anything himself. GP doesn’t care deeply like us, but some people (key word here, some, not all) do wonder. My cousin is a casual fan of only Harry and she asked me last week “is Harry dropping music for sure this time or is just another lie?”. Sometimes I think people are too focused on how fandom works and forget gp isn’t the same as us 

This is the thing. In a non-cliché way, it’s weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream. You wake up in the most beautiful places. Obviously I have the most ­beautiful girlfriend in the world and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s been my dream girl since I was younger. She’s so ace. She is a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things — someone who’s taken greater steps than me. Her solo career was ­amazing. She’s been in the ­industry for 14 years now. She fully supports me. We’re super happy. It’s a very personal, precious time for us. I’m still ­learning. I’m only 23.
—  Liam on his relationship with Cheryl, to Rollacoaster Magazine (via thedailypayne)