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One thing is clear to me from reading the article today - Louis knows, he has made an impression on his fans - but then again, does he really understand to which extent?

I think the one person, who really did get it and who recognized, how special it really is and how many other artists would give anything to have it, is Steve Aoki. 

And you know what else - Louis has seen nothing yet - this is just the beginning… bring it on… 

You know they may have been pushing an underdog narrative in Louis’ interview in The Observer - but that is a narrative based on truth. We all saw it happen over the years. Sure, Louis tried to fight back and was sassy, but the fact that he even needed to fight back to begin with? How bad were things that he needed to defend himself and the other boys??

We watched Louis go from happy, confident boy to someone who was in the background and not interacting at shows. We have it all documented. We know how Louis feels about it.

And the sad thing is, this interview was conducted in May, at that shoot just over a month ago. So for him to be this real, raw and honest about how he’s feeling – clearly it’s still something he’s dealing with. 

It IS still happening. All we have to do is look at how supported the other boys are in their solo careers, with the heads of their labels and management agencies publicly batting for them, and investing a lot in them. We don’t see that for Louis right now - his own labels haven’t even welcomed him or recognized him as one of their own on their websites.

The underdog narrative is real for Louis. It’s happening before our eyes. 

This interview is constructing an image. I’m sure there’s some truth, some lies, and a fuckton of omissions. Even if Louis was 100% honest, it’s one mood on one day, filtered through one journalist.

The tone doesn’t make a lot of sense. Louis has had objectively great success with jho. He has incredible fan engagement. He has a load of 1d writing credits and even if he was the one at the back in espadrilles, that’s a massive platform to be taken seriously from as they are one of the biggest bands in the history of ever. However much it’s attempted to sell the narrative, for whatever reason, and however he might feel, Louis is not an underdog.

I still feel sad though. It wasn’t exactly a bad article, but it doesn’t do him justice. This should not represent the starting point for his solo career. As minimal as it may be, he shouldn’t still be saddled with the fake bullshit.

He’s going to be amazing and successful. He deserves the world and we’ll try as much as we are able to give it to him. I feel so uncomfortable though. As long as the stunts continue, however understated, things are not ok. Things are not normal. The narrative getting marginally smarter does not make it true or acceptable.

so now after having read the whole article i feel soo pleasantly surprised, since we all knew how print interviews can go. but for me it was actually very nice, it reads nice and i’m pretty suree it’s something tha’s gonna bring more people to care about louis and it seems like a good start of his solo career if they keep it up this way. he never sounds like he’s feeling sorry for himself, he never sounds even remotely bitter (even though he fucking could be as bitter as he pleases after all that he’s been through - not towards the boys, but towards the label) he sounds honest, the whole thing sounds honest and like it’s just a normal boy talking about his past, he talks very nicely about the boys, they do’t dwell on the stunts and louis isnt the one bringing it up anyway, he just addresses the past and the future and sounds very human and that’s definitely something you’re looking for (especially with how they’ve painted him in the past), i’m pretty positive that this is gonna attract new fans and it is gonna make people curious about him and his music and future. i’m very content if they’ll keep it up like this and now i’m just bursting with love for louis myself. so much love.. 

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What do you think about him (or the article rather) singling out Harry about how it's "easier" for him to get help?

i don’t feel like it ‘singled’ harry out, it felt like an honest admission. harry is his partner, he has seen the way harry crafted his album. it didn’t sound bitter to me. i mean, do you disagree with the notion? i think harry - because of the image crafted for him years and years ago - does have that advantage now but i think it’s very easy to forget the sacrifices he had to make along the way. i think louis has a much much broader understanding of harry as an artist and as a person than we ever will. the article absolutely didn’t make it into a thing (it even says there’s “no vinegar”) and i’m baffled that you guys are making it into one. if you think louis doesn’t support harry turning all of their experiences into a positive solo career, what article did you read?

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Everyone's pretending not to notice Louis saying he desperately didnt want the hiatus. neither did Niall. Liam said he didnt know what it meant. But Harry said it was his idea way back in 2014 and he wanted it. Im finding it hard to see how Harry could have pushed for something he knew was going to hurt & disadvantage Louis. Reading Louis feelings of loss, in the light of Harrys hard push for that solo career & the huge gulf in opportunities, it doesn't even sound like a friendship blue :(

You do realize that Harry could’ve left the band in 2014/2015 with Zayn if he wanted right? They’d probably have give him the world and more and he could’ve the solo career completely detached from 1D. Of course Louis felt lost, he never was a solo artist. He only knew the band, being in a band that’s normal feelings. When you do something you never did before you feel lost, until you learn how to do it. That’s how life works in every aspect. And like I said, yes Louis must have felt sacred af because he didn’t saw himself as a big artists as the others, but Harry couldn’t have forced them on going on a hiatus by himself. He doesn’t have that type of power and when you guys say things like this you’re dismissing all the others and their voices. Look at how things are now, look how happy Niall looks, look at Louis working with great artists, discovering what he likes, working on photoshoots. He was scared there, he was reluctant because it’s something new, something you can’t be sure of, and if you’re doubting yourself already it sure would make things harder, but look at him now. He wasn’t bitter about, he didn’t resent that. Goddammit people, Sweet Creature literally exists why y'all being like this

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Hey guys, can you please rec me long canon ziam fics about the recent years of 1d or their solo careers.

simple truths of belonging

You Can Run From The Truth (But It Will Always Find You) 


Glory and Grace

it started with you and started with me

I’d Rather Pretend (I’ll Still Be There at the End)

Late Night Spaces

I’ll Take Care of You ( trigger warning please read tags on this fic)


It’s not you, it’s him

i’ll go (wherever you are)


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What are your thoughts on what the personal stuff could be? Or the other shoe to drop?

i think (and have thought for a while) that louis’ team is going to do everything in their power to ensure they never have to face the consequences for their own actions re: babygate. 

i think everything they do in regards to louis’ solo career is going to be focused on painting louis’ public image in a way that ensure that when things do eventually come to light (whether that means it’s just a pat test pure and simple or it goes a level deeper and the truth about bg being fake is revealed), the ‘blame’ will fall on his shoulders rather than theirs.

think about the fact they’ve kept louis tied to the same shitty team he’s had for years. think about how they made louis’ solo career announcement about simon cowell rather than louis to further push the ‘mentor and his protege’ angle. think about how the ~houis narrative~ has been pushed so hard over the past year (i.e. the blind gossip thing, richard lawson, etc etc) so that a huge chunk of the people who knew about louis and harry now think that they broke up because louis wants this and is choosing a fake child to closet himself.

the longer it goes on and the longer it appears that louis has voluntarily chosen to stay with his team/to keep associating professionally with the very same people who did their very best to destroy his image and his fanbase, the harder it will be to convince people that he didn’t choose babygate rather than the other way around.

i still do believe it will end. i just think it’s probably going to be a very long road and that when it does end, it will end in a way that places the blame for everything squarely on louis rather than on his team. i no longer think there’s a chance of any kind of expose. i think louis’ going to take the fall for this whenever it does end because (alas) NDAs are a thing. the longer this goes on, the worse the fallout will be for him, for his image and for his career.

so back to your question - i think they’ll either invent personal stuff and use it as an excuse to continue to mould louis’ image in a way that sets him up to take the fall for the stunts at some later date or they end the stunts sooner than i personally am expecting them to but in a way that puts the blame for everything squarely on louis’ shoulders and lets his team walk away spotless.

what i’ve always said about zayn taking the heat and owning up his decision to leave the band for his solo career, while some other people didn’t do that, so they had no negative impact whatsoever……

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I don't know why people are so excited for Louis and Bebe song, tbh. How is starting a solo career good if you had to do it through a collab and not on your own? No one has ever started a solo carreer collaborating on their big first debut single and had succeess later...

‘No one has ever started a solo carreer collaborating on their big first debut single and had succeess later… ‘




Just Dance - Lady Gaga ft. Colby Odonis 

Crazy In Love - Beyoncé ft Jay Z (coming right from a girlband)

Like I Love You - Justin Timberlake ft. Clipse (coming right from one of the two biggest boybands at the time)

I could go on, but considering you didn’t came to my inbox to whine about Liam and his debut single, I take you didn’t need proof and you just came to spread your disgusting agenda, so… :)

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Me being diplomatic says "well i just wish harry found satisfaction in his solo career and found everything that have happened worth it. i am glad the rest of the guys are getting the chance to show their stuff". but my petty/bitter/vindictive side is saying "i hope they all bury harry's career".


when louis said he argued against the hiatus it means he argued with harry who suggested it. i bet jeff was there too backing harry up.


Celebrity is as celebrity does 🤔.. I guess Liam really was throwing shade .

Anons, every article presses an image. What’s interesting is that all four men are pushing the same story: Harry asked for the “hiatus” and nobody else wanted it.

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as someone who genuinely loves and supports solo harry to the moon and back, it breaks my heart to see people say ugly things about one direction, like i get disliking the other boys or just being indifferent to their solo careers, but to dismiss/diminish how much you liked the band or to pretend as though you “knew they would break up all along” is ugly and doesn’t make you cool

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our society identifies with the flawed underdog, not the almighty god. watching harry's solo career and his interviews, it's like watching superman. the born hero who is above everyone and will never be at your level. how can you relate to those struggles? louis is like steve rodgers, the kid from brooklyn who faced rejection everywhere and who no one believed in. who's the most beloved superhero right now?

Captain America and Louis Tomlinson! That is a comparison I can strongly get behind.💐

if One Direction hadn’t gone on a hiatus, they wouldn’t be nearly as happy as they are now. Point-blank. Watching each of them pursue their solo careers has been a blessing because they got the chance to take a break after five constant years of albums and touring and interviews and recording for a year and now they’re expanding their fan bases, their reputations, their skills, their experiences. They’re branching out, and yet they’re still supporting each other, they’re still talking and hanging out. It doesn’t matter who wanted the hiatus or not, they all agreed to it and they all needed it. This hiatus isn’t an evil thing. They aren’t ungrateful. Not doing One Direction DOES NOT equate to them hating it or their fans. I don’t understand that myth. So many bands take well deserved breaks and sometimes even break up, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love it any less. Sometimes shit just happens. No one forced anything that all of the boys didn’t want. This hiatus has been so good for them, and fuck you if all you want to do is rain on their parade.

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what's your opinion on people saying the hiatus was mainly harry's idea since all the other boys were weary of it and he already had a solo deal cause idk how to react to it

lmao i don’t even pay attention to that stuff because it usually verges into people saying harry hates 1d and i don’t ! like ! that ! but if he did suggest it i mean? what’s the big deal? they’ve all said they were tired and they were looking forward to time off & they’ve probably discussed it multiple times before. just because harry finally steps up and says “here let’s take a hiatus for a bit” doesn’t mean he had a complete well thought out plan to start his solo career right after lmao if he was really like that why didn’t he just leave the band and be like zayn?? idek if he had a solo deal before but i assume he told jeff about their hiatus after it was already discussed and they started talking about it then. there’s nothing bad about that imo,, like he had his movie to shoot, and then he started working on songs. it’s not like he immediately jumped into a solo career after the hiatus!!! niall was literally the one to put out music first??? people just try to demonize everything harry does basically.

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When you think about what a shallow, forgettable mediocrity Harry's solo career is, it makes you even angrier that that's what they broke up 1D for. No wonder they pumped so much money into him. They actually, literally, broke up their most money making act in exchange for Harry. They put everything on the line for Harry. And he blew it. I'd wish for karma to come for him but I get the feeling it already did.

I hope this ends up being Irving Azoff’s legacy. Literally I want him to be known as the man who broke up one direction in order to launch Harry’s incredibly mediocre solo career.🌷