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Now feels like a good time to say what I’ve been waiting to say....

Since Zayn left, the rumors and speculation about a “stunt” or him returning has caused me major anxiety.  Not just because of how much I love and support the OT4, but because of how much his leaving really hurt me, especially with the shadiness of it all.

So after this tweet today, I ask that this fandom no longer draw attention to any rumors surrounding this topic.  Let’s stop with the trending topics on twitter, let’s stop with the speculation on how this is all a publicity stunt and he’ll be back.  He has moved on.  It’s a shame to see how things went down and I will never, ever tell anyone that they shouldn’t support his solo career.  It is absolutely your own personal choice on whether to do so.

But in terms of One Direction, let’s please give all the love and support to Harry, Liam, Louis, and Niall.  They are still One Direction.  They are still making the real music that we love.  They are still working their asses off and putting on amazing shows.

No more rumors.  No more speculation.  The OT4 are One Direction.  Please show them the love that they deserve.  Let Zayn do his thing, let the boys do their thing, and let us all enjoy the amazing things coming our way.

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didn't he left because he was feeling depressed and bc all the drama/rumours about cheating on Perrie and also because he wanted to be a normal guy? like wow

look i don’t care why he left, i don’t care about  anything. I was happy as long as he was happy. But lately he keeps saying things i don’t like. And that hurts me.  A lot. So yeah cheers for zayn and his solo career but don’t act like what you’ve done before was trash for you. And, another thing, you say you want to leave to be a normal 22 years old and you go for a solo career? Are you kidding me? Anyway let’s move on, shall we 

It annoys me how Taeyeon always seems like the most important member of SNSD. I know she was the leader but it’s unfair how she got most of the singing parts when others deserved some more parts (Yuri, Sooyoung and definitely Hyoyeon). I also think it is unfair how sm are giving her a solo career, because if and when SNSD ends, she will have a career in front of her and sm will leave the other members without anything. I also think she doesn’t really care about the others anymore, because she will still have a career no matter what happens to SoShi.

Zayn Malik Is Making Big Moves With His Solo Music

After seemingly cutting all ties with former collaborator Naughty Boy, Zayn Malik has returned to the studio with a new producer at the helm of his highly-anticipated solo music.

The former One Directioner is reportedly working with two-time Grammy winner Malay, who’s worked with R&B luminaries like Alicia Keys and John Legend. He was also responsible for much of Frank Ocean’s esteemed 2012 album Channel Orange.

Malay all but confirmed the collaboration when he posted a sweet pic of his daughter and Zayn on Instagram, calling the 22-year-old “an amazing soul.”

The producer also retweeted a blurry, cryptic pic Zayn tweeted inside a recording studio, further fueling collaboration rumors.

And in even more ama-Zayn news, he’s reportedly launching his solo career under brand new management. Z has parted ways with Modest! Management — the longtime home to One Direction and their mates 5 Seconds of Summer — and has penned a deal with Turn First Artists, which boasts A-list clientele including Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora. Zayn will reportedly be managed by Sarah Stennett, who also oversees Iggy Azalea’s career.

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is Zayn’s record label — he’s still currently signed to Simon Cowell’s Syco Music, and is expected to release his new music under that imprint.

Hopefully all these big moves mean Zayn’s first solo material is well underway. We’ve already gotten tiny tastes of what to expect with his acoustic demo track “I Won’t Mind” and a leaked cover of Rae Sremmund’s “No Type,” but it’ll be nice to hear him flexing his solo strength in an official, finished capacity. We’re waiting, Z!

Source: MTV

solar system au: earth, moon, sun, mercury, mars, venus, jupiter, saturn, neptune, uranus and pluto are a part of a famous musical group but their label record says pluto isn’t a real musician so they are booted out of the group. a year later, the record label spots pluto going on their solo career and becoming even more successful than the 8 eight members they were left with. nasa begins praising pluto again, giving them free promotion begging them to come back. pluto hasn’t contacted nasa in over year and might even sue them for stalking them. whether or not pluto decides to suit for a restraining order as well is uncertain.

I care about their friendship more than i care about solo careers or album sales or music videos or whatever bc in the end I didn’t fall for great artists i fell for the way there were so in love with each other and how they were so good together and that’s what got me hooked to this day

I don’t want Harry to just have a solo music career. I don’t want him to just act, or just put out a clothing line. I want to drown in all the Harry. I want Harry to free the whales and rescue the elephants. I want Harry for president. I want Harry for leader of the United Nations, blazing a new way in the world with a killer smile and unwavering kindness. I want Harry to take over the world and save us all from ourselves. I want Harry Domination.