solo awards

I don’t think we talk about how much Phil cares about Dan often enough. Like we all love to talk about how Dan is Phil trash #1 and so fond and adoring and basically worships the ground he walks on, but omg, Phil cares about Dan so much it’s ridiculous. Just think about it, he:

  • Let Dan visit for days on end when he was still living with his parents
  • Basically had him partially move in to his Manchester flat while Dan was at university (he spent more time there than in his dorm lol)
  • Supported Dan wholeheartedly when he was struggling with university/decided to drop out
  • When BBC Radio One asked Phil to do the Christmas radio show, he insisted on doing it with Dan
  • Still sits with Dan and talks him down through his existential crises (you know that bit in TATINOF mirrors their daily life)
  • Won a solo award after being a creator for ten years and still brought Dan on stage to celebrate his award alongside him

There’s probably more instances that I’m forgetting but holy shit, Phil loves Dan so much and I needed to appreciate it.