solo alfred

Master List

Edward Nygma:

A Trip Down Memory Lane (Pt 1)–Childhood memory

A Trip Down Memory Lane (Pt 2)–Loss of a parent

The Day I Was Born–Dark Ed/Riddler’s 1st takeover of Ed’s body as a child

Killing Kringle…’s Boyfriend –What really happened the night Tom was killed?

A Nail in the Coffin–It was not an accident Miss Kringle died…

Riddles with a Side of Murder–Dark Ed/Riddler kidnapping an innocent victim

Oswald Cobblepot:

Penguins Cannot Fly–Childhood flashbacks

Penguin’s Umbrella–Oswald discovers that his umbrella isn’t all that it seems

Young Jonathon Crane:

Dollhouse–Childhood trauma

Gertrude Kapelput:

When He Left–partner walking out of pregnant Gertrude

Non-Gotham Writings:

He Don’t Own Me Anymore– SS Harley Quinn while she is jailed


Edward Nygma (Fluff):

Cold Hands, Warm Heart– Edward asks the reader to go ice skating

Gentle Protector– Edward protects the reader from a bad case of nightmares

Two Cups of Sugar– Edward tries to surprise the reader on their birthday


Eddie’s Birthday–It’s Eddie’s birthday, will Oswald show?

Moonlight Murder–Oswald has a problem & Ed offers to assist


Secrets and Lies–Oswald is ignoring Alfred, so he’s found a new toy

Ruffled Feathers–It’s been a while since Oswald has seen Alfred