But like… the Rogue One Crew being famous. I mean, everyone talks about Luke and Wedge taking the call sign Rogue Squadron in their honor, but think about it:

  • Leia met Cassian exactly once. She was on a “diplomatic mission” where she “lost” some ships to rebels, he was in charge of bringing the ships home. They didn’t talk to each other, they just nodded at each other across a crowded room and left. Years later, Leia tries to remember all the details of this moment, but they keep eluding her.
  • Luke doesn’t even bother hiding his hero worship for Jyn. She’s like him, he thinks, a normal person who was pulled into the fight because of her father, who was a hero, too, who was an orphan like him, who’s guardians died, and who became an amazing hero. Nobody teases him for it, it’s Jyn Erso after all.
  • pretty much everyone is convinced that Chirrut and Baze were secretly Jedi. They were heroes who showed up when the galaxy needed them most, they sacrificed themselves for the greater good, and they guarded a Jedi temple… what else could they be?
  • (remember: the majority of the active rebel soldiers grew up during the Clone Wars, the Jedi were their childhood heroes, and even if they pretended to forget that, they never truly did)
  • Bodhi Rook, the ordinary pilot who stood up and fought for the right thing, he’s the hero of every single former Imperial. Nobody is subtle about it, either. Bodhi Rook, who never thought of himself as special in any way, becomes a legend just as famous as the Jedi of old
  • stories about the famous crew of Rogue One are treasured and passed down to every new recruit. They are part of the history of the Rebellion, and incredibly important part, and they are never forgotten
  • Han pretends not to care much for the tales of Rogue One, but he can’t help but think of Bodhi Rook, the Imperial, who was like Han was once, and who didn’t become a criminal, who became a hero instead. Sometimes, in the darkest of nights, Han wonders if he could have made the same choices Bodhi made
  • K2 is remembered for his loyalty, and at least some people start discussing the ethics of wiping robots
  • there are long, drawn out debates on whether or not Jyn and Cassian were a couple. Nobody is sure, but the romantics (including Luke) would like to think so
  • in contrast, everyone agrees that Baze and Chirrut were married
  • there is a short lived idea to use Rogue One for PR. It’s shot down immediately. The crew of Rogue One are the heroes of the rebellion, they are theirs, and nobody gets to use that

Bella Klassen - Savage Beauty 

junior contemporary solo


MFU The Matterhorn Affair

Worth watching for the very last exchange between Napoleon and Illya!!!

Waverly: “Uh, gentlemen, when are you planning to return?”

Napoleon: “As soon as we have our Quasimodo delight, sir.” Turns to Illya and continues in a softer, more intimate voice, “Would you like a Quasimodo delight? Hm?”

Illya: barely hanging onto his patience. “Coffee. Black.”

How can Robert Vaughn put so much innuendo into one line?

(Plus can I say how much I love Napoleon in that woollen jumper. Phwoar! Makes me think of snuggly Napoleon).

The Diary of Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin - Part 2 of 3

1966 - The Third Year

Things start weird again.

And painful. Definite pattern forming.

But more rewards.

Best year yet. Can only get better.

1967 - The Fourth Year

Spoke too soon. Grim beginning.


A few bright spots.

But bitter ending. Worst year ever.

This was my first MFU “picture story” and the one I’m most proud of.

Part 3 tomorrow.