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A Week at Farm Sanctuary: Welcome, Fall!

It’s been another beautiful week at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter! With foliage as colorful as our rescued residents’ unique personalities, there is so much to celebrate during this magnificent season.

Our New York wooly friends showing us what fall – and Farm Sanctuary life – is all about! Enjoying the beauty that surrounds us (and is within us!) and spending time with those who help us feel warm at heart.

Fall reminds us that there is beauty in letting go, as the leaves start to fall and we relish those last vestiges of warmer days. Join us as we celebrate how far our new arrivals have come since we met them this year, as we honor the difference we can all make when we put compassion first!

2016 has been a year filled with new arrivals, beautiful friendships, and inspiring growth and resilience from many of our residents who have moved beyond difficult pasts in their new lives at sanctuary. Fall is truly a transformational season, and we’re excited to share some of the amazing journeys that supporters like you make possible.

All we need is a little “Faith” in ourselves, to truly enjoy all of the beautiful possibilities that lie ahead of us!

Checking In With the Calves

Little Jerome is getting bigger by the day!

Just like the autumn leaves, this handsome boy has also experienced some pigment changes over the past few weeks. We think his darker coat suits him nicely, don’t you?

Stopping for a nice chin scratch on one of his favorite trees.

Jerome in action! Farm Sanctuary life is grand.

Jerome has come such a long way since he arrived. He’s settled in nicely with his forever family and enjoys countless adventures with big brother Cashew. Sadly, male dairy calves like Cashew and Jerome are typically cast aside by the dairy industry, since they cannot produce milk for profit like their mothers. But thanks to some compassionate changes of heart, this new family is thriving together and enjoying the happy, vibrant lives they are all free to have!

Brothers forever! Cashew (left) and Jerome are never far apart.

“You just call on me, brother, when you need a hand — we all need somebody to lean on!”  —Cashew & Jerome karaoke

Cashew and Arnold enjoy a good nuzzle while Jerome and Chandini look on. Cattle form strong emotional bonds with one another and thrive when in the company of their preferred herdmates. Calves rescued from the dairy industry like Cashew, Jerome, and new arrival Gary – whom we introduced this week – are among the “lost boys” of the cattle world. But when they are allowed to bond with the individuals who mean the most to them, they find the community they were once denied.

Ari, another former “lost boy,” greets Gary. We’re thankful that Gary will know nothing but love and kindness for the rest of his life…

…and we were so excited to introduce him to new pal Carlton, who’s showing him what Farm Sanctuary life is all about! (And we can’t help but hope that these two will form a loving, brotherly relationship of their own.)

Meanwhile, young Pecan is becoming a big boy before our eyes! Pecan, like Cashew and Jerome, is fortunate to have his mom at sanctuary with him. Cheryl was part of last year’s Hudson Valley backyard butcher rescue and was pregnant when she came to our New York Shelter. Pecan was born in safety, and he’s helping mom heal and learn to embrace Farm Sanctuary life.

New Digs for Cameron Piglet!

It’s also been  a season of change for Cameron, another youngster we can’t help but “fall” for! Once the runt of his litter, this sweet boy is growing bigger and stronger by the day. We recently moved out of our Melrose Small Animal Hospital and into a larger enclosure. This curious boy has been checking out his goat, alpaca, and bovine neighbors – and we can’t wait until he’s ready for a herd of his own!

Cameron gives Farm Sanctuary life three cheers and a tail wag!

Visiting With Our Goat and Sheep Friends

From the newer arrivals to the seasoned sanctuary veterans, the residents of the sheep barn (a herd that includes a smaller number of goats in addition to their sheep pals) are also enjoying the changes that this season brings! 

Shannon, left, and Cynthia goats grazing peacefully without a care in the world! Last fall was a season of dramatic change for these girls, who, like Pecan’s mom, came to us through the Hudson Valley case. Life keeps getting better for these special goats, and we continue to marvel at the difference a year has made – and how well this life change suits them!

Little Jack lamb isn’t so little anymore! This happy boy was born in safety at Farm Sanctuary after we rescued his mom, Daniella, from a cruelty case in Cattaraugus County, NY, this spring. Jack and his twin brother, Bob Barker — along with their lamb friends Vera Jo, Cindy, and Laura — are settling in well with the main flock after joining it recently. (Of course, their doting moms are with them every step of the way!)

Meanwhile, young Bernie (who also came to us through the Cattaraugus County rescue) is also thriving in the flock! Like the autumn leaves behind him, this once-shy boy has a colorful personality, and loves interacting with his humanimal pals. Here, he is valued as the wonderful friend he truly is, and we are so happy to see him living his life on his own terms.

Longtime resident Clarabelle (front) loves spending time with pals old and new, including Panza, who was also rescued from the Hudson Valley case last year.

James sheep enjoying the grazing opportunities on this beautiful day.

Whether Beatrice and her friends are relishing a cool lounge in the grass or enjoying a tasty meal, we’re so thankful that our ovine (sheep) and caprine (goat) friends – and all of our rescued residents – are receiving all the love, companionship, and individualized care they need to thrive.   

And speaking of being thankful – this week we officially kicked off our annual Adopt A Turkey Project! We’re so thankful for members and supporters like you who make our life-saving rescue, education, and advocacy work possible! This season, continue adding a turkey to your holiday celebrations by sponsoring a member of our flock and honoring his or her life at sanctuary. Thanks to you, our rescued residents are enjoying the beautiful lives that they deserve – and we’re thankful for friends like you who make this all possible.

The incredible Belinda grazing before a gorgeous fall backdrop!

For more Farm Sanctuary updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Want to meet our incredible rescued residents in person? Learn how to visit here. Want to help? Your support makes our rescue, education, and advocacy efforts possible. You can also help by sharing our residents’ stories to spread the word that farm animals like them are each someone, not something. A compassionate world begins with you!