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The interview doesn't even mention the baby! He legit just says he's very happy with his girlfriend.

Anonymous said: Literally nothing about child i am dying dkfmskfms

Anonymous said: shock dan’s headline is completely misleading .. the article is talking about a different interview liam did with rollacoster where he talks about so many different things, solo career, justin bieber and trump, he mentions cheryl as “his beautiful girlfriend” and obviously gets that promo in there for her solo career but the only time the baby is mentioned is when dan says cheryl is pregnant, liam doesn’t mention it once …


oie galera!!!!!!! pra comemorar minha reprovação em fisica e o natal, vou postar muita coisinha hoje. © 

obs: faço users tambem é só pedi s2

one direction bios: (((poxa nem sei se eles existe ainda, mas tamo ai


#1 niall horan stan

Always in my heart @onedirection

one direction is my religion

liam payne saved my life

H + L + N + L + Z = equation of my happiness

one direction??? não tinha acabado já??

todo mundo seguindo carreira solo nem sei qq to fazendo aqui

one direction defense squad

estudando muito pra entender como q eu virei fa da onedirection

the luckiest fan in the world (bio do liam hehe)

the rude boy is louis tomlinson

justin bieber bios:

vim ao mundo para enaltecer justin bieber

I will protect justin bieber at all costs

you give me purpose

justin bieber is my religion

justin bieber go solo

só justin bieber pode me julgar

justin bieber is my only drug

bieber is a fucking legend


you need me, but i don’t need you

i have more idols than friends

eu achei que ia entrar nesse site e fazer varios amigos, continuo sozinha e triste

to nem ai vagabunda

take my hand and we’ll be fine

love trumps hate

i prefer pizza than people

rebelde chegou a minha vez

amo meus 0 amigos

queria mto por um nomezinho na bio, mas lembrei que não tenho amigos

sofro de 8 problemas mentais 

cuidado eu so dangerous

banda djavu e dj juninho portugal: é show

na maior parte do dia eu to triste e na outra parte eu to triste tbm


só quero sabe se o higor nera gay

n coloco defeito em ngm, foi deus que colocou eu só comento

se eu morrer twittem em meu nome!!  

BONUS: galerinha vo fazer esse e voces colocam o nome do fav s222:

(fav’s name) is my favorite demon

sexo drogas e (fav)

you fit me better than my favorite sweater (fav)

if you’re reading this, i love (fav)

enaltecendo o (fav)

(fav) is the most precious person in the world

exalting the smile of (fav)

(fav) (adj.) describes the reason of my smile.

(serie fav) é a melhor serie que voce respeita

ZE:A- Park Hyungsik Solo Activities



  • Justin and the knights of Valour-Korean dub of Justin



  • I remember you- as Taesung
  • Dummy Mommy-as Oh Soohyun
  • My Husband got a family- cameo in episode 39


  • Sirius- as young Do Eungchan/ Do Shinwoo
  • Nine: Nine Time Travels- young Park Sunwoo
  • The Heirs- as Jo Myungsoo


  • What’s with this family-as Cha Dalbong
  • Persevere Goo Haera- cameo in episode 1


  • High Society-as Yoo Changsoo
  • She Was pretty- cameo in episode 9


  • Hwarang-as King Jinheung of Silla


  • Strong Woman Do Bongsoo - as An Minhyuk

Reality TV:


  • The Romantic & Idol- with Nam Jihyun


  • M! Countdown (Guest MC)
  • Real Men


  • Law Of the Jungle: Indochina
  • Three Meals a Day- Fishing Village 2: episodes 1,2,3


  • Celebrity Bromance- Season 3 with Ryeowook (Super Junior)
  • 2 Days & 1 Night - Handsome Men Winter Camp Special with Minho (SHINee) and Park Seo joon)


  • Temptation of Wolves- Ban Haewon (2011)
  • Gwanghwamun Love Song - Jiyong (2013)
  • Bonnie & Clyde- Clyde (2013)
  • The Three Musketeers- D’Artagnan (2013-2014)

answer game thingy
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1) Nicknames - Frankie, monster, toaster, bud, alcoholic and lawn mower. I’m not at liberty to explain the rest but alcoholic is pretty blunt guys

2.) Gender - thaaaats a mystery

3.) Star sign - Aquarius cause I need another reason to remember I’m hydrophobic.

4.) Height - 5′7″ I think, I can reach ontop of the fridge if that helps as a visual aid :|

5.) Time – I just woke up from a half day long nap it took a good minute to even comprehend if it was a.m or p.m…it’s p.m

6.) Birthday - Feb 18. Yknow. The one day that edges on the one that could have changed my sign to NOT AQUA.

7.) Favourite band – its always gonna be a tie between MCR, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC.

8.) Favourite solo artist – Justin Timberlake …Shakira does things to me. Michael Jackson is my father. I have no lines with music.

9.) Song stuck in my head – ….*under breath* fergalicious… *leaves*

10.) Last movie you watched – V/H/S: Viral, cause that skateboarder scene, am I right? Savage

11.) Last show you watched – Im in the middle of a “LOST” crisis that I don’t know how I got into but also don’t know how to get out of… so many tropical polar bears. So many questions.

12.) When did I create my blog – howwww would one figure that out without scrolling for seven hours…?

13.) What do I post – this blog, straight up Hannibal and shit doodles lol my non-hannibal doodles will never see the light of day here

14) Last thing I googled – okay so this is important because I spent 2 hours trying to figure out the word for fish, the way poultry is the term for bird meat basically. I learned so much about the seafood industry in the process- meanwhile… “birds are to poultry as fish is to ___ ?” had me screaming until I rang my sister who simply said “it’s just seafood you fucking twit” so…there’s that lol

15.) Do you have other blogs – yeah one personal filled with dorky shit and porn and another with Hugh’s stupid face :p

17.) Why did you choose your url – a long time ago someone I worked with at my first job told me they had a dream I was a feral forest kid. He kept calling me Toni of the trees. *deep shrug*

18.) Following – *chokes on beer* like a thousand, I didn’t know that I never check lmao

19.) Followers – 1,591 I love you all but what are you doing here everything is labeled trash

20.) Favourite colours – dark green, orange, grey, black, white, I’m a fucking flamboyant sonofabitch

21.) Average hours of sleep – wow ok so I go from two three or four hours of sleep to sometimes 16 so

22.) Lucky number – 100. Don’t know why. Honestly more of a cursed number cause it’s a bad tick of mine to count to 100 in my head when I’m nervous or jittery

23.) Instruments I played – guitar hero and rockband, sometimes I dabbled with air drums

24.) What am I wearing – Xfiles tee shirt, Alaska hoodie, sweat pants, socks…I gotta go get smokes so boots soon?

25.) How many blankets I sleep with – that throw blanket people put on couches cause I literally live on a couch

26.) Dream job – I’ll retain that I want to be a cop, but god knows I’m likely going to end up on the streets asking for change and or beer

27.) Dream trip – U.K. for like a million reasons, Russia, I liked Canada I’d like to go back *shrug*

28.) Favourite food – breakfast food, all breakfast food especially bacon egg cheese croissant, there’s this monster breakfast burrito Burger King has that’s trying to clog the hell out of my arteries. Just. All breakfast.

29.) Nationality – ‘Merican with a black Cajun mum and a white Irish pop. They’re like opposite ends of the colour spectrum lol

30.) Favourite song - Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back, hasn’t changed since middle school and never will. 💪🏼

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In which Poe Dameron, Ben Solo, and Justin Timberlake sing a sing about space.

No, really.

30 Questions

I was tagged by @pseudaisthiseis

Rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 people

Gender: Female

Height: 1.65

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Horoscope: Sagittarius

Birthday: 07/04/99

Favorite Bands: BMTH,Architects,PVRIS, 30seconds to Mars, Arctic Monkeys, Yellow Claw, J2F

Favorite Solo Artists: Justin Timberlake,Chris Brown, Martin Garrix, Flume, K.Flay, MØ,Rae Sremmurd, Tyga, Childish Gambino, Example, Rihanna, Τσάκι (and many many others I can’t think of rn)

Song Stuck In My Head: Kendrick Lamar-Humble

The Last Movie I Watched: The Guardians of The Galaxy-vol.2

Rewatched: None

The Last Show I Watched: The Flash

When Did I Create This Tumblr: Don’t remember, probably 2 or 3 years ago

What Did I Last Googled: Stan Lee

Favourite Blogs:  @tomahokk @where-is-my-mind3  @katlydia @afire-angel @penthimos @oso-den-paei @pseudaisthiseis @h-genia-tou-99 @oti-na-nai-matia-mou @mpatsokratiaa @exist-loudly505 @senoul @mara-mpou @monaxikos-skantzoxoiros (and other blogs that are in my tagged ones)

Do I Get Asks: Rarely

Why Did I Choose This Url: Let’s say I was in a bad place

Following: 949

Followers: 1.548

Average Hours Of Sleep: 5-8

Lucky Number: don’t really have one

Instruments: Nope,never had the chance

What Am I Wearing: Pijamas y’all;)

Favourite Food: All food is awesome (except beans lol)

Last Book I Read: J.R.Ward//Lover Unbound (A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel)

Last Book I Reread: Κατερίνα Γώγου//Απόντες

Dream Job: Maybe being a singer, dunno …

Favourite Place I’ve Been: Anywhere I was with that person

Tea Or Coffee: Coffee

How Many Relationships I had: 3

I tag: @sometingnobodyknows @kyklothimikh @where-is-my-mind3 @monaxikos-skantzoxoiros @life-rocked-me-ultra-softly @a-pretty-piece-of-shit @yiaourtoskordion @marcesiblematt @ijustwanttodance123 @afire-angel @oso-den-paei @h-genia-tou-99 @oti-na-nai-matia-mou @farawayplacesthatweonlydreamof @mpatsokratiaa @yesforeveralonelove @exist-loudly505 @senoul @mara-mpou @portokali-mpamies