How it feels to work at a movie theater in 2018 and everything coming out is breaking box office records

or alternatively, it’s a good year for movies and I don’t know what to do with myself ahhhh

One thing I loved about Solo is how it restated and confirmed that Han is absolutely  /not/ a womanizer : he’s smooth and flirty, but faithful and very much in love with the woman he’s dating, whether it’s Leia or Qi’ra, and all the misogynistic fanboys can shove it.


Around midway through Most Wanted (set before Solo: A Star Wars Story), Han tells Qi’ra about his father and what he hoped for in his son’s future… that Han would go on to become more than just “a nobody”—someone who would fly the ships instead of build them.

Later, Qi’ra asks him if he ran away from his parents but it’s clearly a painful subject and Han avoids the question.

solo had some real problems but the implication that an anarchist antifa lesbian droid is the entire reason Han came back to help the rebellion in ANH, that the Resistance was able to follow Luke’s map to find him in TFA, and that she holds and is the last hope for the Resistance after TLJ, is fucking CHOICE

Me gustaría que alguien luchara por mi como yo lo hice por una persona que no lo valía

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