everyone thinks they hate each other. 

whenever the two are around it’s nothing but full on mockery, subtle insults, and the occasional twisted smirk on rose’s part

by now everyone’s grown accustomed to having the two act snappishly towards each other, and it isn’t much of a big deal anymore

little do they know that the said insults aren’t really insults at all

it’s their way of flirting 

“Sollux, have you ever heard of a binary star system?”
“hm? no, ii dont thiink 2o”
“It’s two stars that orbit around their collective center mass. Orbit around each other, effectively. They look like one cohesive unit, but really they’re just two separate entities who revolve around a common center.”
“ii liike that.”
“I do, too.”

misandry1996 asked:

rose/sollux dONT JUDGE ME

-Horrorterror friend shit: 
-Another one (not as good imho):
-This is really short but I like it, it’s cute:

hm no nothing explicit I’m afraid, that’s all I could find that I like.
(And for the people who AREN’T Geneva, this fic is bitchtits too:

I’ve just launched my first fic, A Broken Jar!

It’s a humanstuck AU in which Sollux and Rose are paranormal investigators. Uhmmm. Don’t know what else to say so here have an excerpt.

Sometimes he woke in the coldest part of the night, panting, clutching his chest or his head. Times like that, he knew he wasn’t going to get back to sleep. Trying would only make it worse. So instead he’d sit quietly in the dark, watching the numerous LEDs in his room twinkling like half-hearted stars, and wait for his heart to lazily make its way down his throat to its rightful position.

One would think that with these night terrors plaguing him three, sometimes four times a week, he’d be used to it. But he never adjusted. Not ever. And when the middle of the night screamed names that filled him with guilt and fear, he didn’t have a choice but to come running.

Anyway yes you can read it right here, and I would really appreciate feedback because this is my first attempt! ;w; Thanks in advance!

no but guys seriously

what if i wrote a humanstuck au in which sollux and rose are ghosthunters

and sollux is all about the tech, emf meters and capturing evp and stuff, while rose is super oldschool and relies on seances and ouija boards and burning sage and stuff

and they end up working the same job and get so mad at each other because sollux thinks rose is superstitious and ridiculous and rose thinks sollux is narrow-minded and missing the whole point

and like the reason sollux became a paranormal investigator in the first place is because both his girlfriends died and he’s just trying so hard to find something that will tell him that wherever they are they’re okay

and john makes cameos as this lame dweeb who thinks he’s a ghost hunter but never finds anything and doesn’t know what he’s doing

and then rose and sollux touch each other’s butts and kiss




sollux is really bony and his elbows and knees are horrible and pointy and when he and rose are in bed together he tries to cuddle because he’s so skinny and he gets cold easily

and rose is like “oh hell no” because he’s fucking POINTY and she tries to wiggle out of his grasp but he like holds her really tight and they end up tumbling around and she acts mad but she ends up giving it away by laughing and then they kiss and touch each other’s butts

also sollux likes to put the thermostat up really high but rose likes it cold and some days their flat just becomes like FULL ON WARFARE of one of them guarding the thermostat and the other trying to like sneak past them to turn it up or down

sighs deeply

A Broken Jar has updated!

For those of you who didn’t see my announcement when I first launched it, A Broken Jar is a humanstuck AU in which Rose and Sollux are ghost hunters.

This chapter features Ms. Paint and her neighbor, Spades Slick. Because we all know that they are the only pairing that actually matters.