((An extremely long post in which I bad art, try to story tell, and just overall fail. This’ll be the last one for a few days, but I’ll be arting on my main and it gets really lonely so please say hi or something. Break starts soon and I’ll do a lot then. So once again, this is it for a few days, I’m lonely as fuck, the end. Yeah.))


So all of the other ships have some sort of cute names (cotton candy, hammer time, etc)

And I was thinking of Dave/Sollux and how they don’t have a shipping name to my knowledge.

And then I thought,

“What about two-timing?”

2eriiou2ly, iit2 perfect!

So I’m here to ask, 

can this be a thing that happens? can we actually start using this name for this pairing on occassion? owo

This was a secret santa gift for querulousartisan for secretsantahomestuck round 2!! She requested Sollux/Dave with hurt/comfort or fluff (but being slow as I am, I didn’t notice the fluff part until afterwards =w=;;;)

So Dave comforting a crying (sad?) Sollux. I don’t know how to do hurt/comfort, I’m sorry ;A; And background is I don’t even know…I hope I did her request justice though ;v;

Well, I still hope you liked your gift though!! ;u;