Sollux ==> Think.

Let’s see, what has happened in the last day for you to think about…

Ah yes! Porrim cut Karkat’s stomach open to get the hellspawn of an egg out of him. That was your fault and you know it. If Karkat says it isn’t one more time, you’re going to take that egg and hatch it yourself. 

What else happened?

Oh right, Karkat also said no more sex. Ever. Great, because that’ll help your frustration. If you lash out on someone it’s his fault, not yours.

Was there anything else?

You don’t think there was anything else significant.

Porrim said that the egg should hatch tonight, that gives you time to talk to Karkat about what the hell you two are going to do with that thing. It’s logical that you move in together but who would move where? Porrim’s hive is a lot more family-like but what if Karkat doesn’t want to leave him home?

Too many questions, not enough answers.