sollux the cat captor

TFW you spend too much time at the best friend/boyfriend house so the sun rises and you gotta sleep over but hygiene is important also you don’t have clean underwear ahah oops

(for anon who nicely asked for solkat focusing on expressions !! thanks a bunch man, please let me know who you were !!)


Catstuck. Because this is the most important AU I’ve ever done. Click the pictures for breeds.

Bonus: The most important size comparison.

Equius would be one of those purebred Maine Coons that reaches the size of a medium dog. Munchkin Nepeta could ride around on his back to her heart’s content.


robot-nepeta adventures: Thirsty pearl + Garnet dancing, Dancing with one of the Host Club Twins)

the CUTEST tavros ever! (pretty much my HC Tavbby)

Cookiecat (so cute tbh): mshannahvantas

Trolls Group shot: kingofthepleasantpatch (vriska) theres-a-tardis-in-my-room (GT!Fef) moriartymystrider (Disciple)

GT!Sollux: purpledragoncaptor

Dave Ft. Naknak: the-greatest-show-reanimated (ps you’re my HC dave)

Fancy Aradia: totally gorgeous! If you know them, tag them!

Lastly, a rousing game of Spin the Faygo!

Photo Dump 3/?