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anonymous asked:

Beta trolls and kids most to least jealous?

As in a list?

- I could see Karkat, Dave, Eridan, or Equius being pretty far up there on the list.

- Tavros, Vriska, and Kanaya would probably come next.

- Gamzee would probably be somewhere in the middle. He does get jealous, but it takes a lot to actually make him feel that way. The same goes for Nepeta and Sollux.

- Aradia and Terezi would be on the lower side of the scale. Again, they get jealous on occasion, but don’t take it as seriously as the others.

- John and Rose wouldn’t get jealous often, simply because they wouldn’t see the point. If their partners were faithful, why worry?

- It would likely be the hardest to make Jade or Feferi jealous, given their easygoing demeanors.