sollix captor

dragonwishes  asked:

Hey Eridan! Is there anything Sollux does that's particularly annoying to you? Other than being a snake. (Halfway.)

hes fuckin lazy. i mean i get that he has to bask an shit but he lays there all fuckin day or hangs over - sometimes literally - Kar wwhen hes at the vvillage. he doesnt offer to help me and Ara to unpack shit and I bet he hasnt done a decent days wwork in his life.

hes a snake I get it but thats not the point. ivve wworked fuckin hard in my lifetime to get wwhere i am. if i didnt havve the motivvation to i wwould still be sittin in a bedsit starin out a wwindoww all day wwonderin wwhat i did to deserve all the shit i wwent through after i wwas honourably discharged from wwar.


ii eat whatever out of these ii can catch whiich ii2 ea22222iier 2aiid than done. jaguar ii22222 more of a treat becau2e tho22222e fucker2 are hard two come by. ii tried 22222loth once when i wa2 young becau22222e they are the ea2iie22222t thiing2 two catch and they lay around everywhere but ii nearly threw up. ii wouldn’t hunt them even a22222 a la2t re22222ort they’re diigu2tiing.