Feb 08, 2013

Warning, this article is not really long but kind of boring. I wanted to asja question: what is wrong with me. I thought that my class started at 10:30 for some reason and I snoozed my alarm for about an hour and a half. So obviously I missed the class and I just went to my friend’s house to go to school together. Last night, I got in trouble for staying in her room for too long and other things and so I was scared of her mom. I drove by many many times so that I can park enter the building after her mom left because I don’t think she likes me that much.

So we went to school and that went by alright. Then we ate sushi and decided to go clubbing, despite the fact that she is on her period.

We went home and got ready and stuff and we went to the club. I think every time I go, the most current experience is better than the previous, in a way.

So there were so many firsts that happened today and I don’t even know if I should write it down because it was carazy up on the dance floor. But I will just record it so that I will be able to reference this memory to this date.

We got there at around 10:30 pm and there was only middle-aged Caucasians. I was kind of disappointed at the crowd because there wasn’t that many people and none of them were our age. We just started dancing after this room opened up and danced with these 2 cool girls that were really funny and awesome. But as it got closer to 12 and 1 am, more and more people came and we eventually lost them. But now the crowd has diversified and basically, more better-looking people started to dance and not just stare out from the sidelines. My friend and I got to dance with a whole bunch of different people and I am thankful for her leadership because I need someone to push me (occasionally physically) to dance with the “hot” boys. 

Actually, there weren’t that many cutie pies but there were definitely some good dancers. If you are actually reading this super long post this is the good part. So, there was this one Korean guy who was at a good height and was a really good dancer. I really liked how he used his arms and hands to do things lol. But anyways, this guy was like doing something to my neck because I felt it wet and also biting my ear which I thought was carazy because this never happened to me before. At first it was a little weird but I guess I started to enjoy it lolololol. He had cuter friends. Anyways, moving on, then there was this other Korean guy who was also a good dancer (but not as aggressive as the other one I mentioned) and it was fine until spun me around and I was dancing face to face but not actually because I think he wanted to make out or something because he kept turning his head to my face and it was awks because I didn’t want to. The important part that I want to stress here is that he was kissing my neck and sort of sucking on it. I was afraid that I would get hickies but good thing there is nothing when I checked in the bright light. But anyways, again, I first thought that it was weird but I started to enjoy it and felt really tingly and exciting and giggly every time he did that. I didn’t know how to respond so I sort of did the same thing and I don’t know if I did it right but oh well I will not ever see him again. MAYBE.

Now is the closing of the club and my friend’s boy and my boy kept egging us on to go karaoke afterwards. After saying that we had to go home several times, and waiting for my friend to finish talking with these strangers outside, we just went. We were having a time and while two of the people went out, it was just me and my boy in the room. Thankfully I was singing so I didn’t have to talk to him. But when I was about to sing the last line of the song, 2 giant Koreans walk in the room and I got really surprised because who are they? But they were the original two guys’ friends and they are funny. The mood of the room was made up of many emotions: sadness, tiredness, boredness, textingness, hungriness. Then we finished and left. Unfortunately, these people look better in the dark than out in the lighted streets but that is probably the same with me lol. They were funny and nice and it was a new experience for me to be with Korean people who are not parents of any children. I wasn’t really participating much because I don’t know how to act yet. I hope I will learn.

We decided to meet them again next week we go clubbing but I don’t know if that will be happening. We need to discuss this after we rest from all this calorie-burning activities.

This is a very long post so I will end it now. All in all, this was a pretty hyped environment with fine people and things happened to me that never happen before. I guess this is how many people spend their lives; not in a square room with a lamp and a laptop.