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There’s nothing quite like sitting dramatically on a flight of stairs with your best friend. (Who later had the audacity to drop me down them, talk about RUDE.)

Sollux (me) || Karkat || Photographer

Cheer Up Post #746 - Solkat & JohnDave Edition

For the anon who could really use the Homestuck pairings Solkat and JohnDave, here you go. (If you ever need to talk, I’m willing to listen!)

More cheery Solkat!

More cheery Homestuck!

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i ran into my headcanon karkat and it was the most beautiful thing i have experienced while in cosplay like dangdiddly you’re just super gr8 ok and i apologize for having to leave before the official shippy part of the photoshoot whoops

i’m the sollux

karkat was chicksdigthekarkat

pictures taken by supposibly


[S] Sollux & Karkat: Play in the Autumn Leaves

Back when there wasn’t so much cold weather and snow on the ground; Karkat and Sollux went outside to take care of the numerous amount of fallen leaves. After everything was said and done; they decided to play in their hard work and enjoy a hot beverage or two later.
This is their day.

Karkat || Sollux

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, Sollux Captor and all other mentioned characters