To those not understanding JakeSol:

Jake loves skulls.

Doom symbol is a skull.

Not the only reason for the ship but it’s one I recently realized and it’s about as solid as some of the rationales I’ve heard for other ships.

Other reasons I ship it:

-I’m a fan of Hope x Doom in general, what with EriSol being one of my other OTPs

-Personality-wise, they balance each other out nicely.

-Headcanon Sollux is skinny as a rail while headcanon Jake is pretty well-muscled. That’d make them an odd couple in terms of body type and that’s fucking adorable.



-So many fucking feelings

Also the unofficial nickname for this pair is Binary because:

-Sollux’s coding

-Sollux’s duality

-Jake’s color (green) being a binary color


anonymous asked:

So I just read through your entire blog and (1) your art has improved so much, wow! (2) I ship Sollux<3<Jake now, what even, and (3). I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE SO AWESOME. keep rocking <3

((Thank you so much anon!!! You really cheered me up now- and also welcome to the cracked ship that is jakesol/soljake B) ))