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Ang Probinsyano August 31 2016 Full Episode

Ang Probinsyano August 31 2016 HD Full Episode Replay

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Ang Probinsyano is drama-action series starring Coco Martin as Cardo. He  is a prominent and respected CIDG Police Official in Manila with a loving family as his support. Cardo, on the other hand, loves the solitude of the mountains in the province of Botolan as a SAF Trooper.

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Ang Probinsyano August 31 2016 Pinoy Tv HD Full Video Episode

Ang Probinsyano August 31 2016 Full Episode

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A grown Frisk with hiking gear walked into the more hidden parts of the ruins. She often visited the mountains for peaceful meditation and solitude. (UndergroundRepresentative)

*[Asriel had been limping across the more darker areas of the ruins, a… rather reasonable spot to avoid detection from anyone else he wouldn’t want finding him. However, a sound in the distance perked his senses. He would creep about to see if he was being followed. He wouldn’t know what to do if he had to confront someone while in this state of mind.]

*[He would then hurry his pace to maybe get to somewhere darker and quieter. But then footsteps were heard from his left- secluded by the shadows of darkness, Asriel had forgotten his instinct to have his eyes glow yellow when he’s stressed.]

*[Further out in a dull passage, Frisk would only see the glowing eyes, blinking once before Asriel would turn and try to flee, despite his back injury making it a tad difficult to walk]


i was tagged by @goddammitiliveinacloset to do a thing thanks pal
-Share eleven facts about yourself
-Answer the eleven questions of the tagger
-Tag eleven people and ask eleven questions for them to answer

-im 17
-my favorite color is any kind of blue/green
-I was born in ohio
-i’ve never left the us
-i love art and want to have a career in it
-i love thunderstorms (but we never get them here)
-i have a super diverse taste in music (like i’ll literally listen to anything, any genre)
-my favorite animals are bears and dogs
-i played trumpet for 6 or 7 years but finally stopped bc our band director is awful
-i love hiking and my favorite national parks are the tetons, death valley, and yosemite
-my favorite place is either lake solitude in the tetons, or this one overlook in the mountains by my house

-Are you a morning person or a night person?
night for sure, i stay up super late and hate waking up
-Any songs stuck in your head?
im listening to hurts like heaven by coldplay rn but I’ve had wagon wheel by darius rucker in there for days -_-
-Pens or pencils?
-Do you generally eat breakfast?
im eating breakfast right now
-What subgenere of punk do you relate to most?
i don’t listen to punk that much but apparently there’s something called queercore and that sounds about right
-Who do you main in Mario Kart?
shy guy (when my best friend doesn’t take him first)
-Pokemon Go team?
-First Gen or Next Gen Star Trek?
first gen!!
-Favorite dessert?
literally any form of ice cream it’s bad
-Opinion on earthworms?
lovely, kind, doing the best they can
-What’s the most recent movie you’ve watched?
shit i never watch movies it might have been hairspray at my friends house like 3 weeks ago…

My Questions
- favorite place?
- best songs to drive to?
- favorite time of day?
- would you rather be warm or cold?
- what’s your favorite type of exercise?
- favorite band in 8th grade?
- ocean or desert?
- what are your plans for tomorrow?
- what’s your credit card number/that code on the back
- could you forgive someone for taking all of your money? hypothetically.
- what’s your least favorite class?

im taggin @whatthehelena @crayonskid @longspoons @benslaypierce @tonyendo @miles-is-trash @ka-gayama @aethersappy and im tired and running out of friends so if i forgot u i’m very sorry and u should do it and tag me

EDIT I FORGOT @europhilehistorybuff AAA RAY

Mighty rise of Dhauladhar mountains.
Must say that, Clouds come and go over there is so frequently….
isn’t that wonderful ?

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