whaaat is this fuckery. no just kidding i love all of you. and if you’re not following any of these people, i don’t understand what’s wrong with you.


Tumblr Crushes:

I wanted to try this.  So, yea, I have a thing for women of color (admitted) and solitaryforager/cultureofresistance (I know the former is your personal blog, the latter is now multi-person) has been my favorite blog on tumblr by far.  These results were fully expected.  Cheers!

vidagloriosa  asked:

hey, I know you've read a lot of Derrick Jensen's work lately and I was wondering if you've read (or know of) anything he wrote that puts forth a utopic vision of the future. I'm working on a paper about environmental utopias and if Jensen has written anything like that (just a blueprint for what an ecological society should look like) I'd like to include it! thanks. Love your blog. (: feel free to answer this privately or publicly if you want.

I actually have only read the Endgame series. I plan to read A Language Older than Words and A Culture of Make-Believe when my course load is less. That said, as far as I know Endgame doesn’t really address what you’re asking. I’m tagging solitaryforager to this in hopes that he’ll be able to help you. He is more read than I am and he is also how I found Derrick Jensen in the first place.