Ah candles, they’re a wonderful tool for magick but they’re messy as hell. And if you’re anything like me you’re going to find melted candle wax on every freaking surface in the house. But you don’t need to leave those little bits and pieces of wax to waste. Scrape it off of your altar/old spell jars and stash the wax in some kind of container. You can then use those multicolored pieces to custom decorate your tea light candles!

Witch Tip: Spell Contracts 📝

As much as I adore the elegantly written spells that rhyme and sound like they came straight out of an ancient book of shadows, I personally find that both creating and preforming spells like these is very energetically exhausting. That’s why I usually like to create what I call a “spell contract” instead. Not only is it far easier, but it’s straight to the point, and much more specific imo.

To create the spell contract, I usually just grab a small piece of paper and pen to make a list with the four following categories:

- The “spell type” (ex. glamour, love spell, money spell).

- The “spell creator(s)”, I just write my full name down in this category unless I am casting with someone else, in which case their name would be included as well.

- The “target(s)” of the spell, obviously this is who the spell will be effecting.

- The “terms & conditions” of the spell, which is basically just a detailed description of what you want the spell to do. You could even make subcategories within the terms & conditions if the spell is rather complex. I also include in this category how the contract is activated and deactivated (if the spell is not meant to be permanent).

And finally after signing my signature at the end and properly charging the spell, I’ll fold up the contract and either add it inside a spell jar, burn it, bury it, etc. as a means of activating the contract according to it’s intended purpose. Most often however, I add the contract to a spell jar then burn it if/when I decide I no longer want it to be effective.

Simple Full Moon Ritual!


This is a very simple, yet effective, little ritual that any witch can partake in! It may serve especially well for those who may not have many tools/the privacy needed to perform a more “elaborate” practice during the full moon, or witches who don’t have a lot of time.

1). Take a moment to write a list of things that no longer serve you in your life. (This could be bad habits, relationships, jobs, additions, etc… Anything that you feel is no longer beneficial to the well-being of your mind, body, and soul).

2). Fold up your list and take it outside. Look up at the moon. (Isn’t she beautiful?) Now is the time to read your list to her!

3). Once you have finished reading your list, burn it (safely, of course). Let the ashes of your paper drift away; as you do, visualize your problems flowing out of your life, no longer existing. (Other options: bury the paper ashes, or just throw the remains away).

4). Thank the moon for her time (and the universe, as well. ♡)

On Manifestation:



And “calling something into existence” can look like anything; using your voice (if you’re able-bodied), meditating, creating complex spells & rituals, or simple sigils, sending out applications/emails, social outreach, etc. you name it!

When you want something, work for it spiritually and physically. These 2 plains do not exist apart from each other. I’ll probably make a follow-up video about this stuff. I mean on my way to class this morning I plugged in a witchy podcast - Hippie Witch “Crafting Your Own Magickal Lifestyle” - and just received some great advice! But also be realistic about your desires/goals. Intuitively I felt like I’d receive an important call today, & 10 minutes ago I got the call. But that didn’t happen without my input. 

The retrograde stuff doesn’t have to fuck with you if you don’t let it. Protect yaself! Twist that shit around towards your advancement. GET SHIT DONE!

[I’m sure I sound like one of those hyped athletes who can’t have any basic convo w/someone before it turns into a pep talk 😜]

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Psychic Enhancement Jar

What you will need:

-Bay Leaves
-Thyme (optional)
-Cinnamon (stick or ground is fine)
-Red candle and or wax
-Iridescent glitter (optional)
-A jar

I first crunched the bay leaves a bit and put them in the jar. Then continued to add thyme, mint, basil, glitter, and cinnamon. I then lit the red candle and poured the wax over the ingredients. I added protection sigils to the sides of the jar but that isn’t necessary.

I keep this by my bed since that is where I do most of my astral travel and I ended up having a lucid dream. I hope this works for you!

Blessed be 🌛🌑🌜