This is probably going to be such an unpopular opinion for Tumblr but here goes…

Witchcraft is genuinely a craft or skill that one must work on to succeed in. It also has many inner workings and practices including mysteries that have been passed down certain traditions for decades.

It’s completely acceptable to be a solitary witch and genuinely encouraged to make spells of your own.

However, the general theme that seems to constantly be missing from Tumblrs constant use and advertisement of witchcraft is any actual history behind it. Tumblr initiates people into occultism and witchcraft with really general information and cutesy spells without explaining to people the dense history of witchcraft or the learning process.

A lot of witchcraft has been kept close to the chest over the years, some of which you will never find through personal research because of oaths to secrecy in certain communities. Tumblr is to the brim with skimmed knowledge on a lot of paths and I urge anyone serious about witchcraft to go way beyond it.

I’m mainly talking to young people as the generations that brought back witchcraft, beginning in the 1960’s in the UK, are not as open as the people here and a lot of them hold secrets or knowledge you’re going to have to fight for. The difference between witch communities on tumblr and irl are striking and it’s all about your research into known names and whose who of the revival.

anonymous asked:

this is so embarrassing lol but i just recently started a witchblr and i'm having trouble figuring out what kind of witch i am seeing so many posts directed to certain kind of witches. I was hoping to see how you were able to figure out what type of witch you are or is there a complete list/masterpost to the types of witches? i'm so new haha, thank you so much for taking the time to answer me

It’s not embarrassing at all, love!

Now, I have seen many, many masterposts on types of witches and such so I’ll definitely reblog any of those that I see for the next couple of days or so, but I’ll definitely also tell you about myself and my tips! I don’t actually identify myself with any particular sort of witch, but some types definitely do apply. I am secular, which means I do not incorporate religion into my craft, solitary, and a divination witch, among other things, I suppose. I figured out that I was secular simply because I’m an atheist, so I don’t have a religion to incorporate into my craft. I figured out I was a solitary witch just because my craft is something pretty personal to me I would say, and I figured out that I was a divination witch through experimenting with different bits and pieces of witchcraft and figuring out what I was good at and what I liked.

Now, on how to figure out how you identify yourself, that will also probably take a lot of experimenting! It’s okay if you don’t have a title for yourself immediately or really ever. There’s no rush! It’s honestly no big deal, but if that’s something that you want to figure out, then i encourage you to! Your practice is yours alone, so do with it what you want. Anyways, something else you should probably do is look into these types! Figure out if there’s already one (or a few) that you feel apply to you. Don’t freak out if there aren’t any! That’s alright. It’s really not that important unless you would like it to be. Another thing you might want to do is to figure out what you like and what you’re strong with! This sort of goes with experimentation, but this is really what will tell you, I think. If you enjoy using plants and nature in your practice, you might be a green witch! If you like cooking with magic, you might be a kitchen witch! There are so many different types of witch, you’ll be sure to find something if you’d like to. And if you can’t, make your own! It’s really quite loose when you look into it.

Also, remember that you don’t necessarily need a title and that just because a post or spell is directed towards a certain type of witch doesn’t mean that you can’t use it if you aren’t that type. I’m sorry I’m so bad at explaining things, but I hope I was at least somewhat helpful! Let me know if you have any more questions! I’ll happily answer them as best I can ^^ I wish you luck with finding your type (or not!), and I hope you have a wonderful day!

A note to all witches:
  • Don’t bash witches who aren’t of the same path as you
  • Don’t bash witches who follow gods/goddesses/deities
  • Don’t bash witches who don’t gods/goddesses/deities
  • Don’t bash witches who don’t really have a specific path
  • Don’t bash witches who combine two paths together (ex: Hellenic Wicca)
  • Don’t bash witches who don’t preform curses,hexes etc.
  • Don’t bash witches who do preform curses, hexes etc.
  • Don’t bash witches who follow “dark” magick


This recipe is something that I use at home all the time. I don’t do exact measurements. Spice to your liking. Great for when you’re sick!

Sweet peppers
And 2 cans of drained beans

1. Dice vegetables and cook them in minced garlic and olive oil.
2. Add vegetable broth
3. Add beans
4. Add spices

Chili powder- hex breaking
Cilantro- home protection
Garlic- healing
Cumin- protection
Oregano- happiness
Black pepper- banishing negativity
Salt- protection

5. Let simmer
6. Enjoy!

Feel free to change things up. Add more, add less. Seriously if you try this let me know.

Witchy Tip #3

If you can’t afford crystals you see in shops/ online that’s totally fine. Do you remember picking up rocks as a child? I alway did, and loved all the shapes and colors. Go for a walk and pick up little pebbles and stones that call to you. They can be perfect for your altar or to carry in your pocket. Every creation mother earth has to offer is beautiful. Blessed Be.

Dear fellow witches,

May your garden be fruitful,
Your water sweet,
Your shade everlasting.

May your day be filled with love and light;
The blessings of a forest sprite.
May your sky be filled with twinkling starlight
And soft, glowing moonlight.
May you get lost in the wonders of your magick tonight
May mysterious forces guide you in your rite.
Hold crystals tight and leave behind your plight.
May you move with the tides
As you take daring strides.
May you practice your craft with pride,
May pesky, prying eyes look aside.

May you charm and enchant with all your might,
May you find solace in a gentle breeze tonight.