A spell to obtain financial stability

🔮Coins - symbolizes money (I used 3 pennies and 1 dime, it’s up to you how much you would like to put it).

✨Lavender - to get rid of the anxiety about trying to get money

🔮Coffee beans - to stay energized and enthusiastic about earning money. Sometimes you just feel like there’s no point to keep trying, that’s why I added this.

✨Bay leaf- success (I wrote down financial stability on the leaf, you can change it to fit your exact situation)

🔮Allspice - prosperity and luck

✨Roses- to stay confident

Seal with green candle (which represents money).

Simple Full Moon Ritual!


This is a very simple, yet effective, little ritual that any witch can partake in! It may serve especially well for those who may not have many tools/the privacy needed to perform a more “elaborate” practice during the full moon, or witches who don’t have a lot of time.

1). Take a moment to write a list of things that no longer serve you in your life. (This could be bad habits, relationships, jobs, additions, etc… Anything that you feel is no longer beneficial to the well-being of your mind, body, and soul).

2). Fold up your list and take it outside. Look up at the moon. (Isn’t she beautiful?) Now is the time to read your list to her!

3). Once you have finished reading your list, burn it (safely, of course). Let the ashes of your paper drift away; as you do, visualize your problems flowing out of your life, no longer existing. (Other options: bury the paper ashes, or just throw the remains away).

4). Thank the moon for her time (and the universe, as well. ♡)


I caught wind that Michael’s has their halloween stuff out… and I’m dyingggg! I’ll post more of what I got later, but for now enjoy these cute lil skull candles. I make it a point to get their skull candles every year, but they’ve never had ones that look quite like these though. They’re perfect for cursing or spells to persuade someone to change their mind. They give your spells that little kick you may need. ❤️🌿

What I like to call my “Autumn Fairy Dust” which consists of,

🍁left over bits of orange wax
🍁coffee grounds
🍁and plastic free glitter

All stirred around to create a blend of fall-scented fairy dust which you can sprinkle on top of tea lights or roll/dip anointed pillar candles into for a light and sparkly dusting ✨🕯

This fairy dust has flammable components. If you’re going to make and use it, you need to exercise appropriate caution and fire safety measures. I am not responsible or liable for any consequences that occur from your failure to do so.

To Those Who Are New to the Witching Ways

Whether you’re new, pondering, investigating or are actively enduring initiation, becoming a neophyte, on a probationary period, enduring coven acceptance, going to your first group magic/celebration or shared correspondence, please take this into consideration:

If you are being told to become sexually liberated…don’t feel obligated to succumb to such requests, especially if you aren’t comfortable with them. The whole point of magic is to be in touch with your higher self and surroundings. 

If you are being told to start using drugs or become a psychonaut…it is not something you have to do in order to validate your path. To become a psychonaut takes a lot of commitment, dedication and careful application; it is not meant for everyone. It also requires a lot of reading, trust in who you’re surrounding yourself with and it will, in essence, become something that is meant to open your path. If you aren’t comfortable using drugs or becoming a psychonaut in order to reach gnosis, then don’t do it. Your practice is still powerful as long as you apply the power of belief.

If you have boundaries that are being violated…don’t crumble to it. Perhaps it is not the right group for you. If you feel a strong connection to said group, talk to your High Priest/Priestess, Soror, Frater, etc. to let them know what is happening. From there, if they do care for your safety, they will negotiate re-locating you with a different chapter, ward, group, coven or gathering.

If you’re being told by fellow members that you’re doing it wrong and they aren’t willing to help…don’t take it personally. Sadly, elitism is rampant everywhere, especially fringe groups and more obscure ideologies. It’s always hard to hear, however, it isn’t your fault if you haven’t been instructed on how to do things. If you find that rituals in a certain order doesn’t work for you, there are alternatives out there such as chaos magic, dedicated to those who want to create their own magic without any designated dogma or applied ritual.

If you’re being addressed as a Whore of Babylon, Harlot Woman or anything that is demeaning…be weary, regardless of whether it is how the group operates or not. If you’re entering the path of magic, you deserve decency and to be treated as someone who is a student. Not someone who is a pass around, disregarded or easily forgotten about. If you’re being addressed as a Soror, student, practitioner, magician, solitary, etc. then you know you’re perceived as someone who takes their practice seriously, as someone that is seen with a level of respect within your group. 

If Wicca doesn’t resonate with you…then there is no need to feel like you’re lost or don’t know what you’re doing. A large majority of us don’t identify as such and do not partake in their practices. 

You will learn more and more every day that will, at times, make you question your path…which is also entirely fine. To form your path as a witch/magician/practitioner/etc. it takes trial and error. That is what makes this path fun and strengthens your character. Try not to feel silly if you’re wondering whether the path you may have been following, for example, 3 years suddenly doesn’t feel right. 

If you’ve gone solitary, planning to go solitary or are considering going solitary…don’t feel guilt or shame from others within your peers or group to stay. Solitary magic is beautiful because you’re going your own way. You’re transcending a group dynamic because it may not work for you. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable with those around you. 

You don’t need ritual attire for your magic to be effective…some of the most effective magic I’ve ever produced has been when I’m donning jeans and a sweater, a retro dress or business casual. What you wear has nothing to do with what you produce when it comes to spells, enchantments, bindings or full blown rituals.

If you are being coerced, manipulated, pressured or told that you have to do things you aren’t okay/comfortable with…steer clear of those who are trying to tell you that the only way you can be effective in your practice is to follow their lead. It is never okay in any situation to follow suit. You have to do what’s right for you. The beauty of the witching way is that you establish your own path and find what works for you. If outside influences are trying to force you into a certain criteria, then it is their own problem. You deserve better. 

If you’re not sure how to start, what your path is or what you identify as in that regard…that is more than okay. It can take years for you to find what fits and what speaks to you. There are many people who finally become established in their 40′s, let alone their 20′s. There is no shame in not knowing and it’s always good to read more, ask questions and to experiment with what works. 



Ah candles, they’re a wonderful tool for magick but they’re messy as hell. And if you’re anything like me you’re going to find melted candle wax on every freaking surface in the house. But you don’t need to leave those little bits and pieces of wax to waste. Scrape it off of your altar/old spell jars and stash the wax in some kind of container. You can then use those multicolored pieces to custom decorate your tea light candles!