August Book Haul

Ermm brought a few books today…I’m a bit in love… 📚

Also brought a new copy of Anne Frank’s Diary from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam last week. Which was an amazing place to visit by the way.

Aizawa Shouta x daughter!reader (Bring your child to work day)

Summary: Aizawa brings his five year old daughter to UA.
Everyone cant handle the cuteness


“(Name), stop spinning the chair.”
Your fun came to a halt as your father, Aizawa, stop the office chair from spinning.
He bend down to your level and adjust your cute pink dress and fix your (hair color) hair.
Your mother was away to attend a meeting for 3 days and there was no one to take care of you while your father is away, so he brought you to Yuuei with him.

“She’s so cute!~” Midnight cooed as she oogle at you from the other side, her own cubicle.

A skeleton man, Toshinori, who’s cubicle is right next to Aizawa’s, handed you a lolipop. You eye the sweet swirl of yellow and orange in delight. Squealing, you took the sweet treat gladly and pop it in your mouth. Your father’s coworkers sure like to pamper you. On your father’s desk are more treats all his coworkers gave you. A granola bar from Blood King, a small cupcake from Midnight (who ran all the way to the cafeteria just to buy something to give you), an apple from Sniper, a strawberry juice box from Cementoss, and a big chocolate bunny from your uncle Hizashi.
You hum a tune while you wiggle your dangling legs as Aizawa now stood stacking papers neatly on his desk. You watch him ready his things like everyone else, them glancing at the wall clock or their watches every few minutes.
The school bell rang and one by one, the teachers walk out of the office, holding the books and papers they need.

Aizawa kiss the top of your head and lightly pinch your cheeks “I’ll be gone in an hour. Just stay here, play some games i installed in the computer for you, and if you need anything-” he points at the blonde cockatoo hair like man “-just ask Present Mic.”
You nod your head, cheeks puffed from all the sucking on the lolipop in your mouth “okay.”
He left along with the other teachers, leaving you alone with uncle Mic.

Silence fill the room, spare the sound of Mic typing rapidly on his computer. You turned to your father’s computer, already open for you, and look at the games he placed.
Solitare, Miku Dress Up Game, Little Bratz Fish Pet Shop, Cake Mania, and Jewel Blitz.

“Ey, watcha doin’?” Mic went over to you. He pull a chair to him and sat beside you.
“I’m gonna play games.”
“Hmm? Which one?”
“I dunno.”
“How about this one?” He points at the Cake Mania. “Let’s see how many cakes you can get it right.”
Mic cheered you on as you play, using his radio host attitude and pretending as if he is on his radio show right now, talking about your gaming skill.
You suddenly came to a stop, missing a cake.
“Ey, (Name)? What’s wrong?”
You face him, legs crossed tight “I gotta pee!”
His mouth formed an ‘o’ shape. He returned to his signature grin and stood up “Okay then.” He place his hands under your pits and hoist you up, carrying you with your arms on his shoulder while his right arm serve as a seat for you and support and his left supporting your back.
He carried you all the way to the restrooms, telling you a short story about one of his students mocking a fellow class and ended up embarassing himself by tripping over nothing and falling face first on the floor infront of everyone.
“All right, here we are” he place you down in front of the girl’s rest room “go on in and do your business. I’ll be waiting here outside.”
You went in and he waited, back against the wall and arms tuck in his pockets. At the corner of his eye he spot two familiar figures walking up the stairs. He grin and went to them, waving his arms “Hey Ectoplasm! Midnight! Wazzup!?”

“I’m telling you, she’s SO cute!— oh! Hi Mic!” Midnight paused her conversation with Ectoplasm as Mic aproached “I was just telling Ecto here about Eraserhead’s little angel.”

Mic hook his arm around Ectoplasm’s shoulders “We have already gave offerings to the little goddess. You will be smite with if you fail to give a gift.”

Ectoplasm shook his head “I’m afraid i will scare the little one. I’m not good with children and my looks aren’t child friendly either.”

“Naaaaw~ you!? Don’t be silly~ you toothed handsome de–”

“Mic. Please stop. You’re making me uncomfortable.”

You walk out of the girl’s restroom and saw that Uncle Mic is busy chatting. You twist your hips back and forth as you glance around, looking for something interesting. You spot a door at the right hallway, a white sign hung above it '1-E’.
You remember your father pointing you the room he teaches in when he showed you around the campus '1-A’.
You then walk along the hallway, small feet stumbling a bit from time to time until you found the room you were looking for '1-A’.
You can hear the faint sound of people talking inside. You opened the sliding door enough for you to get in. Silence fill the room as everyone stare at you.

Aizawa could feel the stress building in as yet another bicker between Bakugo and Midoriya insues during class.
He just wants to get it over with and plea for the lunch bell to ring. Hair floating, he activated his quirk and aim it at the blond boy “Bakugo. Sit down before I send you to Principal Nedzu. Midoriya, don’t provoke him.”

The green haired boy sputtered “b-but I d-didn’t even do anything!”

The door slide open a bit and everyone turn their attention to the person at the door.
A litte girl, about five years old, wearing a pink dress and black doll shoes stood there, her eyes scanning them and stop at their sensei.

Iida stood up, arms flailing “what’s a child doing here!? Are you lost!? Sir! Please give me permission to send her to Principal Nedzu to assist in finding her parent or guardian!”

Your face lit up at the dishelved man “daddy!”


The whole class gawk as you run towards the stressed man, your arms outstreached for a hug.
Aizawa bend down and scoop you up into his arms “(Name), what are doing here? You’re supposed to stay in the teacher’s office while I teach.”
You burried you face on his chest “But I miss you already!”

The class turned an uproar. Kaminari hung his jaw “You a daddy!?”

You turn your head to them and gave out a cute smile “hello!~”

The entire class 'awwed’ except from Takoyami, Todoroki, and Bakugo.

Uraraka stretch her arms out at your direction, making grabby hands “May I hold her? Please, sensei!”

“No.” He said flatly, still cradling you on his arms.

The class continues to bombard him with questions.

“Are you married?”

“How old is she?”

“What’s her quirk? Is it the same as yours?”

“Is it Bring Your Brat to Work Day?”

“Why did you bring her to work, sensei?”

He sighs and gave in to their questions “Yes, I’m married. This is my daughter, (Name), she is only five years old and she got my quirk. No, i brought her here to work with me because my wife is away and i don’t have anyone to look after her while i’m gone.”

The class calmed down after having their questions answered.

He look down at you “Mic is suppose to look after you. Where is he?”

“OH MY GOD! (NAME)! WHERE ARE YOU!?” a inhumanely loud voice boomed across the hallways and into the room, windows crack at the harsh sound wave.

'That idiot.’

Mic came skidding into the room looking frantic “Eraserhead! I lost–oh.” He sigh in relief in seeing you cradled by your father.

Midnight’s head popped in “You found her yet, Mic?”
She let out a squeal and strode in the classroom to you, pushing Mic out of the way “Oh (Name)~ Don’t go wandering around like that, you had us worried~” she lightly pinch your cheeks as she cooed at you.

Mic pick you up from Aizawa’s arms and brought you to his “heheh…sorry about that.”

Aizawa pinch the bridge of his nose “Bring her back to the teachers office and keep a closer eye out for her. She’s fast.”

“Right. Will do.” With you in his arms, Mic and Midnight exit the room.
“Bye daddy.” You waved at him before the close shut.

Silence once again filled the room. Kaminari leaned his head back to Kirishima and whispered “90% of that must come from the mother.”

“Kaminari, be quiet. Everyone, open your books to page 35.”


Mic held you out to Ectoplasm, your face just inches away from his “Do you have time to spare to our lord and savior (Name)?”

Trăim într-o lume în care este rușinos să nu fii „plin de bani”. O lume în care intri într-un local, iar chelnerul te privește cu dezgust dacă vestimentația ta denotă sărăcie. Ori paznicul sau angajatul unui magazin te tratează cu un aer superior dacă n-ai blugi de firmă, telefon de fițe, iar din buzunar nu-ți atârnă cheile de la vreo mașină de lux. Nu contează că, poate, ai un copil care nu te lasă nici măcar să te îmbraci cum vrei sau că nu ai avut timp să îți alegi hainele sau că, pur și simplu, nu ai avut chef să te îmbraci „la cămașă” și ai vrut să te simți comod.
Trăim într-o lume în care cei puternici îi asupresc pe cei slabi, cei cu experiență, pe debutanți, cei care ar trebui să fie maeștrii, pe ucenici. O lume în care ești învățat că trebuie să crezi, fără rezerve, tot ce ți se spune, în care răcnetele și țipetele reprezintă normalitatea, în care singurele argumente care ți se oferă sunt: „Eu sunt mare, tu ești mic!”. O lume în care suntem învățați că ești doar unul din cei mulți și că oricând poți fi înlocuit, că nu există originalitate, că nu există echipe, că trebuie să-ți „sapi” colegii, că cel lingușitor ajunge departe. O lumea ce-ți distruge personalitatea, caracterul, probitatea. Nu contează că ești la început de drum, că de-abia te-ai avântat în viață sau că spiritul tău este pur. Nu contează că dedici timp, nervi și viață pentru prosperitatea altora; aripile îți sunt retezate fără niciun fel de regrete.
Trăim într-o lume în care conținutul nu contează, o lume superficială care apreciază lucrurile superficiale. O lume în care silicoanele, botox-ul, colagenul sau acidul hialuronic nu reprezintă doar termeni chimici sau medicali, ci „tratamente de înfrumusețare”. O lume în care o persoană ce urmează astfel de „tratamente” și vorbește vulgar primește milioane de atenții. Nu contează cine e, ce pregătire are, ce face, dacă este talentată sau nu, important e că-și etalează „dotările”. Iar cei care într-adevăr au aptitudini și care pot schimba ceva, sunt trecuți cu vederea și pierduți în anonimitate.
Trăim într-o lume în care familia e doar un termen de scadență. În care căsătoria și copiii nu pot exista mai devreme de 30 de ani sau mai târziu de 35. În care totul trebuie bine prefigurat și plănuit, iar spontaneitatea, acțiunile pornite de la impulsuri sentimentale reprezintă lucruri anormale. În care, dacă nu respecți termenul, ești privit ciudat și comentat, ești catalogat „fără minte”, imatur sau curvar.
Trăim într-o lume în care jurămintele, promisiunile și încrederea nu mai există. În care ele se transformă doar în niște vorbe aruncate-n vânt. În care îți înșeli partenerul, îți minți prietenii și îi trădezi pe cei al căror sprijin ești. O lume care te transformă într-un individualist și un solitar. Care te învață că nu te poți baza pe alții, că rolul cuvintelor este acela de răni.
Trăim într-o lume a măștilor pe care uităm să le dăm jos și în care ne lăsăm consumați de ele. O lume în care nimeni nu vrea să pară ceea ce este. În care uităm de noi înșine și devenim altcineva, în care ne uităm în oglindă și vedem un străin.
Trăim într-o lume exact ca cea descrisă de un mare actor într-un mare film,
Într-o lume în care conștiința este moartă,
În care caracterele ieftine sunt acoperite cu parfumuri scumpe,
În care omul valorează câți bani are în cont,
În care ești luat de prost dacă respecți,
În care ești tratat cum se cuvine doar dacă faci scandal,
În care afecțiunea este privită drept slăbiciune.
Din păcate, suntem muritori într-o lume muribundă care ne omoară din interior.“ -
—  Florin Ristei  - Freestay.

anonymous asked:

Okay so I have a Wayhaught story for you. So I was thinking about how Emily was saying Wynonna definitely has opinions about Waverly and Nicole being together so what if Wynonna takes a moment with Nicole to have "the talk" with her about how she better not hurt her or end up like Champ (but she knows she won't) and Waverly hears part of this conversation and runs aways and now is very distant with Nicole bc she thinks Wynonna scared her away but later she assures she's not going anywhere

So, I couldn’t help myself and i wrote a whole fic for this. Hope you like it!!!!

Waverly was finally back from that creepy possession ordeal that they had to deal with, and she will absolutely tell you, that she will never be touching any strange gunk that she finds on the ground or otherwise, ever again. But everything is okay now and Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, and Nicole have taken over the Black Badge office in their search to try and find and get Dolls back.

It is had been a few days and the four of them have been locked up in that office. 

Waverly has been pouring over books and the internet, searching for anything she can wrestle up about secret government agencies that she can.

Wynonna was going through Dolls’s computer while she drinks whiskey out of his X cup, and muttering curse words under her breath since frankly there isn’t anything useful or entertaining of the hard drive.

Doc was sitting alone, at the far corner of the table. At first, he had spent a lot of time examining the vials that he had injected into Dolls before the showdown are Shorty’s. Now, though, he has moved on playing Solitare with an impossibly old set of cards.

Nicole, she has been sniffing out every gun and other weapons she can find in the office, she has been cataloging them and cleaning them, even going so far as to dismembering and, all the guns. At one point she even managed to wrestle PeaceMaker away from Wynonna. It was a very difficult feat and she found out that it hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time, probably since Wyatt himself had it.

Now it has been a couple of weeks, and with all the stress, Wynonna had pretty much forgotten about Nic and Waves dating, and reverting back to her normal self, had become totally oblivious of the lingering eye contact between her sister and the officer, not so subtle touching that they exchanged whenever close enough, and that whenever one of them left the room the other followed. She was so wrapped up in herself she had pretty much forgotten about the two dating.

At the end of the fourth night, after all of them had done almost as much as they could. Wynonna hadn’t found anything on the computer. Waverly hadn’t found anything mention a Black Badge Division. Nicole had run out of weapons to clean. And Doc, well how many games of solitaire can someone really play before they go insane? They all had started to sigh heavily and push their work away.

Grabbing Nicole’s hand, and looking across to Wynonna who’s face was buried in her palms, Waverly clears her throat, “You know Gus left me a message early and said that she was going to open Shorty’s back up tonight, invited us to stop by.”

“Got Dolls and I’s mess all cleaned up then?” Doc asks when he perks up at the idea of going to the saloon for a drink.

“Yup, I guess some town’s folk pitched in,” Waverly starts, “Gus said they wanted to try and make it up to Wynonna, the whole trying to kill her thing.”

“Strange,” Wynonna finally adds, “They’ve never felt bad about my near death before, I guess people are growing around here.”

“Oh come on Earp,” Nicole can’t help but attempt to protest that, “not everyone in this town hates you.”

Wynonna scoffs at that, “You clearly did not grow up around here red. But that is a conversation for another night when my brain doesn’t feel like soup. I think we ought to head down there, support Gus.”

It didn’t take them long to pack their things up and head to Shorty’s. Wynonna had already slipped behind the bar and found a bottle of whiskey and four glasses. Doc had stepped out to get some air for a few minutes. Waverly and Nicole had claimed a booth and were cuddled up pushed into the corner of the booth and were enjoying a slightly discreet and satisfying make out session.

“What the hell is this, guys?” Wynonna almost demands as she sets the bottle and glass down on the table.

“Uh, it’s me kissing my girlfriend Wy,” Waverly answers, with a very confused tone.

“Oh shit.” Wynonna declares as it dawns on her. “I, uh, I forgot about that.”

“No shit Earp,” Nicole adds after she lets out a giggle.

“I guess you and I need to have a little talk then Haught,” Wynonna replies as she starts the red-head down.

“I think that may be my cue to go find Doc,” Waverly says as she gives Nicole an apologetic smile for throwing her to the wolves or rather wolf that is Wynonna Earp, and then heads away.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing with my little sister?“ Wynonna asks, jumping right in.

“Honestly? Loving her.” Is all Nicole offers her in response.

“She’s been loved before Haught. What’s supposed to make you think you’re any different?” Wynonna questions the red head further.

“The way that I look at her.” Nicole challenges.

“And what way might that be?”

“Like she, herself, hung the moon and the stars, just for me.” Is all Nicole gives in return. Honestly, if you Wynonna hasn’t figured it out by now, she figuring she’ll have to draw it out for the woman.

“Champ used to look at her like that until she stopped being a trophy for him to win and became the strong young woman that she is. How am I supposed to know that you’re different than him?” Wynonna challenges Nicole. She knows that Nicole is different, but she needs to get a promise right from the woman.

“Because I’m not a boy-man-child like he was or is or whatever. Come on Wynonna, you’ve known me for a while now, do you really think I have it in me to treat anyone like crap, let alone Waves?” Nicole asks the question almost beginning to feel hurt.

“Well, I guess you’ve got a point there. I just have to make sure to give you the shovel talk or whatever. You know, Waverly is the most important person in my life and I haven’t really been there for her until recently, and I think I’m still a little too caught up in the curse bullshit to truly give her the attention she deserves.” Wynonna offers the confession as a peace offering of sorts.

“I get that Wy. But you are here now, and you’re not going anywhere. Plus, she has me now too, so I think she’ll be just fine.”

As Nicole finishes her statement, Waverly is walking back up to the table and notices the two other women completely emerged in the conversation but doesn’t catch anything, until Wynonna’s final statement.

“I get that. But just to put it out there, if you so much as crack her heart, or treat her even a little poorly, I swear to you, I’ll be using PeaceMaker for more that putting down revenants.” It’s an empty threat as she knows Nicole is better than that. As she finished though she notices Waverly within earshot and is completely unaware that she has been standing there long enough to hear the threat. 

“Hey, Baby Girl!” Wynonna greats Waverly with a broad smile. “Did you find Doc?”

“I ummm, I’m not feeling well, can you take me home Wynonna?” Waverly asks, not even responding to the question, she’s so shaken up from hearing the threat, scared of what it means. Does Wynonna no like Nicole as much as she’d been letting on the past few weeks?

“I can take Babe.” Nicole offers before Wynonna gets a chance to respond.

“No, I want Wynonna to take me.” Is all Waverly offers, and honestly the way she says it is a little cold. Before either Nicole or Wynonna has a chance to interject again, Waverly has headed out of the building. Thinking, dammit Wynonna, I finally found a good one, and you’re going and scaring her away, you can’t threaten lesbians with guns, it freaks them out. Admittedly, Waverly may have recently delved into gay culture and learned a lot about lesbian tropes.

“You’re not driving her anywhere Earp.” Is how Nicole decides is best to start the conversation.

“Why the hell not Haught? If Waves wants to go, I’ll take her where ever she wants.” Wynonna defends herself.

“No, you won’t. You’ve been drinking Whiskey all day, and you’ve drunk half that bottle by yourself while we’ve been sitting here. It’s not safe for you to get behind the wheel.” Nicole offers as she stands up and slips on her jacket.

“Fine. You going to go get her then?” Wynonna reluctantly asks.

“Yeah. Y’all can come sleep at my place when you get done here if you want.” Nicole presents the peace offering.

“Thanks, but there’s a room upstairs here, we’ll just take it. Let’s meet in the office at noon tomorrow? Give everyone a chance to get some extra rest.” Wynonna offers in return, her own peace offering of sorts.

“Sure, see ya then.” And with that Nicole has turned to head out the saloon herself. 

Nicole runs through the bodies as quickly as she can, pushing through the front doors, and scanning her surroundings. She finds Waverly sitting in her Jeep, letting it run. As Nicole gets closer to the Jeep, she notices hard sporadic shaking of Waverly’s shoulders, a clear sign of the tears that a certainly falling down the girl’s face. Wasting no more time, she runs to the driver’s door where Waverly is sat and pulls it open. Before she has a chance to protest or even notices who’s arms are enveloping, Nicole makes quick work gather Waverly up, rubbing her hands up and down the younger woman’s back.

“What’s wrong baby?” Nicole whispers in her ear.

With the question, Waverly starts to push Nicole away but doesn’t have enough strength to get her too far away.

“I asked for Wynonna,” Waverly states through heavy breaths.

“I know, but I don’t feel comfortable with Wynonna taking you anywhere. She’s had too much to drink.” Nicole offers, loosening her grip while looking down to search Waverly’s eyes to try and figure out what is going on. “I was thinking we could go to my place and I would take care of you.”

“I don’t expect you to take care of me Nic. You don’t even want to be around me, I’m sure.” Waverly states, not being able to help herself and leaning into Nicole.

“What the heck are you talking about Waverly?” Nicole asks shocked.

“I heard what Wynonna said. She threatened to kill you.” Waverly makes the statement though another round of tears.

“Oh baby,” Nicoles starts, with a grin playing at her lips. “She didn’t mean that.”

“Yes she did, she doesn’t joke about using PeaceMaker,” Waverly mumbles into the collar of Nicole’s shirt, that is quickly absorbing tears and most likely a gross combination of slobber and snot, not that Nicole minds. Waverly can bawl into any of her shirts any time she needs to.

“No babe, I promise she didn’t mean it. She knows I would never hurt you. She knows that I love you too much. She knows that I will treat you better than anyone else has ever treated you. She just said that because she felt like she had to finish her shovel talk.” Nicole whispers it to Waverly as she combs a hand through her hair.

“Are you sure?” Waverly asks, starting to regain her composure. 

“Yes, I promise. Now let’s go home and go to sleep. I think you may be a little over exhausted from the past couple weeks.” Nicole says as she lifts Waverly up, letting the smaller woman cling to her like a Khola bear, and walks to the other side of the Jeep. “We can sleep in and go get breakfast, Wynonna doesn’t want us coming in until noon.”

As she lets Nicole settle her into the passenger’s seat of her own car, she watches Nicole intently. Nicole just pays attention to what she’s doing. She buckles Waverly in and leans across her to turn the heat up a bit. As she is pulling herself out of the car, though, Waverly grabs the lapels of her jacket and pulls her so the forehead to forehead.

“You promise you want to be with me?” Waverly asks gently, her breath tickling Nicole’s lips.

“I promise Waverly. Ther is nowhere else, I would rather be.” Nicole makes what is probably the truthful statement of her life, and she is rewarded. She is rewarded by Waverly who leans in, gently pushing her lips to Nicoles, it’s the kiss of a promise, a kiss that means I love you, a kiss that says thank you for loving me. It gently but still passionate. Their lips move together like a choreographed dance. It is as though they were made for kissing each other, and honestly, they probably are.

“Good, because I feel the exact same way.” Waverly states as she pulls away but stays close enough to punctuate each word with another kiss.