1. solistosketch said: Goku vs Mario vs Sheen Estivez vs Peter Griffin vs Jotaru Kujo vs Squidward. Who wins?

Im torn between Jotaru and Squidward and Sheen. I feel like Jotaru and Squidward would have the upper hand because they don’t give two fucks about anything, but Sheen is so god damn annoying that I wonder if they would crack under his stupidity. Could they hand Sheen talking about ultra lord for 24 hours? OR WOULD JOTARU JUST PUNCH SHEEN IN THE FACE TO SHUT HIM UP? I think it would be a stand off between Jotaru and Squidward or should I say CAPTIAN MAGMA!

I think it’s about time I try to draw more seriously. idk, its not like I want a career in art or anything, I just wana see what I can do, and take it to the next level. 

I kinda wana part myself from lewd drawings and cartoons a little bit, and get better at anatomy somewhat life-like things.

It looks a lot different than what I usually do, but I like it so far. I make a good model-reference for myself since I’m so goddamn skinny, I can tell where the bones should go, making drawing it easier.