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             Sometimes there were times in which Ren didn’t even think about how Tokiya would feel. A frozen proof being him moving into his house without even having permission. But he was still there, Tokiya didn’t kick him off and that meant something. Every single week he suggested that they had to watch a movie on friday and being the SELFISH person he was he wasn’t going to accept a no as an answer. Thankfully Tokiya played along with him, and he agreed but this time he sense something DIFFERENT, maybe it was the fact that the other didn’t hide how TIRED he was. That was good, considering that he always LIED about being okay when he obviously wasn’t. 

                  His eyes were locked in the screen, paying attention to the movie until they drifted in direction of the other male. Not really minding that he was sleeping. It was fine, he knew he had to sleep and HONESTLY it made him glad to be there and confirm with his own eyes that Tokiya was resting. A light smile appeared on his lips as he pulled him closer, his cheek going to rest on top of his head as he kept watching the movie without any problem. 

                     Or he thought so. 

                    Tokiya was his best friend. They always were as close as this but this time he felt… ODD. Maybe it was the EXCIMENT of seeing sleep because in their friendship he never really looked at him showing how tired he was. And well, Ren worried a lot about him, he didn’t want him to fall sick. Besides, he looked so vulnerable. Tokiya usually was SHARP with his words but he knew that he didn’t mean harm, even if he showed a cold facade he also was aware that he wasn’t like that. There was a reason behind and he didn’t mind because he was able to look BEYOND that. But he looked honestly adorable, his eyelids closed so PEACEFULLY that even at some point all he listened was his breathing. The ginger grimaced, not sure of what even was this, chuckling nervously at himself before leaning his head against him again. 

                    He closed his own eyes, but only resting them not really sleeping as he wasn’t really tired and he was used to go to bed late. Not to mention that he was also trying to order his thoughts because right now he really couldn’t understand them, starting to fall asleep. It was when Tokiya woke up, the blanket over his body causing him to open one of his eyes and look back at him. “Hmm…” He complained, as his arms wrapped his body tight, pulling him CLOSER and leaning in to press a soft kiss on his forehead. Why? Not reason at all. It was Tokiya after all, who cared? Or maybe it was because he was half asleep, he acted different when he was sleepy, perhaps more AFFECTIONATE than he should. 

                “Night, Toki.”

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