Under the Apple Tree--ch. 1

Ship:  Outlaw Queen

Rating: T

Synopsis:  After being hit by the Olympian Crystal, Robin was transported to Seattle, unable to return to Storybrooke or any magical. When it was clear he had no way to return to his family, Robin finally decided to bury his broken heart in work–founding a landscaping business, Sherwood Forestry.  Fifteen years later, Robin receives an order from the last person he ever thought he’d see again, making him realize that hope never truly dies.

Under the Apple Tree

“What’s on the agenda for today, Mary?” Robin Locksley asked his secretary as he stepped into the small office of his landscaping business, Sherwood Forestry.

Mary flipped the page of her agenda book, looked down and nodded.  “You’ve got a delivery for 8 am.  A lady in Enchanted Estates ordered an apple tree to be planted on her front lawn.”

“Enchanted Estates?” Robin asked, idly shuffling through a stack of bills on his desk.  “I don’t believe I’ve heard of the place.”

“It’s one of those big, ritzy subdivisions in Misthaven.”

Robin sucked in a quick breath.  “Beg pardon? What is the name of the city?”

“Misthaven, Washington” Mary answered.  “Tiny little town way up north.  It’s a hop, skip and a jump to the Canadian border.  I passed through there once on my way to…”

The woman talked on, but Robin didn’t tuned out.  Misthaven.  The word dredged up memories that were never far from the surface.

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Pablo Picasso - The Frugal Meal (1904)

- Created during the artist’s Blue Period, “The Frugal Meal” is one of the masterpieces of twentieth-century graphic art, vividly evoking Picasso’s experiences as a young artist living in the low-rent district of Montmartre. “The Frugal Meal” rises above abject misery: Picasso creates an allegory of survival that addresses the difficulties and vicissitudes faced by the struggling artist. The print may have been inspired by illustrations for Jehan Richtus’s “Soliloques du Pauvre” (Soliloquies of the Poor) of 1897 made by Theodore Steinlen and Picasso’s fellow Catalan artist Joaquim Sunyer Miró, which are fraught with the same weariness and angst.

It really pisses me off when people are like “Oh Romeo didn’t love Juliet, he was in love with Rosaline just a few days before and if he wasn’t dead he would have moved on to someone else immediately after banging Jules.”

1597 - Elizabeth is on the throne. She’s 63 by now and has been playing off her supposed virginity, the mystical aspects of monarchy and the sycophantic nature of the court to maintain power. She cultivated an environment in which admiring from afar was the idea form of love, which worked well for her as a lot of her power was gleaned from remaining unmarried. In this idea of “courtly love” (believed to have developed in the courts of Eleanor of Aquitaine) a woman was broken down into a list of qualities (eyes like the stars, hair softer than a summer breeze, a laugh like music etc), protected from afar, had quests completed in her name and very often was never approached. A noble man wasn’t complete unless he was pining from afar over a woman. A man was meant to channel these desires into achieving a higher end. This is exactly how Romeo is with Rosaline. Rosaline is conveniently under a vow of chastity, so there’s no question of Romeo actually having a chance with her. He doesn’t want a chance, instead enjoying his role as the pale, forlorn, poetry writing, pining, sighing denied lover. He likes this role. It is one he is good at. Bonus points because she is a Capulet. She is out of reach completely. 

The there’s Juliet. He calls her a jewel and a dove. Not “her eyes are like jewels” or “her skin is as soft as down.” Juliet is a complete figure in his eyes. Within moments he has made up his mind to touch her hand. Completely different from how he talks of Rosaline, completely different to how the courtly lover is mean to behave. 

Then - he actually does it! No talk, no plans, no mooning over Juliet from afar. He walks right up to her and touches her hand and speaks to her. Against ALL the rules! 

Then he does it again - goes to her, speaks to her, touches her. He makes plans, he carries them out. Despite her being engaged and being a Capulet (like Rosaline’s vow of chastity and also being a Capulet) he does what he needs to do to be with Juliet. 

He keeps his love secret - he only tells those who need to know. Gone is the poetry writing emo.

When he has sex with Juliet he never calls her sullied or thinks any less of her, as was the general feeling of the time. He makes plans to marry her.

He kills himself over her. What glory is there in that? Another body in a tomb. No great show, no jumping off a bridge or great suicide notes. Not even a beautiful dagger to soliloquize to. Just poison, a dead body amongst dead bodies. Eternity in hell, as he believes. At least many years in purgatory, as the protestants of the time saw it. 

He breaks all the rules for Juliet. 

Yes, the play is full of hate and violence. Yes, they’re both young and hasty and maybe the pair would have ended up hating each other in just a few months. 

But Romeo did love his Juliet. 

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miyusawa, miyuki's room at home 8)

i gave myself feelings writing this. also, i’m unable to stick to meme rules, apparently. /pouts


There’s sadness in the curve of Miyuki’s neck. Sadness in the corner of his eyes. Sadness when he says, “We’ll put the futon here. You should be comfortable”. The whole room seems to be made of sadness, of bad memories. Empty shelves and naked walls, a tiny frame with a missing picture Miyuki can’t seem to stop staring at.

So Eijun reaches out, his fingers catching on Miyuki’s thick sweater. Soft and warm against his skin. The boy turns around, surprise written all over his face and that is so much better than sadness, so much better than empty eyes and empty shelves and empty frames.

“What is it,” Miyuki asks, head tilted to the side, frowning slightly. “Sawamura, what―”

Eijun parts his lips, words stuck in the back of his teeth, in the curve of his tongue. He doesn’t speak, afraid of putting his foot in his mouth like he always does. Afraid of scaring Miyuki away like a stray cat. Instead, he frames that sad, sad face with his hands, presses his thumbs against strong cheekbones and swallows around the frantic beating of his heart.

When he leans in, he takes Miyuki with him, his back connecting with the empty bookshelf, wood rattling against the wall. Eijun closes his eyes so hard he sees white flashes behind the lids, holding his breath as his mouth presses against Miyuki’s lips, dry and a little cracked. Burying his fingers in pale skin and curling his toes when he hears Miyuki sigh.

It doesn’t last long, mostly because he’s really nervous and he hasn’t kissed anyone before. But also because this is Miyuki Kazuya. So a couple of seconds later, Eijun breaks the kiss with a tiny sound, eyes set on his feet and cheeks blushing a pretty pink.

“Thank you for letting me stay,” he whispers.

Miyuki’s fingers curl around his wrist in a firm grip, almost too tight, and Eijun thinks that this is it, that he screwed up again. That he should have done nothing and mind his own business. But suddenly those fingers slide down towards his palm, and Eijun’s finds himself holding Miyuki’s hand.

“My dad will be home soon,” Miyuki whispers against his forehead, still standing against the shelf. “Want to help me with dinner?”

Eijun breathes in. Nods. He doesn’t let go of Miyuki’s hand.


/rolls away

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ham%%ilton is not so much a storytelling masterpiece as it is a masterpiece in manipulating us with repetition of audial associations to characters and situations previously established in the work. I think the song World was Wide Enough is the song where people who cried during the musical actually cried. (if Blow Us All Away didn’t already do so) It references all the great things fictional Hami%lton did or that made up his life.The structure of the song in the beginning is of course analogous to the end of Blow us All Away and Ten Duel Commandments - every time this tonal structure is used the ante of seriousness is seriously upped from the previous one.

Then when Hami%lton soliloquizes he pretty much hits most key songs that were indicative of everything the audience enjoyed about the character and his relationships - The Story of Tonight, Helpless, and especially My Shot. But for me the final turn of the knife, the part that made me personally tear up on my very first listening, was when Burr shifts back into the tune of Wait For It and quotes its chorus. It takes the song that embodied his life outlook and views - the views that caused him to be a fuckup throughout the entire musical and only brings it back almost 20 (?) “years” later at his final fuckup. And damn, if that isn’t pretty poignant.

I don’t actually think Hami%lton does a good or even halfway decent job with character development outside of Hami%lton himself’s arc and perhaps Burr’s. And then it’s pretty problematic for history and character sanitization, but man if it isn’t a great emotional piece.

Pi%xar does the same thing all the time with their score, which is partially why people cry so often at Pi%xar movies.

it’s almost the exact same thing as using color in film. I mean everyone knows about planting and payoff - introducing something at an earlier point in the story so it becomes useful later. 

But it’s so amazing to me how literally element in your storytelling medium of any sort - from shot framing to color to music to a phrase can be used to form associations with a character, character interaction or emotion and be pulled back at more or less any related key moment in a way that you can use to make the audience feel literally anything.

That’s what makes me like storytelling so much.

Books of College (Semester Two)

The Waves by Virginia Woolf (for fun)

  • This is one of the most exquisitely written books I have ever read. It felt like poetry for all 297 pages. Every single sentence has the ability to make you marvel over the complexities of the English language. That being said, this book took me nearly six months to read, and it wasn’t for lack of time or anything. This novel is narrated by six voices of six friends (the book is not told as a normal story, but rather each character takes turns soliloquizing throughout the book). Despite the characters changing, the tone of the book remained consistent, which made it difficult for me to remember which character was which. Obviously it is meant to be experimental and not straightforward, but I think it may have gone a tad too far. This book is complex and beautiful, but there is no doubt it is confusing, even to the point of frustration sometimes. (3.25 / 5)

Frankenstein by Mary Shelly (for a class)

  • Upon sitting down to read this book, I, as many people, only knew of the very classic images of Frankenstein, and the very basic plot. Man creates a monster. I am delighted to say that the story is so much more than that. I enjoyed the fact that we get the point of view of not only Victor and his monster, but of Watson, for a slightly more objective view of the situation (although one could say he is simply a foil for Victor and therefore is also not entirely reliable). Simply put, I think this book has all of the components of a good, classic story. While the story focused primarily on Victor and his turmoil, the minor characters of Henry (my love), Elizabeth, and the father were delightful presences throughout. I also never really expected to get the monster’s point of view, and getting that for an entire section of the novel is incredibly thought-provoking, as it, in a weird way, attempts to humanize the monster. I don’t believe there is any part of this book I disliked, but it did not completely blow me away. (4.25 / 5)

Another Day by David Levithan (for fun)

  • This book wrecked me. I read Every Day four years ago, and while I remembered the basic plot, the characters have been out of my mind for ages, so diving back into their story was amazing. What is most successful about this book is the emotion, and the sheer force that that teenage love has in making a story enticing. One thing I did find was that A felt a little more off-putting in this book. When I originally read Every Day, his instantaneous inclination towards Rhiannon didn’t seem odd at all, but in this version it feels almost obsessive, and I would be freaked out if I were her. I actually think that difference makes this book more successful. It doesn’t just feel like Every Day retold in some shitty attempt. It truly feels like its own story - with more characterization of Rhiannon and clearly more Justin. The plot is also more romance-driven, seeing as we only get a brief mention of the Reverend Poole conflict towards the very end. Speaking of the end, I was a sobbing mess, which proves that it was effective. (4.5 / 5)

The Flick by Annie Baker (for fun)

  • Without a doubt, the best word to describe this book would be “raw.” There is nothing theatrical and nothing remotely unrealistic about this entire script, which I think is its strength. As a reader, I really felt like I was able to connect with the characters. Their anxieties were my anxieties, I felt every awkward pause, I felt every pain, and I even felt love in the rare occasions of compassion. I must say my favorite part of the play was Ezekiel 25:17, because even in the midst of this incredibly tense moment, there was light, which I think is a feeling Sam wants Avery to feel. I do think it took me leas time to read this play than it took to perform (around 3 hours, so I’ve heard), which seems very long. However, I cannot truly speak to its effectiveness as a performed play. All I can say for certain was that this was a very beautiful story to read even if not much happened. (4.25 / 5)

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (for fun)

  • So, first off, I’m crying. I think this book was absolutely stunning. What made this a unique reading experience for me was that rarely did I feel as a reader; instead, every emotion I felt during this book I felt as if I was Conor. To elaborate, it didn’t feel like Patrick Ness was trying to write twists or plot for the sake of writing a novel. It simply felt like he was sharing a story, which makes it all the more heartbreaking. I don’t feel like I’m rooting for Conor as a character; I truly feel like I am Conor in this story. The base plot of this isn’t too unique: A boy’s mother is dying of cancer. The end is one of the most predictable endings of any book I have ever read, but that’s not what matters to this book. What matters is the journey of Conor’s acceptance, and it truly feels as if I have gone on that journey too. Also, the illustrations are gorgeous and enhance the plot immensely. I have yet to see the movie but now I really, really want to. (5 / 5)

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (for a class)

  • Sometimes a book with a lackluster plot can be enhanced by great characters. Sometimes a book with shitty characters can be forgiven because the plot is awesome. Unfortunately for Wuthering Heights, neither the plot nor the characters were compelling in the slightest. This book is riddled with unlikeable characters until perhaps the final ten pages. The book is incredibly racist without really addressing it, and it is incredibly sexist without attempting to fix it. You know how Severus Snape can be defended because in the end, he did good, and was on the right side of history? Like, he was still a horrible human, but at the very core, he had good intentions because of his love for Lily? Heathcliff is that, but JUST bad. He lost his love and then never did a single good deed in his entire life, and it’s insufferable. I frankly don’t understand why this is a classic that people love. I don’t give books 1 star lightly, but I genuinely did not enjoy this one bit. (1 / 5)

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad (for a class)

  • Directly after reading this, I read Chinua Achebe’s essay about the book, which contained a sentence which stuck with me more than any of the actual novella: “White racism against Africa is such a normal way of thinking that its manifestations go completely unremarked.” Now, while reading the book, I already did not enjoy it. As a critic, sure I could find some valid aspects, but as simply a lover of reading, I was miserable. It was told in massive blocks of text which made it hard to stay focused, and frankly the story itself was never too compelling. The stakes were low because we knew Marlow was just chilling at the chronological Now of the story. Now as a critic, yeah, I think this book just perpetuates a certain kind of racism most white folk intrinsically have. Achebe also pointed out that having Africa as a mere backdrop to the story about these couple white dudes (Marlow and Kurtz) just hurts the cause because he doesn’t even take the time to develop any of the native people. So yeah, not only was it unenjoyable, but it was pretty damn problematic. (1 / 5)

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz (for fun)

  • I often think that a good book leaves you as a better person at the end. Upon finishing this novel, I want to be a better friend, I want to exude passion, I want to guard people from heartbreak. And I think that is beautiful. This covers all of the bases of an excellent Saenz novel: Believable and gorgeous characters, character relations that make your heartache, and a lack of any true plot or conflict yet you cannot put the book down because you need to know how this ends. You don’t hope the prince saves the princess, or the man slays the dragon, you simply wish for the characters what you wish for yourself: that at the end, they are better people. This novel is riddled with discussion of grief and death and belonging, and it is dense and heavy and it hurts my heart to read. But it is so beautiful. Whenever the novel felt dark, it had a way of finding the light: just like whistling in the dark. (5 / 5)

I Wrote This For You by pleasefindthis (for fun)

  • As a poet, as a writer, this book disappointed me. It is Tumblr inspiration, at best, and had no traces of poeticism. As an editor, a pretentious intellectual, this book angered me. It was impersonal and overgeneralized and the entire “Rain” section until the very end felt disingenuous. As a person with a human heart, this book was everything to me. Every page felt like someone - Haley, Griffin, Gabe, Mark, Kat, myself - and tugged on something intangible within me. This book is very little art, but it is all heart. (2.75 / 5)

Reveries of the Solitary Walker by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (for a class) (2 / 5)

   Seriously, though. For your consideration: Riley Cross as your Bigwig’s right-hand incubus. Advantages include: a mind for business and numbers, a Charisma stat nearly off the charts, an emotional and moral center to your operation. Riley Cross will shut down any attempts to soliloquize re: ‘do I still have a soul?’ by sticking her head through the door and being like ‘as an expert, and a gourmand: yeah, you do.’

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Remember how you did the reaction of the slbp lords if their lady died in an attack on the castle? Can you do one where they find out their lady actually survived the attack and is alive? *cue dramatic music*

Referring to this post: 

‘Lord’s + Toramatsu’s reactions to the news that their lady has been killed’

Everyone feared Nobunaga. Since he got the news that his lady was killed, he just wasn’t the same. They never actually crossed him anywhere or saw him in the castle, but the time they saw him in battles was enough. As the corpse of Lady Oda was never found, rumours about her not being dead circulated. However Mitsuhide was the only one who dared trying to persuade Nobunaga of trying to find her and that maybe she survived. “She is dead.” was the only answer he got everytime before being dismissed rudely. But as everyone knows, Mitsuhide is stubborn enough, so he managed to make researches to find Lady Oda.
Apparently the enemy clan sold her to their allies. A fact that made Nobunaga boil over with anger. A whole new level of scary for his retainers who followed him to the castle of said enemies. Before burning it to the ground, Nobunaga found the love of his life who was forced to be the cook there. It wasn’t possible for him too overlook her as she immediately looked for him and runned up to him in the tumult of the battle. He pulled her towards him possessively, holding the back of her head and kissing her temple repeatedely. “You’ll never have to shed tears of sorrow ever again. I won’t let you go….”

Mitsuhide wasn’t the same anymore. An absolute monster in battles, unstoppable in his killing, he was a total mess in the castle. Not even the scolds and insults of Nobunaga could bring him back to his senses as he wasn’t even in the condition to work anymore. He often walked around the castle gardens, soliloquizing. Everyone was quite worried, but soon let him be.
One evening, as everyone was already sleeping, he was strolling in the garden again and saw her some steps away - like everytime. Subconsciously, he knew she wasn’t real, but he desperately suppressed that thought. But as he approached her and cradled her cheek in his hand, he expected her to disappear, like usually. But she didn’t. Instead she hold his hand against her face, smiling lovingly. That smile was so warm, vivid, different from his hallucinations. Then it hit him and his eyes went wide.
“It’s you….”, he whispered barely audible.
“I came back to you. Like you always did.”, she whispered back just before his lips claimed hers in a passionate kiss. This kiss was real, just like she was, there in front of him.

The rumours about Masamune continued and he still didn’t show the slightest bit of interest. Shigezane and Kojuro were extremely disappointed that everything turned into how it used to be before, but the death of Masamune’s lady was to their sorrow as well so they didn’t ever bring up that topic. However soon these rumours weren’t only about Masamune anymore. He heard some retainers talking about his lady and claimed that she actually survived, being captured in some village. His eyes went wide just before he apporached them quickly and actually talking to them, even questioning.
The retainers’ bodies were trembling as much as their bodies as they tried to give him every information he needed to head out to said village to bring his lady back.
And indeed, with Shigezane and Kojuro as the commanders, he made his way to the dungeon where he found his beloved Lady. He caught her in his arms as soon as he entered and held her tightly. “Let’s go home.”

Nobody had seen Kojuro laugh or even smile since Lady Katakura was killed. He was rather strict and reserved anyway before she came into his life, but now it was even stronger. Masamune was soon quite exasperated because his retainer was so clingy and protective by that time. He always was like this, but he was surely exaggerating.
Therefore it was a good instance that he had to send someone to a clan that threatened to turn hostile. Of course Kojuro came into question. He may have changed, but his negotiation skills were still the same. Masamune hoped to improve the relationships to avoid new enemies and battles.
However Kojuro’s indifferent expression turned into a baffled, agitated one, as he saw the person who served their sake. It was not his imagination, he would recognize this beautiful face everywhere. His calm was short-lived as he saw the bruises on her wrists and soon her face, even though she tried to avoid his gaze. But Kojuro was not dumb. He understood immediately that she was a captive, being forced to work here. Seeing his dark expression, she started shaking her head weakily, not able to hold back her tears and that was when he lost all his control. Masamune imagined this mission to proceed a bit different, but of course everyone was happy to have Lady Katakura and the old Kojuro back.

Yukimura was unstoppable. It was just impossible to win a battle against the Takeda Clan and the enemies knew the reason. He remembered his lady with every step he took to the battlefield, with every man he killed there. Her dead state was his strength, but she himself was his weakness.
An enemy clan was lucky because they were imprisonning her since their allies, the clan that claimed to have had killed her, was wiped out.
The head of that clan ordered to take her with them on the battlefield, as a hostage, hoping to be able to stop Takeda’s powerful soldier.
However this idea backfired vehemently, as Yukimura found a reason to live again, determined to not let her go or allow anyone to harm her. If he was a berserker because of his rage before, he now was the same because of his determination. This clan was decimated in no time at all, mainly because of Yukimura who protected his lady the whole battle long. “I’m so sorry…You are not hurt, are you?”

Saizo had to visit the village, expecting another mission. Hoping to come across anyone who was associated with the clan that killed his lady, this was the only thing he lived for.
What he did not expect was to see Hanzo waiting for him. It couldn’t be seen on his expression, but Saizo was incredibly shocked by what he heard. She lived? How was this possible? He always knew about everything, so how could he have missed such an information?
After that it wouldn’t take long to find her again for she was the Lady of the best Ninja in Iga.
“Wait for me, little lady. I’m coming for you.”

Hideyoshi was not in the Oda Clan anymore. Of course it was quite the loss for the clan, but no one knew where he was.
In fact he didn’t even know himself. His life was consisting of sauntering about without a care in the world.
He was so apathetic, didn’t see or hear anything, not the slightest idea of what was going on in the world.
As he ended up in a town a conversation forced him to prick up his ears. Oda Clan…cook…attack on castle… months ago…back…? He squinted his eyes as he tried to put together the pieces of words that even seemed to make sense. She was back. He understood now. Ashamed of what became of him, he made his way to Kiyosu castle again. Nothing could stop him from seeing the love of is life again.
Everyone was incredibly happy to see him, glad that he was alright, but before anyone could do or say anything, even before Mitsunari, his lady ran up to him and let herself fall into his arms. “Let me protect you with my own life from now on and forever.”

It was normal for Toshiie to be drunk everyday, but not at that day. He made his way to Kyoto, looking after Yahiko and his mother.
He wanted to help them whenever and however he could, but he would need a sober mind for that.
Moreover he could drink at their restaurant anyway. He ambled towards said place and was surprised to see Yahiko in front of the restaurant. Shouldn’t he be busy? Was that magistrate banishing their customers again? As he approached he did not only notice that the restaurant was empty, but also the distress on Yahiko’s face. Before he could say anything he ran up to him and tried to explain nervy. “Inuchiyo… My sister.. she isn’t-…” Toshiie shook his head in confusion, as he bent down to look the boy in the eyes that were filled with tears. “Yahiko. Calm down. What are you even going on about? Where is your mother?”
The next sentences made Toshiie’s eyes go wide. “She was brought to Kyoto! She isn’t dead! But injured really bad! Mother is looking after her in her room, she said I should wait here.”
Toshiie didn’t respond as he immediately got up and made his way to her room. He had to save her this time. He wouldn’t be able to bear that pain ever again.

Ieyasu was boiling over with anger. What did they mean? Killed? What was this useless lot doing here while he was away?
He wished that they had at least joined him on the battlefield and died there as they were good for nothing anyway.
His heart was beating rapidly and he could feel those useless retainers trembling in fear, waiting for his judgement. He would kill them all. Every single one who watched the enemies killing his lady. Just as he turned, ready to strike down his first victim, he heard a faint whimper. A sound of agony. And a voice he knew better than any other. His eyes went wide just before his sword clattered on the floor, his hand trembling.
There she was, at the other end of the yard, laying on the ground, bleeding. Ieyasu’s next movements were nervous and hectic as he ran up to her and held her in his lap.
“Don’t you dare dyi-….”, he started but soon his voice cracked. But it was strong enough as he shouted at his retainers to bring him everything he needed to to save her.

Mitsunari was in his room like he always was. He tried to distract himself as always, but no matter what he read, everything reminded him of her.
He couldn’t ever say it aloud, and didn’t want to think about it, but he missed her so much.
Soon his thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his door, which brought a faint smile to his face. It must be Hideyoshi he thought, as he had not eaten anything today again.
He was so grateful, that man did so much for him. Thanks to him, he was able to take vegeance for his lady.
But honestly - he couldn’t even believe it himself - he was not in the mood to see anyone anymore. Not even him. “Mitsunari. I know you’re there.”  …..  "Mitsunari, I’m coming in.“
Before even finishing his sentence, Hideyoshi opened the door, his expression severe. This wasn’t about food.
“We’re going. She is out there, so get up already!”, he shouted. Mitsunari couldn’t believe his ears and wouldn’t believe what he heard, if it wasn’t Hideyoshi who told him.
His heart throbbed desperately, begging to be able to love again.

Toramatsu rarely reacted to anything before, but to nothing at all anymore. He just made sure to accomplish his duties the best he could, but nothing more.
What was not rare, were his outbursts of rage, whenever his lady was mentioned. Many retainers were beaten up and had to deal with serious injuries. This and only this was something he showed a reaction to. Soon many retainers made sure not to talk about her or bring up any topic that could remind him of her.
That’s why many of them expected the worst as Yasumasa did exactly that. They thought that it was sure that one of them would die after this conversation.
For Toramatsu it was worse than anything. No one could utter her name, especially not someone like Yasumasa. He didn’t even listen to what he was saying as he seized him by the front of his collar, ready to hit him.
“You complete moron, listen! SHE SURVIVED, DON’T YOU HEAR ME, BOY?”, Yasumasa shouted and felt Toramatsu’s hands ease, his expression turning a bit softer.
“Lord Ieyasu wants to see you, so get moving before you really lose her this time.”

The Doctor has an Epiphany Room

I’ve posted up to chapter 7 of Hold Me Fast,  my Scream of the Shalka fanfic, on AO3. In this excerpt from chapter 3, we learn just how stagey the Shalka Doctor is. Spoiler: They’re so stagey that they have a special room for soliloquizing.

The Doctor was talking to the Magister, or at least Alison thought they were. Then she realized that the Magister sat completely still in his chair. His hands were folded in his lap, his neck bent forward as if in acquiescence. In other words, he was in the position into which he defaulted when the Doctor turned him completely off.

The Doctor still addressed him, though. Bracing their palms against the arms of the robot’s chair, they leaned down to him. “But since Myself – assault Me / How have I peace / Except by subjugating / Consciousness?” they cried, almost imploring. Of course there was no answer, although a cat that had been napping glared at the Doctor before putting his head down again.

“Um…” Alison said in the resulting silence.

The Doctor turned around. “Yes?”

“Am I interrupting anything?”

“Hmmm?” The Doctor raised their eyebrows.

And there it was: one of the significant differences amongst the three of them. The Magister, Master of multivalence that he was, never met a subtext, ulterior motive, or allusion that he could resist. Being a word nerd herself, Alison easily engaged him in the parry and thrust of literary wit. The Doctor, by contrast, while allusive and often abstruse when quoting, never did well with hints and suggestions otherwise. They needed explicit statements of intent, feelings, and expectations.

“I mean,” Alison said, “is this one of your consensual non-consent things where you turn off his locomotion, but leave his hearing, just so you can fuck with each other? ‘Cause I’m going to leave if it is.”

“Oh no, the Master’s off.” The Doctor cocked their head, looking at something. Then they removed the robot’s remote control from their pocket and clicked a button. “Oh…well, I guess he wasn’t fully, but he is now.”

The Magister liked to fuck with their Doctor by doing things accidentally on purpose. [You wanted all those dead plants hanging from the ceiling? Then you should have said something before I sanitized the entire kitchen and threw them out.] But the Doctor wasn’t that devious. They were just…well… two steps left of reality was a good way to put it.

Thus Alison felt justified in telling them, “Well, maybe you should double check that he’s all the way off before you…” A thought occurred to her. “Wait – why is he all the way off? Don’t you usually do this sort of thing with an audience…and in the Epiphany Room?” Whenever the Doctor needed to do some soul-searching and/or soliloquizing, they typically repaired to the Epiphany Room. Within this circular amphitheater, they strutted and fretted on the central round stage. Meanwhile, the Magister kept sarcastic quips – and, on one memorable occasion, popcorn – flying.


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Summary: Jimin is Y/N’s tattoo artist (tattoo!au)

Words: 4.255

Warnings: none

Genre: fluff, angst(?)

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MARGITA-IN-SLACKS ASKED : Thoughts on Francis Abernathy..?

Hmm, Francis!

Francis. Francis. Francis is the Prince.

If you have been reading a bit of what I think of them all, then you’ll know that Francis is no exception: I consider him to be weak, to be shallow, to be privileged in a way that messed him up. Francis is an only child, the obsession of an over-bearing, over-childish mother, and the product of an European and expensive education; he knows that he is intelligent, he relishes the fact that he is rich, and most of all, he has to be the center of attention. Does it remind you of something? Oh, yeah. Francis is a 10-year-old. Unwilling mama’s boy, assumed drama queen, anguished hypochondriac, sulky idler, and most of all, fearful fearful boy. His panic attacks after the murder, his attachment to a boy who will never love him back, his way of fishing after forgiveness when he’s been too shrewd, his need for money and ultimate incapacity of being independent show an infantile vulnerability, a need to be cared for. That’s why he talks louder, that’s why he gets sick, whiny, that’s why he calls in the middle of the night.

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Gokudera, while Tsuna is absent, sits in his chair and pretends he is a Vongola X, terrifying and almighty, soliloquizing pathetically and pointing a gun on the empty space, looking like a comedy villain xD

bonus points if Tsuna comes back when Hayato is still here and wants to hear some explanations of what did he just see

Prince John, the youngest child of King George V and Queen Mary, was a mischievous little boy who often amused his elders with his quips. His aunt and godmother, Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, remembered in her memoirs that Johnnie was very quaint and one evening when George returned from stalking he bent over May and kissed her, and they heard Johnny soliloquize, She kissed Papa, ugly old man!’” 

Friday categorization #22

2022 Overlords
-2022.1 Evil ones
–2022.11 Those ruling a kingdom, empire, planet or intergalactic civilization
—2022.111 Those who do little but stalk, glower, dispense arbitrary violence and die
—-2022.1111 Those who additionally do a bit of decadence
—-2022.1112 Those who additionally do soliloquizing and/or plot exposition
—2022.112 Those possessed of mysterious powers
—2022.113 Those who mainly ended up at the helm of a massive, bloodthirsty empire by dumb luck, and are not really sure what to do about it
–2022.12 Those ruling a small archipelago, city or cave system
–2022.13 Those having only a base and an unspecified number of henchbeings
—2022.131 Having a base on an island
—-2022.1311 Island is also a volcano
—-2022.1312 Island is shaped like a skull
—–2022.13121 Island is a world heritage site due to its amazing natural skull-shaped rock formations, gets a lot of adventure tourists
—2022.132 Having a base underwater
—-2022.1321 Widely known in shark conservation circles for extensive private collection, donations to shark welfare and advocacy organisations
—2022.133 Having a base in space
—-2022.1331 Those who make use of an universal docking system and are unusually careless with passwords, allowing any old space traveller to get on board
—-2022.1332 Those who do not
–2022.14 Those possessed merely of an evil overlord sort of mentality
-2022.2 Misunderstood ones
–2022.21 Those who have immeasurably improved the lives of millions of orcs, lifting orc-kind out of lives of brutality and extreme poverty and giving them a sense of self-belief and purpose again, not like you care
–2022.22 Those who have subtle and nuanced reasons for wanting to take over the world
–2022.23 Those who were never really evil overlords at all, but whose story was written by their enemies
-2022.3 Good ones
–2022.31 Those that are materially no different from the evil ones, other than that they have been able to write the history books
–2022.32 Those who overlord only to keep the declining secret base construction industry in business, safeguarding thousands of jobs
-2022.4 Those whose status is uncertain
–2022.41 Those of a capricious or insane nature
–2022.42 Those who may in fact exist only as children’s stories
–2022.43 Those who were possibly eaten five years ago by their own piranhas, but had arranged the direct debits of their empire such that nobody has actually noticed

How to be Hamlet

Step 1: Wear all black.

Step 2: Soliloquize about how really angry/sad you are.

Step 3; Swear revenge at whatever wronged you last (via soliloquy).

Step 4: Soliloquize. 

Step 5: Accidentally stab your girlfriend’s dad. (Monologue.)

Step 5: Get kidnapped by pirates. Then monologue.

Step 6: Monologue about your impending death to your best friend who you may be in love with.

Step 7: Accidentally kill everyone. (While monologuing)

Step 8: Totally fall in love with your friend (but too late, you’re dead).

Step 9: Soliloquize in hell.