DIY SolidType

These 3D letters have been designed and put into production by Denver based studio, MATTER. The self assembly type can then be painted, inked or etched to build words for signage or decoration.

This first series are uppercase only and are based on H&FJ’s Gotham Typeface. There are three sizes available, 2” (push-out puzzle-style boards) and 4” (parts in a bag) and 8” (flat packed). 

Each month, they will release a new custom letterform and so far there are already some nice ampersands, one at 10.5”.

MATTER Design Director Rick Griffith was quoted as saying: “These letterform puzzles are a hearkening back, and yearning for a time when people used to make their own toys and take pride in solving interactive physical puzzles. People can piece together individual letters, compose 3D words, or experiment with gravity, balance, and their own personal design.”