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One thing I wonder about in the final duel is not only how Yami Yugi got a separate body just for the duel (the Eye unraveled his soul from Yugi’s and made it solid, I guess), but also what said body was made of, since it seems to be a solidified soul/essence. Did his heart beat? Did he need to breathe? Did he have DNA? That sorta stuff.

I’ve read some pretty amazing soulmate aus in the check please fandom, but all of them are getting together fics.

give me established relationship soulmate aus

give me bitty and jack using their soul bond to finish each other’s sentences, or to move effortlessly around each other both on the ice and in the kitchen

give me jack and bitty being out, give me the two of them (both famous in their own right) doing a black and white photoshoot for Out magazine, shirtless and each other’s soul marks proudly on display

give me jack and bitty being totally in love and having their bond be solidified daily by their soul mate connection! 

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Elita, seriously, idk how u maintain such a perfect relationship with OP. Wish I could have something like that ;u;

♔. }

       ❝ No relationship is perfect, Anonymous, even ours, because no one person is perfect. We are each inherently flawed, and it is through those flaws that we learn to better ourselves and grow alongside those whom we love.

Relationships are as much a discovering of your partner ( or partners ) as it is discovering yourself, so the key, really, is to stay true to yourself in each relationship, and know your worth. We must love ourselves first with our entire being until we can expect another to do the same… 

All that is required is patience. The world works in mysterious ways, Anonymous. And so often times, if we stop looking that is when we find what we were searching for. ❞

Stefan and Elena: soulmates, twin flames, and epic loves.

The love story of Elena Marie Gilbert and Stefan Antonio Salvatore will essentially go down in history. The quote “we have history” wasn’t just put there. It may seem like just a couple of words but it actually emanates so much depth and meaning. That line truly solidifies how their souls are intertwined and how they had this cosmic connection from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Stefan and Elena falling in love was written in the stars, they embody the word destiny in every way possible because they are not only soulmates but epic loves and twin flames.

Proof? Let’s define what a twin flame is and then apply it to Stefan and Elena.

Definition of a Twin Flame: A Twin Flame is the only one to which your hearts beat to the same rhythm.

Stelena quotes:

“He knew Elena. They were really one at heart, one soul.” - The Return: Nightfall

"They are one heart, one soul, their hearts beat to the same rhythm. ” - L.J Smith

Stefan and Elena are soulmates, twin flames, and epic loves on the show and as well as the books. If you know anything about the writer of The Vampire Diaries novels, L.J Smith, you know that she uses this ancient theory called The Soulmate Principle which is not only used in The Vampire Diaries but also in Night World and The Secret Circle. The theory states that two people who are truly destined soulmates are linked (Note: Stelena was said to be forever linked in a 5x01 spoiler) by a silver cord (a silver, blue thin string or cord the color of moonlight to be exact) that binds their souls together for eternity. Being connected by this silver cord which is called “The Cord of Destiny” or “The Cord of Fate” doesn’t make you just soulmates but Twin Flames as well.

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I'm in the middle of a crisis & I need an advice, could you please help me? I just graduated as an accountant & I realized I hate it. I feel like I wasted the last 5 years of my life I don't know what to do :( thank you in advance if you answer

Hello love,

Thanks for your message, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a bit of a rough time. I do know exactly how you feel though. 

Because Oxford and Cambridge are Oxford and Cambridge in your final year you begin to receive invitations to all sorts of events and drinks parties and even dinners with huge corporations within the UK. It doesn’t matter what you studied, a lot of these companies just head hunt students from Oxbridge universities based on the university alone. For that reason I was THISCLOSE to choosing between working for a huge bank in London or taking a training contract with one of the biggest corporate law firms in London (and the world) when I was graduating. I didn’t particularly want to do either of these jobs, but it’s what I thought I should do. 

My best friend (Ben from the book) had graduated before me and taken a corporate job in London which he hated and while I was telling him about these job prospects and how dull they seemed he was like, “Don’t do it. You’ll hate it and you’re too creative to work in a bank.” I had a good friend who I’d known since I was a child working at the law firm I had the offer from and she took me out for drinks shortly after this conversation with Ben and told me all about her job and how she basically did a lot of research and paperwork for anywhere from 80-90 hours a week and that it paid really well but that she didn’t have much time off. So I asked her finally if she liked her job and she said, “Well, I wouldn’t call it soul satisfying.” 

I don’t come from a particularly affluent background, despite my education. I think one of the greatest lessons I was ever taught was by my mum who told me that because of our economic background that I would always have to work, so if I was going to have to work I needed to at least enjoy what I was doing. That’s why my first job was dog walking when I was ten. I’ve kind of carried that over into my adult life, which is why the idea of a job that wasn’t “soul satisfying” solidified my apprehension towards the job. Sure I’ve had jobs that I didn’t love, but later on I found myself in a career that I hated two years ago and thought about what would happen if I stayed in that particular job and it was just kind of depressing to think that I knew exactly where I would be and what I would be doing for the foreseeable future. So I started interning at a radio station in my spare time and going to music festivals to interview bands and realised that what I really wanted to do was write and listen to music (I mean…who doesn’t?) So eventually I saved enough money to quit my job and start freelance writing and here I am, publishing two books and still getting free passes to festivals to write about music. 

I was the managing director and head sales trainer for a company once and we used to ask every applicant to choose what was the most important thing to them from the four F’s - family, fame, fortune or freedom. The answer for me has always easily been freedom, but if it’s fortune you want you’d take a totally different path. Similarly, if your priority is a family the whole boho living month to month and travelling all the time lifestyle I’ve built probably won’t work for an entire family, and fame-wise…I wouldn’t call myself famous, but I think attention in the media was actually the easiest thing that ever came to me which I know isn’t normal, but I had more newspaper articles written about me than actual blog posts when the Sex At Oxbridge blog first went viral so I think the fame thing really just made me realise that I could use my writing to achieve the kind of freedom I wanted. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, if you want to be great at your job it requires a massive amount of work. I read a Korean proverb that said “Hard work will never betray you” so when I want something I just keep working until I get it and I don’t know if I’m just lucky or if I just have an extremely aggressive work ethic, but I have never not gotten something that I’ve put all of my effort into getting - from sports, to what university I wanted to go to, to publishing my book. 

In my experience, freedom and happiness are directly correlated for me. Money does afford you a lot of freedom, and not having it can definitely make you feel trapped but I’ve never felt like I’m too good for a job and last year I was working in a pub whilst trying to sort out other plans because realistically you can’t just not work if you don’t have a trust fund or a massive amount of savings. The temporary nature of the job made me much happier than the bleak possibility that I could be sitting at a desk for the rest of my life, and I got to talk to people and listen to music all day which is what makes me happiest, but it’s really a personal thing. 

Anyway, that’s my story and hopefully a good example of how getting out of something you hate can work out for the best. I think it’s a good idea to consider your options - 1. You stay in this job you hate and ultimately you might be okay with it but it’s kind of like settling or 2. You do literally anything else and regardless of what it is at least you’re not stuck with option no. 1…The last five years are gone, you can’t get that back, but hopefully you learned something even if that something is that you do not want to be an accountant. The only thing you can control is what happens now, so there’s no use in mourning what you could’ve done in the last five years because that will never change. What you can change is what happens next.

If there’s one thing I learned from growing up poor it’s that the easiest thing to get if you really need it is money. Whether it’s working in a pub or selling stuff on eBay…if you need money you can always find a way which is why I’ve never been motivated or driven by money. You can’t buy the feeling of freedom and happiness I had lying out by a pond in Hyde Park writing a book yesterday and if I have to sacrifice bi-weekly shellac manicures (which I only really needed for the sake of appearances for my job) for groceries then I think it’s a fair trade. 

I hope this helps! Feel free to dm me or email me at if you want to talk in private xx

Solidified Souls [Coven]

[Continued from here.]

“Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies, come to me, I summon thee, my future you no longer hide.” 

Alaska felt magic stir through the ley lines of the earth, through warm winds, through the howl of spirits around her. Ghosts nipped at her bones, tickling her bone marrow, and electricity sparked from her fingertips, but nothing else. No answer from her ancestors, from the witches of her line. They never answered her, any way.

She had always known she was different. Plenty of the townsfolk whispered about her, the poor orphan, the odd little thing. She hid herself in books, lost herself in stories, searching for answers between pages. She asked questions, often too many, and noticed what others did not. That was not the oddest piece of her, though; not when she was a witch, as well–a witch born not to a coven, instead left upon the tavern steps, as if something from a fairytale.

If this was a fairytale, Alaska thought of herself as nothing less than a wicked witch.

She was not wicked, surely. Her intentions were always pure, and though she hadn’t been born to a coven, she’d built one of her own. No, more than a coven; a family. She could hear her familiar and protector–not that a witch of her caliber needed protecting–outside, playing with their coven’s youngest. She could sense magic in the air, other witches brewing potions and practicing simple spells. They even had a trusted vampire among them, and their ranks were slowly growing, bringing Alaska’s desire for peace among the supernaturals to life.

And yet…and yet she still knew. She knew she was different, that there was a missing piece, a hollowness within her. Nox claimed that it was her curious nature, wishing to know who she had been born to. Though it was true that she had plenty of unanswered questions on the subject, something more bothered her. As if she was half, instead of whole.

Alaska spent the next few hours meditating, using silent magic to search for what she felt was missing. The moon rose overhead, and as midnight crept near, so did the witch’s sixteenth birthday.

Witch…and so much more. 

Alaska gasped as the magic rushed through her, flooding through her veins with a strength she’d never felt before. Her eyes fluttered open, and for a moment, a boy appeared before her, eyes bright, face innocent and youthful…dashing yet lovely. In the next breath, he disappeared, all too soon, but it was enough. 

She knew. 


Even our view of the night sky was affected by the transcendence. Light shifted and time stuttered to accommodate the abrupt transform of our dimension, and as a result, black holes moved or were formed. Stars that could not be seen on our visible wavelength appeared in new splendor, and stars that had already died thousands of years ago anyway could no longer be seen. Shooting stars and circling planets and revisiting comets that had once flown through the sky like clockwork were thrown out of orbit while natural satellites physically shifted themselves in a strive for equilibrium in this hiccup in the laws of physics.

Suffice to say the Big Dipper at least still dutifully pointed north.

In Mabel’s lifetime, many of the old horoscopes and zodiacs were still being used out of habit, despite most of the constellations being no longer visible. Pretty quickly, however, new celestial calendars were developed based on new constellations, picked and christened by professional stargazers.

Each country had a different name for each pattern of stars, and a different idea of what each might represent. These rose and fell in popularity through trial and error. Some based on the months, others on years.

It took three centuries for one to come out on top.

You see, what Dipper had realized was that, as much as he despised and rejected everything that Bill stood for as a demon in general, there were at least a couple if things that were beginning to make some sense. He had started to accept that attempting to only retain his humanity as a moral compass may not always be feasible, possible, or even ethically right. After all, humans were just as capable of evil, if not more, and on some level he would just have to adapt. He had to cheat if he wanted to avoid being cheated. Kill if he wanted to avoid being controlled. Victimize if he wanted to aid the victim.

Most importantly, however, if he was going to keep track of all these souls, the ones whose current names he may or may not yet know and whose actions seemed to repeat themselves over and over again regardless of the number of rebirths or second chances,

then he was just gonna need a better system.

He already calls his soulmate, Mizar, and the antler one, Woodsman, but what about the rest? As it turns out, people get testy if you refer to them as names from their past lives so that’s out.

Still, there’s only so many times you can call a soul, “that guy”.

His circle couldn’t remain malleable forever. Eventually it would have to solidify, so these souls, the ones that seemed to fly over his view like shooting stars and revisit him over and over, the ones that he was anticipating, he placed on his final circle.

The Twinstar. The Woodsman. The Prophet (Cassie). The Triplet. The Owner (Gideon). The Triangle. Even a couple more.

(And suddenly “shooting star” made so much sense. Suddenly “pine tree” seemed so simple. Suddenly he wondered how long Soos-Journey-Chang-Maria had REALLY been wearing that question mark.)

If anyone ever asked the meanings of these symbols, Alcor would simply answer that he was waiting on them, they were his prophecy. Slowly, the symbols were connected with personalities and great deeds done in demonic history and alcorian myth. The personalities and figures of story referenced in these new stars.

Such is the end of the story of how there came to be new, significantly more accurate horoscopes.

If nothing else, having these special souls recorded in the sky did only good for their memory, and having the celestial zodiac engraved on his summoning circle only solidified his ever present star theme, so Dipper certainly wasn’t complaining.

My Gaming Highs of Dark Souls

On Neogaf, someone posted a thread asking others about the highs they’ve experienced in gaming, and I ended up writing this post about being stuck underleveled and underprepared, all the way down in Ash Lake without a Lords Vessel and having to climb all the way up through Ash Lake, through Blighttown, and back to firelink.  Here’s the post below.  

In Dark Souls, the first time I went to blighttown I was severely underleveled.  I had never actually beaten the gargoyles beacuse I never went in the church after the giant armored knight attacked me.  After trying to beat Quelaag for a very long time, I decided to explore the area more.  
I found the great hollow and beat my head against that area for an incredibly long time, until I got to Ash Lake.  That was probably the first moment of just pure amazement, and experiencing a feeling like described in the OP.  After seeing the hydra, and dying to it many times, I decided that it was just too much for me and I needed to go back, all the way out, to upgrade my equipment.  
Everyone who’s played a souls game knows how incredibly harrowing and stressful an experience it is to be in Blighttown, and how much worse it would feel to be there, under leveled, and with no convenient way out.  On top of that, I’m sure people understand the pain of having to climb your way back UP the great hollow, out of ash lake and back to blightown.  
So I began my trek, up and out, through The Great Hollow which was an incredibly daunting experience, on and on up into Blighttown, which again was a depressingly difficult challenge, until finally I had climbed and climbed, and found myself at Firelink Shrine.  Seeing Firelink after that intense journey made it feel like I just traveled through hell and back.  Like I just explored an entire world, only to finally make it home safe.  That was the second moment of intese high, just overcoming me.  
The next moment, was finding Andre and upgrading my equipment, entering the church and killing the large knight, climbing the stairs and killing the enchanter, then finally going to the top of the church, having a really close on edge battle with the Gargoyles, being completely caught off guard by the SECOND gargoyle coming in, but ultimately killing it on my first try.  That moment solidified that Dark Souls was a very, very special game and it ensured that it would hold a special place in my thoughts,  eventually becoming my favorite game I’ve ever played.  


Okay, watching the new ep got my gears turning (HUGE congratulations to Misha for his fantastic work, by the way) because I saw something and it’s made me think of this brilliant theory.


When Sam gets down to the basement of the nunnery and he sees the souls all lined up in jars, look at them closely. They’re lighter than air and simply breath-taking to look at. They’re just floating, swirling masses of purity: white, haloed by blue. They signify the purest part of a human being, the ultimate essence of humanity, if you will.

However, they also look uncannily similar to something else that we’ve seen before on Supernatural: angels’ grace.

Seriously, look at the grace of angels. Think about the grace when Anna grabs hers and restores it to her body. Think about when Metatron steals Castiel’s to empty Heaven, and when Castiel steals that angel’s grace to restore himself to his angel status.

Now consider the human souls that you see in 09x17. Think about when Sam finds them, the effect that not having a soul has on the victims (also think about Soulless Sam too), and think about what happens when those souls are returned to their bodies.

Soul. Grace. Both represented by this beautiful, blinding light. Both so china-fragile, yet steel-strong. Both essential to the forms they reside in. Both need a ‘vessel’ to be put to use, as they don’t actively do anything on their own. Both malleable, yet unyielding. Both vastly different, yet exactly the same.

So my thought is this: what if the human soul is the grace of an angel, and vice versa?

Hear me out.

God created everything, right? So it stands to believe that He created the angels that carry out His work, right? As well as creating mankind, yeah? And everything is made in God’s image, correct?

Well, what if humans are angels, and what if angels are humans?

So, the grace inside angels is the true potential of their essence – it’s what happens if they follow the Word of God and keep true to themselves and live a faithful, holistic life, free of sin. They are limitless.

The souls inside human beings is still grace, but dimmed down, restricted, so to speak – still undeniably powerful, but without the healing and flight and transportation because humans sin and shun the rules and don’t keep faith, so their souls cannot fully transcend.

Maybe that’s why angels use humans as vessels. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to take over another body, because they are essentially the same thing (coming under the whole ‘God created us in his image’ umbrella). Maybe that’s why they need permission, because two graces/souls cannot live in the same vessel side-by-side equally, it’s either or, so one has to back down. When the angels have permission, they mesh together and power up. Maybe this is why angels have specific vessels, because they are grace/soul-specific. This is why, if they are forced into a vessel that doesn’t fit, the vessel will eventually deteriorate and destroy itself (think Lucifer).

God created both sides of the coin, and they can flip, and gravity determines which way they land. In this metaphor, the gravity is freewill, because God created it; so maybe He allows them to prove themselves to see whether they remain what they were created as, or whether they turn to the other side.

Maybe this is why if humans lead a good life, they go to Heaven when they die – their souls evolve into the grace that they can really be. They get all the healing and flight and power and their grace is fully formed, and they become celestial again. They literally become the angels they have the potential to be when they pass over. Perhaps not the same embodiment as on Earth, perhaps a different vessel, but still the same essence – all fired up and at complete power (this could also mesh slightly with the idea of reincarnation, but that’s heading off into a tangent).

On the flip side, this could also be the reason that angels fall – they doubt God’s Will and rebel and sin, so therefore their grace flakes off, it cracks and splits and breaks down. They become humanised – they start to feel tired when they never did before, they can’t regenerate, they can’t zip from one place to another anymore and they become frayed, victim to Earth and its consequences. They get to a point where the grace cannot hold itself against everything and powers down, resulting in the angel becoming completely human.

If the process happens this way, and the grace splinters itself, this could help explain why Anna goes to find her grace: it’s in pieces, and even though she has the main bulk of it (her soul) she needs all of it to grace herself again and restore herself to her celestial position. Or, if they can’t find it, they force a grace inside their vessel Castiel-style, but this has consequences because it’s not made for that vessel (Misha even said himself that there were consequences to stolen grace).

Sometimes it takes a rare act to tip the scale instantaneously: a human saves a life or changes the world in some way, or proves true courage in the face of adversity. Maybe an angel gets their grace stolen (Castiel springs to mind here), or does something truly unforgivable in the eyes of Heaven. The change is immediate – the soul/grace turns to a new form and the angel/human adapts alongside their new change.

Maybe the power of freewill is that they can always revert themselves. They can repent from sin, they can fall from Heaven, but they can always go back, if they truly try. Or maybe they don’t, maybe they find that they like being human/angel and that they don’t want to go back to how they used to be.

Some are born angels, some are born humans, but their essence is exactly the same. They are one in the same.

But maybe this is why there are also demons to angels. Sometimes there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and once humans dance over that, the soul deteriorates so much that it becomes warped, black, twisted. The soul gains powers from this side too, but the powers are saturated in sadism, horror, evil. They’re used for terrible purposes, which is why demons snap necks and have demon dogs and take over people without permission.

Maybe this is the difference between angels and demons – angels can live alongside humans, harmonise with them, join them, whilst demons need to overtake them, decimate them, destroy them.

This is why freewill is a double edged sword, because not only can it go to one extreme, but it can also go the other way completely. So humans can go both ways, but maybe their souls are more inclined to a certain way, which is maybe why angels and demons are drawn to specific vessels.

This could be why Lucifer is drawn to Sam – his soul is more inclined to the dark path, he is the ultimate demon vessel.

This could be why the angels are so interested in Dean – for all his bad habits; he is Michael’s true vessel because his soul is made for the light, to become grace.

But none of this is set in stone, because freewill can tip the edge as always, it can make someone do a complete 180, and turn them away from the light towards blackness, and vice versa. This could maybe explain Dean’s descent into dark dealings, the Mark of Cain, etc., while it could also be a reason for Sam’s part in the trials to close Hell, to repent himself, to continue helping people, and so on.

It could also be interesting to note that this perhaps is the reason for Crowley become addicted to human blood – he has been injected with it so much that it’s infused itself into his soul, making him more humanised, more prone to human feelings (‘I JUST WANT TO BE LOVED’) and human actions (addictions – he is literally a blood junkie). Sam’s blood has changed him, which is fascinating because Crowley is currently more favourable to Dean, possibly due to the fact that Dean is becoming what he used to be: dark, remorseless, apathetic.

That ‘I just want to be loved’ quote holds a powerful message: if angels can fall, can demons rise?

Can a demon solidify their soul again? Can they piece themselves together so much that they can re-grace themselves? That would be an interesting twist: a demon turned angel. They’ve had an angel turned demon (Lucifer) and to be honest that could be delved into a lot more.

The point of the theory is: Angels. Demons. Humans. They all have the same grace/soul/essence. If they are all the same, imagine what they could do with that power.

Man, Kripke/Singer/SPN writers could make this an AWESOME plotline if they wanted to.





Just my two cents on the Sherlock/ Moriarty matter.

I don’t believe Sherlock is sexually attracted to Moriarty. He was at first intrigued by his puzzles, sure, but as soon as he realized that there are lives at stake he stopped fucking around. As we know from the beginning of TGG, he doesn’t endorse nor sympathize with any killer. And we know that staying with Moriarty is his ultimate nightmare.

That being said, I do think he is obsessed with Moriarty’s game, and I think that this will be addressed in s4 directly. Just because Johnlock will be canon doesn’t mean that we should ignore other parts of the narrative. This doesn’t mean that Sherlock doesn’t take things seriously or that he doesn’t care about his beloved ones.

Lastly, I do look forward to seeing Moriarty and the revelation of his elaborate plan. I don’t understand people who are tired of him, as there have been so many enigmatic quotes and loose ends from TGG and TRF. It was only natural that he would be back, either himself or his peeps. Moftiss have managed to create a brilliant, dynamic atmosphere between those two, similar to the cold, menacing one from ACD canon.

P.S. Moriarty is Sherlock’s foil. He represents what Sherlock could have been had he gone down the wrong path. But he doesn’t. In TEH, he was given a choice (which was later solidified in TAB):

Save souls now! John or James? Saint or Sinner?

We already know the answer to that. It’s always the two of them. John keeps him right.