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IronHawk (Part Nine)

Ok guys, this chapter is easily one of my favorites. The bonding heat scene between Tony and Clint is one of my favorite love scenes I’ve ever written. its in a completely different format than I usually use and I would love to hear what you guys think about it!!

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Also, don’t get too comfy with these feels, dear readers, because yikes is coming the next few updates!!


“Where are we?”
Tony was barely coherent, his body so hot and slick in Clint’s arms the archer worried he would actually drop him.

“My cabin.” Depositing the sweat drenched omega in the king sized bed, Clint immediately set about making the one room cabin comfortable. He had to step outside to start the generator, but reappeared quickly, locking and barring the door behind him. Not that anyone could even find them here, but Clint wasn’t taking any chances.

“How do you have a cabin I don’t know about?” Tony was gasping the words, twisting and shifting on the bed as he tried to get comfortable.

“I have lots of things you don’t know about.” Clint said with a fond chuckle. “Give me just a minute and I’ll take care of you, love.”

“Why do you call me that? You’ve called me that like a thousand times.” Tony’s voice was little more than a whine at this point, and Clint kept shooting glances at him as he dashed around turning lights on, and getting a fire going.

“Love? Really? I can call you my omega but can’t call you Love?”

“But the omega thing is…fuck Clint this is impossible. What the fuck is going on with me?” Tony dragged his t shirt over his head, and started pulling at his pants. “The omega thing is a–a–biology thing. You as an alpha are going to claim my omega as yours. So what’s with calling me love?”

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My Mate (Part 27)

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: Language. Violence. Injury. Abduction.

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My Mate Master Post

Masterlist of FanFiction

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Chapter 27 

Riley smiled as she drove her car down the road, thinking about how her life was going.  Her and Lucifer were happy, doing well, and so in love…a phrase she never thought she would say about the devil himself.  With their new house, in hell, she had been spending more time there.  It had been challenging to balance at first between the boys and hell, but it became easier with the help of Crowley and a few other demons, and Cas sometimes.  

It was a bit strange to believe that she had some demon friends…that just sounded so wrong to say when she was a hunter, but it was true. Daemon and Cristani were their names. Lucifer had tasked them with guarding the door to their home, and the collections room, so she saw a great deal of them.  After striking up some conversations, and some offhanded threats if they kept calling her Queen, they finally had a bit of dialogue going.  Scared the hell out of the boys though when Daemon dropped her off at the motel one night…funny, but that was fun to explain.  

Things had become a lot easier now.  Lucifer could be found at times just relaxing with her in the bunker. All the tension and anger that had built up from way back when was gone, even Sam had finally relaxed completely, pleased to make jokes, with ‘speak of the devil’ being his favorite…  Dean had always been pretty chill about the whole thing, which was surprising to her, but she would take any little victories she could muster.  

She pulled her car into the parking lot of the store and parked, getting things together for the supply run.  She hadn’t done one in a while, or any of the chores lately, so while Lucifer was dealing with some things in hell, she decided to help the boys put the bunker back together, starting with actually getting some food.  The pantries were barren now, so it was time to fill them back up.

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Are raspberries making me go insane or are clouds the most stupidly cool things ever??? It’s flying water! Like not even water vapor, it’s liquid, or even solid water flying through the sky on tiny dust particles! And when it gets too heavy it just rains out the excess water and keeps flying on until it’s too heavy again. And sometimes they rub together a lot and make so much static electricity that it jumps down into the ground through lighting! Which is super hot and powerful and burns things down! Also if lightning hits someone and they survive then they can get scars all over their body that looks like lighting! And they can get serious depression ._.

And clouds just look awesome!? They can be super huge and fluffy or small cool and wispy and they make shapes and patterns that we can pick out as animals or objects or things so much that it’s included in tv shows and movies where people just go cloud watching and point out things they see!!

I can’t add pics cuz I’m on mobile but if I could I would make this post super long with cloud pictures cuz wow!!!

TF2 Daily Headcanons - Pokemon

“If the Mercs had to choose a pokemon as a companion, who would they choose?" 

Scout I gotta say, would have a Pikachu. Energetic (No Pun intended), ecstatic, quick, and always in ready to totally run.

Soldier, without a doubt, would be with Braviary. The "Solider of The Sky” flying type pokemon, with its patriotic looking feathers and fearsome size and fighting skill. What a brave pokemon pair! 

Pyro would be in love with his little Vulpix, the fire type pokemon. A small, adorable creature that can set a firey blaze to anything, and a great and comforting companion for our lovely Pyro.

Heavy would have the adorable companion, Cubchoo, the ice-type bear pokemon. Not only does this pokemon evolve into a much larger bear, with bigger qualities. But this pokemon is cold, like him home, and this little darling would be a very interesting and helpful companion. 

Demoman would have a head strong relationship with his Bouffalant, a large normal-type bull pokemon. With its strength and its powerful charge, the two would make a great team.

Engineer and Lucario, in my opinion, would make a great team. With Lucario and his energy studies, he could be a great help to Engineer. With charging his builds, using his powers to track the enemy team’s quarry and approach. And with easy communication, they could both be great battle partners. 

Medic would have at least three different types of bird pokemon. Pidove, Fletchling, and Tailow. There is rumour he also has Articuno, but its not confirmed with the boys. 

Sniper  i know there is already quite a few bird pokemon but you got to admit, Noctowl and Sniper would make a perfect match. With its keen eyes, and great sight, and Sniper’s love for owls. Its perfect.

Spy would no doubt have a good relationship with Zorua, the Dark-type, illusion pokemon. With both of them being able to disguise as people, (And Zorua as other pokemon as well as people), they would be an unstoppable Spying team.

GUYS. MY FIRST FIGHT IS IN OCTOBER!!!! My trainer informed me this morning of it and after my class on Tuesday that is amazing to hear because I was super disappointed with myself. But today’s class was on point! My front teep is fucking killer and I nailed that one Muay Thai kata I learned, I just need more in my left uppercut. Pretty beast with switch kicks, but my years of dancing has made my back fist pretty weak because I keep locking my legs with that one. Landed a solid flying knee on my coworker at work the other night, so that’s cool, haha. My hips are dying today from the cartilage ripping for my teeps, hooks and roundhouses, but it’s a good pain because I’m definitely doing it right. I’m fucking pumped about this shit!!!

Realm of Eternity: Part 2

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It had been a week since Eyllwe, and Aedion Ashryver was sick of ships.

He had been hewn in the mountains, tried in snow and upon rocky cliff faces. He had been on ships before, of course, but they were not home to him like the steep towers of granite that formed the Staghorn Mountains in Terrasen. The spine of his nation did not rock beneath his feet, never gave him pause to question if it would truly support him. And though the mountains had their own form of brutality, he would take them over the uncertain seascape any day.

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Alright kiddies, this is that new food. It just hit our stores in April and I can say I’m throughly impressed. This food is by hagen or nutrafin and is an extremely solid food.

Let’s talk nutrition first. They have 4 lines from what I can tell. A cichlid line, tropical, bottom feeder and goldfish. The ingredients are similar in all of them with black solider fly lavae (also known as calci worms or Phoenix worms) as their main protine source. This is then followed by whole salmon and fish protine (fish oil and fat usually). The fillers are peas (a good choice), potato (a healthy starch ad far as options go) and wheat. It’s then followed by vitamins and minerals. Protine is 40%+, fat 12.5% and fiber 5%-. This is a suitable diet for all fish!

Their bottom feeder mix has more plant matter but still has bsf and salmon as top ingredients. It’s good for omnivore catfish, loach and pleco.

The goldfish mix is the only one I’m a little eh about. It contains a lot of corn which isn’t easily digested by fish. It is used as a fiber source mostly to help prevent constipation and swim bladder problems. I feel as if there are better options though. Still a solid food if you’re feeding a high protein diet.

The food pieces come in many sizes from micro pellets to large wafers. They all sink fairly easily.

Now personally I love this food and plan to get more of it. It has a low price point with the container I showed you costing 4 dollars. My fish go nuts for it. Even my trouble eater will take some. Without feeding long term I’d compare it to omega ones quality, except with actual insect protine. For a new line I’m impressed and recommend you try it out if you have it where you are. Oh and I use the small cichlid bites for my betta, it’s an appropriate food for them.

I'll be right beside you (... even in your dreams)

A/N: Slightly modern AU (induced by poison because you know, radiation changes plants like that).

Also available on FFN and Ao3.


Bellamy can feel the ache in his legs, his shoulders, his arms, the need to just stop and rest. He can see the statue from Lincoln’s village and fixes on that point.

One more step. One more step.

Clarke gives a small groan in his arms, his motivation to keep moving and his vision of the statue blurs.

“Clarke, Clarke, it’s okay, you’re going to be okay. Fuck, Clarke, you need to stay awake.”

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ZMD18 - End of the World

OR: Who Will You See at The End?

Rating: G

Word Count: 1477

In the first year of his exile, Zuko searched all of the air temples and their associated parts of the world. He spent the next year marching through the Earth Kingdom before… well, it wasn’t giving up, exactly, but… he’d never imagined that you could travel for days across the land without seeing the ocean once. After growing up in the Fire Nation, he’d found it unsettling.

So he returned to searching for the Avatar by ship. He grew to know the sea charts and maps by heart, could picture them in the darkness behind his eyelids. They grew useless to him as he plunged past their borders, knowing he could succeed if only he looked hard enough.

He would often catch his uncle shaking his head when he thought Zuko wasn’t watching. “A map without an edge is not a map at all, nephew. And we only have maps.”

Zuko just rolled his eyes, tired of his Uncle’s crazy sayings.

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Qualification Motor 2 completes SLS booster upgrade testing.

For the second and final time, Orbital ATK test fired their upgraded Solid Rocket Booster earlier today, paving the way for use on NASA’s Space Launch System in 2018.

The five segment booster fired for two minutes beginning at 10:05am EDT, running through an entire flight profile that the rocket will experience during its use on SLS.

Orbital ATK had 82 test objectives that were measured, including how the booster performed when operating at the low end of its designed operational range. The rocket has been inside a climate-controlled building since May to chill its propellants to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

By comparison, the QM-1 test in March of last year fired the booster at the high end of its operational range, and was warmed up to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Ken Rominger, Orbital ATK’s Vice President of propulsion strategy and development, the booster is expected to generate around 3.3 million pounds of thrust at the lower temperature, which is down from around 3.6 million at warmer temperatures.

Many of the same objectives from the QM-1 test were monitored for QM-2, including flight worthy avionics, a redesigned engine nozzle and its surrounding insulation.

The Solid Rocket Boosters for the Space Launch System will consist one additional segment compared to the four segment boosters used on the Space Shuttle. However, they will be 1,900 pounds lighter due to the removal of many reusable components. Since SLS will only fly with solid rockets in its first two configurations, and due to the amount of surplus components leftover form the space shuttle program, many parts designed for reuse can be eliminated.

QM-2 is the fifth and final ground test of the booster since the Demonstration Motor 1 test in 2009. Exploration Mission 1 will be the next time the SRBs will be ignited. Two five-segment solid rocket boosters will be used in conjunction with four RS-25 engines to propel SLS uphill into orbit.