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sorry guys but i’m not going to be over this for a while. Harry Fucking Styles wrote a song called “If I Could Fly” and INSISTED on this being the title and then he makes his first solo music video featuring him FLYING. i CANNOT WITH THIS BOY HE OWNS MY WHOLE HEART/SOUL/ASS

Siege on the Evil Doctor

Four warriors brave the castle of Dr. Jamison Junkenstein in order to end his experiments once and for all.

Four warriors sat around a slowly dying fire, one man more alert than the others. No one slept, but watched each other’s backs. Closing your eyes meant reliving the horrors in the dream world, waking up to those same horrors staring you in the face. The forest was still, silent, but the darkness was the scariest part, and could hold anything. No one wanted to risk leaving the dim light the fire provided.

 Their next destination beyond the forest would be their last. Winning came at a cost; too many lives had been lost at this point. Losing meant that they’d also succumb to being changed…

The Gunslinger sighed, checking his pockets once again and grimacing. He had to be careful with his bullets. He had five rounds left, not counting the one already loaded, but he couldn’t risk using all of them before they got to the castle. All his shots had to hit their mark, else he’d die.

Next to him, the Archer sorted through his bows, wiping down the blood and muck from the tips. He barely had time to gather all of them, most left in the bodies he had slain. There was no time to run back and get them, so he also had to make do with what he had. Thirty arrows left. He’d also have to be precise.

The Soldier had his gun trained on a target no one could see. His visor scanned the forest slowly, looking out for threats. Having lost the most during this expedition, he wasn’t taking any chances. The three with him were all he had left. He’d rather lose his life than lose the last of human contact he’d ever have. If that mad doctor wanted them, he’d have to get through the soldier first.

The Monk sat quietly, in a trancelike state. The only calm one, there was little he could do to ease his companions minds. He technically wasn’t alive; anything the doctor did to him wouldn’t force him to lose his humanity. He could be turned into a zombic, but he’d always keep a part of him. But he if lost the others, he’d truly be alone.

So far, they’d already lost their alchemist, their viking, their sniper, and the Archer’s brother. What had once been a might party had been reduced to these four. It was easy to trust someone when they stopped the undead from ripping out your throat or clawing out your back, and the group had been close. They were the only things left of humanity this far out.

“…I thought the doctor was dead,” the Gunslinger muttered. “We got reports that he was dead.”

“His monster might’ve been inhumane, but it was smart. It could’ve learned how to revive him,” the Archer pointed out.

“Or it was faked,” the Soldier said. “What if he faked the whole thing to kidnap more victims and turn them into monsters? We know his army has grown, too large for what he started. Perhaps he was never dead, only made it seem that way so that he could expand.”

It was grim, but closest to the truth.

A rustling from the trees had them all in action. The Soldier cocked his gun, the Gunslinger took aim, the Archer lifted his bow, and the Monk raised his hands for attack. They couldn’t lose one another. Not when they were so close to putting down the doctor.

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A God vs A Soldier (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader and Loki X Reader

Summary: You’ve known the Avengers for a little while and one night you get to meet Loki the god of Mischief, but it seems the winter soldier already carries a crush on you….. who will win your heart?

Warnings: NONE

A/N: This part is kind of an intro but it’s just to get things moving along.


You walked with Tony into his lab where he closed the door.

“Yeah, Tony what’s up, do you need me to heal something?” you ask looking at him. 
“Well_ last night nothing bad happens when you fell asleep but” he paused before looking down. “Loki says he wants to stay here, temporarily.” You nodded a little confused on where the conversation was going.
“And why does this concern me?” you ask shaking your head.
“Well we had a discussion about it with the team and half of us agreed he could stay while the other half said they wanted him to go. We don’t need another civil war so_ how about it? You vote and tip the scale.” 
“What? No!” you state shaking your head. Tony groaned scowling at you.

“Why not Y/n?” he asks making you shake your head again.

“Because if I vote for him not to stay everybody that wanted him to stay would be mad, and if I vote for him to stay everybody who wanted him to leave would be mad,” you say making Tony nod.

“Fine, we’ll figure something out,” he states turning to leave.

“Who voted for what?” you ask making him turn around. 

“Nat, Clint, Captain, Sam, and Banner voted for him to go,” he states, 
“You want him to stay?” you asked surprised.
“Hate to admit it, but Frosty brought up some good points.” Tony states 
“You agreed with Bucky!” you ask your eyes widening. 
“We never mention this to anyone,” he states glaring at you making you quickly nod. 

“Did Bucky really agree that Loki should stay?” you ask 
“Yeah, he was the first to vote yes well after Thor that is.” Tony states “It surprised Steve because Bucky voted right after him.” 
You thought for a moment, “I’ll vote but I want to hear both of the sides and their reasons for voting for their choice.” You state making Tony smile before nodding.

30 minutes later. 
You walked into the conference room, Nat, Clint, Steve, Sam, and Bruce sat on one side, while Tony, Wanda, Thor, Vision, and Bucky sat on the other. 
“Here’s the deal. I’m going to listen to each side and whoever can give me the better reason to let Loki stay or leave than that’s the side I’m going on. So whoever wants to start can start.” 

Steve stood up, “Y/n, we’ve had to deal with Loki for a while now, in fact, Loki was the first reason that the Avengers had to be created.Now everybody wants him to come stay here? What good could that possibly do? I’m sorry Thor but you always tell us stories of bad things Loki has done so why should we trust him now?” Steve asks and you nod. 
“My brother has never wanted to change his ways before. So when he brought up staying here I thought it could be a change for him. If he is surrounded by us maybe he could change his old ways.” This comment made Clint roll his eyes.
“Thor your brother has always been a bad person. Now you just want us to invite him here where most of us live? That makes no sense. If we invite him here openly than who says that he will change?”
“There is a chance anyone of us could betray the team.” Wanda quips 
“Yeah but the chances for Loki to even gain any sort of trust with us is near to none.” Natasha inserts shaking her head. 
“I think there is always a chance for improvement on anybody’s part.” Vision says nodding his head. 
“He’s a bad person if I had an enemy who was wanting to join our team I would say no instantly.” Sam states
“He doesn’t want to join our team, Sam,” Tony states sternly standing up. “Loki wants to live with us now I’ve already thought of this yes there are going to be threats so I’ve set up more security.” 
“And what if he gets past that Tony?” Bruce asks shaking his head.
This lead to everybody yelling at each other and you didn’t know what t do.You weren’t an Avenger, you had never been sent on any missions. Yes, you had powers but they wouldn’t do any good out on the battlefield. 
You were looking around when Bucky stood up, “Look!” he says loudly everybody looking at him and going quiet “Is Loki a bad guy? Yes. Is there a chance that he could betray us? Yes. But when you guys agreed that I could come here, I was a bad guy. There was a chance that Hydra could still take control of me, meaning I could betray you also. But you all let me join, and after a while, I even joined the Avengers so why can’t we do the same for Loki?” 
You nodded as Bucky sat down he looked over at you and you smiled at him. 
“I think I’ve made my choice. Loki can come and stay with us, but there will be conditions until we know we can trust him. He will be under security 24/7.” everybody nodded.

Little did you know that your decision was going to change everything. 

A God VS A Solider
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Well, here’s Day 2: Magic/ Space for @daisugaweek2017. I kind of cheated because it’s more “supernatural” than “magic” but whatever. Same thing. This actually comes from an idea I had for an AU so there may be a continuation of it in the future. 

Also, it’s probably well known by now that I like to use less than savory language in all of my writing, but I’m gonna throw a warning out there anyway. 

This story uses explicit language.  Enjoy.

(Also it’s really long and the “read under the cut” thing was being a douchebag and wasn’t working so I apologize for spamming you with this junk.)

Touch me…

Daichi stared warily up at the decrepit old statue of the bucking horse with narrowed eyes.

Touch me… the faint whispering voice hummed from somewhere within the bird dropping spattered bronze of the horse’s form.

His lip twitched up in distaste.

What an erotic haunted statue.

When he had heard the first whisperings among his new classmates about the possessed horse statue in the back gardens of the high school to which he had just transferred not a week prior, he had imagined something a little more…


Or at least less…

Touch me

Well, less perverted.

Daichi considered ignoring it. Even though he had come to school an hour early in order to investigate the rumor. He could just ignore it. It wasn’t his job to solve hauntings anyway. It’s not like he was an exorcist.

But he wasn’t actually expecting it to be legitimately haunted in the first place. Most rumors of possession or voices calling out in the middle of the night were nothing but that.


C’mon… just a little touch.

Daichi let out a growling sigh.

He could just ignore it.

But if his guardian caught word that a talking, perverted, horse statue was begging people to touch it and had even sent the last person that touched it, a janitor assigned to clean it, to the hospital with a brain aneurysm… well that was just asking to open up a huge can of worms, wasn’t it?

He would probably show up at the school in broad daylight, decked to the nines in talismans and wearing that, oh god, that horribly embarrassing Noh mask he claimed to be a ward against the whisperings of sirens.

One week after transferring to his new school… that was the last thing Daichi needed.

It wasn’t like he didn’t alreadyhave a tough time fitting in with other kids without the “help” from his strange- albeit well meaning- guardian’s interference.

He could ignore it.

But it was probably less troublesome to just deal with it on his own.

Touch me… I won’t bite.

Daichi sneered and reached out.

Sure you won’t, pervert.

Without hesitation, Daichi wrapped his hand around the ankle of the front left leg of the statue.

A pulse traveled through his body and his hand burned with quick, sudden heat. He winced but held tight until the pulse echoed back up from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head and the heat disappeared, replaced by an icy cold sting. A bright light flashed, blinding Daichi momentarily and he released the statue, taking a large stride backwards.

Ah hahahahaha!” a cackling voice rang out. “Fuckin’ finally!”

Daichi rubbed his eyes until the brown spots disappeared. He blinked rapidly and stared up at the cloud of grey smoke hanging over the statue, formless and light. Lines of black smoke rolled through the cloud and Daichi hunted for some kind of face or source of the voice.

The cloud coiled away from the statue, voice throwing expletives back its way. And then somehow, it seemed to turn towards Daichi, though he couldn’t say why he felt that way, considering the lack of shape.

“Thank you kindly for freeing me,” the voice turned sweet. “Your reward is being my very first meal of the century!”

The cloud rushed towards him and yeah, Daichi probably should have ignored it, after all.

Because he was not equipped to face this kind of thing.

Regardless, he cocked his fist back, waited, and slammed it forward as black tendrils reached out from the smoke.

And you would think that there’d be no connection.

It being a cloud and all.

But would you believe it, Daichi’s fist crashed into something solid, very solid, and sent it flying backwards and to the cobbled path. The cloud of smoke dissipated and Daichi stared wide-eyed at the body that writhed and kicked on the ground before him.

“Owwww!” what looked to be a young man with unruly grey hair clutched at his face. “That hurt! You actually hit me!”

Daichi blinked in surprise.

The young man kicked, groaning loudly. He was dressed in a pair of light grey hakama, tied at his calves with bright royal blue ribbon, and a tightly fitted, black, half shirt with long sleeves. The hem of the shirt ended just halfway down his torso, displaying the pale skin of his toned abdomen, upon which black stripes were tattooed.

The boy’s face was unremarkable, as far as youkai went. There were no horns, no enlarged or protruding features.

In fact, other than the tall, hairy ears and black stripes curling across his cheeks to his delicate nose, he looked entirely human.

Other than the long, sharp incisors revealed as his mouth opened- entirely too wide to be human- and he let out the shout,

“Don’t get cocky! It’s because I’m sore from being stuck in that statue for ninety years!”

The boy climbed to his feet, bent at his knees, and then jumped into the air, where he hung, suspended. He lifted both hands, raising his middle fingers, and then whirled in the opposite direction.

“Suck a dick, Jackass!” he yelled and then flew away, trailing grey smoke as he went.

Daichi watched him go for a moment until he disappeared. He scratched the back of his head and then gazed down at his hand.

I punched a youkai.

He squeezed his hand into a fist and then loosened it again.

That was new.

He looked once more at the statue, but it whispered no longer.

He momentarily worried about what kind of mayhem he had just released, but eventually shrugged and headed off to class before someone spotted him loitering around the haunted statue and deemed him a weirdo.

“Does anyone want to read the next page?”

The class groaned and avoided making eye contact with the sensei.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s a pain in the ass. C’mon. Someone volunteer or else I’ll pick at random.”

The boy in the desk to the right of Daichi’s timidly raised his hand.

“Uh… Sensei, I could read…”

“Ah! Azumane-kun! What a good student. Today you’re my favorite,” the sensei leaned against the desk, holding up his copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. “Everyone take notes from Azumane-kun. He’s the epitome of the perfect student.”

“Ugh, Shimada-sensei you shouldn’t play favorites!” someone complained from the front of the room.

“Jealousy is very ugly,” he lightly smacked the student on the head with his book. “Now shut up so my favorite student can be heard. Go ahead, Azumane-kun.”

The meek giant lifted his book in front of his face to hide the flaming red color his cheeks had turned and stood.

Daichi smiled. Shimada-sensei was his favorite. He made the day interesting with his straight forward- and sometimes harsh- banter with the class.

Azumane started to read, voice soft, but just loud enough to carry across the room. Daichi turned his head to the side, staring through the window directly to his left.

It was a beautiful afternoon. The sky was blue and white puffy clouds rolled by leisurely, casting the occasional much coveted relief of shade on the earth below. Daichi could almost completely forget the events of that morning when the world seemed so peaceful.


But not quite.

Especially not when he caught sight of that grey form barreling towards his window. Daichi’s eyes widened and he leaned away just as the youkai from that morning slammed into the glass.

The classroom erupted in shrieks of surprise and Azumane stopped reading as the loud thump echoed through the air.

“What the…” Shimada-sensei stared wide-eyed at the window.

Daichi gulped.

The youkai pressed the palms of his hands to the window, bare feet dangling in midair as he peered through at the classroom. His eyes fell on Daichi and his thick grey brows pulled low over his burning hazel eyes.

They can’t see him… can they? Daichi glanced back at his fellow classmates.

Shimada-sensei hummed and turned away.

“Must’ve been a bird,” he said, calming the excited murmuring. “Let’s get back to reading. Azumane-kun?”

“Ah… okay…” he cleared his throat and picked up where he left off.

Daichi let out a deep breath of relief and turned back to the youkai. He glared down at Daichi fiercely and then pointed at the latch on the window.

He wants in? Is he crazy?

As if Daichi was dumb enough to invite a youkai into his classroom with so many people nearby. He gave a curt shake of his head and the youkai’s cheeks reddened in anger. He pointed again, nose scrunching, mouth twisting.

Daichi gave him a pointed stare and then faced forward.

Does he think I’m an idiot?

He had already tried taking a bite out of Daichi once that morning. There was no way he was going to give him the opportunity again—

Motion beyond the window drew his eyes once more.

The youkai pulled his right arm back and cocked it, ready to slam it forward.


Is he…

Daichi’s eyes went wide and he suddenly thrust his hand into the air. The youkai paused, watching him with narrow eyes.

Azumane stopped his reading as Shimada-sensei cocked an eyebrow, “Something wrong, Sawamura-kun?”

“Ah… I… uhm…” he cleared his throat, lowering his hand. “It’s really hot back here. Is it okay if I open the window?”

“Go ahead,” Shimada frowned. “Was that really worth interrupting the reading for though?”

“S-sorry,” Daichi’s face warmed and he stood.

“Continue, Azumane-kun.”

Azumane picked up the reading once more and Daichi grabbed the latch to the window.

This is a bad idea.

He knew it was a bad idea. But he couldn’t let the youkai shatter the window. Either way, he was getting inside. Daichi just chose the less violent path this time.

He opened the window and the youkai stepped inside, bare feet balancing on the sill.

“Smart move, kid,” he said, voice ringing through the classroom.

Daichi glanced anxiously at the students but they paid him no heed, leaning over their books in boredom.

Daichi gulped and sat in his seat once more, willing the youkai not to cause trouble.

This is a bad idea.

His heart thundered in his chest.

“Hmm…” the youkai hopped onto Daichi’s desk and stared around the room, arms crossed over his chest. “Human schools are different than they were ninety-years ago.”

Azumane finished reading and sat.

“Thank you, Azumane-kun. Best student. Alright, who wants to be second best student? Higarashi?”

“Geh, don’t pick me!” a boy near the front of the classroom complained.

“Read the next page please,” Shimada sang, ignoring his plea.

The youkai turned towards Daichi as Higarashi stood and began reading, voice dull.

Sweat lined Daichi’s brow and he stared at the creature in the corner of his eye, pretending that he wasn’t there.

He’s not there.

The youkai plopped down on his behind, legs hanging over on either side of Daichi’s chair. He leaned back on the heels of his hands, kicking his bare feet nonchalantly.

Daichi clenched his jaw and pulled the book out from under his thigh, holding it in his lap.

“Alright, I know what you did,” the youkai said in a low voice.

Daichi glanced up into his face. His eyebrows were pulled low, eyes dark as he stared down at him. For a moment, he was distracted by the small beauty mark in the corner of his left eye.

He looks so…


“Are you going to admit to your crime?” the youkai demanded, placing his right foot on Daichi’s left thigh.

Daichi eyed the foot for a moment and then glanced into his face again.


What crime?

I freed you, ungrateful monster.

“I get it, you can’t talk,” the youkai leaned forward. “So just listen.” He reached out and pressed a finger to Daichi’s forehead. “I just tried to leave the city. And guess what happened?”

Daichi furrowed his brows.

“I got fucking burned,” he lifted his foot and pulled the fabric of his hakama up mid-calf, revealing ugly red blisters around his ankle. “Look at it! It hurts like hell!”

Daichi stared at the wound for a long second before turning his eyes back to the youkai.

So what?

How is this my fault?

The youkai covered the wound once more and set the foot on Daichi’s thigh.

“You son of a bitch. How did you form a lifelink in that short of time?”

Daichi blinked.


Life what?

The youkai continued to sneer at him for several moments as Daichi wracked his brain. A lifelink? Daichi didn’t know how to create such a thing. That would take a powerful ritual performed by an actual exorcist, wouldn’t it? There would have to be summoning circles and blood exchanges and talismans and chanting… wouldn’t there?

The youkai huffed, “Whatever. I don’t really care how it happened. It’ll disappear once I eat you anyway.” He waved a hand.

Daichi’s eyes widened.

Eat me?


The youkai smirked and slid off of the desk. He settled in Daichi’s lap, straddling his hips. Daichi stiffened as he placed his hands on his shoulders and leaned close. He sniffed his face, staring deeply into his eyes.

“You should be happy,” he whispered, nose brushing his cheek. “It’s an honor to be the meal of someone like me.”



Daichi gulped.

He wasn’t serious, was he?

He didn’t actually intend to eat Daichi right there in the middle of the classroom, did he?

The youkai caught his panicked glance towards Azumane.

“Hm… don’t worry,” he said, fingers grasping his jaw and turning his head to the side. “After I’m done with you, I’ll be sure to eat the others too.”

The youkai sunk his teeth into the side of Daichi’s neck, breaking the skin in an instant.

Daichi let out a loud gasp and grabbed the youkai’s hair. For a moment, he stared in confusion and terror at the sight of the pale grey glow emanating from his right hand, but then the youkai bit down harder and he felt a trickle of blood slip down his throat and wet the collar of his uniform shirt.

He pulled at the youkai’s hair and he unlatched his jaw from around his neck. Daichi pulled him back against the desk. The youkai’s irises were almost completely enveloped in the black of his pupils. His cheeks were flushed bright pink and blood dripped from his incisors, painting red down his pale chin. His tongue slipped out and licked the blood away slowly.

“Ahh…” he let out a moan. “Delicious…

A loud cry drew Daichi’s attention to the right.

Azumane stared at him with wide eyes, mouth gaping open. “S-Sawamura-kun!”

The rest of the class turned towards him and Daichi quickly slapped his left hand over the wound in his neck.

“What happened?” Shimada straightened away from the desk. “Sawamura-kun, did you hurt yourself? Where’s all that blood coming from?”

“Ahh… ahh…” Daichi glanced at the youkai, but he was still licking the blood from his lips, expression euphoric. “S-sorry. I uhm… it’s a scratch that I accidentally… uh…”

“Go clean it up,” Shimada said. “Go to the nurse. Azumane will you walk with him—”

“No! I can go by myself, it’s okay!” Daichi leapt to his feet, sending the youkai sprawling on his back in the aisle. “Sorry. I’ll be back when I get a bandage.”

“Don’t rush,” Shimada frowned worriedly. “Take your time.”

Daichi turned towards the door, eyeing the youkai anxiously.


Come on.

Follow me.

The youkai spotted him leaving and jumped to his feet. He chased after as Daichi swiftly crossed the room and entered the hallway.

“Don’t escape,” the youkai called.

Daichi picked up his speed until he was running down the hallway.

The youkai let out a tremendous cackling laugh.

“Ahh, prey is more delicious when it puts up a fight!” he squealed.

Daichi ducked into the bathroom and turned. The youkai burst in after him, just in time to catch Daichi’s- still glowing- fist in his left cheek.

The youkai flew across the bathroom and crashed into the trashcan, taking it out with him as he hit the tiled floor.

“Owwww!” he sat up, cradling his cheek. “Again with the punching! What are you, some kind of animal?”

Like you’re one to talk!” Daichi bellowed. He pulled his left hand back and stared down at the blood covering his palm and fingers. “Son of a bitch.”

The youkai whined, kicking his bare feet against the floor, “Just let me eat you!”

“Fuck no!” Daichi went to the sink and held his hand under the faucet, rinsing the blood down the drain. “Fucking monster. This is the thanks I get for freeing you?”

Freeing me?” the youkai climbed to his feet. “You freed me from one cage just to lock me in another!”

“I did not!”

“Yeah you did! You formed a lifelink between the two of us and now I can’t leave your vicinity!”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Daichi glared into the mirror, assessing the damage on his neck.

“Are you some kind of idiot?” the youkai slid in close to him and Daichi stepped away warily. “Are you one of those humans that have a low brain function?” he pointed at his temple, eyes wide. “Ehh… how do they say… were you dropped on your head as a baby? Wait, I know,” he cocked his head to the side. “Are you a retard?”

“You can’t say that anymore,” Daichi growled. “It’s politically incorrect.”

“You think I give a shit about political correctness?” the youkai’s left eyebrow lifted. “Do I look like I give a shit about the petty inconsistencies of your human society?”

Daichi washed his throat silently.

“It’s politically incorrect,” the youkai made air quotes with his fingers and Daichi stared at the motion.

He had never seen a youkai act so… human.

“It’s a fuckin’ word, Shithead,” he flicked the center of Daichi’s forehead. “What, next you’re going to tell me I can’t say faggot or ass pirate?”

Daichi blinked at him, “Yeah. Yeah I am.”

Ehhhh?” he leaned both of his hands on the edge of the sink. “But those are my favorite things to say! They were really popular ninety years ago! Everyone was saying them!” He crossed his arms over his chest, “It was always, Wow, look at that faggot!” he turned as if having a conversation with someone. “Which faggot?” he turned again and pointed across the bathroom, “The one with the smallpox!” he nodded, “Ohh… that faggot. Yeah he looks like a real ass pirate.

“Well we don’t have smallpox anymore either so…”

Ehhhh?” the youkai pressed against his side and gripped his arm. “No smallpox? But what’s controlling your population then? First you shake off the Black Death and now you got rid of the red one too?” he scowled. “How much can change in ninety years?”

Daichi turned off the faucet and pumped paper towels from the dispenser.

Why am I talking to a youkai?

What’s going on?

Why is my hand glowing?

He pressed the towels to his throat and turned back to the youkai.

“You didn’t answer my question,” he said. “What is a lifelink? How did I form one between us?”

The youkai stared at him silently. After a moment he let out a sigh and shrugged.

“It’s a pain to explain. So just let me eat you and we can solve the problem.”

“Like hell.”

“Don’t be selfish.”

“I don’t think it’s selfish to want to live.

The youkai’s gaze darkened, “You think your life is more valuable than mine?”

Daichi blinked.

The youkai’s incisors seemed to elongate as he turned towards him.

“You’re just a human,” he sneered. “You live for less than a century. You contribute nothing to the universe. You take and destroy and maybe reproduce, bringing more disgusting creatures into life to take and destroy after you die.”

Daichi gulped.

The youkai moved closer to him, eyes traveling over his face and then down his throat, “What makes you think your life has more meaning than mine?”

Daichi was silent as the youkai leaned his face in and sniffed along his skin, nose brushing the side of his neck.

“My life may not have more meaning than yours,” he finally whispered, drawing the youkai’s eyes to his face. “But it has meaning. Even just the tiniest amount is enough reason to continue living.”

The youkai’s left ear twitched atop his head.

“You’re annoying,” he muttered. His lips brushed Daichi’s throat but he had his glowing hand in his hair in an instant, dragging him back. The youkai winced and didn’t fight.

“What is a lifelink?” he asked, voice low.

The youkai glared, nose scrunching in a snarl.

He didn’t reply for a long, silent second until Daichi tugged his hair again.

He bared his teeth and spat,

You own me.

Daichi’s eyes widened and his grip on the youkai’s hair loosened until he was stepping away, shaking his head in irritation.

“What are you talking about?” Daichi asked, heart racing.


Own him?



The youkai paced the bathroom like a caged animal, hands clenched into fists at his side.

“When you were so kindly freeing me from my containment, you somehow cast a lifelink on me,” he paused and yanked the sleeve of his hakama up, displaying the wound on his ankle. “It’s a spiritual connection between powerful humans and youkai. Look at your hand,” he pointed and Daichi did as he said, staring at the pale glow emanating from his palm. “When you broke the seal on my prison, you grabbed me with that hand, and thus created a connection from that hand to this leg.”

“So…” he lowered his hand. “What does that mean? To… own you.”

“What does it mean?” the youkai danced back over to him. “Why, of course it means that I am your obedient servant! No… more like… a slave,” he bowed deeply. “Here for your enjoyment. Do whatever you wish with me, Master,” he peered up at him under dark lashes, eyes furious.

Daichi took a step back, “I don’t want to be your master.”

“Then maybe you should have thought about that before chaining me to you for the rest of your life,” the youkai straightened and turned away.

“I didn’t know I did it. I don’t know how I did it.”

“Wow, if only that mattered.”

Daichi stared at his back for long seconds. The black tattoos that circled around his stomach curled behind and connected at his spine.

He swallowed hard, “How do we undo it?”

The youkai let out a cackling laugh. It echoed through the bathroom.

Undo it?” he turned back to him, arms crossed over his chest. “Well… you can die, for one thing.”

“There’s gotta be another way.”

He narrowed his eyes. The look might be intimidating, but considering the seriousness of the situation, Daichi was strangely calm.

“There probably is another way,” the youkai agreed. “A ritual of release, or something like that. As to how one would do that… well that’s usually something the exorcist that formed the link would know.”

Daichi frowned, “But I don’t know. I don’t even know how I formed it in the first place.”

“Wow,” the youkai whispered. “If only that mattered.”

Daichi lifted his chin.

“So…” the youkai pranced up to him and pressed his hands to his chest, “Just let me eat you, mmkay?”

Daichi lifted his glowing fist and punched him in the head.

The youkai sunk to the floor, whimpering, “God damn it, why does that hurt so bad?”

Daichi stared at his hand, “Probably because I’m your master.”

“Ugh I fucking hate you.”

“Anyway,” Daichi turned back to the mirror. He peeled the paper towel away from his wound and examined it closely. It wasn’t as bad as he had thought. But it was very obviously a bite mark. There was no way Daichi could go to the nurse with that on his neck. His eye twitched. He looked down at the youkai where he pouted, legs crossed beneath him, rubbing his head dejectedly.

“It looks like we’re stuck together for the time being,” Daichi said. “So let’s just try to get along and I’ll figure something out, okay?”

The youkai clicked his tongue.

“It’s that, or keep fighting,” Daichi glared at him. “Want me to keep punching you with my magic hand?”

The youkai looked away, lips pressed tight in a hard line.

“I don’t want to be your master,” Daichi walked over to the trashcan and set it up again. He tossed his soiled paper towels away and grabbed new ones. “But I also don’t want to get eaten. So let’s just work together until I can figure out how to free you.”

The youkai didn’t speak for a long minute as Daichi folded the towels and pressed them to his neck, capturing the fresh drops of blood that swelled to the surface of his skin.

Finally, Daichi faced him and gave him a firm stare.


The youkai avoided his gaze, picking at his fingernails.

Deal?” Daichi repeated.

The youkai let out an exasperated sigh and climbed to his feet, “Fine! Deal!

Daichi offered his hand and the youkai gave it a wary look.

“Shake,” he said. “To seal the deal. You don’t try to eat me and I won’t abuse my master status.”

“You do realize that youkai do not abide by the silly… sealing of the dealing that humans do, right?”

“Just shake my damn hand.”

The youkai rolled his eyes and clasped Daichi’s hand.

They shook.

“By the way,” Daichi said. “My name. It’s Sawamura Daichi. You can call me Sawa—”

Daiiichi,” the youkai stepped close to him, nose nearly touching his.

Daichi flinched.

“Can I please have another taste?” the youkai purred. “Your blood… it’s really yummy, you know? Almost orgasmic. I don’t know if it’s because you’re my master or something… but it’s definitely the tastiest blood I’ve ever had.”

Daichi released his hand and moved back, “No. No more biting.”


“What’s your name?” he interrupted.

The youkai cocked his head to the side.

“What should I call you?” Daichi’s cheeks warmed.

Am I really talking to a youkai like just another human?

“Hmm… I wonder.”

The youkai’s tall ears twitched and he scratched behind the left one, eyes darting away.

“Do you not have a name?”

“Never really needed one,” he admitted, clasping his hands behind his back.

Daichi blinked in surprise, “Then… what did people call you? There must be something…

“Youkai titles are different from human ones,” he said. “Other youkai may refer to me by some such title but I answer to no name,” he turned away stubbornly and walked slowly across the bathroom.

“I can’t call you nothing,” Daichi argued, following.

“Why not?”

“Because that’s… that’s weird. How will you know when I’m talking to you?”

The youkai cocked an eyebrow and peered at him over his shoulder, “Because you will be talking to me. What kind of question is that? Are you a retard?”

Daichi huffed, “If you have no name then I’ll just give one to you.”

“Don’t want it.”

“Too bad. I’m not going to refer to you as nothing.”

The youkai growled and crossed his arms over his chest, “Humans do such unnecessary things.”


The youkai hesitated. He glanced up into Daichi’s face, blinking slowly, eyebrows raised.

“Sugawara,” Daichi repeated with a nod. “That’s what I’ll call you.”

The youkai looked away, lips pressing together. Daichi watched as he shifted from one foot to the other and then lifted slightly off of the ground to hover in air.

“Whatever,” he said softly, cheeks tinting pink. “Do what you want.”

Daichi stared in shock.

Holy fuck.

He pressed the paper towels tighter to the side of his neck, forcing the stinging pain to grow.

Because no.


Daichi did not just think a youkai was cute.

No way in fucking hell.

anonymous asked:

How would the matsubros do to help thier home sick American s/o?


  • To help you cope he’d take you to a foreign super maker where he could try to find food you normally ate at home, he of course would also treat himself to a few snacks too
  • If he had the money he would have love to have their family flown to you, but he knew someone who did.  He would ask Hatabou if he could do him a solid and fly you and him to America for a spell
  • He would consider himself the best boyfriend in the world when he told you the news and would let you spend the day with everyone


  • He would encourage you to write letters to their family and friends and would offer to get you the best stationary and pens to do it
  • He’d also try to be your muse if you ever got stuck writing
  • He’d ask you lots of questions about America, what you did, what it was like, some of your best memories, etc. while you write
  • He’d try to learn your favorite song on the guitar as well to make you smile


  • He’d take you to the library and let you use a computer there so you could Skype with everyone from back home and actually see them.  
  • While that’s going on he’d look at some books about American food and culture, he doesn’t remember a bit from school but not everything.  He’d find the simplest recipe to make his you himself when you both return home


  • He’s a better listener than talker so he’d ask you questions about America and the things you missed as well as what specifically is upsetting you
  • Once you give your reasons, whatever they may be he’d try to find away to accomate that aspect into your next date or the next time the two of you hang out
  • He knows it won’t be just like America and won’t be the best quality due to his lack of his money but he would put in some effort trying to cheer you up


  • At first he would panic because he hates seeing you your upset and get’s even more anxious because homesickness is hard to cure
  • He’d try his normal tactics to make you laugh from his silly antics to jokes and relaxes when he sees it helps a bit
  • He’d pick out a bunch of American comedy movies to try and make you smile. he doesn’t even care that he won’t understand most of them without subtitles, he just wants you to be happy
  • He is also very aware baseball is an American sport and would take you out for a chill game of catch he’d try his best not to go overboard and whip it at you


  • With the power of social media he would alreay know a lot of the things you like even if you haven’t said them outlou to him like what foods you like, what actors and movie genres you enjoy, what books you like to read, etc
  • So he’d add something new each tme you hung out, one day hell bring over some of your favorite dishes another he’ll bring over movies with your favorite actor, or find a show you love to watch together online
  • He’d also buy a few gifts he’d think you really like from America and reminds you to call or text your friends and family to keep up what’s going on back home
IronHawk (Part Nine)

Ok guys, this chapter is easily one of my favorites. The bonding heat scene between Tony and Clint is one of my favorite love scenes I’ve ever written. its in a completely different format than I usually use and I would love to hear what you guys think about it!!

If you are missing any chapters, Catch up on the MASTERLIST!!

Also, don’t get too comfy with these feels, dear readers, because yikes is coming the next few updates!!


“Where are we?”
Tony was barely coherent, his body so hot and slick in Clint’s arms the archer worried he would actually drop him.

“My cabin.” Depositing the sweat drenched omega in the king sized bed, Clint immediately set about making the one room cabin comfortable. He had to step outside to start the generator, but reappeared quickly, locking and barring the door behind him. Not that anyone could even find them here, but Clint wasn’t taking any chances.

“How do you have a cabin I don’t know about?” Tony was gasping the words, twisting and shifting on the bed as he tried to get comfortable.

“I have lots of things you don’t know about.” Clint said with a fond chuckle. “Give me just a minute and I’ll take care of you, love.”

“Why do you call me that? You’ve called me that like a thousand times.” Tony’s voice was little more than a whine at this point, and Clint kept shooting glances at him as he dashed around turning lights on, and getting a fire going.

“Love? Really? I can call you my omega but can’t call you Love?”

“But the omega thing is…fuck Clint this is impossible. What the fuck is going on with me?” Tony dragged his t shirt over his head, and started pulling at his pants. “The omega thing is a–a–biology thing. You as an alpha are going to claim my omega as yours. So what’s with calling me love?”

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My Mate (Part 27)

Title: My Mate

 Summary: Did you know angels need mates?  Yea, like angelic married…mates.  And sometimes, this heat-like phase takes over where they have to mate, like their biological clock starts ticking.  Well, that is what has happened, and that is how Lucifer wound up in the bunker, his grace fading as he calls out for a mate.  Luckily, the Winchesters are friends with a hunter who is willing to help out.  

 Warnings: Language. Violence. Injury. Abduction.

***Let me know if you want added to a character/story or forever tag list! :D

My Mate Master Post

Masterlist of FanFiction

Originally posted by totallysupernaturaloneshots

Chapter 27 

Riley smiled as she drove her car down the road, thinking about how her life was going.  Her and Lucifer were happy, doing well, and so in love…a phrase she never thought she would say about the devil himself.  With their new house, in hell, she had been spending more time there.  It had been challenging to balance at first between the boys and hell, but it became easier with the help of Crowley and a few other demons, and Cas sometimes.  

It was a bit strange to believe that she had some demon friends…that just sounded so wrong to say when she was a hunter, but it was true. Daemon and Cristani were their names. Lucifer had tasked them with guarding the door to their home, and the collections room, so she saw a great deal of them.  After striking up some conversations, and some offhanded threats if they kept calling her Queen, they finally had a bit of dialogue going.  Scared the hell out of the boys though when Daemon dropped her off at the motel one night…funny, but that was fun to explain.  

Things had become a lot easier now.  Lucifer could be found at times just relaxing with her in the bunker. All the tension and anger that had built up from way back when was gone, even Sam had finally relaxed completely, pleased to make jokes, with ‘speak of the devil’ being his favorite…  Dean had always been pretty chill about the whole thing, which was surprising to her, but she would take any little victories she could muster.  

She pulled her car into the parking lot of the store and parked, getting things together for the supply run.  She hadn’t done one in a while, or any of the chores lately, so while Lucifer was dealing with some things in hell, she decided to help the boys put the bunker back together, starting with actually getting some food.  The pantries were barren now, so it was time to fill them back up.

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TF2 Daily Headcanons - Pokemon

“If the Mercs had to choose a pokemon as a companion, who would they choose?" 

Scout I gotta say, would have a Pikachu. Energetic (No Pun intended), ecstatic, quick, and always in ready to totally run.

Soldier, without a doubt, would be with Braviary. The "Solider of The Sky” flying type pokemon, with its patriotic looking feathers and fearsome size and fighting skill. What a brave pokemon pair! 

Pyro would be in love with his little Vulpix, the fire type pokemon. A small, adorable creature that can set a firey blaze to anything, and a great and comforting companion for our lovely Pyro.

Heavy would have the adorable companion, Cubchoo, the ice-type bear pokemon. Not only does this pokemon evolve into a much larger bear, with bigger qualities. But this pokemon is cold, like him home, and this little darling would be a very interesting and helpful companion. 

Demoman would have a head strong relationship with his Bouffalant, a large normal-type bull pokemon. With its strength and its powerful charge, the two would make a great team.

Engineer and Lucario, in my opinion, would make a great team. With Lucario and his energy studies, he could be a great help to Engineer. With charging his builds, using his powers to track the enemy team’s quarry and approach. And with easy communication, they could both be great battle partners. 

Medic would have at least three different types of bird pokemon. Pidove, Fletchling, and Tailow. There is rumour he also has Articuno, but its not confirmed with the boys. 

Sniper  i know there is already quite a few bird pokemon but you got to admit, Noctowl and Sniper would make a perfect match. With its keen eyes, and great sight, and Sniper’s love for owls. Its perfect.

Spy would no doubt have a good relationship with Zorua, the Dark-type, illusion pokemon. With both of them being able to disguise as people, (And Zorua as other pokemon as well as people), they would be an unstoppable Spying team.

Sakura vs her haters

Canon sakura : *crushes boulders, shatters earth, destroyed sasori’s ultimate defense puppet in one hit, sent a large block of solid iron flying, lifted a boulder, killed a large summons in one hit, sent a large juubi clone flying, killed dozens of juubi clones in one hit, hit kaguya so hard she broke one of her horns, snuck up on and almost killed shin in one shot, has awed several powerful characters with her strength and overall skill, comes from no clan, has no special powers or abilities or jutsus helping her and still became a sanin*

Sakura haters: “SaKuRa Is WeAk!1!1!”

Canon sakura: *is the first person on team seven to do the tree walking exercise and does it on the first try, is the only genin to know all of the answers on the test, set up clever traps in the forest of death, outsmarted zaku, was one of the only genin able to channel chakra into her feet to give herself a speed boost, was one of the only genin to dispel the genjutsu herself, was the only person capable of creating an antidote to sasori’s poison which even he thought was impossible without the formula and ratios, figured out sasori’s attack pattern, figured out how obito’s powers work, outsmartted zetsu and figured out his tricks and that he had hashiramas dna*

Sakura haters: “SaKuRa Is StUpId!1!1!”

Canon sakura: *is nicer to naruto when she is made to realize how mean she’s being to him, give candy to a begging girl in wave, gives naruto advice on tree climbing, cries when she believes sasuke is dead, tries to cheer naruto up when she believes that he is nervous, is one of the first people to believe in his dream, protects naruto and sasuke with her life, is genuinely worried about sasuke’s curse seal, doesn’t allow naruto to be rude to lee despite being originally disgusted by him, one of the only people to openly and loudly cheer for naruto, takes a hit meant for sasuke, sacrifices herself for chiyo, is shown always believing in and trusting naruto, is willing to take on the burden of dealing with sasuke after seeing how much pain it caused naruto, never gives up on sasuke and always wanting to save him from his dark path and loneliness, cries FOR karin, saves a little girl after she had been deemed a lost cause*

Sakura haters: “SaKuRa Is A bItCh!1!1! ShE dOeSn’T cArE aBoUt AnYoNe!1!1!”

Canon sakura : *the best chakra control on team seven, the only character with a NATURAL immunity to genjutsu, the first person to do the tree climbing exercise, the smartest on the team, uses her surroundings to her advantage, outsmarts her opponents, great knowledge of poisons, antidotes, and drugging substances, saved both naruto and sasuke on more than one occasion, is a highly trained medic nin, saves kankaro, gaara, karin, hinata, shikamaru, and countless civilians and ninja’s lives, is able to expertly evade attacks, heals countless people at various times in the series, keeps naruto alive by MANUALLY PUMPING HIS CHEST, is able to save sasuke by giving massive amounts of chakra to obito, dodges kaguya’s arms, figures out both obito and zetsu, assisted in the sealing of kaguya, saved her daughter, almost killed shin*

Sakura haters: “SaKuRa Is UsEleSs!1!1! ShE cAn’T Do AnYtHiNg!1!1!

Canon sakura: * catches ino by surprise with her speed, expertly dodges sasori’s puppets and needles, reacts fast enough to take out a zetsu clone directly behind her, catches up to the juubi clone she had punched, dodges kaguya’s arms, takes shin by surprise*

Sakura haters: "SaKuRa Is SlOw!1!1!”

Canon sakura: *is one of the smartest characters in the series, is one of the physically strongest characters in the series, is one of the only charcters with perfect chakra control, is the only one with a natural immunity to genjutsu, is one of the only characters with extensive training in evasion, is one of the few characters with poison knowledge, is one of the few medics in the series and is the best, has her own unique jutsu she created, is one of three charcters to have the yin seal, is one of two characters to master the yin seal release, has PINK HAIR*

Sakura haters: “ SaKuRa IsN’t SpEcIaL oR uNiQuE!1!1!1”

Canon sakura: *grows closer to naruto after initially being annoyed by him, is shallow and weak at first but steadily grows less vain and works to become stronger, cuts her hair, the symbol of her vanity, for the sake of her team, though her crush was shallow at first it grew deeper to the point that she deeply cared for sasuke and wanted to save him, is willing to sacrifice herself for others, realizes that she is weak and works to improve herself, goes from a vain, shallow, weak genin to a strong, smart, and talented sanin*

Sakura haters: “SaKuRa HaS nO dEvElOpMeNt!1!1!”

Canon sakura: * protect tazuna when the team was confronted by enemies, calls sasuke a coward, faces off against the sound three despite knowing she can’t win, refuses to let ino control her mind, jumps in front of sasuke to take gaara’s attack, tells sai off, faces off against sasori, telling him that no matter what she will get to him, fights the war with no fear, stands up to sasuke and refuses to kill karin, tells sasuke off, is confident in her ability, glares at sasuke, charges madara head on, punches kaguya, makes sasuke clarify what he’s apologizing for, threatens shin*

Sakura haters: “SaKuRa Is SpInElEsS!1!1!”

Alright kiddies, this is that new food. It just hit our stores in April and I can say I’m throughly impressed. This food is by hagen or nutrafin and is an extremely solid food.

Let’s talk nutrition first. They have 4 lines from what I can tell. A cichlid line, tropical, bottom feeder and goldfish. The ingredients are similar in all of them with black solider fly lavae (also known as calci worms or Phoenix worms) as their main protine source. This is then followed by whole salmon and fish protine (fish oil and fat usually). The fillers are peas (a good choice), potato (a healthy starch ad far as options go) and wheat. It’s then followed by vitamins and minerals. Protine is 40%+, fat 12.5% and fiber 5%-. This is a suitable diet for all fish!

Their bottom feeder mix has more plant matter but still has bsf and salmon as top ingredients. It’s good for omnivore catfish, loach and pleco.

The goldfish mix is the only one I’m a little eh about. It contains a lot of corn which isn’t easily digested by fish. It is used as a fiber source mostly to help prevent constipation and swim bladder problems. I feel as if there are better options though. Still a solid food if you’re feeding a high protein diet.

The food pieces come in many sizes from micro pellets to large wafers. They all sink fairly easily.

Now personally I love this food and plan to get more of it. It has a low price point with the container I showed you costing 4 dollars. My fish go nuts for it. Even my trouble eater will take some. Without feeding long term I’d compare it to omega ones quality, except with actual insect protine. For a new line I’m impressed and recommend you try it out if you have it where you are. Oh and I use the small cichlid bites for my betta, it’s an appropriate food for them.

lucario-theaurapokemon  asked:

Fly or teleport, live in 1800's or 2500's, live in the Pokémon world or a world where everyone is anthro, go to jail for 20 years or be a fugitive, be an extrovert or introvert, have to sleep 16+ hours to be fully rested or have insomnia, have to give a speech to thousands of people in 3 days unprepared or take a test that determines your life in 1 day you didn't study for, be an Absol or have an Absol, oreos or chocolate chip cookies, and last but not least, soup or salad?


Fly. teleporting scares me because do you just stop existing and have a clone of you take your place where “you” teleported to? freaky.

2500′s. Miss me with that racism/sexism/etc bullshit. Otherwise, I might have to think about it.

Kind of depends on whether or not people can be their fursonas with all of their attributes and powers bc if so, imma go to the Pokémon world and not be crushed to death by some stupid macro, or be a victim of some other weird shit

fugitive bc aren’t prisons just hellholes where law is absent and no one actually cares if you’re raped to all hell


wow both of those are impressively terrible. 16+ hours because I need my lucid dreams that badly

definitely the speech bc people don’t have to like me

Easy. be an Absol


soup. what’s a salad? unless it can be any kind of salad I guess