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Once again NASA has been caught shutting down a live transmission from the International Space Station (ISS) to hide evidence of aliens & UFOs in space. This time it appears NASA cut the live feed after a large four-armed UFO appeared in the video.

The incident adds to mounting evidence that despite denials, the agency maintains a rigid policy of non-disclosure of evidence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence. The latest UFO sighting was reported by Ufologist Streetcap1 on Thursday, October 20, The live video shows a strange craft loitering in the distance apparently monitoring the International Space Station. The strange craft has multiple arms extending from its main body.

The video shows sunlight reflecting from the body and arms of the UFO, causing it to glisten in deep space. The glistening of the mysterious object due to reflection of sunlight proves it was a real, solid, metallic object flying or hovering in space in the vicinity of the ISS. But as the UFO begins to glisten brightly in the sun, NASA interrupts transmission with its infamous blue screen.

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But just think... you could have your own child, and they can be YOUR little dragon, and you can support them to be whatever they want to be. Aging can be hard, since dragons age much more slowly. But our attitude doesn't change with our age, what people expect of us changes with age.

Unfortunately, having human babies is not in my plan of things to do this life. They’re quite sweet when they’re other people’s babies, and I would never be horrible to a child, but the children of this species are not comparable to a dragon hatchling. Once out of the shell, a dragon hatchling is capable of eating solid food. It cannot fly immediately, but it doesn’t take very long for it to work out how - and it is no exaggeration to say they are far more independent than human children.

I am a very maternal creature. My friends call me ‘dragon mum’. A lot of the time, I look out for them, we talk through problems a lot together, and generally they are very open and honest with me and I am very compassionate and empathetic towards them, so i provide support them. 

But caring for a tiny human baby is not like that. And carrying one for 9 months is not easy, either.

I am happy, however, to get smaller mammals and reptiles and keep them - and they will be my babies. 

GUYS. MY FIRST FIGHT IS IN OCTOBER!!!! My trainer informed me this morning of it and after my class on Tuesday that is amazing to hear because I was super disappointed with myself. But today’s class was on point! My front teep is fucking killer and I nailed that one Muay Thai kata I learned, I just need more in my left uppercut. Pretty beast with switch kicks, but my years of dancing has made my back fist pretty weak because I keep locking my legs with that one. Landed a solid flying knee on my coworker at work the other night, so that’s cool, haha. My hips are dying today from the cartilage ripping for my teeps, hooks and roundhouses, but it’s a good pain because I’m definitely doing it right. I’m fucking pumped about this shit!!!

Alright kiddies, this is that new food. It just hit our stores in April and I can say I’m throughly impressed. This food is by hagen or nutrafin and is an extremely solid food.

Let’s talk nutrition first. They have 4 lines from what I can tell. A cichlid line, tropical, bottom feeder and goldfish. The ingredients are similar in all of them with black solider fly lavae (also known as calci worms or Phoenix worms) as their main protine source. This is then followed by whole salmon and fish protine (fish oil and fat usually). The fillers are peas (a good choice), potato (a healthy starch ad far as options go) and wheat. It’s then followed by vitamins and minerals. Protine is 40%+, fat 12.5% and fiber 5%-. This is a suitable diet for all fish!

Their bottom feeder mix has more plant matter but still has bsf and salmon as top ingredients. It’s good for omnivore catfish, loach and pleco.

The goldfish mix is the only one I’m a little eh about. It contains a lot of corn which isn’t easily digested by fish. It is used as a fiber source mostly to help prevent constipation and swim bladder problems. I feel as if there are better options though. Still a solid food if you’re feeding a high protein diet.

The food pieces come in many sizes from micro pellets to large wafers. They all sink fairly easily.

Now personally I love this food and plan to get more of it. It has a low price point with the container I showed you costing 4 dollars. My fish go nuts for it. Even my trouble eater will take some. Without feeding long term I’d compare it to omega ones quality, except with actual insect protine. For a new line I’m impressed and recommend you try it out if you have it where you are. Oh and I use the small cichlid bites for my betta, it’s an appropriate food for them.

Positivity 2: Ragnarök

15 more positive things about Valhalla, this time for Book 2:

  1. A floating city called Ukiyo.
  2. An airplane that can fly through solid rock.
  3. The future of tumblr depicted in satirical context.
  4. A giant 300 meter long crab fighting a giant 300 meter tall fox.
  5. An extended sequence on Mars, and in space to and from.
  6. Humans who have genetically and surgically modified themselves into Gigeresque monsters of unfathomable horror.
  7. “Octosqueegees.“
  8. All out total warfare with weapons like gatling bazookas and plasma rifles that can cut mountains in half.
  9. Even more direct Norse myth adaptation than Valhalla.
  10. More locations including Utah, Japan, Turkey, India and the ass end of the internet.
  11. A giant writhing tree made of human guts.
  12. A scene with 8 different Nintendo jokes.
  13. An eight legged tank.
  14. Someone named Gristle.
  15. A Yakuza swordfight.

Ragnarök by Ari Bach: Read Valhalla first.