solidarity in silence

My love encourages healthy time alone; distance from each other and distance from all distractions. My love promotes the necessities of vibing in solidarity and the appreciation of silence spaces. My love doesn't bombard you with constant communication and understands that alone time is vital for growth. My love loves reflection, meditation and stillness.

Genre: Smut + Fluff?

Pairing: Reader [Vampire AU!] x Taehyung [Werewolf AU!] 

Word Count: 6.7k-ish

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“Hmm, sweet or savory?” You questioned yourself as you sat kneeling in front of the lower cabinet of your mansion, deciding between eating cake or making some noodles for yourself.

You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t seem to hear the faint, hesitant steps that lead up to your door, your attention only snapping back to reality when you heard the ring of the doorbell. Within seconds you opened the door, surprised to find Taehyung standing outside.

“Y/N-ah…” He looked up at you and you were taken aback by the unexpectedness of his visit, eyes growing wide at the sight in front of you. 

You hadn’t seen him for years, not since his wedding which you had so pleasantly graced with your presence in addition to your present which was probably the most expensive one there. Although, he hadn’t expected you to show up, not after the disagreement you both had had but smiled softly when he saw you seated in the crowd.

You, a vampire, wanted to spend the rest of eternity with Taehyung, who was also an immortal but a werewolf. He had argued with you, saying that your decision was based on comfort and ease more than love, that you were just trying to find someone who could rid you of the loneliness that came with your unending days. You wish your mind had worked faster, but before you could even deny his accusations, he was already gone.

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Today’s #BlackLivesMatter protest was so beautiful. From all the love and appreciation shown to my placard to the solidarity shown by all the amazing bus drivers. It was all mod love.
I’m not going to lie though I was seriously disappointed with the number of Asians at the protest, which I could legit count on my hands. The same institutions that oppress you are those oppressing your black brothers and sisters. Regardless of this you should still be showing your support (through whichever means you have - I’m not saying protesting is the only way btw but doing whatever is within your means to do) but it’s the HUMAN thing to do. But if you’re not going to stand there for them don’t expect them to be there for you. The thing about attending events on your own is you get to meet new people and it was disheartening to discuss with my black sisters that non black Muslims shy away (I’m putting that nicely) from “black issues”. 2 days before Malcolm X was murdered he stated: “It is a time for martyrs now, and if I am to be one, it will be for the cause of brotherhood. That’s the only thing that can save this country.” So let us band together in love, and solidarity in the name of peace, freedom and justice. ❣

#BlackLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatterUK #Asians4BlackLives

London attack: Thousands gather for candlelit vigil in the capital in memory of those who died

Crowds of people gathered in London yesterday evening to pay tribute to the victims of Wednesday’s terror attack in the capital.

Trafalgar Square was packed with a sombre throng of people, paying their respects to those who were killed and injured when Khalid Masood drove a car into a crowd of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, before fatally stabbing police constable Keith Palmer.

Flickering candles were placed on the ground and up the steps of the National Gallery.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan addressed the hushed crowds, imploring those present ‘to show the world that we are more committed than ever to the values that we hold dear – that we remain united and open.’

Cheers and applause broke out when the Mayor promised that ‘Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism’.

The Deputy Met Commissioner Craig Mackey and Home Secretary Amber Rudd also shared messages of hope and solidarity, before a minute’s silence was observed.


Londoners shared messages of solidarity following the atrocity on Wednesday. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Not in my name

A muslim woman holds up a sign reading ‘NOT IN MY NAME’ at the vigil in London. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

We are not afraid

People write messages in chalk on the ground of Trafalgar Square. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Londoners stand together

Crowds of people gather in Trafalgar Square to remember the victims of the London terror attack (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK


People surround the founatin in Trafalgar Square as they gather to pay their respects. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

A minute’s silence

The crowd observes a minute’s service at a vigil in London’s Trafalgar Square. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Amber Rudd speaks

Britain’s Home Secretary Amber Rudd speaks to those who gather for the vigil in Trafalgar Square. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Candlelit vigil

A group of nuns light candles at the vigil for the victims of Wednesday’s attack. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

‘Londoners will not be cowed by terrorism’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was met with cheers and applause when he addressed the crowd. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Flickering lights

Candles are lit on the ground in memory of those who were killed and injured in Wednesday’s attack. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

In memory

People gathered yesterday evening to remember the victims of the attack in Westminster. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Paying respect

Candlelight illuminates Trafalagr Square, as crowds gather for a vigil. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

Coming together

Two women attend the vigil in London in memory of the victims of Wednesday’s attack. (AP Images)

Source: Yahoo News UK

anonymous asked:

So you think the Billboard article is a good thing? If so, can you explain why?

I do think it’s a good thing. I think that the articles that made it to non-gossip-rag publications, namely MTV UK, Billboard, and Jezebel were largely positive for a few reasons.

First, they were very levelheaded in their approach. They would have been completely justified in raking Louis across the coals for his blatantly homophobic comments, but they didn’t.

Second, I think that the articles actually served as seeding for Louis, Harry, and them as a couple. The headlines are particularly relevant:

MTV UK - One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson: “I Am In Fact Straight”; After years of speculation, One Direction’s Louis has finally opened up about his sexuality…

Billboard - One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Denies Gay Allegation

Louis Tomlinson is not known to the general public. For someone hearing of his for the first time, what do they learn? That there are allegations that he is gay and that there have been “years of speculation” regarding his sexuality. Many people adhere to the idea that “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” These headlines alone act as seeding for Louis to come out, because his name has been connected with the idea of being gay in people’s minds.

The Billboard article doesn’t have much for content, mainly just Louis’ tweets and Jenn’s responses. [Which are golden in and of themselves].

The MTV UK article, on the other hand, includes seeding for Harry:

Louis’ declaration of heterosexuality comes a week after Harry set tongues-a-wagging by declaring that he didn’t consider gender to be important in choosing a romantic partner.

A YouTube livestream interview with Ben Winston over the weekend saw the band collectively refuse to acknowledge Harry’s comment in a show of solidarity, leading to an awkward silence before Liam Payne put everyone out of their misery with a lovely joke.

A reminder about Harry’s implication that he is non-straight, and even pointing out the fact that he failed to clarify or address the rampant media speculation in the livestream. A livesteam that the general public otherwise would know nothing about. So now regular media consumers know that everyone thinks Harry isn’t straight, and he failed to address the rumour despite having an opportunity to do so.

The article also includes further seeding for Louis and for his relationship with Harry (which was largely missing from the articles regarding Harry alone).

The question of One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s sexuality has been much speculated over the years.

Both media and the band’s huge fan base have often questioned whether or not the singer is into boys or girls - with many shippers subscribing to the so-called ‘Larry Stylinson’ theory that Louis has been in a long term relationship with bandmate Harry Styles ever since their X Factor days.

Again, the general public has never heard any speculation about Louis’ sexuality. But now they know that such speculation has been going on for years. Again, where there’s smoke there’s fire. They are also introduced to the idea that many people think he is dating Harry (who, coincidentally, very well may be non-straight himself). Note that the shippers are not bashed in any way, nor is the theory treated as ridiculous. This is seeding for the relationship.

As to why it’s happening, there are two possibilities. Both are based on the premise that the offensive tweets came from Modest, which I do not think is controversial.

  1. The media knows the truth (that Harry and Louis are together but heavily closeted). They also know that they will be coming out in the foreseeable future. Therefore, they made the decision on their own recognizance not go easy Louis for his unjustifiable twitter activity and also to hint at the truth. So that their later articles will be consistent and they don’t look like jerks for bashing on a poor closeted kid.
  2. Someone other than Modest is helping the boys interface with the media. (Azoff, Sony, Sony with Azoff’s unofficial advice, etc.) This entity spun the story and then contacted the more credible news agencies and convinced them to adopt their spin, which they were happy to do for the reasons in point 1.

Given that we have also seen other evidence of assistance being rendered to the boys (i.e. Louis being papped in the Apple shirt and in front of his lawyer’s office), and in light of the fact that the “not that important” articles also adopted the most seeding-friendly spin, AND because of all the other reasons we have to think that the Azoffs are involved, I tend to lean towards Option 2.

No official transition yet, but there is a power struggle between Modest and Sony behind the scenes. The war is getting ugly, and I don’t think it’s over yet. Gird your loins.

Your Silence is Violence

Just watched a video of a north Indian Hindu woman approaching a Kaur at a protest in California, regarding India’s gross human rights abuses and the Sikh genocide. This woman had the GALL to say Sikhs DESERVE to be tortured and killed in Jammu and Punjab.

Sikh tumblr users, there are people out there that want us dead. Your brothers and sisters are being arrested and killed by the police AT THIS VERY MOMENT and there are people out there WHO ARE HAPPY ABOUT THIS!!!

This has been going on for three decades. When the FUCK are you going to wake from your slumber?! 

i was going to make a post about the ratio of trans women murdered this year to trans men murdered, but my point was proven tenfold when “trans man murdered” didnt pull up anything but hundreds of results for trans women. we as trans masculine people need to accept that we are privileged. we may experience violence, verbal or physical, but not nearly on the scale that trans feminine people do. not on an institutional scale. famous trans women existing doesnt mean they are more privileged than we are. it means those women faced so much they grew strong and confident in their adversity to become beacons DESPITE the obstacles.
yes, all trans people matter. but the people who are constantly fighting for their lives deserve their exclusive shout-outs. they deserve their solidarity. dont silence trans women. amplify them. they’re fighting for us all just by surviving.

thoughts on the argument in this episode

Note- there will be absolutely no bashing of Meredith or Amelia in this post. I love them both too much to even articulate and this episode illuminated a lot about both of them for me. So I’ll continue. But no bashing. 

SO. As much as we (the audience) understand both Meredith and Amelia, I don’t think they understand each other very well. And that’s what seems to be the root of all the problems between them. It’s not that they don’t care. It’s that they just don’t get each other. Meredith can come off very cold and unforgiving sometimes, and Amelia has a tendency to lash out when she gets upset and say things she doesn’t really mean. But neither of them really understand the other well enough to be able to see around that.

Starting off with Amelia- if any of you have watched Private Practice, you’ll remember Amelia’s season 5 storyline about her addiction and her pregnancy. I think I can safely say all of our hearts broke for her. And the things she said to Meredith during their argument in this past episode honestly sounded like the stuff she said to Addison during the intervention. 

And that’s the thing- Addison has known Amelia for almost her entire life. So even though what Amelia said to her probably really hurt to hear, Addison knew deep down that Amelia didn’t mean it. So she reacted accordingly. 

Meanwhile, in the grand scheme of Grey’s, Meredith hasn’t known Amelia for very long. And nowhere near as well as Addison did. Perhaps if she did, her reaction to what Amelia said to her would have been different. But instead, Meredith shut down and kicked her out. When Meredith heard Amelia’s comments about Derek, she didn’t have the buffer of fully understanding how Amelia reacts to pain. And so she took what Amelia said a lot more personally than Addison did on Private Practice. 

Now, switching over to Meredith- she told Amelia that she wasn’t her sister. Which, being Meredith, she meant in a very matter-of-fact manner. Meredith tends to tell it like it is, and in this case, I don’t think she understood how much hearing the words “you’re not my sister” would hurt Amelia. Come to think of it, I’m not sure Meredith even knows Amelia’s full history. Hence, a comment that was intended to be blunt came out very very sharp. 

Switching back over to Amelia- there was also the comment she made about Cristina. Which, from the audience’s perspective, is pretty hard-hitting. But if you think about it, Amelia wasn’t really around when Cristina was. She had barely even shown up permanently before Cristina left. She didn’t witness enough of Meredith and Cristina’s relationship to fully understand how close they were to one another, and why Meredith’s undying loyalty to Cristina makes perfect sense. Because, for Amelia, it probably doesn’t carry much weight. 

So I suppose what I’m getting at is that I think they both did a lot more damage to the other than they meant to. Which is the tragedy of what can sometimes happen when the world shoves two people together like it did with Meredith and Amelia. They’re trying to work through their own issues around one another, but they don’t understand one another enough in order to support each other in the way they need to be supported individually.

All humans need to be supported in different ways. Meredith needs solidarity in silence- the way Cristina used to lay down next to her and say nothing at all or drink tequila with her in her living room. Amelia did the opposite of that by dragging up the type of painful thoughts that Meredith ignores in order to cope and move on. 

Amelia needs active, caring support- the type of support that her sister in law and friends at Oceanside gave her during her rehab, making her feel safe and comfortable and loved. Meredith did the opposite of that by kicking her out. 

Again, I think they both did a lot more damage to the other than they intended to do. They’re both incredibly strong and beautiful people, both with their flaws and strengths, and this episode just beamed a massive spotlight on the truth that despite the fact that they live together, they really don’t understand each other. And I sincerely hope that this argument will eventually lead to an attempt to change that.