After a rebuild (new cooler as well as case fan re-arranging) and a cable tidy, I have now moved my rig on my desk rather than under it.

I’m installing windows onto my new super-duper mSata SSD and will hope get every set up and ready to install my new AMD 580 whenever that arrives

Tech help?

My external hard drive (which I use for movies, tv shows, and anime) isn’t long for this world. I’ve been using HDDs (hard disk drives) for years and I’m tired of the failures caused by their mechanical parts. I’m looking to purchase a SSD (solid state drive); I have a Samsung 500 GB SSD that’s amazing (I use it to hold everything that’s important and irreplaceable to me) and I’m looking to buy a 1 TB SSD to handle my other stuff.

The problem is that everything is ridiculously expensive, usually around $400. I’m seeing this as an investment so I can live with that, but I just want to be sure I’m buying something that’s reliable, high-quality, and just good for that kind of money. Can anyone recommend me a good 1 TB solid state drive? Again, I will be using it as an external drive, not something I’ll place in my computer or within any other hardware.


They named it “Coup de Foudre” and this is the type of stuff being built at the shop in Los Angeles… just not by me personally. My only involvement in this project was lending these guys my oscilloscope, which, by some miracle, is still alive. This is a “solid state” Tesla coil - Meaning no weirdness with spark gaps and neon sign transformers, just pure hockey puck size transistors.. Actually, not transistors per se, but something known as an IGBT, which stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. These are the most bad-ass semiconductor switches currently available, and they enable this Tesla coil to vary it’s output frequency and duty cycle, which is all fine and good from a technical standpoint, but when you realize that you can use it as an absurdly dangerous MIDI instrument…Watch out. That’s RIGHT! Plug this bad  boy in to your CASIO keyboard and play it like a lightning piano, or anything with a MIDI output. 

The power supply for this monster is also quite impressive - 600V three phase, 15KVA, which comes up to around 700+ volts after rectification to DC. When it’s all said and done, the final output is about (at last guess) TWO MILLION VOLTS. 

And of course they’re taking it to Burning Man to sing Karaoke out of it. 

SSD: Fast, but a pain in ass.

Picked up my first solid state drive. A 90 gigabyte Corsair GT. Read speeds of 555MB per second, and yes that is a capital B, Bitches. It came in the mail today, oh joy! Formatted, looked into setting it up, and as it turns out. I HAVE TO BACKUP AND FORMAT MY ENTIRE 1.0TB C: DRIVE. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FUCKER, SMILING AT ME LIKE IT’S NOT HIS FAULT.

So now I have to do a bunch of shit to get better speeds, let’s hope this little fucker isn’t a dud.

Please, don’t let it be faulty :<


Samsung… I want to tell you how bad this is. It’s bad. Bad bad bad. From the disgusting stereotypes (Inept woman! Gaming Asian! Whitebread McBusiness!) to the not-good-enough-for-community-theater acting, this is just a miserable failure from start to finish.

Solid State Drive Recovery

Today we received a Solid State hard drive.After the initial diagnostic one of my engineers verified it had a fried chip.These are very difficult recoveries as there are multiple chips the data is written across.We were successful in recovering almost 100 % of the data.Just remember just because its a Sold State hard drive doesn’t mean it wont fail.We are getting lots of these Solid State hard drives in.So remember and back up all your hard drives.