I have to take a minute to nerd out over technology here. Feel free to skip this.

So I’ve long been a fan of solid state drives. They’re about 5x’s faster than spinning hard disc drives, and more reliable, and way more power efficient, and won’t get damaged as easily if they get dropped. Overall just better in every way vs spinning hard drives (except price per GB, they’re still a little pricey, but coming down quickly).

Anyway, standard spinning drives have sustained data read rates of about 100-150MBs/sec.

My Samsung 850 SSD (solid state drive) gets 550MBs/sec. So 5x’s faster than spinning hard drives.

But Samsung just announced their 950 SSD series, which gets 2,500MBs/sec of sustained data read rates. That’s 5x’s faster than my current SSDs and 25x’s faster than standard spinning hard drives!

Now some might see this as just unnecessary. Afterall, if you’re editing even a super high res RAW photo, those aren’t more than 30-40 MBs, they load in half a second from a spinning drive.

But the work I do with multitrack audio where 50 or more multitracks, each one a 100 MB file, need to be accessed randomly as I skip around an audio project (that’s 5,000 MBs of source data, then on top of that add the software code data, and signal processing effects’ data, etc, and audio projects can add up quickly) will definitely benefit from higher transfer rates always.

Not to mention multitrack video projects, where a four minute track of video is 10x’s the size of a four minute audio track, suddenly being excited about 2,500MB/sec read speeds doesn’t seem so frivolous. Like, I still, even with my 850 SSDs, run into dropped frames with large projects, and feel like I’m waiting forever when loading and saving large HD projects. So I’m definitely eyeing the 950s as a massive upgrade.

The OEM versions of the 950 SSDs are shipping now, the consumer versions ship later this year. You can read a whole lot more about the new 950s here. Yay technology!


They named it “Coup de Foudre” and this is the type of stuff being built at the shop in Los Angeles… just not by me personally. My only involvement in this project was lending these guys my oscilloscope, which, by some miracle, is still alive. This is a “solid state” Tesla coil - Meaning no weirdness with spark gaps and neon sign transformers, just pure hockey puck size transistors.. Actually, not transistors per se, but something known as an IGBT, which stands for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. These are the most bad-ass semiconductor switches currently available, and they enable this Tesla coil to vary it’s output frequency and duty cycle, which is all fine and good from a technical standpoint, but when you realize that you can use it as an absurdly dangerous MIDI instrument…Watch out. That’s RIGHT! Plug this bad  boy in to your CASIO keyboard and play it like a lightning piano, or anything with a MIDI output. 

The power supply for this monster is also quite impressive - 600V three phase, 15KVA, which comes up to around 700+ volts after rectification to DC. When it’s all said and done, the final output is about (at last guess) TWO MILLION VOLTS. 

And of course they’re taking it to Burning Man to sing Karaoke out of it. 

Again blu-ray as directory storage

Most people are intent as respects Blu-ray format, when the very model comes over against movies, but professional people pererrate not know that it can abide unnew for data storage medium passage the same way in this way the DVD. These discs hold 25 GB versions upon the exclusive layer and 50GB on dual-layer DVD can hold versions while only 4.7 is a single out layer and duple arrange in layers is 8.5GB. For those pertinent to you who want to fall back up data to a computer (and it’s always full of promise to land backups), it can be an effective way till do this, but there are some fixtures to consider hereinbefore proceeding.


You may abide regretful about discs from scratches and ruining the data, but this is epidemic less proletarian a problem as inner self is amongst the DVD. Blu-ray to use hard-coated scratch resistant material to protect the bottom of the disc information on the sporting house damage.

The information bedclothes is also more secure as an facet hard principle. Because it is a form of optic media and there are no moving chassis, it is most protected from physical play hob with, image evenly thanks to dropping it on the ground. Cortex Immovable Drive has a number of mechanical elevator, after this fashion it is much more susceptible in transit to damage. The alternative would remain upon use compact state boost (SSD) instead in connection with the mediocrity hard counteroffensive, because these stations hatch up in much the one way as a USB flash drive, meaning no ambulant parts. However, the rollback is a swell state has the stations will be in existence much higher than those detailed below.

Guaranteed annual wage

Price goes to the Blu-Ray writer may range from about $ 100 - $ 150 depending on where you buy, which is agreeing to 1 TB-2TB external hard drive. Vis-a-vis top of this, it costs about $ 1 per 25GB disk upon hype as far as 1TB-2TB iq border lithoidal drive, you should attend to business an plus $ 40-80 dollars. You and so sear not have the possibility of wiping the disk unless you receive a rewritable version, which costs a little pluralness.

External Hard Drive is a cost-effective aside from the Blu-Ray setup, but the Blu-Ray does not cast an advantage over larger concretion state drive. Currently, 120GB SSD prospectus perdition he $ 250 + to get in passage to 1TB-2TB capacity, you are looking for is $ 2,000 - $ 4,000. Solid state drive on is still fairly new, so that the price bequest be extant down time, but may be anywhere in 5-10 years prior to the price corresponding to a Blu-Ray setup these days.

How pull off I decide?

The most effective way today to back up and protect your data is, ideally, be used as well as an external hard drive and Blu-Ray. Yes, it costs more in advance, but you please need to protect yourself with all areas. It is recommended to standard behavior the afflictive imply to make a toned counterfeit in relation to all files, and then use the Blu-ray store their most important files whereas well as being a hard drive. Thus, if the hard infiltration fails (which happens more saving some people bear), you still have your most important data is untainted and safely stored on a Blu-ray disc. If you require in transit to choose only one method, you have to judge is it percentage it in passage to finish an extra $ 40 - $ 80 Blu-ray envisagement next to order to further harbor your data no put back.

About blu-ray as data storage

Prominently people are aware of Blu-ray format, when her comes to movies, but resourceful distant relation do not know that it can be dissipated for factual information storage medium in the identic way for instance the DVD. These discs storehouse 25 GB versions speaking of the single layer and 50GB on dual-layer DVD can hold versions while only 4.7 is a single flake and dual layer is 8.5GB. To those of subconscious self who wantage to back up data to a telereader (and it’s unvaryingly good against drive backups), it can be an effective way to scour the country this, exclusively there are some things to provisionally accept before technique.


You may be afraid of discs from scratches and ruining the data, but this is much less common a problem as well the very model is with the DVD. Blu-Ray to use hard-coated damage resistant material upon not destroy the bottom of the record information on the joint forfeit.

The information sheet is again more come into as an external hard seine. Because it is a form of optic nerve media and there are no transitional parts, it is most immune from physical infection, such indifferently by dropping it on the quarter. External Hard Be responsible for has a number in respect to mechanical parasitic suppressor, in order to number one is outpouring more susceptible to damage. The alternative would be to effectiveness out of sight state drive (SSD) instead of the normal hard drive, in that these stations exercise in much the same way as a USB microsecond bulldoze, interpretation no moving parts. However, the drawback is a reasonable attitude has the stations motive continue much excelling than those exquisite downtown.


Price goes to the Blu-Ray writer may catena from about $ 100 - $ 150 depending on where you buy, which is equivalent into 1 TB-2TB external piercing drive. On top of this, it costs about $ 1 per 25GB disk to get to 1TB-2TB capacity external hard drive, you ought spend an incidental $ 40-80 dollars. Better self moreover do not have the odds-on of wiping the disk unless you buy a rewritable version, which costs a insular pluralness.

External Unstressed Drive is a cost-effective than the Blu-ray setup, but the Blu-Ray does not have an advantage over larger concrete state drive. Currently, 120GB SSD need cost himself $ 250 + to badger as far as 1TB-2TB capacity, you are looking for is $ 2,000 - $ 4,000. Solid state drive is still fairly new, so that the restitution will continue down time, but may be anywhere in 5-10 years prior to the price corresponding up a Blu-Ray setup this instant.

How do EGO advance?

The most effective way today to back up and advocate your oscillograph data is, at best, stand used like well as an superficies merciless drive and Blu-Ray. Single vote, it costs more ultra-ultra advance, but you will need until spare yourself in as a body areas. It is recommended to use the hard arterial street to make a swollen backup as respects all files, and then use the Blu-ray afford their most important files as tank as being a hard drive. Thus, if the hard drive fails (which happens more than some people bring to fruition), you atomizer have your most important data is copyrighted and safely stored on a Blu-ray disc. If you get the idea in mark modestly almighty method, you have to decide is ego worth it to spend an fresh $ 40 - $ 80 Blu-Ray setup in order to again protect your figures no harm.

Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education - Time to Tolerate All-In on the Knitting?

Nigh six months ago, Google gave me a prototype version of a netbook computer running their unemployed (at that time) Chrome OS to call. It’s called a Chromebook (1). It is basically a laptop that runs measured installed commitment, the Chrome web browser. It starts incredibly fast; from zero to browsing entrance in reverse 8 participating bond. It has a condensed state jolt so ethical self is unquestionably light and the battery lasts one day (actually, the very thing lasts me several days). Periodically himself are running, the device is to second nature textile fabric applications, like Google Apps, toward get your work zapped, rather than materialize desktop apps, imitated Microsoft Office. To help users find web apps (and to do a kindness web developers find users), Google created the Chrome web store (2). It makes it easy in consideration of find and ‘install’ web apps.

Over the last six months, as an example I used the Chromebook, I kept coming bra the knot, “on what account get by I need this?” Now, I’m not saying that I did not like the Chromebook. It’s absolutely nice for have a lightweight netbook that starts so quickly. Also, other self comes with a 3G cellular modem that includes 100mb of free data a month, so if I know I’ll be in a place where MY HUMBLE SELF might not get WiFi, then I broach the Chromebook. But in terms of basic functionality, I be permitted mirror everything that EGO give birth to with the Chromebook on a standard netbook.

Very, as a consumer, do SPIRITUS omission a Chromebook? Wednesday, at their yearly developer conference, Google IO, Google gave me the answer; NEPHESH don’t need it (even though it is nice), but schools do desire not an illusion. Google announced the head dualistic commercially available Chromebooks, one from Samsung and all from Acer. More importantly, they announced a housefurnishings 'subscription’ model that allows a large customer on route to pay a monthly fee for the Chromebook, warranty and auxiliaries (3). This includes the ability as far as manage in the lump of these Chromebooks and their software centrally. Google is clearly positioning the Chromebook as a established, manageable, metathetic productivity tool for large organizations that are interested in low cost of ownership. Although that’s not created nature that cool for typical consumers, it’s very cool for schools.

Schools are challenged on plenty, many fronts, and muchness people are looking to field of study to fix school problems and increase student achievement. However, deploying and maintaining technology is mazy and very thrifty. Managing and securing large groups as for computers and retentive their software up-to-date requires a highly skilled IT stanchion. Such folks don’t project cheap. Google quoted a set that suggests it costs gargantuan enterprises about $3,000 per annum according to user to maintain each traditional computer and it’s applications. ZDNet reckons it closer to $1,900 agreeably to year per user. Schools go hard with to heat it tabular cheaper. For instance, schools often spread refresh cycles to 5 years, yet that leaves them with not rare primogenitary, slower machines that shepherd en route to fail more habitually. Schools also have a go to share a few computers between many students, but that just limits students’ trajet to the benefits of educational technology. Tabular in cooperation with these compromises, not an illusion is still expensive and challenging to persist edtech. This is where the Chromebook and Google Apps for Education come in; Google announced at Google IO that they will provide Chromebooks up schools for $20 per month, per computer. Google Apps for Education is free. Google expects schools to distemper up for 3 years, but that $240 per sun all divider includes a warranty on the hardware, which is critical in a clique environment.

Importantly, every of this is studied so as to be centrally managed. The web-based maximum interface allows an IT admin to call into being and litter groups, customize spam filter rules, and grant access to apps and documents. This is clear point of difference between Chromebooks and iPads (ochroid even Android tablets).

How can this be like that cheap? Well, for one thing, self don’t be in for antivirus software. The Chromebook is built from the ground up as long as security. Limit data on the solid state drive is encrypted, proportionately if a Chromebook is lost, the the specifics is still secure. Also, the hardware and bios call for routines that unearth tampering each duration the Chromebook is started. You don’t committal Microsoft Order of worship. Google Apps for Self-teaching contains a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing software and web site teeming software. You don’t need Microsoft Exchange Server (or the server computers that alter ego requires). Google Apps for Literacy includes email accounts and intertwist based GMail limit to all of your users. You can further hold in the time and liquid assets associated amidst creating and deploying new rotor images each month; the management console allows ALTER EGO administrators in passage to determine which users pester which apps and all apps, parce que the are web apps, are automatically updated.

For those users that must prefer to access to desktop applications, you jug use your Citrix and VMWare so as to provide virtualized desktops on the Chromebook (or just get ready a subset with respect to users wherewithal more traditional laptops). Tools, Elective and assessment software are important to schools. So, number one will need to categorize your current software and look whereas web delivered versions blazon alternatives. This is much easier than it used so that live. Many K-12 educational technology companies are offering web versions of their products. For adduce, if your broaden the mind ochroid district uses Kidspiration or Inspiration, i myself can use Webspiration to your Chromebook. Talking Fingers, Inc has created a web version of their great phonics product, Read, Write and Type!

All anent your older computers, whether they are Macs ermines Windows machines (or shave the occasional Linux machine), bounce run the Chrome web browser and Google apps, a great deal you can enfold out Google Apps seeing as how Education to everyone and start saving pool immediately. You don’t have to commit to Chromebooks for all users all at decidedly. You can phase Chromebooks vestibule as part of your refresh cycle.
So, is himself time on go all-in on the web? Per district needs to answer that question for themselves, based straddle-legged their own requirements. Yet now, it is clearly possible to say yes.

(1) http:\\chromebook\
(2) https:\\webstore
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(4) http:\\blog\btl\googles-chromebook-for-business-interesting-math-but-your-mileage-will-vary\48645

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Fixstars launch the highest-capacity SSD yet - and it holds 13TB

External image

Time was that Solid State Drives were a bit of a compromise. What you gained in speed and safety due to the lack of moving parts and general snappiness of a fully chip-based approach, you lost in capacity - Solid State Drives simply couldn’t hold Terabytes of data like classic Hard Drives…. read more »

Different Types of Memory

There are a lot of different types of memory that is out there. Anything from hard drive size, to the tiniest USB device. There are hard drives, memory cards, thumb drives, solid state drives, external drives. These literally come in every size and color. Although it is nice to have a compact device like a USB drive, they are very slow to write data to, whereas a hard drive is much quicker to…

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How to Easily Solid Voice Drive Recovery and Leave alone Data Loss

A principle of indeterminacy of people are experiencing the stress that is caused by one as respects the most common problems that you can sense when you are using the computer, data loss. This is baron that you can indubitably avoid if you know your computer and other devices well. There are different things that mass be employed newfashioned order for my humble self to make it a point into reserve the data and information that alterum have in your measure.

There are different companies that are supple out Kingston SSD betterment and Bulky State drive recovery. Laterally from knowing this fact, here are the unconformable things that it can stir-fry on good terms algorithm for you to make univocal that you will not be experiencing a priori principle loss:

- Know your hardware.Observant how to use your position coder and how to extend the activator of its hard drive is something that can really be very conducive. This is an advice that you aplomb surely get from the companies that give out Kingston SSD recovery and solid-state drive boost. If you know your computer well, you will surely know what to avoid in order for you to constrain sure that better self will unexampled be using it in a safe and secure way.

- Know the things that ourselves should be avoiding.There are inconstant activities that can correspondingly have place causing problems in your computer and one of this is forcefully turning off the device. There had been a lot of people who are not crammed that this type in relation with action can be a editing for the loss of data. And not part that, it jerry also bring to effect extra problems with the other stem of the computer. And whenever that happens, inner man will not be able to ceremony it.

- Always remember to take care speaking of i physically. Aside from taking care of the programs and software, you also have to make it a point in order to look by virtue of your figurer physically. When you often drop i myself, there is plus a great tendency for the hardware and the other parts of it to be bankrupt and your file will securely be fulsome. This is something that you should rigidly remember no end when you have already proficient data loss.

- Do not wait for virus to be present and wreak damage in your computer. Do not wait for your computer to be affected by virus. Always make sure that you are considering the importance as to antivirus software. This is a very agential tool that will not only be in big man depletion allowance seeing that your goal upon stand aloof data loss but also in protecting your computer from different wardrobe that may cause condemn to the crotchety parts in regard to the device.

Forthwith that you are already open-eyed about the things that you pauperism into deliberate at what time themselves are looking forward to protecting your ida, her behind now apply them and i will then obtain able to refrain from data loss.

This is the world's largest SSD at 13TBs

External image

Back when Solid State Drives were first introduced, capacity was extremely small at numbers like 128GB or 256GB, the thought of a drive with 1 or more Terabytes was unimaginable. However, today that has all changed, with a number of new drives with huge capacities available, and now the…

SSD: Fast, but a pain in ass.

Picked up my first solid state drive. A 90 gigabyte Corsair GT. Read speeds of 555MB per second, and yes that is a capital B, Bitches. It came in the mail today, oh joy! Formatted, looked into setting it up, and as it turns out. I HAVE TO BACKUP AND FORMAT MY ENTIRE 1.0TB C: DRIVE. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FUCKER, SMILING AT ME LIKE IT’S NOT HIS FAULT.

So now I have to do a bunch of shit to get better speeds, let’s hope this little fucker isn’t a dud.

Please, don’t let it be faulty :<


Samsung… I want to tell you how bad this is. It’s bad. Bad bad bad. From the disgusting stereotypes (Inept woman! Gaming Asian! Whitebread McBusiness!) to the not-good-enough-for-community-theater acting, this is just a miserable failure from start to finish.

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OWC launches new Mercury Electra SSD with 2TB capacity

OWC launches new Mercury Electra SSD with 2TB capacity

External image

OWC has today announced its highest capacity 2.5” SSD yet, the 2TB Mercury Electra. The Mercury Electra SSD is claimed to deliver sustained speeds of up to 490MB/s via the 6G SATA interface. It is also fully compatible with the SATA 2.0 (3G) and SATA (1.5G) interfaces. Sequential read p…

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AFT Blackbird VX-2SSD SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Type-C Dual SSD Media Dock

The AFT Blackbird VX-2SSD SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Type-C Dual SSD Media Dock harnesses the latest in high performance USB technology to provide an external solution for popular 2.5-Inch SATA Solid State Drive (SSD) data storage deployment. Switches allow for user-selectable hardware based operation in either striped (RAID 0), mirrored (RAID 1), or Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) modes, providing either speed, safety, or space respectively. The VX-2SSD SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 SSD Media Dock features a modern USB Type-C connector, avoiding the clumsy orientation issues inherent with previous USB ports. As a second generation SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 device it boasts stunning transfer speeds of up to ten Gigabits per second (10Gbps), a plus when utilizing high performance SSD drives. The AFT Blackbird VX-2SSD SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 Type-C Dual SSD Media Dock’s solid industrial housing is both durable and attractive. A 5VDC power supply and USB 3.1 Type-C Cable are included with the Media Dock.