So, I had a rare date night tonight, and while Ghostbusters was my first choice of movie, my husband pushed hard for Star Trek, and out of morbid curiosity I let him win.

And… It’s not bad? Spoiler free review:

This reboot crew will never mean to me what the NextGen or DS9 crews mean to me, or heck, even what the original crew means to me. But they are a darn good bunch of actors with good chemistry. 

I started feeling more hopeful when I realized that Simon Peg wrote the script. He’s an old school Trek fan, and he probably had a much better idea of how to bring the old Trek vibe back into this new shiny thing than anyone else involved.

Thankfully, due mostly to the script and to the actors, this was a very solid Trek film. None of the Trek films blow me away, but they can be interesting and entertaining, and this one works on both of those counts. The story and its twist ending feel very old school Trek (with the exception of destroying the Enterprise. They only ever do that in movies - never the tv shows).

I’m a Karl Urban fan, and he was pretty prominently featured, (as much as or more than Quinto, this time around), so that was fun. And there was no random sexualizing of ladies this time. And the female characters were layered and badass. All good things. But yes, Sulu’s husband had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him role, so I get that critique. 

One thing that I really appreciated about this film was the way it showcased different kinds of tech and design that would truly be possible in space but was never a thing in any other Trek. The lack of variability in tech was always annoying to me with previous Trek incarnations, so the way the possibilities of space tech are used in reboot-Trek is pretty much the only way it surpasses other versions of Trek.

Anyway, not amazing, but a few big steps up from Into Darkness. I give it a solid B.