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You love how big Grayson is. How solid and sturdy his body was built, the way he could pick you up without so much as even a deep breathe whichhhh is why you love to randomly climb on him. He’ll be doing dishes and you’ll run up and jump on his back. Reaching for a glass cup on the top shelf you deem this the perfect opportunity to jump & latch onto his front. Legs wrapped around his waist arms reaching for his hair. “Y/n you little fucking koala. Stop my hands are full” you hear him laugh. Pt 1

“Stay still” you reply shimming up his rock hard body. “Why. Why must you be like this” he shakes his head. you are almost fully seated on his hips. “Can you spread you legs a bit more and bend so I’m secure?” You ask gently rocking back and forth to gain you balance. As he listens to your orders you feel something brush against your inner thigh. “Ow Gray your keys are scratching me” you huff. All this moving has you out of breath. “Babe those arent my keys… might wanna climb off”. “oh. Sorry”


What it was like living in Florida for seven years of my life:

I’m so thankful to be somewhere with snow on the ground right now I could almost cry a little. I almost forgot what it was like to be able to wear a sweater or be physically close to a human being for more than one minute without everyone stewing to death in each other’s sweat.

Whenever someone here in Iowa catches that we moved from Florida, there’s always remarks about how “lucky” we were to be there, how “crazy” we were to leave it, or how terrible it must be to experience a winter. These are people who have likely never been to Florida, and probably think Florida looks like this:

When most of Florida actually looks like either this:

Or this:

Florida was built mostly on what used to be swampland, which was drained and filled in with imported soil and gravel until houses could be built on it. This means that most of where you go in Florida, the ground itself is basically fake, and it looks the part. It’s flat as a pancake, there are perfect, straight drainage ditches instead of rivers or streams and the hills are blocky, artificial things wealthy people have on their properties to keep their shit above flood level.

It is not pretty enough to compensate for its climate.

Now, you probably think you know what being “too hot” is like. Maybe you live in Australia or Nevada or something and you’ve been able to fry eggs on the sidewalk. Yeah, nasty. Like living in an oven, right?

Your NICE, DRY fucking oven.

Florida spends most of the year in the high 80′s at a minimum, the sky is usually cloudless, buildings are built low to the ground and the trees are either palms or scrappy little things offering next to zero shade. The sun is perpetually baking every single surface, to the point that a freshly paved road goes from black to chalky white within weeks.

In fact, EVERYTHING outdoors is steadily bleached chalky white. You better love pastels because no matter what you paint your house or decorate your lawn with, it’s going to become pastel. Pastel with streaks of piss yellow.

  NORMALLY, an environment like this is also associated with dryness, but Florida is not normal.

In Florida, there is almost no reprieve from the humidity. Not in its coolest “winters,” and not indoors with any level of climate control. You can never get rid of mold in your house. You can never stop feeling greasy. Often it’s so moist outside that breathing is physically difficult. Again, you’ve probably experienced this, but there aren’t too many places, at least in America, where you’re stuck with it some 330 days of the year.

And moisture, as you may know, traps additional heat, so when they say Florida is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s the ambient temperature, in the open air. You aren’t air. You are a solid mass that produces body heat and moisture of its own, and you’re legally required to wear some amount of clothing when you step outside. The air may be 90 degrees, but you are going to feel about 120 degrees, and it’s probably going to just steadily get worse until your next opportunity to shower or stand directly in front of an air conditioner for a while.

So Florida combines the blistering sun of Death Valley with the moisture of the Amazon Basin, without looking as nice as either of those places. It’s like they had a baby but they’re two different species so the baby is some freakish sterile donkey monster. That’s Florida. It’s the abominable mule of a rainforest and a desert.

And we haven’t even gotten to THE SMELL yet! Do you realize what it smells like when an entire state is both too wet and too hot ALL the god damned time? When there is never any cool, dry period long enough to clear the air of the collective funk of every possible surface being slowly, perpetually broiled?

Think of how much plastic and rubber is lying around one city. Have you smelled burning plastic and rubber? Now think about how much garbage is lying around in one city. The garbage in the streets, in the cans outside every business, in the cans on the lawns of several million households, all both too hot and too wet. All the time.

Next, factor in the usual level of air pollution when you’ve got a dense population, made denser by the number of people vacationing there and visiting their elderly family memmbers all year round. Good god, the traffic. On top of the car exhaust fumes hanging around in the wet air, you’ve got the collective odor of the people themselves, since everyone is constantly pouring sweat and can’t possibly afford enough showers to keep up with the stink.

Add to that the fact that, despite the wetness, you are never more than a couple miles from something on fire. Sometimes acres and acres of Florida scrubland are on fire. You’ll hear fire trucks multiple times a day no matter where you are, but we’re not here to talk about the noise pollution, which would make this post go on even longer - as would any talk of its equally godawful political and cultural environment.

You’re also never very far from either a beach, brackish river or estuary, of course, and that means you can top off the miasma of bleaching plastic, ash, sweat, body odor, sunscreen, smog and roasting garbage with a whiff of decomposing fish every now and then, like someone quietly hitting a triangle to add one more note to a never-ending song about ass.

And to cut this nice and short, let me wrap up with two magical words every single Floridian will know intimately well sooner or later in their reeking, roasting stew of a state:




I’ve spent the past few months attempting to figure out a framework for Ghost Physics in the Danny Phantom universe? Enjoy my crazed scribblings.

Cliff notes version: The Ghost Zone is our dimension’s 4D “atmosphere,” absorbing harmful trans-dimensional radiation. Ghosts are made of the Ghost Zone’s version of matter, called ectoplasm, a substance capable of 4D motion (video explanation of that), “toggling” how physical forces (esp. electromagnetism and gravity) interact with it, and storing huge amounts of energy. A ghost’s unique nervous system and encoded body plan (the ecto-signature) remains in the upper energy levels of the Ghost Zone at all times, remotely controlling their body. Danny can chemically change his body between ectoplasm and regular matter, and has both a normal physical brain and an ecto-signature.

A Literal Essay:

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Planets: As Seen by Voyager

The Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft explored Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune before starting their journey toward interstellar space. Here you’ll find some of those images, including “The Pale Blue Dot” – famously described by Carl Sagan – and what are still the only up-close images of Uranus and Neptune.

These twin spacecraft took some of the very first close-up images of these planets and paved the way for future planetary missions to return, like the Juno spacecraft at Jupiter, Cassini at Saturn and New Horizons at Pluto.


Photography of Jupiter began in January 1979, when images of the brightly banded planet already exceeded the best taken from Earth. They took more than 33,000 pictures of Jupiter and its five major satellites. 


  • Erupting volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io, which has 100 times the volcanic activity of Earth. 
  • Better understanding of important physical, geological, and atmospheric processes happening in the planet, its satellites and magnetosphere.
  • Jupiter’s turbulent atmosphere with dozens of interacting hurricane-like storm systems.


The Saturn encounters occurred nine months apart, in November 1980 and August 1981. The two encounters increased our knowledge and altered our understanding of Saturn. The extended, close-range observations provided high-resolution data far different from the picture assembled during centuries of Earth-based studies.


  • Saturn’s atmosphere is almost entirely hydrogen and helium.
  • Subdued contrasts and color differences on Saturn could be a result of more horizontal mixing or less production of localized colors than in Jupiter’s atmosphere.
  • An indication of an ocean beneath the cracked, icy crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa. 
  • Winds blow at high speeds in Saturn. Near the equator, the Voyagers measured winds about 1,100 miles an hour.


The Voyager 2 spacecraft flew closely past distant Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun. At its closest, the spacecraft came within 50,600 miles of Uranus’s cloud tops on Jan. 24, 1986. Voyager 2 radioed thousands of images and voluminous amounts of other scientific data on the planet, its moons, rings, atmosphere, interior and the magnetic environment surrounding Uranus.


  • Revealed complex surfaces indicative of varying geologic pasts.
  • Detected 11 previously unseen moons.
  • Uncovered the fine detail of the previously known rings and two newly detected rings.
  • Showed that the planet’s rate of rotation is 17 hours, 14 minutes.
  • Found that the planet’s magnetic field is both large and unusual.
  • Determined that the temperature of the equatorial region, which receives less sunlight over a Uranian year, is nevertheless about the same as that at the poles.


Voyager 2 became the first spacecraft to observe the planet Neptune in the summer of 1989. Passing about 3,000 miles above Neptune’s north pole, Voyager 2 made its closest approach to any planet since leaving Earth 12 years ago. Five hours later, Voyager 2 passed about 25,000 miles from Neptune’s largest moon, Triton, the last solid body the spacecraft had the opportunity to study.


  • Discovered Neptune’s Great Dark Spot
  • Found that the planet has strong winds, around 1,000 miles per hour
  • Saw geysers erupting from the polar cap on Neptune’s moon Triton at -390 degrees Fahrenheit

Solar System Portrait

This narrow-angle color image of the Earth, dubbed ‘Pale Blue Dot’, is a part of the first ever ‘portrait’ of the solar system taken by Voyager 1. 

The spacecraft acquired a total of 60 frames for a mosaic of the solar system from a distance of more than 4 billion miles from Earth and about 32 degrees above the ecliptic.

From Voyager’s great distance, Earth is a mere point of light, less than the size of a picture element even in the narrow-angle camera.

“Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives.” - Carl Sagan

Both spacecraft will continue to study ultraviolet sources among the stars, and their fields and particles detectors will continue to search for the boundary between the Sun’s influence and interstellar space. The radioisotope power systems will likely provide enough power for science to continue through 2025, and possibly support engineering data return through the mid-2030s. After that, the two Voyagers will continue to orbit the center of the Milky Way.

Learn more about the Voyager spacecraft HERE.

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Wow!  It’s been a while since I posted anything, and I feel like I owe you all an explanation!  In September, I got my first studio job and moved across the country, so since then my life has been insanely busy!  Things are finally starting to settle down enough that I have time to finish the personal work I start, so expect to see more from me from here on, and thanks to everyone who stuck with me!  You guys are awesome.

Now let’s talk about Dwarf women.  Recently I decided to take on the task of designing dwarf women who didn’t just feel like little humans, who could be considered attractive, and who also have beards-  because Dwarf women really really should have beards, even if it’s just a little.  Over the course of designing them I considered that probably the main reason Dwarf women are so rarely portrayed with beards is that in our society, beards are a sign of masculinity and being women, they are often still drawn to appeal to our society’s sensibilities.  But Dwarves in fantasy are an entirely separate race from humans with their own styles and sensibilities and saying that their females shouldn’t have beards because it doesn’t appeal to humans is kind of like saying a bird shouldn’t have a beak because it doesn’t appeal to cats.  That all led me down the rabbit hole of thinking about what would likely actually be considered attractive in a Dwarven society– well-maintained beards; Solid, muscled bodies; dainty hands suited to detailed crafting, etc.-  all in all, it was a pretty fun and challenging project!

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At this point I just live for damen being jealous of other people having crushes on laurent!

Jealous Damini and Smaurent AU

(This ended up being father/son bonding AU and Laurent is closer in age to Damen this time around but…hope you enjoy!)

Theomedes almost laughed aloud as he saw Damianos sulking under the shade of an olive tree. But he didn’t laugh; it was unseemly for the king to laugh at the problems of others, no matter how trivial, just as it was unseemly for the Crown Prince to sulk.

Damianos had his full bottom lip clenched between his teeth, his shoulders tensed up defensively, and was throwing rocks dejectedly at a white puff dandelion. He must have truly been in a state because he missed every single time, his expression darkening with each wide throw.

Gods, but it was so hard to keep his expression smooth when his darling, sunny child was being such a storm cloud.

Theomedes cleared his throat in the businesslike way he used for the kyroi. At twelve years old, young boys had that swagger and sense of self-importance that made them weak to being treated like adults.

“Son. Why are you not sparring with the other children?”

Damianos jumped, so deep in his own self-pity that he had not noticed he had been joined by his father. His large, dark eyes widened at first with surprise, then with guilt over allowing to see someone see him in such a state. He dropped his eyes to the ground.

“May I sit?” 

Damianos took a moment before nodding and Theomedes took up spot beside him under the shade of the heirloom tree. He enjoyed the breeze for a moment, allowing Damianos to get used to his presence.

“What have I told you about the manners of a prince?”

“That…that a prince should be an example for his peers.” Damianos began in his smooth reedy voice that would someday become the deep tone of a man’s. “That he must be strong enough to do the things that others may find difficult or unpleasant to do. That he should…be a good host and strive for peace.”

“You are a testament to Akielos.” Theomedes complimented, patting Damianos’ soft black curls. “Now, may I ask why you are not sparring with the other children? Have they been cruel to you?”

It seemed unlikely. Damianos was a warm, friendly child, handsome, well-built for his age, intelligent and good at sports; he was rambunctious with the outspoken older children but possessed no bullying nature. He had always been gentle with the shy and bookish children and the most pleasant to the youngsters of guests. It seemed unlikely that anyone would be capable or foolish enough to bully him, but you could never tell with the newest group. They were too clever by half and rather free with their opinions.

Damianos’ expression darkened for a split second before he caught himself and simply scuffed his sandals in the dirt. 

“It is Alexon.”

This surprised Theomedes. Alexon was the son of the kyroi of Delpha and he was the same age as Damianos and Nikandros. He was tall, a good runner, was polite to adults, and possessed that same easy good humor that had drawn Damianos to him up until recently. 

He did not seem the type to be antagonistic. 

“Has Alexon bested you?” Theomedes was going to be a little disappointed if this was the case. Though Damianos was strong and competitive, he could not be expected to win every time, and Theomedes would thank the gods for this dose of reality.

“No.” Damianos said reluctantly and there was a brief flash of adult-like jealousy on his boyish face. “No he…” As soon as Damianos mustered up the courage, the words flowed out of him in one hot sentence, barely a pause for breath between words. “He asked prince Laurent to go riding with him this afternoon when he knew I wanted to ask and prince Laurent said he would because he likes horses but I wanted to go with him and it’s not fair.”

His head dropped immediately afterwards, as if the words had physically deflated him. Theomedes coughed so he could hide his relief and pinprick of amusement.

“Ah. I see…”

Prince Laurent was the eleven year-old second prince of Vere, visiting with his father, mother, and older brother for a two month diplomatic trip. He was a lovely little boy, with his mother’s quiet poise, arresting blue eyes, and obvious intelligence; he adored his older brother and seemed more the type to squander countless hours in the library than roughhouse with other children outside. Perhaps Damianos had been convincing him to come out.

In any case…

“You know that Laurent is also a prince and he must abide by the same rules as you. He was being very polite by accepting Alexon’s offer.”

Damianos looked stricken with hurt; that his father would taken his enemy’s side over his own? It was the deepest betrayal his young mind could comprehend. “B-But–!”

“Laurent is our guest.” Theomedes reminded him gently. “He cannot only spend time with you. Don’t you think it would be rude to the others if he ignored them?” Damianos obviously did not like the truth of his father’s words.

“B-but…” He wrung his hands in his lap and his voice dropped to a whisper, “But I like him the best and Alexon said he will give Laurent flowers and perhaps a…a k-kiss on the cheek. And it’s not fair!” Damianos shook his head so hard that his curls bounced. “It’s not fair because I like Laurent best and he says he likes me best! I don’t want Alexon to kiss him…”

Theomedes was flabbergasted.

He knew this was the age when young boys and girls began to take notice of one another, to want to press shy, childish kisses to round cheeks, but he had not considered it of Damianos until this very moment. 

Damianos waited expectantly for his father, the king, the man with the answer to everything to provide a solution, so he did not see the flash of white-gold from a few paces to his left. 

Theomedes smiled.

“Alexon will not ride with him every day, will he?” 

“No…” Damianos said miserably as if even the thought of them riding together every day was too much to bear. Surely he would die from envy. 

“Perhaps you should speak to his highness and see if he would like to ride with you another day.” He could see this answer did not soothe his son in the least so he added, in a conspiratorial whisper, “And, between men, there are many men who wished to kiss your mother but she preferred mine above all others. Perhaps the prince will favor yours.”

Damianos’ ears turned the color of spring strawberries but he seemed a little happier at the prospect of prince Laurent preferring his kisses. 

Theomedes kissed his beloved son’s warm forehead. “Princes must be men of diplomacy and action. I am sure if you speak to prince Laurent, he will let you know his thoughts on the matter. You will not feel any better if you remain seated under this olive tree.”

“Yes father.” Damianos said, looking decidedly less sullen. He mostly looked determined now, the cogs of his quick mind working out the best strategy. Theomedes could see in that moment the man he might become. “Thank you for your advice.”

Theomedes stood, brushing the dust off the backs of his thighs. “You’re welcome. I will see you at dinner, Damianos.”

He began to walk back to the palace, hearing the joyful shouts of children at play as he got closer. He glanced over to the right as he passed a cluster of bushes and saw what looked like a pale golden helmet tucked amongst the leaves.

“I see you, your highness.” He said softly so that Damianos would not discover he had had an audience while he had poured out his soul. 

“Good afternoon.” Prince Laurent responded in his lilting Akielon, rising from the bushes as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He had the watchful, crafty eyes of a man grown, not obvious at first due to his pale, angelic beauty. 

“My son is sitting over there.” Theomedes kept up the charade, pretending the little foreign boy had lost his way and somehow ended up buried in bushes. “Should you be interested.”

“Thank you, Exalted One.” Prince Laurent responded and Theomedes pretended not to notice the flaming red-pink blush across his smooth cheeks. Maybe the ivory waif had burned under the sun. It was none of his business…

He excused himself, allowing the young prince to clamber out of the bushes and smooth the leaves from his chiton. 

He only turned back once; when he heard Damianos stutter over Laurent’s name and heard the joy in his son’s tone, Theomedes peeked over his shoulder. Damianos had stood up, his cheeks flaming scarlet as he was suddenly confronted with the source of his affections. His hands were behind his back, obviously balled in his chiton and he shifted his weight with uncharacteristic nervousness. It was clear he was stumbling over his words. He appeared utterly besotted.

And Theomedes could see with his wiser eyes that Laurent was no better off. He just hid it well.

His ears were both solid pink and he seemed to be twitching softly as he listened to Damianos’ stuttered explanation. Gone was the confidence he had had when faced with the king catching him eavesdropping; he was shy now.

Theomedes allowed himself to laugh at their innocent adoration for each other, but even now his statesman mind was mulling this information over. They were young yet.

But maybe in a few years he could have a talk with Aleron…

Hopefully Damianos still wished to kiss the prince’s cheek. Hopefully the prince would prefer it to any other’s kiss.

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Mark your calendars for summer 2018: That’s when we’re launching a spacecraft to touch the sun

In honor of our first-ever mission to the heart of the solar system, this week we’re delving into the life and times of this powerful yellow dwarf star.

1. Meet Parker 

Parker Solar Probe, our first mission to go to the sun, is named after Eugene Parker, an American astrophysicist who first theorized that the sun constantly sends out a flow of particles and energy called the solar wind. This historic mission will explore one of the last regions of the solar system to be visited by a spacecraft and help scientists unlock answers to questions they’ve been pondering for more than five decades.

2. Extra SPF, Please 

Parker Solar Probe will swoop within 4 million miles of the sun’s surface, facing heat and radiation like no spacecraft before it. The mission will provide new data on solar activity to help us better understand our home star and its activity - information that can improve forecasts of major space-weather events that could impact life on Earth.

3. Majorly Massive 

The sun is the center of our solar system and makes up 99.8 percent of the mass of the entire solar system. If the sun were as tall as a typical front door, Earth would be about the size of a nickel.

4. Different Spin 

Since the sun is not a solid body, different parts of the sun rotate at different rates. At the equator, the sun spins once about every 25 days, but at its poles the sun rotates once on its axis every 36 Earth days.

5. Can’t Stand on It

The sun is a star and a star doesn’t have a solid surface. Rather, it’s a ball of ionized gas 92.1% hydrogen (H2) and 7.8% helium (He) held together by its own gravity.

6. Center of Attention 

The sun isn’t a planet, so it doesn’t have any moons. But, the sun is orbited by eight planets, at least five dwarf planets, tens of thousands of asteroids, and hundreds of thousands to trillions of comets and icy bodies.

7. It’s Hot in There 

And we mean really, really hot. The temperature at the sun’s core is about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. However, its atmosphere, the corona, can reach temperatures of 3 million degrees. (That’s as if it got hotter the farther away you got from a fire, instead of cooler!) Parker Solar Probe will help scientists solve the mystery of why the corona’s temperature is so much higher than the surface.

8. Travel Conditions

The sun influences the entire solar system, so studying it helps us better understand the space weather that our astronauts and spacecraft travel through.

9. Life on the Sun? 

Better to admire from afar. Thanks to its hot, energetic mix of gases and plasma, the sun can’t be home to living things. However, we can thank the sun for making life on Earth possible by providing the warmth and energy that supply Earth’s food chain.

10. Chance of a Lifetime 

Last but not least, don’t forget that the first total solar eclipse to sweep across the U.S. from coast-to-coast since 1918 is happening on August 21, 2017. Our toolkit has you need to know to about it

Want to learn more? Read our full list of the 10 things to know this week about the solar system HERE.

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Astrology and Physical Appearance

Before we begin, I’m going to say that more than anything, you genetics will influence the way you look. 

That being said, there are some patterns that can be found between an individual’s Natal Chart and their Physical Appearance. 

The parts of the Natal Chart that tend to be most influential or, I should say, indicative, to a person’s appearance are:

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For @k6034​. Thank you so much!

Dean doesn’t know he’s in love with Cas when they go to the bar that night. He just drags his friend along with him when he goes out for the night, ready to shoot some pool and drink some beer.

Dean doesn’t know he’s in love with Cas when they laugh together at the bar, Dean telling Cas funny stories from his childhood. He just wants to relax, and it’s nice to remember the good times. It’s even better to see Cas smile like that. Like maybe he’s relaxed too.

Dean doesn’t know he’s in love with Cas when they move to the pool table. He just likes how strong Cas looks with his coat billowing behind him and that serious expression on his face. It’s just nice to have someone like that on his side. Someone he can trust.

Dean doesn’t know he’s in love with Cas when Cas pouts at missing shot after shot. “I understand the physics of this,” Cas tells him, “but I can’t seem to line the shot up correctly to achieve it.” Dean slides in behind him without thinking, because Dean’s a pro and knows he can show his friend the proper way to shoot.

Dean doesn’t know he’s in love with Cas as they bend over the table together, Cas’ solid body beneath Dean’s, their hands touching. But he does know that this feels different, that Cas’ face isn’t normally this close, that his own heart doesn’t usually pound this way.

Dean doesn’t know he’s in love with Cas as he keeps correcting Cas’ shot, curling closer and closer, forgetting that he’s supposed to keep space between them, that he shouldn’t hold his hand over Cas’ that long afterward.

But Dean knows he’s in love with Cas when Cas leans in and kisses him, soft and slow, lips curling up in a smile over Dean’s mouth, silently saying it’s about time, I’ve been waiting.

And from the look on Cas’ face when he pulls away, Cas knows Dean’s in love, too.

Three (Harry Styles + Fionn Whitehead Smut)

You don’t know how it started. But from the moment you met Fionn, you wanted to know him. He was sweet, mysterious and there was something about him that made him different, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. You had, what you called, a “friend crush” on Fionn. He was cute, sure. But he had also become one of Harrys best friends. You had never liked one of Harrys friends as more than a friend, and you sure as hell weren’t going to start now. But as Fionn slowly inserted himself into Harrys life outside of Dunkirk, the more time you spent time with him. And the more you spent time with him, the more you were able to look into his pretty hazel eyes and bright smile. And this lead to you developing more than a “friend crush” on him. But Fionn was good at hiding his emotions, so you had no idea that the feeling was mutual. He had let it slip after one too many beers sitting poolside with Harry.

“She’s hot mate.” He slurred looking over at Harry.


“(y/n)” he said shamelessly.

“Oy, that’s me girl your crackin’ on.” Harry said sitting up from his slouching position in his chair.

“But you’ve got to admit, she’s hot.” Harry let a sly smirk grace his lips as his drunken thoughts drifted to his beautiful girl. As much as he wanted to be, he couldn’t be mad at Fionn. You were hot. Now that Harry thinks about it, he had noticed Fionn looking at you the way only he was supposed to. Just then, a thought drifted into Harrys head that probably shouldn’t have. Harry would normally never suggest such a thing, but the alcohol running through his veins and the image of you in his head made his better judgement lapse.

“If…” Harry starts.

“Get on with it, Harry.” Fionn said to him

“If she agrees to a threesome, would you do it?”

“You mean… you, me and her?” Fionn asks.

Harry nods and takes another swig of his beer, which is probably the last thing on earth he needs more of right now.

“I’m in.”

When Harry gets home from his morning workout, he finds you curled up in your favorite corner of your shared home. He decides to pop in, kiss your forehead and take a shower before he speaks to you. When he comes back downstairs, he now finds you sitting at the kitchen island with a cup of coffee in your hands, held out for him.

“I made your coffee, baby. Just the way you like it.” You said smiling up at him and placing a kiss to his jaw.

“Thank you love. Um…can we talk?” he nervously asked you taking a seat.

“What’s on your mind, bub?”

“You like Fionn, don’t you?” he said keeping his eyes trained on his coffee mug.

“He’s sweet. Yea I like him.”

“Do you find him attractive? Like, sexually?”

“He’s cute…Harry, where are you going with this?” you asked him confused.

It was then Harry realized that the worst you could do was laugh in his face and tell him no, which he could handle, so he just spit it out,

“Do you want to have a threesome with Fionn and I?” he said finally looking up at you.

You hesitated for a moment. Harry had always been very protective of you and very private with your sex life. So why now all of a sudden, he wants to open it up for Fionn, of all people. How did this even come about? You can’t imagine it being Fionn’s idea, he always seems so innocent and respectful. But all these questions aside, Harry wouldn’t have asked if he didn’t trust Fionn. And you did think he was attractive; beyond, actually. So, before you could talk yourself out of it, you blurted out a “Sure. Why not?”

Harrys face lit up, and he got up from the table and placed a burning kiss to your lips. “I’ll go call Fionn!” he said running down the hall, leaving you to wonder what the hell you’ve gotten yourself into.

A few nights later, there you were, in black and red lace, a silk sheer robe covering your body, waiting for Fionn to arrive at yours and Harrys home. You paced back and forth wondering how all this would play out.

“Relax, love. It’ll be fun. And if you want it to stop, just say the word.” And before you could respond to Harry, who was sitting on the end of the bed in a pair of bright red Calvin Klein boxers, the doorbell rang and it nearly made you jump out of your skin.

“I’ll get it!” you said running down the marble staircase and to the front door.

You opened the door to be greeted by a smiling Fionn, with a bottle of Rosé.

“Hi, come on in.” you said and stepped aside, letting him into your home.

“Thank you. You look stunning. I can’t believe this is actually happening.” He said nervously.

You laughed as Fionn took off his shoes at the door.

“Well believe it. Head on up to the bedroom. Go up the stairs and to the right; big white double doors, can’t miss it. Harrys waiting. I’ll get some glasses for the wine.” You said smiling at him. The wine would be helpful in loosening you up.

When you get to the bedroom, Fionn has already stripped down to his black boxers, toned arms and abs on display as well as broad shoulders. It was strange, it had been years since you’d been with anyone other than Harry. You placed the glasses down on the bedside table.

“Anyone want any wine?” you asked as you poured a glass for yourself. You were met with two “No, thank you” and you drank the whole glass in one go.

“Alright.” You said and dropped your robe revealing your lacy outfit. You didn’t know what to do, so you looked at Harry for guidance, which Fionn was already doing.

“What are you looking at me for? Have at it. My only rules are, if (y/n) says stop, stop. And Fionn- wear this.”

Harry said tossing a condom Fionns way. He nodded and you made your way over to stand between his legs, figuring Harry would join in when he was ready. You leaned down and let your lips ghost over Fionn’s, before pressing them together. The kiss was sweet, Fionn obviously testing the waters. As your tongue ran over his bottom lip to deepen the kiss, your hands pressed onto his shoulders to push him back onto the bed. You climbed on top of him, lining your aching core up with his hard cock, grinding on him like you would Harry. He let out a moan in your mouth, and gripped your hips hard. His hips bucked up to get more from you and this caused you to bite down on his full bottom lip and whimper out his name. It felt so strange, saying a name in bed that wasn’t Harry. You disconnected your lips from the beautiful boys, to leave a trail of kisses down his solid body, with no tattoos in your wake. Pulling his hard cock from his tight boxers, you couldn’t help but compare him to Harry. He was slightly smaller and not as thick, and had a little more of a curve to him than Harry did. You took the plunge and wrapped your lips around him. Fionns eyes rolled back into his head and his fingers made their way to your hair as you swirled your tongue around his swollen, raspberry head.

“Fuck, you feel like velvet.” He said pulling tighter on your hair as your lips slid up and down his cock, covering him in your saliva. You licked all the way up the vein on his underside, and sucked hard on his tip causing him to let out a deep moan.

“Shit. Fuck don’t stop beautiful. Look at you, taking my cock so well.” He said. You let your tongue feel out every vein bump and ridge on him as you took him as far as you could go, your lips touching the base of his cock, his tip hitting the back of your throat. He let out a whimper and bucked up his hips harder, causing you to choke around his thick length and pull back. He was covered in your spit and you could tell he was close. But you wanted him inside you. So, you made your way back up his body pressing your lips to his mouth in a breathless, hard kiss.

“I want you inside me Fionn. Want your big cock inside my tight pussy. It’s so wet for you baby.”

Fionn let out a breath you didn’t know he was holding, and before you knew it, you were on your back, looking up at the pretty boy. It was now his turn to cover you in kisses. He took off your bra, and his lips wrapped around your nipple and sucked on the hard nub. He did the same for the other as one of his long slender fingers made its way into your soaked panties and slipped itself inside you. It was your hips that were now bucking up into him, his finger pumping in and out of you and his lips pressing hot, open mouthed kisses to your neck.

“Your pussy is so fucking tight baby. Shit and you’re so wet for me. I’ve got to taste you.” And with that, his fingers left your body, only to pull your panties down your shaking legs. He threw them over his shoulder, and leaned down to press open mouthed kisses to the inside of your thighs. You took this moment to look over at Harry, who you’d forgotten about until now. His boxers were off his body and on the floor next to his feet, as his hand dragged slowly up his hard, red cock. The sight alone, made you let out a whimper as Fionns soft, warm, wet tongue ran itself up your dripping center.  

“Enjoying yourself there, love?” Harry asked you.

And before you could even respond, Fionns lips wrapped around your clit and gave it a hard suck.

“Fuck, Fionn!” you moaned as you bucked your hips up to get more of his mouth. He kissed all the way down you, before his tongue slipped inside you, fucking you expertly. That, mixed with the slow circles he was rubbing on your clit, and the sight of Harry tugging on his oozing cock made your orgasm rip through you. Your toes curled, your back arched and your hips bucked. Fionns tongue was still fucking you, as your vision went white.

“Oh, my god, Fionn fuck baby.” You had a frim grip on his hair as you enjoyed the aftershocks of your high, his thumb still on your clit, his tongue still feeling your velvety, throbbing walls.

When you opened your eyes, you were met with a smiling Fionn, with a mix of his spit and your juices covering the bottom half of his face. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and then said,

“I think someone else wants some of your attention as well.” And he nodded towards Harry who was standing on the side of the bed. You smiled up at your beautiful boy, and for the first time tonight, you kissed a familiar pair of warm, plump lips. You and Harry got lost in your passionate kiss, and you only broke it because of the sound of Fionn tearing a condom open and rolling it on.

“C’mere baby girl.” Fionn said and he pulled you away from Harry and pushed a hand on your back to make you kneel down, your ass touching the tip of Fionns cock, your nose nearly touching Harrys. Fionn wasted no time pushing inside you, you both letting out a loud moan at the feeling. You felt full, to the brim actually. And you knew it wouldn’t take long for Fionn to make you cum, your pussy feeling like silk against his thick cock. Your lips wasted no time wrapping around Harry, him almost doubling over at the feeling of your lips. You couldn’t hold Harrys hips like you normally would, having to keep yourself up, due to Fionn basically pounding  you from behind.

“Fuck my mouth baby.” You said looking up at Harry. He nodded and guided his cock inside your mouth, fucking your mouth at the same pace Fionn was fucking your pussy. The three of you were moaning messes, getting turned on by not only the feeling but also by the atmosphere. You moaned around Harrys cock when Fionn hit that little spot inside you that made you squirm. You squeezed around him as he let out an animalistic growl, driving his length into you hard, causing you to take all of Harrys length into your mouth. Spit was dripping down your chin and onto the bed, your arousal dripping down your thighs. You could feel both Harry and Fionn twitch inside you, just as Fionns fingers began to rub harshly at your clit. This caused your second orgasm of the evening, your jaw going slack and moaning around Harrys cock. He pulled his cock from your mouth and let his hand harshly jerk himself off, his cum painting your face as your name and a string of profanities falling from his lips. You got so caught up in Harry that you didn’t realize Fionn was also cumming inside the condom that covered him. Fionn moaned your name and collapsed onto the bed behind you, and you laid down beside him as he caught his breath.

You moved over to make room for Harry, and as soon as he was in reach, you pressed your lips to his in a hot kiss. He pulled away, admiring the sight of you fucked out, his cum dripping all over your face. He brought a finger up to your cheek, swiping a thick drop of cum off your skin, holding it up to your lips to suck at. You did, sucking on his fingers, just as you did his cock moments ago. You giggled, pressing another kiss to Harrys lips, before he wiped the rest of his cum off your face with a tissue.

“You ok?” he asked you sweetly.

“Great. You?”


You both looked over at Fionn.

“Fionn, you alright man?” Harry asked

“Never better.”