solid visions

  • Why kaiba invented solid vision in the manga: the shadow game i played with yugi made me feel alive, and despite nearly dying it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in my trauma​ filled life. I will go to the absolute​ limits of technology to recreate that experience.
  • Why kaiba invented solid vision in the anime: this card games fun, but yknow what its missing? RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE HOLOGRAMS THATS WHAT!!!!

Black and Gold 

 Part One Warnings - swearing, mentions of violence, depression and anxiety.    _______

It was like a pounding, almost like a drum bouncing against my skull, crushing it down onto my brain mercilessly. It was dark, specks of white throbbed in the corner of it but it didn’t make out a shape or sound, it just flickered in the same place.

There was a firm grip on my arms, and I felt deathly cold, frozen almost. My body was being dragged along the floor, being held up at my arms whilst my legs were pulled along behind. My heart was dull, the beating quickened with each breath of air I allowed into my lungs, slowly pulling me back to life.

Then, like a wave, it hit me. The kidnap, experimentation and torture, every memory pushed to the front of my mind and I felt myself snap like a twig underneath a boot, easily and with little control. My eyes groaned open into slits, silently wincing at the bright lights of the corridor, feeling tingled in the tips of my fingers like pins being stabbed into a cushion. My heart rate throbbed in my chest, threatening to break out as my narrowed golden orbs took in my surroundings as my ears focused back into reality.

Alarms were going off everywhere, soldiers rushing around with guns in their hands and violent words leaving their mouths as they stared at me with wide eyes as my carriers pulled me through a set of swinging doors. My body showed no sign of life other than my twitching fingers and my tanned complexion returning to my skin once more.

I suddenly felt wide awake, the blood pumping through my veins telling me one thing like a devil on my shoulder. I listening to the voice with a smirk playing on my lips, letting the room go silent before swinging my weight to propel me into the air before landing behind my carriers who froze in their places, their hands slowly sketching toward their pistols. Before they could grab their weapons they fell to the floor as I pulled their hearts from their bodies, the organs falling into my palms making them red with the colour of death.

The corridor was empty for only a moment before a whole squadron of men fled into the narrow path, their guns poised and ready to fire if necessary. They never got the chance, my mind ripped the weapons from their grasps and made them point at their previous owners before opening fire, the walls painted with blood, lifeless bodies scattered across the ground.

A slow and lonely applause echoed through the hallway, then he appeared at the end with a sickly smile and haunting gaze which had the ability to make me shrink into nothing, “Wolf, oh my little Golden Wolf,” he mocked as he approached me, the lights flickering overhead with each step he took. I didn’t dare to move as he circled me like a predator, the man who took everything from me stood before me with a look in his eye which could bury anyone six feet under. My captor darted forward and took my face in his hand, forcing our eyes to connect as he searched them, extracting every little secret in my body like a game, “We are under attack, you’re abilities are about to be tested, Little One,” his grip was hard, and cold, the throbbing of my skin indicated I would have some form of bruising there later.

“Yes Sir,” it came out as a mere whisper and he scoffed before snatching my arm and leading me to a room at the opposite end of the hallway, pushing me inside and turning the lights on.

The blinking lights illuminated a suit made from black leather with gold stitching, it had a high neck and looked extremely tight. Next to the suit sat heeled combat boots and a pair of fingerless gloves made from leather, again with gold patterns on the material, “Get changed,” he ordered and I did as I was asked, peeling myself from my other clothes and throwing myself into the unwelcoming suit which glued to my skin. My master came up from behind me in my reflection, covering my mouth with some kind of guard which started at my chin and ended just below my eyes, it was also black, “Now go.”

Without another word I headed through the facility, soldiers of the cause split like the red sea as I passed, they whispered to one another about it being my first time fighting outside of training. Black doors entered my vision as I rounded the corner, explosions and gunfire piercing through the walls, pounding them like drums. My eyes morphed into a darker shade of gold as my outstretched palms slammed the doors wide open to reveal a battlefield littered with bodies and craters in the soil, smoke rose above the tree line and coated the sky in black. My feet carried me out of the facility, men dressed in their uniforms fell behind me in shock as my dark waves fell down and framed my face.

A screaming battlefield turned deadly silent, everything seemed to stop moving, to stop breathing. A group of people I didn’t recognise paced into a clearing and stared me down, one of them in particular wore the red star on his metal arm, the star of my captors. My eyebrows dipped in confusion but I shook it off as quickly as it came as I continued to pace toward them, fire lingering behind my dark gold orbs. Once they realised that I wasn’t stopping, a woman wearing a red trench coat stepped forward with some kind of red energy pulsing between her palms in a warning. The woman threw her energy at me but stood in horror when it didn’t effect me, instead she brewed another batch of her red mass and turned to her comrades, “I can’t stop it,” she cried in her thick accent as my eyes zoned into her body, my mind penetrating her own like darts on a board.

The woman stood stuck in place, shaking uncontrollably as she fought to take back her body from my grasp. From the corner of my eye, a metal figure flew overhead, shooting his blasters at me but failing when the ricocheted off of me and back into his direction, sending him tumbling to the ground. My lips wore a smirk, not that they could see it.

A body moved behind me, it was large and menacing but I turned and grabbed its green fist in my palm before it was able to strike me. It looked confused but angry, my free hand touched its forehead and it fell to a lump on the forest floor. With a sigh I turned to face my foes again, the man with the metal arm had moved closer to me, examining me, “Why are you helping them?”

His friend was surprised at my words, how I was english and proudly so, the man with black hair frowned, “What?” His eyes followed my pointing finger to the star on his arm, “I used to belong to HYDRA, I managed to break free,” his words struck something within me, something which made my control on the witch drop.

I took a step forward, “Break free, how?” I asked him, my voice muffled by the covering over my mouth.

“Get out of there, Wolf, come back now-” with a growl I ripped the earpiece out of my ear, crushing it beneath my heeled boot.

The man with the red star sent me a look, wide eyes, “They didn’t wipe you?”

A chuckle left my lips, “Many times since they caught me,” I paused, “What year is it?”

There was a shield latched onto his friend’s arm, he slotted it onto his back, “It’s 2017,” a shallow breath passed between my lips, “When did they take you? Why didn’t their tactics work on you like they did with my friend?”

I blinked hard and my mouth felt oddly dry, “It was 1945, the day the war ended,” I paused, looking around, “They pumped that much shit into me that it made it impossible for them to wipe me, everything would come back, I wouldn’t comply, they tortured me to get me to fear them,” the birds sang in the trees and a soft smile found my lips.

Then, total darkness.


HELLO LOVELY READERS ❤ while I’m writing up your requests I thought I would throw together a quick “ Dating bucky would include” prompt together. Enjoy 💕

*dating Bucky Barnes would include*

- him being scared of hurting you because of his metal arm
- whispering kind words to you in Russian at night when he thinks you’re asleep
- being super protective
- soft kisses like he’s afraid to break you
- passionate kisses
- timid smiles from across the room
- Tony and Steve purposely hitting on you to make Bucky jealous
- calling him sarge or soldier
- metal arm 😏
- falling asleep in his arms after a movie marathon
- him making you watch horror movies just to have you curled against him when you’re scared
- helping him get through his nightmares from HYDRA
- teasing eachother
- “ Whatever you say beautiful” and that lopsided grin
- butt grabs because he’s a tease
- long walks talking about life
- neck kisses to wake you up
- hugs you from behind then picks you up

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>baby:</b> m..m...<p/><b>me:</b> omg! the baby's first words!!<p/><b>baby:</b> m..m..mmm<p/><b>me:</b> say momma!<p/><b>baby:</b> mission report, December 16, 1991<p/></p><p/></p>


“yusei why do you have acorns in your poncho”

“they’re for bolto hedgehog”

“you……do realize bolto hedgehog isn’t real, right?”


Being Wanda's daughter would include...

Being Wanda’s daughter would include….

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[A/n: there have peen people asking about other “Being *Persons* daughter would includes,” that have been requested in the past, I’m still doing them so don’t worry!]

[Age: 0-10]

  • Her almost killing pietro while giving birth to you
  • “Calm down, Wanda”
  • “You’re not helping!”
  • “What was that phrase, steve always says?’
  • “Oh! Don’t worry wanda, ‘it’s only a phase’”
  • “You’re life is going to be a phase if you don’t shut up”
  • Her falling in love with you immediately
  • “Mommy’s always going to be here to protect you ,”
  • She struggled on your first day of school
  • But not as much as pietro
  • “My Darling Niece is away on her first day of school”
  • “I haven’t even left yet,”
  • “Oh,”
  • She struggled to leave the building on your first day of school
  • But it was worth it because she loved hearing about your first day of school
  • Playing dress up with the avengers
  • “If this isn’t a phase steve i swear i’ll have your head on a platter,”
  • Having wanda’s powers
  • “Wanda are you making everything float?”
  • “No, Why?”
  • “I think (y/n) may have your powers”

[Age: 10-20]

  • Literally no one messing with you because you’re mom is a badass
  • If you’re mom felt any boy was going to do you wrong they weren’t allowed in the house
  • “I don’t like him.”
  • “Mom you say that about everyone,”
  • “Is there something wrong with that?”
  • “N-no, but what if I really like someone,”
  • “Then ignore me, it’s not my choice in who you date,”
  • You were really nervous when you brought Peter home
  • “You’re mom is an avenger?!”
  • “Tony! You said they’d never meet,”
  • Your mom was pretty surprised
  • *Cue Steve and his phase talk*
  • “Don’t worry Wanda I’m sure it’s just a phase,”
  • “Have you seen the way they look at each other!”
  • “She’s smart, and he’s smart enough to know if he hurts her he’ll have to deal with us,”

[Age: 20]

  • “Not a phase,”
  • Steve getting glared at for like the eighth time
  • (Seriously I can’t believe I’ve done eight of these, we’re like three or four away from doing Steve)
  • Wanda cried when you said your vows
  • “My baby, she’s all grown up,”
  • “She’s not yours you dummy,”
  • Pietro cried too
  • “She’s my baby niece,”
  • “Guys you’re disturbing other guests,”
  • Cue visions burnt wedding cake next to the extravagant one tony bought
  • You cut both though
  • “I told you he was the right one,”
  • “Yeah yeah, whatever,”
  • “I love you mom,”
  • “I love you too.”
Have you ever realised that, Bucky and Steve will one day be deemed as "too old" to play with Lego?

Because I have.

And I am not okay.


I have a head canon

That every time Steve Rogers hears someone say: “it’s a free country” he just kinda looks up and murmurs “your welcome” and continues on with his day

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Visions of Winter

Chapter 1/(?): In Love with the Shape of You

*not my gif*

A/N: I know I stink at finishing things ;-; a lot has happened in the past year. BUT I’m definitely excited to see where this story goes, and if y’all like it, I’ll continue it. Some feedback is always welcome!

Also, I was recently inspired by that Ed Sheeran song - hence the title of this chapter. And of course this is a modern AU Bucky x Reader story, with some dark backstories, romance, angst, and danger ;P Enjoy~!

He couldn’t tell if it was your hips in that tight black skirt or those smokey eyes that caught his attention first - both so sultry and beautiful in their own way. But the glance you gave him while he wiped a shot glass clean as you sauntered by the bar table had him hooked in an instant.

“Uhhh, hey, Buck. You got some drool on your chin there.”

Bucky put the toweled hand to his mouth before he realized his friend at the table was just messing with him. “Oh shut up, Steve,” he chuckled, putting the glass away and towel on a hook.

Steve put up his hands in mock surrender as the smirk on his face grew wider. “Not my fault I caught you lookin’.”

“Yeah? Last time I checked, those blue eyes of yours followed her too.”

“You got me there, but I wish she was checkin’ them too,” Steve sighed, tapping his hands on the table in a quick rhythmic motion.

“Whatcha mean?”

“You kidding me, right,” he mocked. “Did you not see those lashes bat at you?”

The tips of Bucky’s ears turned pink as he mumbled, “No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

With the roll of his eyes, Steve prepared himself for the advice he was going to give. “Look, Casanova, I know you haven’t been in the game much since that Miranda or whatever left you for some dentist, but don’t be afraid to go after what you like.”

Bucky let out a short laugh. “Are you for real right now? Steve Rogers, the biggest gentleman I know, is telling me, Bucky Barnes, to go out and hit on unassuming women like a tool to get over an ex?”

Steve blushed and shrugged. “Hey hey, I’m just trying to think like you-before-Miranda, I guess. I dunno, you’ve just seemed a little down lately, and I’m trying my best to get your mojo back.”

Bucky’s eyes rolled. “Excuse me, the mojo never left. I just… haven’t seen anyone that’s caught my eye yet.”

“The gal that just walked by seemed to. For a whole five seconds.”

“You counted?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Steve chuckled, placing his fist under his chin and his elbow on the counter. “Now are you gonna give me another shot or are you gonna show me that mojo of yours isn’t dead.”

“How ‘bout both,” Bucky uttered with a smirk as he poured his friend another drink. “Watch the bar for me.” And with that, Bucky walked around from behind the bar and into the back hallway towards the bathrooms, ignoring Steve’s calls that he honestly was not going to watch the bar for him.

After going to the jon, Bucky waited outside the bathrooms, leaning against the wall opposite of the women’s bathroom door, which soon opened as the girl from earlier stepped out. He was lighting a cigarette when you paused to look up at him, but noticed he was already looking at you.

"The owner lets their bartenders smoke inside?” You say with mock reprimanding.

Bucky chuckles and takes a hit, then blows the smoke out from the side of his mouth. “Well what if the bartender is also the owner?”

You cross your arms in a shrug. “You got me, then. So you really own this place?”

“Yeah, bought it a few years back. It’s given me a decent living. I actually live in the apartment just above it too.”

“Ohhhh, so the studio? Nice place.”

Bucky nods once, keeping his eyes locked with yours. “You been up there before?”

“Yep, the previous owner may have taken me up there once or twice.” You grin playfully, biting your lip and reveling in the reward of his pupils dilating against those pretty sky blue irises. God, he was gorgeous.

“Ahh I see. And was he - I mean - it entertaining? The place and all… Has a nice view, decent surround sound setup.” A playful glimmer flashed across his eyes as he spoke, and you felt your stomach flip - in the good way.

“Yeah, I’d say so.” You flashed another smile at him. “My name’s (y/n), by the way.” You held out your hand and he took it, bringing it slowly to his lips, inadvertently pulling you closer to him.

“Nice to meet you, Miss (y/n). My name is James Buchanan Barnes.” He kissed your knuckles softly, letting his mouth linger while still keeping eye contact with you. “But you can call me Bucky.”

You were glad you wore foundation that night or else he would’ve been able to see how flushed you had gotten. “Nice to meet you then, Bucky Barnes.”

You two probably would’ve stayed there gazing at each other for longer if a stumbling guest hadn’t entered the hallway and tripped over himself between you towards the men’s bathroom. You both awkwardly stepped back against opposite walls, looking down at the floor while the man slurred something about his “damn mortgage payments” and walked into the men’s room.

After watching the swinging door close, Bucky looked up at you and let out a small laugh, “I hope our night turns out better than his seems to be.”

You smiled widely. “I think it will.”

Bucky gleamed as he scratched the back of his head. “So, uh, would you like to get more drinks? On the house.”

“Hmmmmm on the house? How could I say no to that.” You winked at him, delighted to see his cheeks turn pink. Getting attractive men to blush always made you pleased on the inside. “After you, Mr. Barnes.”

You followed him out of the hallway and back into the main room of the bar. He walked behind the bar table and got out a mixture of different drinks while you took a seat next to a handsome blond. He grinned kindly at you and then looked at Bucky.

“Aw, you making that for me?” He snickered at Bucky, who rolled his eyes with a laugh.

“Yeah you wish. I’m making this for the lovely (y/n) here, actually.”

The blond turned his head to you again and smiled. “Hi, (y/n). I’m Steve Rogers.”

Geez, you thought, what is it about this bar? An attractive guy magnet? You returned a small smile and gave a slight nod. “Nice to meet you, Steve.”

The three of you spent the next two hours drinking, laughing, chatting, and playing with Steve’s game cards that he took from his coat pocket. You beat them every time.

“Gosh, (y/n), are you a mind reader or something?” Steve breathed out, baffled that you beat him at blackjack for the fifth time.

You giggled, feeling a bit lightheaded as you leaned against the back of your stool. “You callin’ me a cheater, Mr. Rogers?”

“No no,” he laughed. “It’s just… you’re truly good at it.”

“Well thank you~” you somewhat sang out, and giggled again.

He sighed and turned to look up at the clock above Bucky. “Wow, it’s 3am? Where does the time go when you’re having a good time, huh? I’ve gotta be heading home.”

Bucky nodded at him. “Want me to call you an uber?”

Steve waved him off. “Nah, I’ll walk. I like to think off my alcohol,” he chuckled.

Bucky grinned at him. “Alright, alright. I’ll see you around then, bud.”

“It was nice to meet you, (y/n),” he mumbled as he turned to you with a small smile. You smiled back with a short nod as he stood up. With a quick wave, he walked out of the bar with the last few guests following behind.

You watched until the last person left, then slowly turned back towards Bucky. “Steve’s such a nice guy,” you say to him as he finishes off his 8th beer.

“Yeah, I’ve known him for a looooong time. He’s my best friend actually.” His eyes look nostalgic for a split second, but the moment passes and he’s then leaning on the table and just looking at you.

Heat goes to your ears as you somewhat look away from those intense eyes, and you mumble with feign confidence, “Why are you looking at me like that, Mr. Barnes, hm?”

He sighs through his nose and simply states, “I just really want to kiss you right now.”

Your eyes widen for a split second as you see him lean in, but it’s taking too damn long. You close the gap, almost too quickly, as your mouth clumsily crashes against his. Bucky truly doesn’t seem to mind because his hands are immediately at the sides of your face, holding you against him. You climb on top of the bar, accidentally knocking over a few glasses, but neither of you really cared the second your legs wrapped around his torso. You kiss each other hungrily, only breaking apart to rip your shirts off each other and toss them to who knows where. Lord, he tastes so good, it’s addicting. His stomach grinds against you, and his mouth leaves marks along your jaw and neck, but it’s not enough. He lets out a deep groan as you tug on his messy brown locks, and you swear it’s the sexiest sound you’ve ever heard. One hand caresses your thigh while the other digs into your ass causing your head to tilt back with a gasp. Why is this so intense right now?

“Ohh, my god, Bucky,” you sigh as he nips that sweet spot between your neck and shoulder, urging him to keep going.

Bucky’s hands slide up the sides of your torso, sending shivers down your spine. He kisses down your sternum to your stomach, and up again while he palms over your red lacy bra. The unexpected teeth dragging and licks are driving you insane. You lean back on your elbows as he goes lower, his hands now both wrapped into the fabric of your skirt, surprising you that it hasn’t ripped yet. He tugs on it, just enough so the rim of your matching underwear is showing, but all you want is for him to tear everything off. His tongue swirls around the sensitive skin of your right inner hip bone, causing your hips to buck in anticipation. This man is going to kill me… Holy shit, this is amazing- 

And then he stops.

“W-wait, what’re you doing?” You breathe out heavily as he stands up, allowing more space between the two of you.

“I-I’m sorry, (y/n),” he pants, catching your disappointed eyes with his. “But I can’t do this. Not right now.”

You feel a pang in your chest, and suddenly feel the need to cover up. “O-oh… why?”

Catching your mood, he corrects himself. “No, no…! I don’t mean it’s cuz of you or your body. I mean, I swear, I’m in love with it. Really. It’s just… before I do anything with you, I’d rather we be sober.”

You look down and nod, still feeling slightly disappointed, but better. “Oh. Yeah, I can respect that.”

Still with chests heaving, you keep your eyes locked on each other. If it felt like that intoxicated, you could only imagine what it would feel like completely sober. What was that even?

“So, um… do you have a ride…?” He asks, baffling you that this guy can go from freaking sex demon to caring angel in seconds.

“I…uh. No actually. I forgot to set one up.”

“Oh. You, um… wanna stay with me? I mean like in my bed - I mean at my apartment with me - but not like WITH me in that sense cuz drunk and yeah.”

“Oh my gosh,” you laughed, shaking your head at the blushing dork before you. “Yes, that sounds fine to me. Thank you.”

He shrugged shyly and smiled. “No problem.”

After picking up your shirts and locking the front door, you took your arm in his and walked to the hallway, heading in the opposite direction of the bathrooms to another locked door that lead to a stairway. You were shocked you didn’t hear any yelling from neighbors telling the two of you to shut up from all the drunken giggling that occurred the entire climb. Once going up a couple stories, you made it to the 5th floor where there was another door. Bucky unlocked and opened it, guiding you into his open studio apartment. It was only a little bit different than you remembered three years ago - more cozy maybe. Being near the water meant the large ceiling-to-floor windows displayed a perfect view of the Hudson River; you remember it looking gorgeous at sunset.

“Here, you can take my bed, I’ll take the couch. The bathroom is over there to the left of the windows.” Bucky grabbed a pillow off his king size bed for himself and started heading towards the couch when you stopped him.

“Wait, um, can I sleep with you…? Like in your bed, together, just spooning or something,” you ask shyly.

Bucky can’t help but think you’re the cutest, sexiest thing he’s ever seen and relaxes his paused stance. With a small smile, he replies, “Of course. Sounds great to me. You can borrow one of my t-shirts if you’d like.”

“Sure, thank you, Mr. Barnes.”

“My pleasure, Miss (y/n).”

After clumsily washing up and changing into your respectable pjs, the two of you crawl under the covers together. Bucky pulls you in close to him, but not too close as to arouse another bar-incident. You enjoyed the feeling of his strong arms gently wrapping around you, making you feel safe for once in a long time. But he didn’t need to know about that. It’s not like you were staying with him for long anyways, just another guy on another lonely night. Yet, it didn’t feel so lonely this time, and that made part of you hate it, because that meant that it would only hurt once this little - whatever this was - had to end.

Bucky let out a content sigh, interrupting your thoughts. “Goodnight, (y/n), sweet dreams.”

You can’t help the smile that plays across your lips. “Goodnight, Bucky. Thank you for this… See you in the morning.”

Drowning pain

Request from @loveyourselfcreateyourself

Summary : Titanic themed fic with Bucky x femreader.

Warnings : fluff, sadness but then happiness

A/N : SORRY I suck at updating guys! School is drowning me but its finally March break so I’m going to be writing non stop to give you guys the best! Any requests please send them in! ❤ hope you all like it!


The horn of the ship blared in rhythmic pattern, a pattern that was unrecognizable. It sent a sharp spear of anxiety through your head. You stand upright groggily in your bed and where you are almost lulled back to sleep by the sway of the ship until the ship jostled to the side intensely, causing you to fling against the wooden wall.

You groaned at the impact causing Wanda to peer from the top bunk “What is the matter?” she asked in her exotic accent. “Didn’t you feel that?” she smirked, “Actually I was sound asleep until your shriek woke me up”, you stuck your tongue at her playfully.

“I don’t shriek” you reply hotly. Wanda laughed her windchimed laugh in response and stepped down. You peered at the door cautiously. Wanda combed her fingers through her hair “If you’re that worried we can go and check to see what’s going on”. You walked slowly and opened the door, the hallway was quiet… until the safety alarms began shrieking and flashing a angry red. You shot a panicked glance at Wanda and your first thought was to go find Bucky. Wanda must have been thinking the same and says “Let’s go find the others, fast”.

You both sprinted to the rooms on the opposite side and knocked fiercely. Wanda was greeted by Steve, Natasha and Tony. Clint opened the door when you knocked on it, “Are you guys okay, is Bucky here?” you ask in a breathy voice. Clint rubbed his eyes, “No,” he says in a sleepy voice “He just went up to help the crew”, before he could get any further in his explanation, you gasp and get a sick feeling in your stomach.

You run up and exclaim in horror as you spot a large iceberg penetrating the side of the ship causing water to flush through at an alarming rate. You spot a gleaming metal arm in the distance and sigh in relief. In the distance, Bucky was hoisting passengers into the lifeboats as fast as he could. His voice lost in the sound of screaming people. You sprinted past the bustling bodies mumbling apologies on the way.

You reached out to Bucky and grabbed his hand, he turned quickly and in that moment the ship groaned and everyone jostled to the side. You suddenly felt Bucky’s arms around you waist, a suffocating yet protective grip. Everyone that was left on the ship fell to the side grasping at anything to keep them from sliding off.

You gasped as you saw some victims fall off the edge screaming. Tears stinging your eyes, threatening to spill. You turned and saw Wanda and Scarlett loading whatever was left of the survivors into a boat including Clint, Sam and the rest of the team. You tugged Bucky’s arm towards the boat, “Bucky, we have to go!” you yelled over the dying groans of the boat. Internally reminding yourself never to go on a cruise again. “I cant Doll, I gota see if there are any others inside!” a wave of panic flooded you as he tugged out of your limp grip. He ran towards the entrance of the ship’s lobby and disappears behind the doors. You’re now filled with sheer panic and anxiety.

You try and run after him until you feel yourself get raised off the ship by Tony. He’s in his Ironman suit and you cry out with tears streaming down your face. “Tony, Bucky is still in there, please” you receive a deathly silence as a response, you screech a haunting scream that chills you to the bone “Tony! Christ he could die, I swear to god, if anything happens to him. If he doesn’t come back I will never forgive.”

You thrash and kick. Anything at this point to help Bucky. Shuddering sobs escape your body when Tony places you on a rescue ship. Through your blurred vision you make out the team at the edge of the ship helping some survivors.

You sit down near the edge of the ship, besides the railings. You lean against the cool metal, the fresh and raw pain in your heart eating you alive. Tears still streaming down your face as you hold back aching cries for Bucky. The fact that he is most likely dead makes you want to throw yourself into the cruel and merciless ocean waves lapping at the bottom of the boat. The dull ache in your body and head finally forces you to shutdown and sleep. Your last image was the smiling face of James Barnes.


The salty breeze stings your nose when you awaken. You shudder and see that someone had wrapped a blanket around you. You close your eyes and try to erase the occurrence that had just passed. Wanting to forget that Bucky was gone, and you had no way to bring him back. You quietly sobbed, not wanting attention drawn. You felt a hand rub your shoulder and you turned back to see the lopsided grin of your boyfriend.

A weight lifts off your shoulder as you grab him; touch him, he’s real, he’s actually here. You sigh in relief, a dead weight lifted off your shoulder as you reach up to stroke his face. He smiles wider “Miss me, princess?” he asks in a sweet voice. “Bucky oh my god” you pull him into a tight hug “I thought you were dead”,your voice breaks at the last word. “Aw doll, me? leave my best girl? Out of the question” he chuckles as your hands wrap around his neck tighter. You nuzzle your head in the crook of his neck and place small kisses along his neck.

He laughs in amusement. “I should pretend to die more often then” he adds jokingly and you swat at his arm. “You do that to me again and I will be the one killing you” he sighs and laughs which makes your heart melt. He pulls you up to face him and places a chaste kiss on your lips and holds you tight while he rubs your back “I’m sorry sweetheart, I love you”. You close your eyes and practically purr. “I love you too, Buck”.


Courtesy of going to see the official DSOD sub in the theatre today! It’s a dub-created plothole.

So first, if you’ve only seen the DSOD dub, you need to know that like … the dub was reasonably good as an adaptation, but literally half the plotline was erased. In the JP version the Plana exist via something called collective consciousness, where the memories of other people are checked against your own to create reality. It’s some pretty heavy philosophy: basically, without other people, you don’t exist. (It’s functionally what happened to Atem canonically, as well.)

Basically, reality as told by the Plana is like an internet torrent. If the people around you don’t notice things–the buildings, your existence, what the breeze feels like–then you don’t have enough data to compile a world, and it falls apart. So, for example, when Jyonouchi is sent to the other dimension, it begins to fall apart as he finds the gaps in his own memory, not predetermined at Diva’s will. For instance, he can’t remember how long the street is, and the world starts to go white before he goes “oh yeah, it leads to the shopping district” and goes there–only to find that without Sanpei’s memories, their routine of him getting splashed with Sanpei’s bucket falls apart, because Sanpei isn’t there to datacheck the water.

Everybody seems to be vulnerable to this except Kaiba, and even the Plana are surprised by this. Now here’s the thing: HOW DOES KAIBA FIGHT IT OFF?

Well, we see him talk about his databases and the Crystal Cloud, and the Japanese dialogue says if you’re a duelist you have to register your deck to maintain residency in Domino. He literally has the entire world datachecking for him on a regular basis. Where Diva’s datachecking is magical, Kaiba’s is technological–but they’re evenly matched.

So now we go back to the armbands.

Kaiba misremembers them. Maybe he intuits them from his subconscious past memories; maybe he extrapolates them from the whole “he was a pharaoh” thing. At any rate, Kaiba’s memories are fucked. He even tells us as much: the rant in EN about his scars and how Atem humiliated him? Not there in JP. In fact it’s the exact opposite–he’s praising Atem to the high heavens for his dueling and his personality, and if you think about it a little harder you realize he’s feeding information to the system that powers the new Solid Vision to create the AI. He’s actively datachecking the AI against his own memories, and when he realizes he’s reached the limits of his own imagination–that the real Atem would have an out for the situation he’s created, but that he can’t imagine it–he’s hurt and disappointed and screams for Atem to “vanish.” If he can remember Atem’s deck in error, surely he can remember something as inconsequential as an armband in error.

So now you have Jyonouchi in the other dimension. He’s dying. Any moment he’s going to vanish–and then Atem appears, with the armbands. Did the animators fuck up? Was he supposed to have those same bands as pharaoh, to tie his two images together, and someone forgot them?

The answer is no to both.

At the precise moment that Jyonouchi is dying, Kaiba is in Yuugi’s shop picking up the Millennium Puzzle.

Jyonouchi needs a memory that exists in a different dimension. Not the one he just left, but a different one altogether. A memory that touches him. Someone connected to him, but not existing in the real world, because that world is now demonstrably false.

There’s one man who exists under those conditions, and at the precise moment that Jyonouchi needs that man, there’s one other man who’s datachecking him.

The armbands are there because it’s Kaiba’s mostly-complete, but slightly faulty, datacheck that allows Atem to exist in that moment. Jyonouchi is seeing the real Atem, but the real Atem as seen by someone else. The armbands exist because Kaiba remembers them existing, just as Atem is shown as Yami no Yuugi because Kaiba remembers him as Yami no Yuugi.


Kaiba indirectly saves Jyonouchi. With his mind. And his obsessive-compulsive databases.

Okay, shippers, you’re welcome. *salutes*

A choice

PARING: reader x avengers 


WARNING: possible spoiler for Civil War! 

Request from Anon: Could you write an imagine where the reader gets a vision of the fight in civil war.

So I tried to stay away from BIG spoilers, just incase people haven’t seen Civil War yet (and if you haven’t what are you doing? go see it immediately!) so it’s not too heavy on spoilers hopefully! Enjoy x 


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A day off. Something of a rarity when it came to the Avenger. You didn’t think you had a proper day off in what seamed like two years. Not since SHIELD collapsed, well you hadn’t really had a day off since you had a vision of the battle of New York. It was around that time you were recruited to be a part of the Avengers. You power of seeing into the future was a valuable part of the team’s structure. You didn’t get full visions, only glimpses, you described it as a montage of what was to come. But your power was unstable and unreliable at the best of times. 

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