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Listen  I know Yuuri is tiny and shy and precious, but he’s an athlete and I love the idea of him being unexpectedly physically strong. Also, he is strong already but he works out extra just because he realizes that Viktor really likes it when Yuuri scoops him up and carries him. Yuuri is small okay he’s got a slight build, so when he’s like “okay Vitya I’ll take you upstairs” to a drunk Viktor and just bends down to scoop him up bridal style, anyone in their vicinity will be like “what the fuck”. 

Also I don’t think for a minute that Viktor in general wouldn’t be super appreciative of Yuuri’s very toned and solid arms… he’ll drunkenly pat them with this pleased smile like “Wow! Yuuri you’re so strong! I love your muscles!”

Viktor internally is like “ah yes they’re perfect for carrying me around more”. Meanwhile tiny sweet boy Yuuri “I only lift weights so I can carry Viktor Nikiforov safe in my arms” is pleased with all of the attention because Viktor is just so appreciative and he can’t help but preen a little under the praise.

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cassia dress I mesh by @wildlyminiaturesandwich

recolored in my sorbet palette

you need the mesh! (solid AND two toned)

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Because I love @anythingtomakeyoustay and her Healer Book so much I’ve been promising and promising to get her some artwork for almost a year now. I finally got some time off from school so I took the opportunity to deliver as promised! 

ALSO! Check out her blog guys! A++++ Writing! 

Okay I know I usually don’t post this kind of thing on this blog, but it has a larger audience than my main, and I want to get this out there.

I see all kinds of positivity posts for trans guys who don’t conform to traditionally masculine things, and I am all for that. It’s nice to know we’re allowed to still be a bit “feminine” or whatever.

But what about trans guys who want to be hypermasculine but can’t.

Trans guys who want to be into “masculine jobs” like metalworking or automechanics… but just can’t get into it?

Trans guys who want to have toned and solid muscles, but can’t for any reason?

Trans guys who want to buzz their hair down, but can’t because they’re attatched to longer hair?

Where’s the positivity for trans guys who want to be hypermasculine for whatever reason… but can’t because they inherently view themselves as hyperfeminine because of how they were raised or because of their interests?

Where’s the positivity for trans guys who want to be hypermasculine but deal with people saying that if they were to be, they would just be seen as aggressive?

Where’s the positivity for trans guys who are hypermasculine, but hate hearing people say “you looks cis!” when they come out because they like being trans?

Where’s the positivity for trans guys who see hypermasculine actors, sports guys, fictional characters, and want to cry because they think “why can’t I be that way?”

I want positivity for trans guys who want to be hypermasculine for any reason. So to all trans guys that feel any of these ways, here’s your positivity.

It is fine to want these things. Its okay to view yourself as hyperfeminine and want to be hypermasculine it doesn’t invalidate what you identify as.

Edit: I’d like to make a point this post is mostly about feeling the need to be hypermasculine in order to be viewed as a man. Please don’t take it in a “cis passing trans guys are valid uwu” way (they are though they definitely are still valid trans people). This was partially a vent post but I want others who feel the same way to know they aren’t alone.

This is fine to reblog. TERFS don’t interact you will be blocked on sight.

A Perfect Sonnet (Yondu Udonta x Reader)

Requested by anon: may I have a smut scenario with Yondu, with a daddy kink, and a very very very (x100) sub and soft, maybe even slightly chubby S/o? Maybe make it fluffy too?

-Plus Size Female Reader-

A/N: Hope you like it sweetie and that I did your lovely request justice :)

Warnings: This is DD/LG Smut and if you’re not into Daddy Kink/ Daddy Doms/Caretakers of littles, this probably isn’t for you. Also, it’s really fluffy and loving, y'all.

“I have a surprise for ya, little one,” Yondu said softly while he brushed your hair with gentle strokes. He loved these quiet moments with you, where the two of you would just sit in silence or talk about how the day had been. But most of all, he loved taking care of you and the feeling that you actually needed him to do so.

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Morning Distraction

In which Harry gets a little more distracted than normal while getting ready for a meeting.


Buttery sunlight filtered in through the curtains as you rolled over, your arm meeting nothing but cooling sheets. A frown etched itself onto your face as you sat up, your hands going to smooth down your messy, fly-away hair. The muffled sound of the shower running reached your ears and you fell back into the bed, a grunt coming for your lips. Today was supposed to be your day. Just you and Harry, all day, snuggled up in bed. However, the early morning shower meant he’d been called in for a meeting. Disappointment fizzled through you. The shower finally cut off, and within a few moments, your boyfriend was shuffling into the bedroom, a fluffy white towel slung low around his hips. A fresh wave of his shampoo and soap washed over you, and you smiled softly at the smell. You loved that smell. Harry’s green eyes fell to you, a sweet, dimpled grin taking over his features.
“Good morning, lovely. ’M sorry I got called in, hopefully it won’t take too long.” You frowned again. Harry turned his back on you to face the closet. He didn’t think twice about dropping the towel from around his hips. Your eyes slid down his body. His back was all lean muscle and tanned skin, his ass round and plump, perfect to sink your teeth into. His thighs solid, calves toned. Water dropped down his shoulders from his hair, and it became impossible to not want to trace the trails with your tongue. It took half a second to make up your mind. You approached him quietly and lapped your tongue slowly over the droplets of water, not missing the way he stiffened in surprise. Your hands went to his hips, chest pressing into his back.
“What’re yeh doin’, pet?” His voice was husky and raw from sleep, and a wicked smirk pulled at your lips. “Want a taste, so bad.” Your hands greedily moved around his waist, your mouth sponging open, wet kisses to his shoulders. Harry bucked forward instinctively when your fingers ghosted over his cock, a strangled grunt coming from his lips. “Can I have a taste, daddy?” That did him in. He spun around, hands pushing you gently down to your knees as his cock swelled at the image of your parted lips. “On with it, pet, get yeh mouth on me.” You definitely wouldn’t need anymore encouragement. You leaned forward quickly, lips closing around the pretty pink tip of him. A low, rumbling groan came from him, his head falling back. “Tha’s it, li'tl one. Yeh happy now? Now tha’ yeh got Daddy’s cock on yeh tongue?” You whined around him, head bobbing as Harry’s hand came to tangle in your hair. He was heavy in your mouth, the thick vein that ran along the underside of him pulsing as your tongue traced over it. Your hands braced on his strong thighs, nails dimpling in his soft skin. Harry moaned above you, eyes fluttering open to gaze down at you. Your own eyes flicked up to meet his as you moaned around him, taking him deeper into your mouth.
“Fuck, angel, doin’ so good fo’ me. Proper cravin’ it, weren’t yeh?” His filthy words changed into groans as you took him fully, his tip tapping the back of your throat ad your nose nestling briefly into the coarse, dark hair at the base of him. Tears brimmed your eyes and you tried to stomp down your gag reflex, far too thrilled with the breathy curses that continually fell past his pink lips. Pulling back, your right hand came to grip his cock, sliding easily along it as Harry’s hips bucked once, twice forward. A hiss fell to your ears as you pressed a chaste kiss to the head of him. “Fuck!” The veins in his neck stood out as he swore. Your mouth slid down to suckle at his balls, and stars swam in Harry’s vision as a tight coil of pleasure wound in his stomach. “So close, pet. Almost there. Yeh gonna swallow fo’ me? Gonna let me cum I yeh mouth, li'tl one?” You whimpered and nodded your head, moving to suck his cock back into your mouth. The warm heat of your mouth sent Harry over the edge, his hips rocking forward as he came. Warm, sticky ropes of cum flooded into your mouth, your eyes fluttering shut at the feeling of a small part of Harry sliding down your throat. Harry gasped as you licked his cock a final time, settling back into your knees. He sagged against the cool wood of the closet door, his hand trailing down your cheek softly.
“Well tha’s one way t’ get me back fo’ havin’ to leave.” You gave him a sweet smile as you stood, pecking him once on the cheek.
“Such a shame we can’t continue playing…you better go, handsome; you’ll be late for your meeting.” And then you slipped into the bathroom, leaving Harry to stare lustfully after you.

Office Nerd

It was truly odd how I had come to find Wheeler so enticing.  He didn’t have an electric personality.  He wasn’t particularly charismatic other than being overall kind and pleasant.  Really, he was just a nerdy straight guy who wore glasses and the whole deal, but I must admit…it was pretty obvious he worked out…a lot!

My gaze often shifted to his round ass which was hugged snugly by every pair of pants he wore.  His arms were toned and solid, and his shirts were just snug enough to let me know his chest was sculpted and substantial.  I even enjoyed just looking at his back sometimes because even his back looked nice in a button-down shirt.  But it wasn’t just his hot and sexy body that made me want to enter him and inhabit him and use him.  He had always been nice to me, so this wasn’t about revenge.  I had never really felt jealous about him or his life, so it wasn’t some dose of crazy envy.  I think I just wanted to take over Wheeler simply because I could and because I knew for a fact that body hiding under those clothes was being underutilized.  

So I waited.  I didn’t know where Wheeler lived, so going into my astral form and zooming to his house was not an option.  I waited until the perfect time to strike at the office.  It was Friday and everyone else had cleared, but Wheeler was staying late trying to get a last-minute rushed assignment out the door before Saturday.  I pretended to be buried in my own work too, but really I was just browsing amazon, occasionally looking over to see how my weekend vacation was doing.  An hour passed and then another until finally it was 8pm and I heard him take a massive sigh of relief before leaning back and relaxing in his chair.  

I knew that was my moment.  In a silent flash my corporeal form disappeared, replaced by an invisible astral energy–my very essence and life force.  Wheeler yawned loudly, giving me an opening as I began diving down his throat.  

“HUH?!” Wheeler gasped loudly as his eyes shot open and he flopped around on the chair.  He made grunting and choking sounds as he grabbed at me, but his fingers just hit air.  It was impossible for him to stop me, and I took great satisfaction in that as I continued to slide down his throat and dissipate into his larger body.  

Wheeler had stopped grabbing at his throat and mouth and by now was gripping the armrests of his chair so hard his knuckles were turning white.  His back was arched violently as the veins on his neck bulged like he had just done a heavy lifting session until I finally swooped all the way in and fully entered him with a dull THUD.  Wheeler collapsed in his chair again, disheveled and gasping for breath before he groaned and grabbed at his head.  I was fully inside him, but now I enjoyed spreading my energy to fill every cell of his body.  My essence seeped down his abs and into his crotch, filling his dick and balls and working down to coat every shred of bone and muscle in his solid thighs and calves and finally down to the very tips of his toes.  

Wheeler hollered as he felt me encroach his chest, filling his hard-earned pecs and traveling down to his fingertips.  

The nerd’s back was arched again as I took my time seeping up his neck.  I wanted to really draw this out and make him feel it as my essence took over one little bit of his brain after another until all that was left of his conscious self was an abstract shade of a person with no memories or understanding of anything other than he was seconds away from being fully invaded by me.  

As I overtook the very last neuron in Wheeler’s brain and filled his body 100% with my essence, every muscle in his body seized up at once.  For a few seconds there was just darkness until I finally gasped for breath and opened clenched eyelids, feeling sweat dripping underneath my clothing and feeling a weight and power that I was not used to.  

Wheeler’s face took on an uncharacteristic grin as I embraced my victory.

“Ohhhhh fuck yeah this is gonna be a weekend to remember,” I said aloud as I grabbed the slabs of muscles on my chest and finally felt those toned pecs I had wanted to touch for so long.  Wheeler’s voice moaning was something I didn’t know I would enjoy so much, but my God I was making myself so hard as I explored his body.  I gave Wheeler’s nipples a sharp twist and literally bit my lip and yelled as I felt the blood flow into Wheeler’s cock.  

I ravenously undid the belt and got the pants unbuttoned before sliding the pants down to my ankles and letting that fine stick of all American sausage stand long and tall.  Girth was admittedly not one of Wheeler’s gifts, and I could tell it was a grower and not a shower, but I had other plans for this body anyway.  I flexed those plump butt cheeks I have admired so much and felt a chill course up my spine.  With a mischevious smirk on my stolen face, I got out Wheeler’s phone and added the grindr app before making a profile and finding a suitable fuckbuddy for the night to break in that tight virgin straightboy ass.  

I fiddled through Wheeler’s wallet and found his ID–all I needed to type his address into Google Maps and make it back to my home for the weekend.  

It was so exciting to be using his phone and driving his car–things that I was free to do now that I was the rightful owner of his body and life.  Luckily, there was free street parking right in front of the house, and as I entered the front door I was greeted by Wheeler’s roommates.  They looked a little less nerdy–I think I remember Wheeler mentioning once that they were in the same college fraternity.  Oh this is gonna be exciting later…

I just did my best Wheeler greeting and then made a lucky guess as I went up the stairs and ended up in a loft style bedroom that was definitely Wheeler’s room and refuge.  

I hopped onto the bed and just enjoyed rolling around and getting buried in the covers for a minute.  I huffed in the scent of the sheets and blankets, taking in Wheeler’s scent and getting a sick kink that this was now my scent.  I could tell it had been a while since Wheeler had changed the sheets and I was oh so glad.  

“Okay sexy boy, let’s see who wants to plow your virgin hole.”

I bit my lip playfully as I scrolled through the dozens upon dozens of men who had messaged me just during the short car ride home.  

There were typical old men, DILFs, bears, younger gymheads, male model types, and even a few twink types who all expressed an interest in plowing a load into me.  I got real turned on for a second imagining a lean twink making me his bottom whore, but I needed someone with a little more power.  That’s when I saw a message from Rodrigo, a sexy latino looking stud with a powerful cut body, and a nice long, thick dick.  He was the one, and I didn’t even waste any time as I sent him Wheeler’s address and a slutty picture of Wheeler’s virgin ass.  

Rodrigo was listed as just 350 feet away–he actually lived on the same block, so it took him literally just a few minutes to walk over and ring the bell.  

“I got it!” I hollered as I bounded down the steps and watched one of Wheeler’s roommates sit back down in front of the TV.

“Fuck yeah, Wheeler, you invite Cindy over again?” this eternal frat boy asked me before I opened the door and blushed at the sight of my latino demigod.  

I didn’t answer the fratty roomie–I just grabbed Rodrigo’s hand and led him up to Wheeler’s room, though I made sure to give the shocked roommate a telling wink.  

As soon as I closed the door Rodrigo immediately pushed me up against the wall.  He was my stolen body’s equal in strength, but I wasn’t going to resist unless he wanted me to put up some sexy struggle.  Nah, I was all his to use for his pleasure.  

“So your name’s Wheeler, eh?  How does a sexy cutie like you stay a virgin this long?” he asked before forcing our mouth’s together and exploring my mouth with his tongue.  He was grinding his crotch against mine as he kept me firmly pressed up against the wall, and I just gently moaned and squirmed as he rubbed our cocks together and reached his hands up my shirt to revel in Wheeler’s hard-earned body.  

“Fuck those are nice abs!” he exclaims, giving me a break from the kiss and a chance to catch my breath.  “Really, how have you stayed a virgin so long?”

“All this time I’ve been going after pussy, but today at the office I really felt it deep inside that all I want to do is get fucking pounded by studs like you,” I lied before reaching down to rub Rodrigo’s cock through his denim.  Fuck, I could feel that he had a massive cock.  Wheeler is definitely going to be walking funny on Monday at the office.  

“mmmmm nothing like breaking in a straight boy.  I had a lot planned for you, but let’s not make you wait anymore for that cock you’re craving,” he said before spinning me around and pushing me hard onto the bed.  I landed with a thud, and before I could even catch my breath Rodrigo was tearing open my fly and pulling off Wheeler’s work pants.  He threw them into the corner before kicking off his shoes and then ripping off my sucks, sucking on my toes for about a minute while he got his own jeans and boxers kicked off.  

He released my toes and made me gasp as he ripped my boxers off and aggressively tore off Wheeler’s workshirt, sending several buttons flying across the room before he tossed the shirt in a heap with Wheeler’s work pants.  

“Fuck me, look at that body…” Rodrigo said as he wrestled off his own T-shirt before crawling between my open legs and joining me naked in the bed.  

This sexy latino stud tasted my mouth some more before working his way down my neck, down to my chest and abs.  He got a good taste of Wheeler’s sculpted torso before pulling back and grabbing the lube on Wheeler’s nightstand.

“Time to use this on your pussy, straightboy,” he said with an alluring smirk as he kept the bottle handy and pulled out a magnum condom for his thick, tan rod.  

He looked at me intently as he smeared some lube over his cock and over my entrance.  As a test, he slowly slid his index finger in and I winced as he slowly worked up to the knuckle.  He wriggled his finger a little and I literally gasped as I felt Wheeler’s hole seize up and tighten around the finger.  Fuck Fuck holy fuck I’ve never had a hole this tight before!

“I should really get you warmed up, but I think a stud like you can take it,” Rodrigo said as he pulled his index finger out of me.  

“Wait what do you mean? Shouldn’t we just–Ummmfff” I said with a thud as he grabbed my hips and yanked me closer to him.  

Legitimately worried about this absurd tightness I began to ask, “Wait, Rodrigo, do you think we should at least wait until I can do 2 fingers? I mean this hole is so tight OhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHH!!!!!! FUCK!” I yelled out as he pressed his cock head against my virgin hole and began leaning in hard.  

Wheeler’s hole clamped shut out of instinct, but Rodrigo kept pushing into me.  It was agony, and I was literally thrashing just trying to get away from him, but he kept such a strong grip on my hips.  

“RELAX!” he ordered as I slammed my fists onto the bed and started clenching my teeth and breathing deep.  

“Fuck yeah, man.  Relax that tight virgin hole.  Lemme in.  Let this big magnum cock in.” Rodrigo said soothingly as he kept pressing more and more until I gasped and felt my hole completely swallow his fat cockhead.  

My eyes practically rolled to the back of my head as he smirked and then slowly leaned forward, sliding all 8 thick inches in me to the hilt in one smooth thrust.  The veins on my neck were practically bursting, and I felt my face go bright red as I fought the urge to scream.  But he quickly leaned forward and slipped his tongue back in my mouth as he let his body weight drop down onto me so our chests were rubbing together.  

I moaned almost erratically into his mouth as I channeled the pain of being stuffed so full like this.  I knew it would only last a few minutes, no matter how tight Wheeler was.  And soon enough, I felt Wheeler’s mancunt start to relax its deathgrip, and then pain of being stuffed so full transitioned to comfort and security.  My erratic breathing turned into calm and contented sighs and that’s when Rodrigo perked up and got back on his knees.  

“Fuck yeah, Wheeler.  I think you’re ready.”

He slid out of me and gently thrust back into me and even though it still stung a little, I was rocked by electric sensation from head to toe.  This was unlike anything I ever felt, and I needed more.  I put my hands up behind my head as Rodrigo stated building up a rhythm–I was braced and ready for some fucking action.  

Rodrigo kept this up for at least fifteen minutes–slow and steady and letting me fully get used to his meat pistoning out of me, but by then I was totally adjusted.  I didn’t need him to go easy on me. Fuck no, I wanted him to treat this hole like it belonged to a lifelong twink powerbottom.  

“Ohhhhhhhhh come on!  Fuck me so hard!!!!” I begged.

Rodrigo grunted as he picked up his pace.  His thrusts were longer, faster and harder.  He was really hitting me in just the right spot and making sure he was pulling out as much as possible to really pump me full of as much dick as possible with each thrust.  Yes yes yes!!!! This is what I wanted to do with Wheeler’s sexy backdoor virgin body!!!! I blew air out of my mouth hard and closed my eyes, tssing my head back and craning my neck as I felt ecstasy in every stolen cell of Wheeler’s body.  

Oh my God I fucking rubbed my face and hair and bit my lip as Rodrigo started doing slower, but super deeo thrusts into me.  I lifted my left leg in the air and soon he literally found such a good angle to hit all of Wheeler’s sensitive spots.

But as nice as this felt, I just wanted to be pounded and used.  I spread my legs wider for Rodrigo to let him go even deeper and then I just couldn’t help it anymore.  I begged Rodrigo to fuck me like a piston and give it to me so hard and good.  With my head tossed back I reached both arms out and grabbed at the sheets, getting a good grip and squeezing that fabric for support.  

My moans were getting higher and louder–uncontrollable until I was basically screaming in joy and ecstasy–full on hollering with Wheeler’s deep and booming voice until I felt like I was shaking the house with my noises.  

“Fuck yeah you fucking love this cock!!!  Say you love this cock!!!” Rodrigo roared.  

“MMMMMNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH FUCK FUCK FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK YEAH!!!! I FUCKING LOVE YOUR COCK!!!!!” I yelled back full force.  I was tossing my head from side to side now, feeling like I was on another dimension as endorphins and dopamine and pure pleasure crashed through my bloodstream.  

I didn’t care if Wheeler’s roommates heard me.  This was my weekend with Wheeler’s body.  Until Sunday night, this is my fucking body to use however I want.  This is my fucking life, and this is my fucking bed!  I can do whatever the hell I want!

“Take off the condom! NNNGGGGGGGGG OH GOD PLEASE!!!!  FUCKING FILL ME UP!” I said practically gasping for air.  

Rodrigo was so lost in the moment that he quickly pulled out and ripped the Magnum off before fumbling with the lube to slick his dick.  He practically lunged as he tried to ram his meat back into me and we both hollered out of control as he enjoyed the feeling of skin on skin contact on the outside AND on my insides.  

He fucked me bareback like this for a solid fifteen extra minutes, going at it at least 90% intensity.  I was amazed at his stamina as I was already so sweaty and worn out in Wheeler’s fit body and all I had to do was lie back, shout, and enjoy myself.  But I felt the moment when Rodrigo just went into overdrive.  

My sexy latino demigod tapped into the last of his strength as he took it up to 100%, fucking me in a wild blaze of speed and strength as we both yelled at the absolute top of our lungs until we both gasped and groaned out in wild ecstasy.  The tension in his balls was finally released as he rocketed his load inside me, filling me with stream after stream of warm cum.  And my used hole pulsated as my untouched cock finally reached its breaking point and each new thrust into me made my throbbing cock shoot out a ribbon of cum either into my wide open and moaning mouth or all over my chiseled chest and abs.  

Rodrigo grabbed my dick and pumped out the last few drops of my cum, making me shiver as he made sure to ram his last drops of his seed as deep as possible inside me.  

Finally satisfied, he collapsed on top of me, still stuffing me full of his meat as he leaned down and my cum got smeared all over his abs and chest.  He brought his lips to mine and went searching in my mouth until he tasted a nice glob of my own cum that I hadn’t yet swallowed.  He excitedly sucked Wheeler’s cum out of my mouth before licking the rest of my face and then truly collapsing on top of me.  We both breathed like we had finished a marathon, and it was just nice to lay there like that and feel his cock soften inside me.  

“Hope you enjoyed your first time,” Rodrigo said with a shred of pride in himself.  

I just squeezed my hole around his semi-hard cock and we both laughed at my response.  I literally loved being Wheeler.  Guys like Rodrigo would never even give the real me a passing glance, but as Wheeler, I could finally get dominated and fucked exactly how I wanted.  

We took a short nap before doing round two where Rodrigo fucked me doggy style, and then amazingly he still had enough cum and energy to pick me up and fuck me against the wall before we collapsed back onto the bed and I rode him until he blew his last load of the night inside me.  I was not quiet for any of it, so the next morning it was admittedly a little awkward as Rodrigo sat at the table in just his boxers, watching ESPN as I made the two of us scrambled eggs and toast.  I was also just wearing boxers, and honestly, I was barely able to keep myself from jumping him right there in the kitchen.  But then Wheeler’s roommates wandered in and looked super uncomfortable.  

“Oh…hey Wheeler…” the guys sort of mumbled. 

“Good morning fellas.  Want me to crack some more eggs?  Oh and this is Rodrigo by the way.”

“Nah thanks man, we’re good…So are you guys dating???” they asked me as their fratty brains tried to process that their roomie and best bro had taken so much cock last night.  

“Oh no, we’re not dating.  Rodrigo just fucked my ass so good last night.  First time ever and it was the best thing I’ve ever felt.  If you two ever need a tight hole to fuck a load into, you know where I live,” I said with a chuckle.  

“Well I don’t know if you’re tight anymore,” Rodrigo joked as we both chuckled.  

Wheeler’s roommates laughed nervously and wandered off as my weekend fuck buddy and I ate breakfast.  I knew I would be inhabiting Wheeler in the future so Rodrigo could give me what I needed–But for this first weekend as Wheeler there were plenty of dicks in the city to enjoy, and I think there were two in that very house.  

It took some true finesse and seduction on my part, but by Sunday night I was enthusiastically riding one of Wheeler’s roommates when I felt pressure on my back as Wheeler’s other roommate made me lean down.  I was so excited as that second roommate really worked Wheeler’s hole and really stretched that opening until he managed to get his cockhead inside me too.  Then the three of us all moaned in unison as he slid into me until I was stuffed as much as humanly possible with Wheeler’s roommate’s dicks, and I got to work riding them and taking their cocks until I finally got to feel the earth-shattering pleasure of two dicks seeding me at the same time.  

By Monday morning I had left Wheeler’s body and returned to my true form.  I arrived at work on Monday and tried to hide my smirk as I saw Wheeler walk in with a stride that showed he was definitely sore back there.  And for the rest of the day, every time I saw him fidget and try to get comfortable in his chair I just wanted to instantly go back into astral form and get back in that sexy nerd.  But I promised myself to wait until Friday.  The reward for waiting is going to be a four-way with Rodrigo and Wheeler’s roommates.  

Weekend Bodysuit

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been away for awhile (if you actually care to know why, you can read it here). Here is a bodysuit that I released teasers for a long time ago… like… months ago… that I’ve finish gotten around to finishing… eheheheh. It’s still not perfect, but “good enough”, I guess :P  

I’m calling it the “Weekend Bodysuit” because it’s the perfect comfy bodysuit for your Sims on the weekend, whether they’re just lounging around, or they want to slip into something a bit more comfortable after a hot date ;)


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bottomtothetop  asked:

for the fluff prompt can you do "your lips are warm" and "Aw , you're blushing like a rose" ? Thanks :DD

Back at it again with the late replies to prompts AY 👉🏻 Also it’s 1am and I haven’t proof-read through this I apologise if this is just a big load of shite


“Michael, do you think I’ll ever kiss someone?”

Michael’s attention wavered, causing his character on screen to miss his block and die, resulting in a game over. He didn’t seem to care though as he turned to Jeremy and raised an eyebrow, setting down his controller.

“Dude…” he began, struggling to find the right words. “Did you seriously just ask me that?”

“I’m being serious Mike!” Cried Jeremy, throwing down his controller and pouting like a sad puppy. “How long have we been in high school? Long enough to get a girlfriend, Micheal!”

His best friend lowered his eyebrow and sighed. “Not everyone will get a girlfriend straight away bro,” he said sympathetically. He wasn’t lying, he for example would never get a girlfriend… but that wasn’t his concern right now.

“Micheal I don’t think you understand,” Jeremy stated, looking up at his best friend. “A high school girlfriend is key for an successful relationships to follow,” he continued, gesturing with his hands to get his point across.

Michael hummed in agreement, “how so?”

Jeremy locked eyes with Micheal and leaned forward, enough to make the boy blush a little.


The single statement caused Michael to choke on his drink, turning to face his friend.

“W-what about it?” He squeaked out in response.

“Do you know how to kiss Michael?” He said again with the same solid tone.


“EXACTLY!” He cried, pointing at his friend with enthusiasm. “And have you ever had a girlfriend?”

Michael tried not to laugh. “No.”

“I rest my case,” he sighed, deflating back into the beanbag. “Us boys need practice Mike, otherwise we won’t know what to do for the real thing.”

“I see…” said Michael, lowering his slushie. ‘This… could work…’ he thought to himself.

“I thought that when we entered high school everything would be different…” his best friend continued, fiddling with the lint on his sweater.

“Mhm,” Michael said again, leaning closer to his friend. ‘I’m going to do it I’m going to do it I’m going to-’

“Does this mean I’ll never get a girlfriend? Or if I do, I’ll be lousy at kissing and then they won’t want me anymore cause I haven’t had a chance to practice in high school and-”

“You can practice with me.” 'Holy shit I said it holy shit holy shit holy shit holy-’

Jeremy started at his best friend, cheeks flushed and mouth agape.

“You… you being serious..?” He squeaked. Michael nodded a little too enthusiastically and Jeremy’s face grew a few shades brighter. “Well… I…uh… I mean…”

“Awe Jeremy, you’re blushing like a rose!” Michael giggled, trying to lift the awkward atmosphere out of the air. Jeremy stuttered out a response, nothing that Michael could understand. The boy knew that Jeremy would try to avoid the statement, eagerly searching for a way out - Michael would have to take this upon himself.

He had never thought much of how his first kiss would go. If he was honest, Michael would never have imagined it would come to this - kissing his best friend in his basement for 'practice’.

The kiss lasted only a second or so before Michael broke away. He didn’t dare lock eyes with Jeremy, who was dying on the beanbag opposite. His face had reached a new shade of red as he stared back at his best friend. 'He just kissed me holy shit I just got kissed by my best friend. Does he like me like that? Did he enjoy it? Should I have enjoyed it? I’m not gay though - am I bi? Is it bad that I want to kiss him again I mean his lips were really soft and cute and oh god-’

“You were pretty good too I guess,” he heard Michael mutter, finally looking up to face Jeremy. He didn’t seem to register what he had just said out load, Jeremy was more focused on the dark brown eyes looking back at him. “So did that 'practice’ help or-”

Michael was cut off with another pair of lips crashing onto his. His mind short-circuited as he realised it was Jeremy who was kissing… JEREMY WAS KISSING HIM!

Afterwards the two lay there, staring at each other for a couple of minutes, their game and drinks long forgotten. The boys both wore a small smirk on their faces.

“So… you want to practice some more?”

Tlc-a torture story

Yeah, i feel that’s warning enough, mental and physical torture. Gotta tag my beautiful friendo @bobeatspie300 for giving the torture idea. Thank her for keeping Wilford out of water and stopping electrocution. But don’t spam her, she’s just a good friendos

Dark was composed of 3 beings, one man, one woman, and one demon. The man and the woman, Damien and Celine, were the usual ones in control of the stolen body they resided in. Damien was good with the people and Celine was a calming, powerful force. It annoyed Dark to no end, but he knew the egos alliance was only due to the two, so he put up with it. One day though, the two both felt drained, so Dark took control.

He didn’t know how the two dealt with it. Half the egos were creeps, the other half couldn’t be more full of themselves. The Host never shut up and the Jims were just plain stupid. But Wilford had to be the worst. He was loud, obnoxious, repetitive, stupid, hard to look at, and insane. It didn’t help that he was almost always wacing around the stupid gun that killed this body in the first place. Dark could handle the others but the overwhelming presence of the pink man was too much for him. So he decided to take care of that. It was rather late when he put the plan into action, the other 2 both asleep or distracted. He appeared in the man’s room, and as he mumbled something or other to himself, as Dark snuck up and chloroformed him. The man struggled but stood no chance against the demon, and as Wilford’s vision faded the demon smiled, his red and blue echos radiating weakly.

Wil woke up a while later. He didn’t remember what had happened, and tried to look around. He couldn’t. He tried to move his arms and legs, and couldn’t. “Helloooo?” He called out to the darkness. He couldn’t see a thing, just a lightbulb, dangling above his head. He closed his eyes, what was going on? “Can anyone hear me?” He called out, hoping for anything but silence in return. “Shut….up…” the echoing voice of Dark replied. “Dark? What’s happening? Is this for some sort of new show??” Dark was his friend, he should be helping. But his friend seemed annoyed, not worried. He heard the man sigh and his footsteps, clicking on the ground, walk away. Then silence. Then a soft buzzing sound. He yelped when he felt the hundreds of stabs from small little needles surrounding him. They weren’t extremely painful, but he didn’t expect it. The needles pulled out and he felt the blood start to drip down. He struggled against the restraints holding him in place. He felt the needles stab again and the previous wounds grow hot and painful as something was poured into them. “Aaah! Dark stop!!” He cried out, the stinging bringing tears to his eyes. The pain continued, his body slowly becoming covered in pricks. As the pain continued he started to feel water drip onto his forehead. He tried to move his head out off the way but couldn’t. The drips annoying him to no end. He had been calling out, asking, begging for Dark to stop. He closed his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks. “DAMIEN! STOP” he was tensed up, waiting for the next stab of pain, the next prick of blood, the next drip of water, when it all stopped. “….what did you just say?” The voice of the other man rang out against the silence. “…..I said….. stop……. Damien….” the pink mustached man’s voice echoed. The quiet seemed to entrap everything. The slow, methodical clicks of Dark’s shoes echoed in the dim lit room cl-ick cl-ick. Each step felt like it took an eternity. Wilford eventually say the man’s face infront of him. “….You really are stupid” the layers of Dark’s voice mixing into a solid deep tone, “why would i give mercy to my murderer?” Wilford’s eyes widened, “no….I didn’t….I c-couldn’t have.” Dark’s smile grew a bit more, “yes you did William. You got drunk off your ass. Mark brought you down to get a drink and you shot him. You played it off as some joke. You weren’t there when Celine and Damien were killed. You were off doing god knows what. You marched around the house when you could have been looking for us. You shot an innocent man. The detective was only doing his job. And when the district attorney tried to take your gun, keep themselves safe, maybe even help poor Abe, and you shot them. You didn’t try to bandage the wound, you didn’t call the cops. You killed everyone who died in that house and you know it.” Wilford stared in awe and fear of the man, “No…N-no. It was an accident! I didn’t mean to!! It was all a joke!” Tears started to stream down his cheeks, he shook his head in what little way he could. Dark only frowned, “Don’t lie to yourself Colonel. And I’m not Damien. Damien is dead.” Dark walked away. “Dark!! I’m sorry! Please! It was an accident! I swear!

“I swear” Wilford was sitting in his room, his legs hugged up to his chest. Dark had continued to torture him for a long time, till he could no longer cry, til his voice had grown hoarse. Eventually he passed out and woke up in his room, the marks starting to scab over. He wanted to scratch at them, get rid of them, but he knew they would only start bleeding again. So he sat, his long sleeve shirt the perfect length to cover every scab, and cried. His door cracked open and he looked up. “Pink Jim! We have found a Jimstatic ne-….” The Jim in his doorway fell silent. “Pink Jim?” Wilford nodded as a response, not trusting himself to speak. “Are you okay?” The Jim looked concerned. Wil paused, considering whether or not to lie, and shook his head, being truthful to the Jim. The Jim turned out of the room. “Jim! We have a Jimrgency! We must comfort Pink Jim!!” The Jims walked in “Oh, no I-It’s o-okay” he started to say, but the two Jims were already hugging him and trying to comfort him. He smiled and hugged them back, his eyes tearing up slightly at the kindness

Dark watched the scene play out on the camera he had intalled. The Googles sure could be useful when need be. Dark felt almost a sense of disgust at the tears and the kindness of the two twins. He snarled slightly, “Maybe those Jims need to be taught a lesson”

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Love How You Hate Me - Sam x Reader

A/N: FINAL PART! Later than I wanted tonight, but I was held after again. It’s been a long journey, and thank you all for sticking with me! It means the world. I hope that this does everything else justice! Enjoy!

Previously: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen | Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty One | Twenty Two | Twenty Three | Twenty Four | Twenty Five | Twenty Six | Twenty Seven | Twenty Eight | Twenty Nine | Thirty

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Warnings: Some mild smut. Pregnant/Mommy Reader. Birth Scene. Flashback/Memories. Some death. Time Skip. Daddy!Sam. Some fluff mixed in. Real light editing. I believe that is all, and apologize if I missed anything!

Word Count: Roughly 3900

“Daddy?” The soft feminine voice called, making Sam stop at the door. His hand clenched around the frame, knowing what was coming. Sure enough, the question mirrored what she asked every night the past week before bed. “Can you tell me more about mommy?”

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Pack Mom - Part 22

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A/N// Here’s part 22! Please Enjoy! Next Part Will Be Out Tomorrow!


After cleaning up breakfast Derek and Liam went to get dressed, while I got Talia dressed into a cute little outfit for the day, which was a pair of dark blue leggings with a white and blue polka dot dress with a pink rose at the top. She was adorable. I grabbed her bag from the side of her crib adding in a few more diapers, extra clothes, dummies, then picking her and the bag up taking her downstairs. To see all the pack sitting on the sofas. 

“Unca Stiles!” Talia shouted wiggling in my hands and made grabby hands to him. Stiles looked over to Derek and laughed. 

“I think I might be her favourite uncle” He smiled taking Talia off of me giving her a big cuddle. 

“Chocolate?” She questioned looking at him lifting her arms up. 

“NO STILES” Derek and I shouted, she was not getting chocolate on her outfit already. 

“Later” Stiles whispered into Talia’s ear making her giggle as I went into the kitchen to fill up Talia’s bottles and adding a few snacks into her bag then going to join the pack. 

“I have put Talia’s car seat into Lydia’s car,” Derek told me as he grabbed his leather jacket and slipping it on. 

“Then we’re all set” As I did the same then walking over to Liam giving him his jacket helping him put it on. 

“I know you’re tired, but maybe just nap in the car okay. Then I promise sweetheart you can have a lay in tomorrow” I told him earning a small laugh from him as he hugged me tightly. I returned the hug kiss his head. 

“Be good okay?” I told him and he nodded.

“Love you mom” He smiled. 

“Love you too Li,” I told him going over to Derek taking Talia off him once he had his cuddles and making sure Stiles didn’t give her any chocolate.

I and all the girls left to get into the car, I strapped Talia in the back putting her pacifier in her mouth, then shutting the door putting her stroller into the back then getting into the passenger’s side. 

“So what we getting today?” Lydia asked driving away to our chosen shopping mall, lucky Beacon Hills had two, so the boys wouldn’t bump into us. 

“Well my wedding dress and dresses for you 4 and a ring for Derek,” I said looking at the list. 

“So Lydia you’re my maid of honour, Malia, Kira you are my bridesmaids and Talia is going to my little flower girl” I smiled while all the girls awed at the thought of Talia as flower girl.

“Can I keep mine and Talia’s dress at your Lydia? I don’t want Derek to see them until the day” I told her and she nodded 

“Of course you can,” She told me nodded pulling up into a parking space. We all got out, Kira unstrapped Talia for me and taking her out while I got her stroller then strapping her into that, all of us heading into the shopping mall. 

“Ring first I think” I suggested then all the girls nodded, Lydia dragged us to the best jewellers. 

“Jackson used to bring me here,” She told us when we headed in.

“Lydia, it’s nice to see you,” The cashier said and we all stared at her. 

“Okay, I might come here a bit too much” We all laughed as I started to look around for the perfect ring.  

We looked for ages then I spotted a solid gold two tone wedding ring which I could also get engraved. 

“I found it” Not taking my eyes off it. 

“Y/N, This is beautiful!” Lydia smiled waving the cashier over. 

“He’s going to love that,” Kira and Malia said in unison. 

“Y/N what are you getting engraved” I smiled and handed her a piece of paper with it on. 

“That’s so cute! I love it” She clapped handing it to the cashier. 

“What is it?” Kira asked 

“Hale, then the date of our wedding” I smiled. As both of the girls awed giving me a hug. 

“The ring will be ready in 2 hours. So let’s go shopping for dresses!” Lydia grabbed hold of the stroller taking us to the dress shops.

Derek’s P.O.V

“Right we all need suits okay, ” Derek told them heading into the best shop he knows. 

“Yeah, we know!” Stiles said looking at all the range of suits that had and picking out a pink blazer with a matching waistcoat.

“I think you should wear this” Stiles laughed holding it up to my chest. 

“Stiles. Be serious please this is my wedding day” I told him turning around then spotting a dark blue blazer, waistcoat and pants, with a white shirt and a dark red tie. 

“Yes, dad! That one. You’ll look great in it” Liam told me as he came and stood beside me. 

“You think?” I ask him as I put my arm around his shoulder and he nodded. 

“Try it on!” He said, I smiled and looked for my size going into the fitting room and trying it on. When I got it on and I looked in the mirror. This was the suit, I didn’t want to try anymore on. I stepped out of the changing rooms and Liam ran up and hugged me.

“Please, dad! Don’t change your mind this is the one!” He said hugging me tighter. 

“Liam, I want you to wear something similar Okay, so you look like me” I whispered into his ear and he nodded going to look at the suits. 

“Good choice” Scott told me patting me on the back. 

“I think this beats the pink one. But not by much sour wolf” Stiles laughed. I shook my head going to put my normal clothes back on. 

As I came back out I went over to Liam as Scott and Stiles looked together as Stiles tried on some hats. 

“You alright kiddo?” I asked putting my arm around his shoulder. 

“I-I don’t know which one to pick,” He told me. I looked around a bit then spotted it. 

“Try this on,” I told him holding a similar suit to mine but instead the waistcoat was grey. Liam smiled and nodded taking the suit off me and going into the changing room. 

Whilst I wait for Liam, I went over to Scott and Stiles seeing that they had stopped messing around.

“You chose yet?” I asked.

“Yep we both are going for a grey suit with blue waistcoats,” The boys told me picking out their sizes.

“Good, they look really good, I just need you to try them on,” Derek told them as Liam came out of the changing rooms. 

“Liam. You look great! That is definitely the suit for you!” Derek smiled giving him hug as Scott and Stiles went into the changing rooms and try theirs on. 

“You think?” Liam asked. 

“Promise, your mom’s going to think you look so handsome” I smiled as he went back into the changing rooms to change back as Scott and Stiles came out looking very posh. 

“They look great on you! That’s it all the suits are decided. Now let’s pay and get food!” Derek smiled getting all the suits and paying for all the suits. 

We head to the same place where I took Liam yesterday because they had good food. We sat down and all took a menu. 

“I wonder how the girls are getting on”

Part 23 coming soon!

Beer 4 - Parent’s Weekend

Part 1 


The idea of parent’s weekend absolutely freaked me the fuck out. I have no way of saying it any lighter than that. My parents were not known for letting anything slide. I was known as the kid who you didn’t go to his house because mom and dad would complain if we were making too much noise or about to cause a mess that they did not want to clean up. Beds had to be made, toys picked up and everything had its place. And it better be there when they came to inspect the place.

Normally that’d be fine. Keeping the place clean was almost a habit now. And I didn’t have ever worry about that because David was basically the same way. That was before I gave him the beer. And now I had a boyfriend. Who, also, was not worried about making a little bit of a mess in my room. The only thing I was happy about was the warning. I had plenty of time to get everything cleaned up and put into some kind of order. They would stay for the weekend and then go home knowing that I’m in the safe hands of the academic institution.

“What is this?” was the first words to come out of my father’s mouth. Somehow he’d found the magic beer. Just by walking in the door he knew exactly where to look.

“Soda. It’s a new kind of soda,” I lied. There was no way my dad would be okay with this in my room. I had to think of something.

He frowned at me. I knew he could see through the lie. But he wouldn’t just say it. I had to admit it. “Then why is it in a beer bottle?”

“They’re trying something new. I think it’s something like bringing it back to the older days. Don’t really know though,” the lie was going to stick. I wasn’t usually good at lying but being out of the house helped me immensely. There was probably an obvious tell but with Dad wouldn’t call me on it.

“Is that so?” he was starting to stalk around the room. Given his thin almost sickly frame it shouldn’t be intimidating. But somehow he was. Like some kind of vulture ready to pick off the weak. That’s why everyone at his company was absolutely terrified of pissing him off at his work. They knew one wrong word would put them out of a job. “So if I google…”

“You won’t find anything. It’s a new company,” I paused looking at his mouth hang open. Obviously college put a bit more of a mouth on me than he anticipated. He was trying to figure out what to say next. I beat him to the punch though. “Why don’t you try it? It’s not alcohol.” He inspected the bottle. “Promise.”

“Is that so…? You know I know what alcohol tastes like. Correct?” I nodded. He was trying to intimidate me. He’d done stuff like this before. But I wasn’t going to back down. Technically it wasn’t beer. Wasn’t soda either but I was already in too deep. I wasn’t going to split hairs over something so trivial.

My dad cautiously took a sip. I watched as he tried his hardest not to enjoy it. But his eyes lit up. I don’t know what it was about that drink that did that but he was more than happy to drink more. But he paused trying not to look like it.

“So… Is it beer?” I was probing to see if it’d taken effect yet.

He coughed slightly, taking another drink to help clear his throat. “No, it’s not. But I don’t like the idea of you keeping secrets from me.” In a short pause he took another drink, finishing it off. “But damn that’s good though. This is soda? Feels like it’s got coke in it or something.” Did my dad just make a joke?! And CURSE?! Now my mouth hanging open. Even if I’d seen the side effect a couple of times before I didn’t think they’d affect my dad like this.

“What can’t you’re old man make a drug reference? I was in college once too you know. C’mere. Pop a squat next to your old man,” my mouth still hung open at how crazy this felt. My dad actually sounded friendly. He pat his legs while I stood there stupidly. “Jeez. It’s hot in here. With how much we pay this stupid place you’d think they could afford some kind of a/c.” I could already see the large amount of hair growing on his arms. His dark black hair slowly gained some salt with the pepper. I didn’t realize that it would also change his clothes too. The black pants and nice button up shirt he always wore changing to denim jeans and one of the university shirts. He looked far more relaxed and comfortable in the new clothes.

“Look,” he started out again, “I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m being mean. It’s just I was in college once. Not for long mind you but I was there. I just don’t want you to get into anything stupid. Your mother worries about you,” he smiled slyly. “And I worry sometimes too. Not that we don’t trust you; just I know what it’s like to have all that testosterone in your body and nowhere to put it. We all experiment son,” he gave a bit of a wink. It took me a moment to realize what he was implying. I wasn’t expecting him to approve so subtly “But fuck is it hot as hell in here. How do you live like this!”

“Uhhh… It’s usually not this bad,” I said. His body must have been working in overdrive though. His former skinny frame was beefing up with an insane amount of muscle. It was so weird watching as his body started to fill the XL college t shirt. The muscle may not have kept a solid tone but he still looked strong. He embodied someone who worked hard with his hands instead of behind a computer screen. I could remember some of the girls I had brought over commenting on how attractive he was. He’d kept his strong build from the college football team despite it going nowhere. ‘Girls?!’ I questioned in my head.

Before I could even really think it through dad was starting to take off his shirt. I was still stunned at how buff he looked. The memories were starting to fill in though. Not to mention his entire body was covered in hair. “I don’t remember it ever being this bad. Like fuck! Why do we pay so much if they’re going to keep the heat on in the damn summer! Anyway, I just want you to know we love you and whenever you need anything just call. We’re still your parents.” He paused and gave me a slap to the back. I wasn’t really expecting it. Watching the other guys change was one thing but this was my dad.

“I know,” I smiled realizing how good the hug felt. “I love you guys too.”

“Good. Now where can I get more of that ‘not beer’.” He was looking around the room.

“Sorry dad just one per customer.” I scold him for trying to get more.

“Wha?!? Is that any way to run a business? I’ll have to call the better business bureau if you keep this up,” he joked.

Someone on my street was apparently giving these fucking things out to trick-or-treaters; it’s a good thing I don’t know who!

Cut for evil:

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