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How it feels when you start exams:

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Vs how you feel at the end of exams…

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alright gang
lets catch us a white dude in a mask

scooby doo, where are you??

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something I've learned from this blog is that almost nothing makes a good weapon if it wasn't designed to be a weapon. is there /anything/ at all that you could find in, say, a hardware store, that you would consider an acceptable weapon in a pinch?

Of the top of my head? Crowbars, claw hammers, sledgehammers, hatchets or axes, box cutters (though not as much with utility knives), flamethrowers, nail guns, probably some variety powered saw I’m not thinking of (though, not chainsaws), flashlights. Though, really, a decent sized wrench is better than nothing.

Crowbars or pry bars are a simple length of solid steel. Usually either round, or flat (the round ones make better weapons because of ergonomics), these are hooked on one end, and both tips flatten to a semi-sharp blade. You can’t whittle with one, but you can certainly use it to take an opponent apart.

Hammers and axes are actually weapons. I used to own an 8lb sledge with a “misuse can result in serous injury or death,” warning label. Because what we really need to do is inform those people who haven’t realized you can use a sledgehammer to kill people, that it’s an option.

Claw hammers are slightly shorter than traditional warhammers, but it’s still the same basic design, just intended for civilian use. As a weapon, it even retains the reverse beak, which will allow the wielder to hook the hammer into their foe.

Hatchets and axes are in roughly the same situation. They’re not identical to real weapons, but they’re close enough that it doesn’t matter.

Box cutters are folding knives with a 3″ to 4″ blade. They’re not an impressive weapon, and some cheap ones might come apart in combat, but it’s a knife, and can get the job done.

Incidentally, longer knives intended for things like clearing brush may be an option (this includes the machete). They’re not intended for use as weapons, but they’re still better than nothing.

Worst case, larger screwdrivers can function as an improvised stiletto. It’s not elegant, it’s not a weapon, but you can probably put that in some poor guy’s neck.

So, if you’ve never spent a lot of time in rural areas, the inclusion of a flamethrower might seem a bit deranged. We’re not talking about military grade combat weapons, these are propane powered torches designed for clearing away dead brush and starting controlled burns. In most states (and I think in Canada) you can purchase small propane powered flamethrowers. You’re not going to want to get into firefights with people using one of these, but, again, if you have no other options.

A similar, slightly more horrifying option, is the thermal lance. This is actually welding equipment, so you’re not going to see this in most hardware stores, but it does exist. The thermal lance is a plasma torch, these are used to cut through reinforced metal. While I’m not sure exactly what this would do to a human being, I’m quite certain the results would be very unpleasant.

Nail guns, at least at short range, might be an option. I’ve honestly never really looked into how viable these are as weapons. You honestly might need tool to skin contact for it to work.

Flare guns are another option. Most commercial flare guns fire a 12gauge shell. The flares themselves are very low power, but will burn on contact. The gun itself can’t use normal 12gauge shells, it will explode. Flare shells can be loaded into most (or all) 12gauge shotguns, however, semi-automatic shotguns will not cycle between shots because there’s insufficient force. Still, getting hit with one of these will probably kill you.

The problem with chainsaws is that the viscera will get pulled into the motor and jam the system. This is probably true of most powered saws, though I’ve never really looked into it. That said, if your character just needs to kill a single foe, a powered saw should get the job done.

It might have sounded like a joke, but a loaded flashlight can be a pretty formidable choice. Particularly something like a D-Cell Maglite. These are practically a weighted baton in the right hands, and can do a lot of damage on impact.

The thing that’s probably messing with you a bit is, nothing on the above list (with the possible exception of the hammers and axes) makes a particularly good weapon. (Also, if you’re actually planning to write a scene in a hardware store, some of the above items won’t be in a functional state on the floor. Sadly flamethrowers, thermal lances, and a few others come, “some assembly required.”)

With enough creativity you can probably kill someone with most of the objects in your environment. Improvised weapons are about finding what you have immediate access to, and deciding which is the best option from that list. It’s not about getting “a good weapon,” just finding something you can kludge into one.

A character who takes a flat head screwdriver around as their weapon of choice is going to come across as slightly goofy. A character who, while struggling to fight off an attacker, grabs a nearby screwdriver and drives it through their foe’s neck, won’t. That’s the difference.

A lot of the time, we’ll get a question like, “I want my character’s weapon of choice to be a machete,” at which point I go into the entire discussion of how, “it’s a tool,” and “it’s not designed for combat.” It’s not that you can’t kill someone with one, but it shouldn’t be your characters first choice when dealing with a situation. It’s not a good weapon, but sometimes it’s the only option your character has.


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OKAY SO, after binge-watching all of the main Metal Gear games (and reading a butt-ton of  spoilers) my brain made a connection w/ gravity falls and I can not be stopped. I’m calling this AU, Metal Gear Falls.

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How far along are you in the final round of beta readings for TSC?!?! I'm so excited for the release!

Nearly everyone is either done or almost done. But I still want to recruit 3 more betas just to make this round a solid 20 as opposed to 17. 

John and Scott were two roommates who did pretty much everything together. Although they looked very similar, John was broader, more muscular and slightly taller than Scott Today, they were on the way to the beach near their apartment in Brazil. As was proper in Brazil, both would be wearing speedos: John a red one, and Scott a black one. Having just gotten back from the gym, the two hunks were just fitting themselves into their teeny trunks in their apartment bathroom.

John  heaved, squeezing his large bum into the speedo far too small for his waist. Letting the elastic waistband snap tight around his hips, John admired his body in the mirror. His pecs were huge, his abs rock-solid and his ass round and firm. Scott slipping on his own tight speedo, laughed at him. “You’re gonna have to go a size up soon bro! You don’t want that thing busting open at the beach do you?” he said jokingly. “Who says I don’t?” John said back  winking and giving his own ass a small spank. John turned back to the mirror as  Scott laughed again. John posed in the mirror, when suddenly a ghostly face popped out of the mirror! “BOOO!” it yelled, as  John’s  mouth gaped in shock. The ghost erupted out of the mirror, revealing itself to be large and muscular. “Coming through!” the ghost yelled as it zoomed into the air. John screamed, hands in the air in terror. Just above John the ghost dove, slamming straight down the front of his red speedo. John roared in discomfort, his eyes bugging as the ghost shoved into his piss slit and started squeezed up his cock. Its massive tail was still sticking out the top of John’s speedo, the wriggling tail slapping him around in the face as it slowly squeezed downward into his bathing suit and into his body. There was an enormous bulge in the front of his speedo as the ghost filled it before squeezing inside his dick. John  , yelling, tried pushing on the bulge in his speedo to get the ghost out of him, but it did no good. He could feel his body being filled by the ghost as the tail slowly shrank down his front into him Scott staggered back, yelling and pointing as the ghost’s tail shrank down John’ s  front, into his Speedo and up his dick. What he didn’t see was the ghost that had popped out of the shower drain just after the other ghost slammed into John  This smaller ghost spotted  Scott and hooted, zooming along the floor towards him. Scott backed up into the wall, stammering in fear as the ghost headed for him. Going up!” the ghost yelled, and zoomed upwards towards  Scott’s package. The ghost shoved itself along Scott’s thigh into the right leghole of scott  and almost immediately, up his penis Scott screamed in a high-pitched voice as he felt the ghost invade his cock, and began filling him up Scott was raised onto his toes, entire body tensed as the ghost slide into his flaccid dick and into his body. John was groaning, eyes rolling as the tail shrank down past the waistband of his speedo, which slapped back against his hips. There was now an enormous, shifting, jiggling inflated bulge in the front of John’s speedo, which was shrinking as the sound of a deflating balloon increased in pitch. John felt filled out and tight, the ghost have inflated into almost every inch of his body. He groaned “OOOH OOOH OOOOOOOFMPP” as the bulge shrank and shrank into his penis, until finally, the ghost fit the last of itself into john’s member  Scott was screaming, the tail of the ghost sliding swiftly and smoothly inside him. He waved his hands, panicking at the discomfort of having a ghost go up his penis, and feeling it fill out his tight body. The tail disappeared into his black speedo, making one large shifting bulge in the front as it continued to squeeze in. The bulge shifted, shrinking until it finally disappeared up Scott’s cock with a small “FFFMPs Scott yelped, cheeks filling immediately with ectoplasm as he grabbed his package, which had begun to shake. JOhn groaned, his mouth full of ectoplasm as his package began to shift around in his speedo like it had a mind of its own. His dick and balls suddenly jumped forward, pulling a groaning  JOhn across the bathroom. Arms waving and too focused on the fact that he was being possessed,  John accidently knocked into  Scott who fell back against the wall, letting go of his package. Scott;s bulge was dancing and bouncing fiercely in his speedo, and Scott was grunting frantically as it did so. Having lost a hold on his wriggling cock and balls Scott jumped and hopped on the spot, feeling filled out by the ghost inside him with his package directing much of his movement. John groaned louder, flailing, losing control of his heavily muscled body as the ghost inside him fought him over for control. He felt his flaccid dick, which had been wriggling back and forth like a snake, suddenly begin to inflate and stiffen. Realizing that the ghost inside him was getting a boner, and thus, inflating its solid ectoplasm into his penis, John groaned louder than ever, panicking and waving his hands. Scott  was shifting his hips around on the wall, completely out of control as his eyes rolled and he groaned, feeling himself losing control. John’s dick inflated like a balloon animal, and just as the last bit of ghostly ectoplasmic penis inflated into his own, there was a small “boing” sound from inside his stomach, and John swallowed the ectoplasm filling his mouth. His eyes came back into focus, and he looked around for a second before his gaze travelled downward to his raging boner tenting the front of his speedo. He broke into a grin. “Oh yeaaaaah”  JOhn groaned with pleasure, but it wasn’t John’s voice. Scott’s eyes rolled as his package bounced in a circle in his speedo. Suddenly, his package bounced forward Scott grunted heavily, one hand quickly coming down to clutch his balls. With a strange squelching noise from inside his belly, Scott swallowed the ectoplasm filling his mouth. The second he did, he started giggling in a high-pitched voice completely not his own. Both John and Scott were not acting at all like themselves. That’s because they weren’t themselves anymore, they were both now possessed by ghosts

Man Ricky, I didn’t think this guy’d be that big!” the ghost possessing Scott said  as he pulled opened the top of his speedo to look down at his package. “Your guy’s definitely a grower then, cause mines a total shower” Ricky (the ghost possessing JOhn said as he rubbed his hands across his abs. Ricky flexed his muscles, and lifted his arm to flex. His nose wrinkled, and Ricky lifted up his arm straight up, exposing his beautiful dark pits. He took a deep sniff and pulled back sharply. “Oh man Micky, I think these guys just got back from the gym!” Ricky said, looking at Micky (the ghost inside Scott). Micky too sniffed his armpits and agreed “Damn you’re right, we’re gonna have to wash these bodies up before we hit the beach”.            The two possessed guys stepped into the shower and Micky turned on the shower while Ricky grabbed the masculine-smelling body wash. The water cascaded over their stolen bodies, making their muscles look shiny and ridiculously sexy. Micky lathered himself up in body wash before handing it to Ricky, who put a big glob in his hand before spreading it all over his arms and chest. Ricky rubbed his torso up and down, feeling his huge pecs and washboard abs. Ricky was starting to get a boner again as he got turned on by how hot and muscular the guy he was inside was. Ricky flexed his arms, looking at each one and admiring them. “You wanna go to the beach and get laid, or you wanna stay here and flex your muscles for a couple hours?” Micky asked jokingly, having already rinsed off his suds. Ricky laughed “In this body I’d be happy to do either”, but he too rinsed himself as Micky went to towel himself off. Ricky turned off the shower, and just before stepping out lifted his arm and smelled his pit again. He smelled masculine, musky and absolutely sexy. “All set” Ricky said to himself, grinning, and he stepped out of the shower to get ready for a day at the beach with his ghostly pal.


Bird bath


1/2″- 1″ solid  steel round bar. 1/4″ steel plate infill panels, 16 gauge stainless steel top

This piece was commissioned for a corner by a backyard pond. The pond is too deep with no place for the birds to perch and drink water. The photos show my process from concept sketches, to onsite mock up, to the completed build.

The tree base has no finish so it should develop a nice rust and set off the stainless bowl nicely.

1 - A Club Romance

The club was buzzing, to say the least. People bounced and grooved all about the place. Lights flickered different colours and everyone was coming alive under the muted neon glow. Usually, I wasn’t one for clubs or just dancing in general but this time I tagged along with the girls from uni. I sat at the bar drinking some fruity cocktail they all recommended after we did a solid few rounds of tequila shots. I was laughing and chatting with my best friend Rose, fiddling with my pony tail and trying to act cooler than I was. Rose was great; I’d only met her last year but we bonded immediately, she really helped me climb out of my shell and become more outgoing. Which is exactly what I needed; it’s a shame we are both straight. 

“Let’s dance!” She laughed as she pulled me by the arm towards the dancefloor, I quickly sipped my drink dry and followed her excitedly.

Maybe it was the alcohol and the fact my head was slightly buzzing or maybe it was the awesome tunes playing, but I just really wanted to dance. However, my extreme awkwardness and inability to move to music in a way that looked remotely normal made things a little difficult.

Rose swayed her hips and twirled around, making it look easy. I watched her for a second, trying to work out how to copy. She grabbed my hands and pulled me in to dance with her, it was fun but I had no idea what I was doing. I laughed and smiled and just let my body do its thing; whatever that was. Not too long after, she turned to dance with some guy wearing a bandana round his head; he’d had his eye on her all night and he smiled wide when she gave him attention. I was left to fend for myself.

“You gotta move your hips more love!” A strong voice from behind me called, it must have been obvious I was struggling.

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Solid Food Round 2

The baby loves food! He can’t decide whether it’s better to push the spoon into his mouth or his face into the spoon. Super cute watching him try so hard though!

Designs for a Tiny Home

Some day I’d like to have the kind of life where I can drive around the country working and living out of a trailered Tiny House. I love modeling stuff in SketchUp, so I indulged my dreams and designed an ideal tiny house.

The house is designed to be 22 feet long, and with a fairly simple envelope: basically, it’s just a big rectangular solid with a rounded “aerodynamic guard” cap bolted on the front. The cap is designed so that the house has a lower amount of drag than an unadorned box when the house is being driven along a highway.

The cap is designed to also swing open on a hinge so that things like bicycles could be stored inside. The cap would lock when in the closed position to provide security for the bikes.

I’ve also designed a Rogue Fitness-like barbell rig that folds out off the back of the house that I could use when I’m not near a Crossfit box.

Off the right side of the house is a patio/pavilion that can fold out when the house is stationary. There’s also a table that can be hung below the right wall’s main window that provides outdoor seating.

The patio, rig, and the front door’s landing stairs all fold up against the side of the house when the house needs to be moved.

I’ve designed the house to be as space efficient as I could on the inside. In the rear of the house, next to the entry door, is the workspace and an eating area. Above that area is a sofa which faces a large television mounted on the backside of the bedroom’s wardrobe. 

Toward the front of the house is the kitchen, and off that, the bathroom. Above the kitchen and the bathroom is the bedroom. The first and second floors are connected by a branching staircase. In some sense, the house is designed around the staircase.

The workspace is designed to have a large desk (large enough for a big iMac). The desk is tucked away underneath one branch of the interior staircase. The table behind it could be used for eating, but it could also be used as more desk space when working.

The bottom trunk of the branching staircase also can be flipped up, revealing a combination washer/dryer for clothes underneath.

The kitchen is designed to have a full-size oven/range and sink. Mounted on the backsplash behind the oven/sink is another flatscreen TV (along with a spice rack that spans the width of the backsplash). Above the backsplash is a microwave and a cabinet.

Opposite the oven/sink is a wide prep table. Further to the front of the house is a full-sized refrigerator and pantry. The door seen next to the refrigerator leads to the bathroom.

Seen here in a cutaway from the other side of the house is the bathroom. The toilet is tucked away in its own water closet underneath the forward branch of the interior staircase. The shower is 2′6″ by 3′9″. The bathroom’s sink has a fairly wide and deep basin which extends into the shower area, which provides a vanity both inside and outside the shower. Along the wall (which has been hidden in this view) is a flip up/down bench for seating. The doors for the bathroom and the water closet are both pocket doors.

There are two places for watching TV–one in the entertainment area upstairs, and one out on the patio facing the TV on the kitchen’s backsplash.

The house features an extensive shelving unit that rests on the branching staircase, featured in this cutaway of the house. The unit is molded into the staircase, and the doors are all designed to swing freely open in the tight space.

okay but also… how could rhett not be hard? like just based on stimulation alone? having something rub against you, more specifically a warm, solid body, a round bum… there is no way that boy wasn’t at least chubbin’ it a bit like really

I have always loved this cap. Especially her eye here. Normally her eyes, though sharp, have such a softer shape to them. A solid rounded curvature with just the right angling to allow for exceptional range of expression. They can be all fire and fury and they can be soft and calm.

Here though. The shape is so different.

The lower lash line is jagged and the line of it broken in places. Her upper eye lid has this quality to it of, tender bruised flesh without discoloration, ever so slightly swollen. It may not have been in the intention but it is ever so slight. The look of flesh struggling to hold shape.

I wonder how hard was it to maintain that death glare. How hard was it to get her face to communicate what she wanted when every moment appeared so pained and labored. It doesn’t take much to make a face but it still takes muscle to make it happen.

Yet again because of her eye there and the way it’s depicted. You can see the struggle. The fight just to keep her expression when her each and every breath is likely a forced happening.

Her body beaten, broken and so weary. Each pull of air inward a measured feat of strength. Each movement a carefully gauged exertion of energy. For there must be enough to let off that one final attack.

Yet still. She maintains that expression. When her body is threatening to give way, when she can feel the pull of life from her, when her future is crumbling away before–she holds on. She maintains. She saves face and never stops communicating the level of her fury and hate at the enemy. Striking fear into them till her very last.

For that is the strength of Rei. That iron will.

I really have just, always adored this cap. The depiction of this moment.