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i need one of these gigantic dragon trees on my team right now


Here’s the template for the Papercraft Salandit! 

It’s pretty difficult compared to the Mimikyu one- but if you’re up for the challenge here’s everything you need! I included some photos for reference (especially for the way the legs are folded). I had colored the inside of the mouth with a marker, so that’s why it looks red. Cut on the Solid Lines (the color bleeds out of the lines, cause I’m sloppy with a scissor lol) and fold on the dotted! 

I’d def use cardstock if you can! It’s not impossible to make it on computer paper (the first few tests I used computer paper) but it’ll be much sturdier with a thicker paper.

Bruce: Is there a plan for all this madness? 

Jerome: These people don’t want a plan, they want an excuse. The mother who dreams of strangling her child. The husband who wants to stab his wife. All they want is someone to tell them… “Do it. Kill them, it doesn’t matter.” It doesn’t.

My Biggest Fear- Luke Hemmings

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My biggest fear is watching a car cross over the yellow solid lines and towards my car. Seeing the bright headlights flash into my eyes, glass shattering all around me as I swerve to my death. I’m afraid of dying. I’m afraid of closing my eyes permanently. Will it be painful? Will my life actually flash before my eyes? Will I remember my life? Does it all just…end? Or will I come back? It’s too much to think about. It’s too scary.

Want to know what’s scarier? Watching her die. Watching the lights flash into her eyes, glass shattering all around her as I try to swerve us to safety. But it’s not use. I can see the blood already shedding down her face. I reach over to her and try to pull her to me for safety, but I can’t seem to grab her. She’s slipping away from me. My face slams against the steering wheel just before the airbags deploy. But they’re no use. I close my eyes and wait for it to be over, but it feels like it’s never going to end. I glance at her one times. Her arms are spread out; as if she were an angel.

I feel everything stop moving. I open my eyes and look down at my hands. I touch my fingertips together. I’m alive. I look over at her to see her not moving. My heart feels heavy and I struggle to unbuckle myself.

“Oh my God.” I mumble over and over again. When I finally free myself, I climb over to her seat and squeeze myself between the glove compartment and her seat. I take her sweet and pale face between my hands, “Can you hear me? Y/N, please open your eyes. Open your eyes, love.” The tears are rapid, one after another.

I unbuckle her and lift her up and take her place on the seat. I rest her on my lap and let her head rest on my arm. I look down at her body. I don’t feel her soul here anymore.

“Please…” I beg to no one in particular, “Please, God, please.” I move the hair out of her face and bring her to my chest. I sob and hold her to my heart. My heart is still beating as her skin fades into the cold.

The sirens blend in with my cries as I hold her. Or, what’s left of her. Someone bangs on the window asking if everyone is okay. I don’t look at them. I keep my eyes closed and press my cheek to her forehead. The door is ripped open and men in red and blue urge me to get out of the car. But I don’t move. I just look down at her. I imagine her looking at me. Telling me that it’s okay, but it’s not. She’s gone. Someone reaches over to grab her and I snap, “Don’t touch her!”

“Sir, we have to stabilize her and get her into an ambulance.”

“Can you help her?”

“I can try. You just have to give her to me.”

I look down at her one more time. Her beautiful lips are still plump and pink. Maybe she still is here. I let her go and they take her to the ambulance. A man holds out a hand for me and I get out of the car. I turn and look at the damage and cringe. My front side is totally crushed. I see the other car a few yards away and a man climbing out. He runs over to us and my back stiffens. His hands fly up to his head and he grips his hair.

“Holy shit, I’m so sorry.” He starts to walk over to me.

“Don’t come any fucking closer to me.”

“I’m so sorry, is everyone okay? Did anyone get hurt?”

I storm towards him, “You killed my girlfriend!” I feel someone grab my arm keeping me from charging at him. Hurting him. How badly I want to hurt him.

“We don’t know if she’s dead yet.”

I look back over at the ambulance and run over. I watch the paramedics undo her shirt and put patches on her chest.

“What’s happening?” I ask.

“Charge to 300.” A woman puts something on top of the patches. “Clear.” Y/N’s body is lifted into the air and I gasp. I turn away; I can’t watch this. A policeman walks over to me with a notepad in his hand. I put my hands on top of my head and look up at the sky.

“Sir, I need a statement from you.”

I glare at him, “My girlfriend is trying to be brought back to life at the moment. Does it have to be right now?”

“I figured you would want to get it out of the way.”

I sigh, “Okay.”

“Tell me what you remember.”

“We were just driving and this guy drives over the divider and hits me.”

“Are you familiar with this route?”

“Yes, I drive on this road every day.”

“Do you-“

I hear someone gasping for breath behind me and I spin around. I see her sitting up violently trying to catch her breath. I run over to her and push the doctors out of the way.


She looks at me, “Luke?”

I changed my mind about my worst fear. Losing her. Losing her terrifies me to death.

The Five Times Credence Apparated and the One Time it Backfired

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Credence closes his eyes and takes in a deep, steadying breath, narrowing his focus to the wand in his hand. It’s only too easy to focus on something–or rather, someone–else with Graves’ chest pressed to his back, the solid line of his arm against Credence’s, his fingers curled around his own, but Credence has to concentrate. His magic isn’t going to work otherwise.

“Your magic is a part of you,” Graves says, voice low and soft in Credence’s ear. “I know you’re used to it, but don’t fight it. Just picture where you want to go, and let it happen.”

Suppressing a shudder at the hot breath on his neck, Credence tries to do as Graves tells him. He reaches for the magic that’s always lurked within him. It’s no longer the twisted, tangled mess he’s grown used to, but something clearer, almost pure. It at least feels kinder than it used to.

Hesitantly, Credence draws it out, allowing it to flow through his body into the wand. He can feel it building in intensity, pushing at the tip of the wand, begging to be used. Credence squeezes his eyes shut and releases it.

There’s a rush of air, the brief sensation of being nothing, before Credence snaps back together, slightly sick to his stomach.

Graves’ hand lands on his shoulder, steadying him, helping him keep his feet. “Where… where are we?” Credence asks when he’s collected himself a little more.

Graves looks around, a shadow of confusion passing over his face when he realizes where they’ve ended up. “We appear to be in my office.”

Oh. Credence flushes, turning his face away from Graves to hide it.

This office was the first place Credence had ever met Graves, the real Graves, and his subconscious must have decided it was the safest place to take them. He’d been concentrating so hard on actually making his magic work that he’d given barely any thought to where he actually wanted to go.

“Credence,” Graves says, and Credence turns towards him, half expecting to be scolded for intruding where he doesn’t belong. Instead, Graves gives him a small, unexpected smile. “I’m proud of you.”

Credence doesn’t get the opportunity to hide his blush that time.

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You could so plainly see it in all that she did - in all that she was, really - that determination that never wavers, a solid line in an otherwise twisting and raveled world. She just kept going, and, more importantly, kept being. Her existence was enough for her, yet she strived to bring more and more than anyone else could possibly dream of achieving.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1098 

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 5 - Favourite Dark Type: Incineroar

Generation 7 wasn’t all that generous with dark types so there wasn’t much to choose from. I knew I wanted to draw Incineroar despite it not being a favourite so this is the category I put it in. Many people, me included, seemed to be rather upset that Litten became what it did. Personally I kinda do like the concept and the design is not bad atl all - overall it’s a pretty solid evolutionary line - but it was still disappointing to see GameFreak go for another bipedal fire starter final evolution. 

I think this design would’ve worked fine as quad or semi-quad like I did here. Well, despite that I would still rather not see Incineroar portrayed as a quadruped Pokemon, but rather deal with the design you have at hand. So I figured Incineroar can move and mostly does move on all fours but for example in fights it stands up on two legs as to intimidate its opponent. I didn’t want to go with full feline anatomy because I wanted both the quad bipedal stances and switching from one to another seem quite natural.