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sam cant actually fly, hes just so annoying the earth repels him

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your comic of long haired mob and reigen is AMAZING! if you dont mind me asking, how did you make the colors in your comics look uniform (ie: blue in that one comic) and yet still recognizable of their original/normal color palettes, did you use a layer mode? or something else?

OKAY THIS IS. a challenging question to answer, even though it’s easy in practice.

The Doozy ABoT comic is a bit of an exception to the rule of how I color in general, but I can show you a glimpse into how that color process went. Also I use Sai for everything listed.

I’m using a picture I haven’t colored/merged yet to show what I mean, since you need to keep the lineart separate for my process to work. You can see how I color lineart here. Here it’s just at 30% lumi&shade.

Ya start with ur flats. Rad. (and always have backup flats on a duplicated layer)

getcha some faded blue set on a grouped screen layer.

Some faded blue on a multiply layer

(this is where i divulge from how i usually color comics, to be continued below **)

Because the comic was a night scene, i leave the darks/contrast as is, since you lose a majority of it in dark scenes, and just apply an orange screen layer where the light’s gonna hit them.

select the inverse of that (with some space to give that weird shade-line in my stuff) and add some more blue on a screen layer and viola! you got my basic process for coloring that comic. and you didn’t even have to do much to preserve the original color palettes in people’s minds.

**back to how i normally color comics (here i used faded purple on my screen/multiply layers)

your average scene is very well lit, so it’s important to show the regular contrast as is. so – you get your sucker all done up, then

you adjust the brightness/contrast/color deepen until it reflects the difference you started with. now u have your original set of hues looking like it got passed through a purple color filter, but functioning better imo.

I personally like it a little toned down, so I add back in some of that reserve flat layer. I eyeball it, but this was around 52% opacity.

Multiply layer where your shades go. (with more faded purple)

Luminosity layer on top of the shades to make that solid line in my darks I was talkin about. (with even more faded purple)

And you can have an optional screen layer in the highlights (by selecting the inverse of your shade layer.) Here I used yellow bc why not. 

That is the other important thing about my art. My shades and highlights are kept to 1-2 colors. Here it’s orange and green

Here it’s blue and red. The simplicity looks better to my eyes.

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I like how in the “high-mythology” Norse texts, the stories about the gods, death is a fairly solid dividing line. It’s possible to speak to the dead if you’ve got magic, and some of the gods can walk between life and death–but they’re gods, they’re special. Generally, dead people stay where they’re put, and the dead walking around is your first sign that the very fabric of the universe is unraveling.

But, if you read the popular literature, like folktales and legendary histories, you’d think that the undead are something normal joes down here in Midgard have to deal with on an almost daily basis.

My absolute favorite thing in any story I’ve ever read is that in Erbyggjasaga, two dead men rise up from the grave and invade this dude’s house. This is a problem because they keep tracking dirt all over the floor and taking the best seats next to the fire. So the homeowner summons them to court and has them formally evicted.


└ WWG 2017 to celebrate 二宮先生’s 17th 34th birthday!

The main reasons I like to consider Ford aro:
1. ‘Romance was far more baffling to me than the greatest mysteries of the universe.’
2. Immediately laughs at the idea of meeting someone and starting a family
6. pLEAse just let me have this


Jin : Guys, rate me out of ten~

Yoongi : 10.

Hoseok : 10.

Namjoon : 10.

Jimin : 10.

Taehyung : 10.

Jungkook : 9.

Bangtan : ?!

Taehyung : ?!!!How dare-

Jungkook : Hyung you’re a 9 because I’m the one you’re missing.

Bangtan :

Jin :

Jimin : Did you just called yourself a 1?

Jungkook : That’s not-

Taehyung : Seokjin hyung, don’t listen a 1. You’re a 10 and you also need a 10 which is-

Jimin : Me.

Maknae line : *Fights*

sorry folks I was busy drawing a gift tonight so I can’t do anything else other than this little thing for the esper pov tag 

after all the swings I feel like we need a small permanently nice thing whos with me

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Do you have any gore tips? I love drawing gore but I often struggle, especially with digital art 😅 (Mostly the coloring process)

I have a couple! I use lots of refs. If you get really nauseous looking at actual blood; gore art from other artists and anatomical models and charts are very helpful. Especially for the nitty-gritty stuff like rib cage and heart shape. For blood, I use a lighter color as the stain: 

and a darker color for the streaks and wound:

the blood color will be browner depending on how fresh the wound is. the older it is, the browner

also blood behaves like jelly-water. it’s drippy, and gooey. 

it pools at the bottom of whatever it’s on and then drips off. it doesn’t drip in a solid line. 

also remember to have the blood follow the curve, if there is one, of the object. also referencing  splatter and spray patterns helps too. 

I hope this is a bit helpful, I’m not the best at explaining. I’m also not an expert, and I am constantly learning new things, but as of now, these are some of the things I keep in mind when I draw gore. :>