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Fandometrics In Depth: Overwatch Edition

One year ago today, Overwatch was released by Blizzard Entertainment. The game had an immediate and overwhelming impact on Tumblr, and the #overwatch tag was quickly flooded with animated shorts, comics, fan art, and, of course, toddler approval of Junkrat.  

To mark this anniversary of this game-to-end-all-games, we’ve analyzed millions of posts from May 23, 2016—May 18, 2017 to precisely identify the most talked about Overwatch characters and ships. Enjoy.

Overwatch is huge

During this 358 day period, the #overwatch tag alone garnered nearly 150 million engagements. It was the second most trending tag during this time. That’s trendier than every TV show and film, and even bigger, more generic tags like #GIF (No. 5) and #art (No. 7). The next highest trending video game-related tag was #Pokémon, at No. 20.

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Overwatch made its debut on the Fandometrics Video Games list on March 14th, 2016 at No. 16, more than two months before the game was even released. On May 9, 2016 Overwatch jumped a solid ten spots to No. 2. The following week, it was No. 1.  It reigned supreme until July 11th, 2016, when it was kicked out by Pokémon Go. Currently Overwatch has had a 29-week streak at No. 1, beating the previous record for time at the top of the Video Games list by two months (and counting). Undertale topped off at just 21 weeks.

Top Characters

We did a full breakdown of all 24 character’s total engagements based on class. The highlights?  Reaper had the most likes and reblogs, Junkrat had the most searches and Mercy had the most original posts. The details? Below:

Top Offense Heroes

  1. Reaper | 20.07%
  2. Tracer | 15.82%
  3. McCree | 15.08%
  4. Genji | 14.16%
  5. Sombra | 12.84%
  6. Soldier: 76 | 11.70%
  7. Pharah | 10.33%

Top Defense Heroes

  1. Junkrat | 32.36%
  2. Hanzo | 24.44%
  3. Widowmaker | 21.93%
  4. Mei | 13.71%
  5. Bastion | 4.53%
  6. Torbjörn | 3.03%

Top Tank Heroes

  1. D.Va | 39.12%
  2. Roadhog | 21.25%
  3. Zarya | 14.72%
  4. Reinhardt | 13.76%
  5. Orisa | 5.85%
  6. Winston | 5.30%

Top Support Heroes

  1. Mercy | 43.31%
  2. Zenyatta | 20.83%
  3. Lúcio | 19.22%
  4. Symmetra | 15.92%
  5. Ana | 0.73%

Top Non-Playable Characters

  1. Efi Oladele | 52.71%
  2. Athena | 18.11%
  3. Doomfist | 11.47%
  4. Tekhartha Mondatta | 10.01%
  5. Katya Volskaya | 4.61%
  6. Emily | 3.09%

Top Ships

With more than 20 characters, Overwatch fandom is rife for shipping. You can find a ship chart for just about any combination you can think of—a possible 276 unique combinations. For the sake of brevity, we highlighted just the top 10:

  1. McHanzo, McCree x Hanzo | 35.03%
  2. Reaper:76, Reaper x Soldier:76 | 17.03%
  3. Pharmercy, Pharah x Mercy | 12.69%
  4. Widowtracer, Widowmaker x Tracer | 9.08%
  5. Roadrat, Roadhog x Junkrat | 8.82%
  6. Genyatta, Genji x Zenyatta | 6.76%
  7. Gency, Genji x Mercy | 5.84%
  8. Meihem, Mei x Junkrat | 2.48%
  9. Mercykill, Mercy x Reaper | 1.17%
  10. Mercy76, Mercy x Soldier:76 | 1.10%

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Want more Overwatch?

The fan art and headcanons (Gremlin D.Va, anyone?) that people share across Tumblr are an excellent way to keep a steady stream of Overwatch flow in your dashboard:

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Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)

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hello eggplant! could you maybe recommend some of your favorite Sota Yamamoto programs? recently i've fallen in love with him, help

it’s hard to make a list of recs for him because he’s so young and hasn’t competed for that long…there aren’t that many videos of him available. some performances worth watching:

and these aren’t programs, but bb sota was on a tv show with nobu in 2011 where they went to a universal studios theme park, it was so cute: part 1, part 2

i should make a sota intro post someday…if he ever comes back to competition ;____;

Wolf on a Leash

Part Two to this Part One!

OMG I got such positive feedback from the first part! I DID NOT EXPECT THIS. You guys spoil me tbh, thank you for all your kindness and support xxx

Summary: The feuding continues. Robb and Y/n manage not to get along even worse than they did before, but Ned’s resolve prevails. Starks are stubborn and breaking their will is near impossible. 

Tags: THE FIRST OF THE HATE FLIRTING, s l o w b u r n, humor duh, AnGsT aLeRt, Stark family feels, unresolved jealous feelings

Tagged Lovelies: @im-smad, @salliebley, @reader-fics, @a-girl-who-loves-disney (lemme know if you want to be tagged xx) 

{okay woah btw this is a LOT longer than the first part hehe sorry}

Chapter 2

“He’s mine to hate and hurt and do with as I please, no one else’s,” You hear yourself hissing at Lady Evangeline, shoving your face forward and closing in on her personal space despite the frantic beating of her delicate fan to keep you at bay. 

Her intimidated expression of growing fear (of you, you realize with a twisted satisfaction) is not what pulls you from your sudden flash of gripping fury. 

It’s actually the silence beside you that shakes you free of it. Robb is silent. That never happens, Robb always has something to say in retaliation to literally any words that leave your mouth whether they pertain to him or not. You pull your face back only enough to swing your blazing gaze on Robb, whose expression holds the shape of an emotion you haven’t seen on him before. 

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Heyllo. I’ve been slowly gnawing away at a concept for a short film called ‘Wizard Goon’. Which I would reallyreallyreaLLy like to make next year, 

I wouldn’t usually upload this kind of stuff until I had something more substantial to show, but there’s some other stuff, albeit exciting stuff, coming up that will likely be pushing it back to later in 2k17 than I’d like. 

So for that reason and a couple of others, thought I’d just ralph up some of this bile now. 

This is Isabel. 

[slams 27 energy drinks to make my heart beat so fast it desyncs me from the main timeline and I can clip between dimensions, where I use the angles of various planes of existence to build up speed for 38 hours so I can warp myself right past the pearly gates into god’s personal quarters, I land on his bed right as he was taking a nap, grab him by the collar of his blue and pink flower pajamas, and shake him violently] why was fate/extella so rushed!! why!!! [two bodyguard angels grab me by the arms and try to carry me back to my original dimension, I cut off their limbs in 5 of the 21 dimensions they exist in using the demonic blade hidden in my boots to free myself and fling myself at god once again] answer me!!! why didn’t they just take another year or two to develop it!!! why did type-moon release this rushed mess of a game when literally all its flaws be it in story or gameplay could be fixed through nothing but taking more time to expand on its absolutely solid core!!!!!! [i am jumped by 7 angels at once from 54 directions and forcibly escorted out of heaven while god calls his attorney to file for a restraining order]

You Just Left Me To Die (Part 5)

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) 

Pairing: Jason Todd (Arkham Knight) x Reader

GIF Credit: ?? tell me if it’s yours!

Warning: Blood and swearing

Rating: Mature

A/N: @dcimaginesforever helped me come up with the idea for this one! Thanks babe!! Sorry it took so long! Y/n (your name) 

You were laying on your stomach, the sun warming your face. You were so sore. Your legs, your hips, your core, and your breasts burned. There was a movement next to you, jostling you a little. Your mind woke up but your eyes were too lazy to open. Bare, warm, scared skin touched your back, “I think the men heard you.”

“Good,” you whispered back. Jason laughed, his stomach rumbling against your back. He kissed your shoulder lightly making you shiver. His hand lightly traced up your sides, his lips moving to your neck. “I’m so sore,” he moaned quietly. “I haven’t been with anyone since you were taken from me.”

“I haven’t either.” You turned over, closing your eyes and pressed your lips on his. His hands moved under your hips and pulled them closer to his. Your hands trailed down his back, you gasped when you felt the long scabs on his back. You turned him over, pinning him down face first. His whole back was laced with long, thin scratches.

“Oh Jason I’m sorry,” you said. You leaned down and kissed his back.

“It’s fine y/n, I’ve taken worse.” There came a loud knock on the door, making both you and Jason jump. “I got it,” he got up, causing you to latch your legs around his waist and grab his shoulders. He laughed and pried you off him, dropping you on the bed. He pulled the covers up over you, kissing your head lightly. “Just stay there,” you nodded. He pulled on a pair of baggy sweatpants and opened the door. There stood Slade, his face cool. “What?”

“It’s tonight, you need to ready the men.” Jason nodded and shut the door in Slade’s face. He turned to you, his face set.

“Are you ready?” You shrug, tonight was going to be a long one.

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what are your thoughts on the 'bashing' shoma is getting lately on his under/pre rotations and his jumping technique overall ?

i think you’re trying to bait me, anon, and i think everyone who asks me questions like this is trying to bait me, but i’m in a relatively good mood right now and might as well just say my bit instead of deleting this ask, which is what i’d usually do.

shoma does not have an ideal jump technique. his jumps range from ok to fucking terrifying. i think anyone with eyes can see that, and last i checked, my eyes are working fine. he was saddled with questionable jumps since he was young and though they have improved considerably over time, there are still plenty of skaters with more solid and attractive jumps than him.

shoma does prerotate some of his jumps, the 4F and 4T among them. he is far from the only skater who prerotates. there’s more scrutiny of him because he’s one of the top skaters in the world, which is understandable. there is debate over how much prerotation is acceptable and how much it should be penalized. just like many other things in skating, there is no real consensus. sometimes judges take away points for “poor takeoff”, most of the time they don’t. it is what it is. until the ISU decides on something concrete, most discussions about this only go around in circles.

many fans of skaters with good jumps - and i, too, enjoy good jumps; who doesn’t? - disapprove of the scores that shoma gets for his jumps. i can understand this. i think judges are fairly lenient with shoma whereas they might not be with other skaters with similar issues. in a perfect world, judging would be more consistent, but that is never going to happen. the key point is that everything else about shoma’s skating - his musicality, interpretation, the full package he presents - overshadows the issues i have with his jumps. and that’s why i’m his fan, because the things i like about him far outweigh the things i don’t. there are people who simply don’t like his skating, which is fine, and focus only on his weaknesses like jump technique and transitions, which is less fine, but if you don’t like a skater, i suppose it’s natural that the things you don’t like about them seem magnified to you.

in the end, i’m just not interested in getting into this debate. people are free to criticize shoma and any other skater. some people do it constructively, which is good. and some people just want to tear him down and build up their own faves under the guise of constructive criticism, which is shitty, but that’s life. not every criticism of shoma is “bashing”; plenty of it is. i’m just here to enjoy his skating and hopefully see him continue to improve. i’ve got a pretty thick skin when it comes to the fan reactions. if i let myself get wrapped up in all that stuff i’d end up miserable, and that’s not worth my time.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she says as he walks backwards toward the railing, tugging her by her hands to follow.

I know this part was one line but you can bet your sweet bippy I absolutely l LOVED it
(from the hella good fic Heartstrings by @taylordraws read it, love it, live it)

Top 20 Movies of 2014

1. Boyhood 

2. Whiplash

3. Nightcrawler

4. Selma 

5. Birdman

6. Gone Girl

7. Foxcatcher

8. Top Five 

9. Snowpiercer 

10. The Imitation Game

11. Inherent Vice

12. The Babadook

13. Guardians of The Galaxy

14. 22 Jump Street

15. Interstellar 

16. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

17. Captain America: The Winter Solider 

18. Big Hero 6

19. The Lego Movie 

20. John Wick 

Character Analysis: Terushima Yuuji

I often see Terushima getting reduced to the one moment he asked Kiyoko for her phone number and was rather persistent about it although she clearly rejected him. However, instead of immediately judging him for that and not even giving his character a chance I thought that his behaviour was actually very realistic. I’m pretty sure in real life there are lots of high school boys asking girls for their phone numbers and nearly begging when they get rejected instead of simply accepting it.

Not that I think it’s a good thing to do but I don’t think he had any bad intentions and maybe didn’t even realise how uncomfortable he made her. Moreover, I briefly want to mention the thing most people probably already heard: Nishinoya and Tanaka don’t show better behaviour at all. They basically glorify her and the things they frequently do would make me definitely uncomfortable too if I was her.

That being said, I think he is a character that’s just as interesting and likeable as every other character in Haikyuu. I mean, we don’t reduce Tanaka to his hot-bloodedness nor Oikawa to his fake cheerful self nor Iwaizumi to an angry brute nor Kageyama to a socially awkward simpleton (and I could go on with that for almost every character in Haikyuu) so why should we do that to Terushima? I know that there are lots of people who think like me but I never came across a full character analysis so here we go.

(complete analysis + manga panels below the cut because this got long)

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NCIS One Shot: Take My Word For It

Summary: Long frustrating cases are a part of being an NCIS agent. DiNozzo and McGee fight over the last slice of pizza, you go take a shower, and Gibbs releases some frustrations. And at the end of the day, you surprise the team with some information they never knew about you.

Requested By: Anon

Word Count: 1.1k

Warnings: None

Notes: I apologize if the German in this is not correct. I used Google for it. Also, a special thank you to Anna for helping me come up with a suggestive line to say to Gibbs.

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This is infuriating. Down right painful.

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