solid gold performance

Do you have any b-side photos from the Wild Heart photoshoot with the girls? Also do you know of any Wild Heart Tour clips outside of the show from Capitol Center and the sound board audio from the new jersey show?

Do you mean footage from the Wild Heart tour? Besides the Landover show there’s ofcourse also the UsFest, SNL and the Solid Gold performances. This interview with Entertainment Tonight uses a few clips from a Wild Heart show but I don’t know which show and there’s also a rare taped performance of “Sara” at Cuyahoga Falls, OH on July 21, 1983.

Here are outtakes from the Wild Heart photo with the girls:


Sep. 10, 2017: Tom performing Solid Gold at the Carried By The Wave tour in Argentina

if you even support half of some of the mediocre garbage that exists in episodes of agents of shield in it’s current one and a half seasons, please support agent carter. it has well-rounded characters that just need some more episodes to shine and contains as much action and suspense as the other popular marvel franchises. hayley atwell is giving solid gold performances episode after episode telling the story of peggy carter that deserves to be told  as much as any other since she is such a cornerstone in the marvel universe.

her battles in the workplace against her coworkers are just as important as the scenes where she’s out trying to clear howard’s name and get down to the bottom of leviathan. her life outside of the ssr is equally as compelling as her professional life, with the twists and turns of being a woman in post-ww2 america, where the world is transitioning back to what it was and not progressing. the women in this show are battling their treatment left and right, but also forced to stomach a lot of things for the sake of keeping their careers in the capacity that their male counterparts allow them to be there. the men want to play hero and let the women do the busywork and the service jobs. there is a surprising lack of ‘good men’ like steve rogers and even though there may be one or two in a dozen, they’re not nearly as helpful as one may like.

so peggy carter does the damn job that needs doing herself. and because no one wants to see the side she’s investigating.  you know she builds your s.h.i.e.l.d. as you know it, so are you surprised? she lays down her life day after day doing what’s right even though she continually strains relationships, compromises her meager standing in the workplace, and loses friends and colleagues close to her. she continues the fight that steve rogers lost for seventy years when he was presumed dead and she does so in his memory, and because it was the right thing to do. for her entire working career she is the captain america everyone needed–with her red, white, and blue wardrobe, her tireless work ethic, her killer right-hook, and her no-nonsense demeanor–yet no one felt the need to acknowledge or commemorate with statues, memorabilia, or put her name in the history books.

peggy carter is a goddamn hero in the marvel universe. so support her like you support the big 6 and the new comics that are breaking the social norms. fight for her like you do for the deaths of your favorite characters (cough coulson cough) and the horrid tumblr categorizations that you can’t stand. complain about her ratings in the way that you complain over certain castings (cough dr. strange cough). give her a full goddamn season. do not let her story be cancelled.