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omg lmao so… just now, i had to wait like 3 minutes to use the disabled toilet bc – you guessed it! – an abled was using it even tho every other toilet was available. i made sure to park myself right outside the stall, while tapping my foot loudly against my footrests the entire time and exhibiting the most obviously impatient body language possible. when she got out, i made sure to make solid eye contact to soak in the incredible look of shame on her face, as she muttered something along the lines of ‘sorry i shouldnt’ve done that’ while ducking her head as she carefully and hastily moved past me. the utter shame and shock expressed by an abled when they leave the disabled stall to see that they’ve fucked over AN ACTUAL DISABLED PERSON (!) gives me life. 

shortly after, as i’m fixing my hair in the mirror by the entrance, some asshole abled woman decides to select (in a room where every toilet is available) the disabled stall… right in front of me. so i decided that it’s on. i selected, out of all the available sinks, the one right in front of the disabled stall she was in (bc i might’ve had to use the disabled toilet tbh.) this way, she’d have to ask me (a person in a wheelchair) to move to leave the (disabled) stall so she could more easily access the sinks. i was meticulously applying my lipstick when she got out and masked her embarrassment as she asked me to move. i just softly replied ‘oh, i’m so sorry.’ i would’ve said something about ‘hey you should really save that stall for actually disabled people,’ but i think i got my point across. i then made sure to begin to leave before her so she’d have to wait for me to experience extreme difficulty getting my chair through the exit. if ppl like this had to be in a chair for even 15 minutes, they might get an idea of how truly inconvenient it is to be disabled lmao

Why Otabek is the best.

Wasn’t there a saying that the people who are the most quiet notice the most/has the loudest thoughts?

Well in this case, meet Otabek.

Otabek is a character genuinely misunderstood by a lot of characters but adored by the fandom. 

Here, we have this:

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He takes off his sunglasses when he is talking to people, even when that person is JJ (who no character really likes all that much tbh). This is so respectful. He removes his glasses and makes eye contact when he is spoken to, even if he is just declining a simple offer. He’s badass, but he’s very, very polite. 

At 18 years old and being the NATIONAL HERO of his country, he’s still very, very humble.

He positions his medal so that the media can get an easy shot of him. He’s making their lives easier. He’s looking out for them! And even though he just won gold, he doesn’t show any signs of being cocky. He simply, once again, makes solid eye contact with the camera, showing respect/care. 

We have him here again, giving the photographers a clear shot of him; looking straight into the camera. He’s standing upright, being very, very proper. Furthermore, I find it so sweet that he’d rather cover up his medal and show his country’s flag instead! He truly puts his country’s pride above his own and I find that beautiful. 

However, sometimes his elegant etiquette is misinterpreted as being perhaps too archaic for this generation of bubbly, emotional, and loud skating talents. 

(Notice that his entire body is facing towards the person speaking to him, even though he later verbally expressed no interest in hanging around JJ.)

And even after JJ mocks him, he doesn’t reply or shoot back some snarky remark. 

Instead, he politely declines JJ’s request in the most fucking formal way possible. Not breaking eye contact. What even.

Anyways, let’s move onto his adorable interest in Yuri. After meeting perhaps his inspiration ever, he gets called an asshole. BY HIS MUSE. BY HIS INSPIRATION. PROBABLY HIS ROLE MODEL.

What does he do? Otabae remains silent and simply walks away. He’s unconfrontational, unlike Yuri, but his silence is demanding.

And guess what, it immediately piques Yurio’s interest.

In the video, Yurio’s eyes trail after Otabek. Now Yurio’s curious about him.

Yurio has a weird tendency to look at Otabek this way. It’s almost as if Yurio somehwat reveres his presence. It makes sense because I’ve done a past meta on why Otabek is probably everything Yurio wants to be/likes (physically at least).

I think someone’s mentioned this before but Otabek arrives WAY TO COINCIDENTALLY FOR IT TO BE AN ACCIDENT. Like it or not, Otabek has always planned to talk to Yurio. Hell, he was probably driving around to try and find him…and of course, saves him instead.


And guess what? This cutie pie tosses YURIO a helmet. Because safety is cool kids.

TDLR: Otabek is fucking bomb.

jaime: ur ugly
jaime, literally 30 seconds later: so what’s your name are you a virgin are you into dudes are you into girls tell me about your childhood hey if we had sex i’d be the first person you met that would be able to pin you against a wall anyway tell me about the guy you were in love with


So I took “and he gets really sad” to Langst levels because I have no control. 

A small case of the sniffles was nothing to Lance. He worked through it with ease, but when he woke up two days later with a throat so raw and so sore that it brought tears to his eyes, he began to second guess himself.

However, he still tried to power through, but halfway through breakfast, his weak, raspy voice gave out entirely when he was in the middle of reassuring Shiro that he just had a small cold.

He tried to talk, but all that came out was a soft squeak that left him wincing.

“Just a cold, huh?” Keith asked, one eyebrow arched in a teasing manner.

Lance huffed and poked at his throat. He cleared his throat and tried once more to respond vocally, but it was helpless and quite painful.

“You better not,” Shiro warned. “You’ll only make it worse.” He held an index finger up to his mouth, motioning for Lance to keep quiet.

Lance sighed, shoulders slumping in defeat. For the remainder of breakfast, he shoved his food around his plate with his fork as the others chattered around him as if nothing was wrong.

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Thanks for this request, it’s pretty intense. Love you all very much. Thanks to @miheirie for helping with this, go follow her because she is amazing. xx - L

You want to surprise Harry with lingerie, but you’re insecure with your body.

Warnings: smut

Word Count: 1,666

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all these debates about whether shane or ryan is a demon well I say why can't they both be demons


  • shane does unsolved because he thinks it’s fucking hilarious to mess with this human embodiment of sunshine
  • except ryan isn’t human - but shane doesn’t know that
  • ryan does unsolved in order to track down wayward spirits and bring them to hell, and sometimes shane’s unrelenting skepticism makes him want to throttle the man, makes him wish he could just show shane this whole world he doesn’t know about (because he doesn’t know that shane is a demon, either)
  • except shane knows everything about that world
  • when they run into ghosts at various haunted locations, they both make equally terrible excuses to split up, both needing to speak to the spirit for different reasons
  • ryan wants to follow his duty and convince the deceased to go to hell (hopefully without them putting up too much of a fuss)
  • shane wants to make sure it knows that ryan is off limits and shouldn’t be harmed unless you want me to tie you up with a nice little ribbon and deliver you to satan personally
  • ryan being all worried about how shane might one day push his taunting a little too far and get hurt, because he may be related to bigfoot but he’s still human and has a fragile human body (again, little does he know…)
  • and now i’m just picturing shane and ryan standing back-to-back, eyes a solid inky black as they glare at any ghosts that wander a bit too close, both totally oblivious to what the other is doing

My fancast for Sartaq, The Winged Prince.

“Sartaq’s gaze slid from his sister to Nesryn. She yielded a blink. His brown skin was darker than the others’—perhaps from all that time in the skies and sunlight—his eyes a solid ebony. Depthless and unreadable. His black hair remained unbound save for a small braid that curved over the arch of his ear. The rest of his hair fell to just past his muscled chest, and swayed slightly as he gave what Nesryn could have sworn was a mocking incline of his head.”

My fancast links for ACOTAR and TOG are below!


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Nesryn Faliq

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Chaol Westfall


Yrene Towers

Manon Blackbeak

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