solid bmx


My new ass almost bike I built up after catching the vapors from the solid sale. The sprocket should actually be a MERRITT MIGHTY sprocket but there was a glitch in some online shop’s system so they have my money but I have no sprocket going on a week now. But anyway. Here is what I put together in the last week and a half or so.
I picked up the Solid Mind Eraser sprocket because it was $150, American made and has sweet geometry. You can’t find anything better priced. I had saw this frame in the beginning of the year anyway and was always thinking about getting one. So I had to have it. I might pick up a king cobra v2 later just because I did like the higher standover my MAC frame had. This is also a 20.75 which is a little different since I’ve been riding 20.5" frames for a while.
I ditched the top load in favor of another front load but animal jump offs are rare now and I really wanted a 50mm stem. Well what do you know Merrritt make basically a 50mm jump off so that was the obvious choice. Very happy with the quality and it’s not light so I love it.
The bars are from FREEDom bike company. I usually go from 8.5 to higher bars for some reason but I always go to 8.5s. Problem is everyone is so hyped on 30" wide bars nobody has exactly what I want until now. 8.5 bars that don’t look massive with 12 back sweep and 2 upsweep and 28" wide. These are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I has the 8.69 primo rebars for a little bit but 11 back sweep with 28.5" width still felt off. Being that the back sweep was only 11 degrees it still felt like they were uncomfortably wide.
The rest of the shit is just stuff I felt I wanted to change. The seat game is bland but when i went to the shop the fiend seat is what I knew I wanted. The Primo WLT tire is a lot heavier than the momentums I was running but not nearly as brickish as cult tires. I got the animal akimbo cranks again because they were cheap at frontstreetny and I crank arm grind on those the best. The wheels aren’t brand new but they are technically the first new item I purchased. Custom primo hub set to vs rims with ss spokes. I had 4 of the 4.5" Lino pegs but I’m not G enough for 4 of them so I sold two and kept the two I have on now which is much better. They slide well and last long like the og animal pegs.
There’s still a few small items I want to get for it but this is pretty much done. I’m on the hunt for some old primo balance pedals and some guards for my hubs. It’s snowing out here in cleveland so I will be doing a lot of looking at my bike until it clears up or gets to at least 30 degrees with no wind hahaha.