solid architecture

I’ve been thinking of starting an “aesthetic” blog for the different flights, like… just reblogging pretty pictures of things and tagging them to the different flights? Like, pictures of lush forests and fruit for nature, pictures of grassy plains and paper lanterns for wind, lightning storms and deserts and steampunk for lightning, etc. And also things like… flight specific architecture? I mean, we have a pretty solid antique greece architecture in light, but I imagine other flights would have theirs too. Maybe islamic architecture for earth, classic japanese for wind, art-nouveau in arcane? Stuff like that.

I don’t think I have enough commitment to run a blog like that but I am still really tempted because… it’d be really cool…

If I do end up doing that, does anyone want to help me out?


Long queue times are anticipated when visiting King Elvis’ throne room. Come and see royal jewels and treasures, solid gold architecture and passed down relics from previous monarchs, for a small entrance fee, of course.
You can visit without the queue times by calling: 0297-7774-108. :P

*Do not expect to see any members of the Royal family when visiting, photo’s are only an example of how the room was previously used.