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“Adrien. Adrien Agreste.”

The words refused to compute.

Chat Noir stood on the abandoned rooftop, seconds until he depowered ticking away, trying to process three little words.

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☆ 20 inexpensive big/little DIY gift ideas! ☆

Don’t let the cost of big/little gifts stop you from taking a little sister! With creativity, discount shopping, clever embellishments and outside-the-box thinking you can make a splash with your little and not break the bank. Get crafty, shop sales and stretch your dollars for maximum impact. You can stay on budget and spoil your little too! xoxo ;)

Places to Shop: 

Thrift stores, resale shops, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Party City, grocery stores, Dollar Stores, Big Lots, Wal-Mart, craft stores, art supply stores, outlet malls, Amazon,, Etsy, Jo-Ann Fabrics, eBay, Home Depot, office supply stores, garage sales, antique malls, flea markets, warehouses and container stores! 

  ☆ 20 Inexpensive Big/Little Craft Projects: ☆

  1. Cookies or S’mores in a Jar: Purchase a cheap mason jar, fill with cookie mix/s’mores ingredients and toppings, decorate the jar with a ribbon and cute tag.
  2. Create a Tray Plaque: Buy an inexpensive tray at the Dollar Store, spray paint in a bright color, embellish with flowers/symbols/words and add a wide ribbon for hanging. The tray becomes a cute door or room plaque. 
  3. Hugs & Kisses Box: Gift wrap or decoupage a gift box, add a bow and a note explaining that inside the box is a year’s worth of loving thoughts and affirmations from you to your little. Place 365 neatly printed slips of paper with positive messages inside in the box. Your little can take an inspirational note from the box each day.
  4. Embellish a Hand Mirror: Buy a (larger size) inexpensive hand mirror at the discount store and hot glue flowers, gems, pearls, stick-on letters and/or sorority symbols onto the back of the mirror. 
  5. Decoupage a Ribbon Clock: For a few dollars on eBay or the craft store, buy a set of clock movement parts, purchase a wood disc and have a hole cut in the middle for your clock mechanism, decorate with strips of ribbon or fabric, add buttons, pearls, or gems for the hours. A clock can easily be themed to your sorority through colors and patterns. 
  6. Decoupage a Rock Paperweight: Buy a smooth 5″x 5″ river rock, tear one sheet of high quality scrapbooking paper into pieces and decoupage them onto the rock. Add a piece of felt to the back and one inspirational word to the front with small stick on letters. 
  7. Candy Flower Pot: Paint an inexpensive clay pot with a sorority design, paint craft sticks green to look like stems, glue pieces of candy onto the sticks, and place them into a piece of florist foam you have wedged in the bottom of the pot. Add tissue paper or shreds around the base. Add a few craft store flowers for more fullness. 
  8. Framed Chalkboard: Purchase a medium sized chalkboard or paint a piece of wood with chalkboard paint. Visit your local antique shops and thrift stores to find a cool frame to paint. Place the chalkboard inside the frame and add a wide ribbon for hanging. You can also purchase a frame at the craft store and paint it instead. 
  9. Cute Clipboard: Buy a sturdy yet inexpensive clipboard at the office supply store. Paint or decoupage the front and back and embellish the clip with pearls or rhinestones. Add a lush bow for accent. 
  10. Fabric Message Board: Buy a large piece of Styrofoam, a larger piece of discount fabric and strips of ribbon. Glue the fabric to the Styrofoam and then glue the ribbon ends onto the back, creating a criss-cross pattern on the front. 
  11. Sorority Coasters: Paint or decoupage a set of 4″ tiles from Home Depot. Use fabric, sister photos, magazine pictures, napkins or scrapbook paper as your decoration. Seal with spray on sealer and glue a small piece of felt to the back of each tile. 
  12. Paint a Wine or Champagne Bottle: Paint daisies, roses, or your sorority flowers on a bottle of your choice. Tie the bottle neck with a beautiful ribbon.
  13. Set of Magnets: Find supplies at the craft store for making sorority themed magnets out of bottle caps or clear “buttons.” Use sister photos and printed images for your designs.
  14. Painted Plant Holder: Paint a large tin can in sassy stripes and add a blooming plant from a discount nursery. 
  15. Dry Erase Board: Buy an inexpensive picture frame with glass, paint the glass with 2-coats of acrylic paint and place it in the frame with the painted side facing towards the back. Give with a set of dry erase pens to write on the “front” of the glass and then wipe away. Hot glue a pretty bow to the top front. Board can be hung or placed on a stand. 
  16. Metallic Mug Magic: Head to the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart for a plain ceramic mug, decorate with metallic Sharpies, then bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes letting your mug pre-heat and cool down inside the oven. 
  17. Confetti Glasses: Find inexpensive wine glasses or tumblers at the Dollar Store or glassware outlet. Using a gold leaf pen paint irregular shapes that look like confetti scattered down the sides of the glass. Add your greek letters and/or your little’s monogram as well. 
  18. Sugar Scrub: Make your own scented sugar scrub with sugar, almond oil, scented essential oil and food coloring. Give it to your little in a cute bottle or jar. Decorate the bottle with a printed label and pretty fabric on the lid. Find a complete sugar scrub recipe online.
  19. Glitter Bottle Necklace: Find all the supplies you need for making your own jewelry at the craft store. Purchase a chain, mini bottle and glitter to put inside. Attach the bottle to your chain and you have a charming fairy-dust necklace. Symbol earrings are also easy to make with supplies from the craft store. 
  20. Mod Bookends: Shop the quirky second hand stores in your area for two unique heavy objects to paint. Look for animals, solid wood figures, or architectural accents and then paint them in a high gloss bright mod color. Sorority mascots and symbol bookends would also be cool. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you list some pros and cons for each U.C.?

We sincerely believe that it’s a bit of a task to make this list, considering how much there is on the Internet providing the answers to your very question. However, for the heck of it, we’ve taken a stab at things—just don’t take this list too seriously:

UC Berkeley pro: all the academic programs are great, tons of history, near San Fran
UC Berkeley con: good luck getting in (most selective), actually reads your essay, sheer intelligence of students make you feel inferior, famous tower is a complete ripoff of the Italian original, you might get mugged

UCLA pro: in the most interesting city in the Western US, academics are as solid as its architecture, arts and culture abound nearby
UCLA con: insufferably rich neighborhood that may offend your proletarian tastes, danger of accidentally walking in orthodox Jew neighborhood when you’re not supposed to, high cost of living, (reader addition!) super steep hill cimbs to dorms

UCSD pro: easiest access to genuine Mexican cuisine, oceanography programs, smells like ocean, most vegan friendly dining options
UCSD con: hilly as f___, dining halls suck for everyone including vegans, engineering majors will judge you forever

UC Irvine pro: boring suburb location (safe community), excellent English, creative writing, and literary criticism programs
UC Irvine con: boring suburb location, University of Chinese Immigrants, not much to do

UC Davis pro: strong STEM programs, agricultural emphasis, bike-friendly, best vet school in the western US
UC Davis con: used to be called University Farm, cow tipping is a stupid myth, will be cited and fined for cycling on the sidewalk, ew farm country?

UC Santa Barbara pro: magnificent campus, great social scene, academic programs don’t lag compared to the partying
UC Santa Barbara con: students are politically active in that they will protest for their right to hold parties that are public nuisances

UC Santa Cruz pro: really left leaning, has a lot of trees, strong computer science program, laid back student body
UC Santa Cruz con: really left leaning, has a lot of ‘trees,’ what kind of mascot is a banana slug?

UC Riverside pro: new medical school, most rapidly improving UC school, STEM programs are getting good fast
UC Riverside con: terrible air quality, unwarranted “UC Rejects” reputation, the Inland Empire sucks, where is civilization?

UC Merced pro: semester system, greater student-faculty interaction because there are barely any students, is still a UC, good for STEM majors
UC Merced con: is UC Merced

UC San Francisco pro: offers one of the best MD programs in the country, hipster factor (UCSF exists?)
UC San Francisco con: you’re not at that stage in your academic career yet

Let’s finish on a serious note: YOU CAN’T GO WRONG AT ANY UC

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😴 give me thi s pls

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or send  😴 + reverse for a sleepy lance!

          For all the high-tech, rock-solid architecture the Castle Ship boasts, the walls between their bedrooms are surprisingly THIN. It’s a precaution, the Princess tells him— so that, if any of the rooms’ occupants are attacked it won’t go unnoticed… but Lance thinks that they just spent too much of their budget on the weird ALTEAN POOL. Although, in their defense, he’s sure the rooms were not designed to permanently hold the Paladins of Voltron… not Paladins that are this loud. Whether it’s Pidge swearing at something electronic, Hunk snoring, Shiro grunting through a set of push-ups, or Lance singing Shakira at the top of his lungs, there is almost some sort of noise percolating through the corridor. Lance would say that Keith is the quietest one of them all (simply because the red Paladin is scarcely ever in his room) if it weren’t for the nights that he wakes up screaming

          Tonight was one of those nights. 

          —And so here he finds himself; sitting side by side with Keith on a bed that is not his own, running his mouth about everything from his EX-GIRLFRIENDS to bios of all the characters that star in The Office and celebrities that he knows have had work done. At first, he wasn’t sure his anecdotes were working… wasn’t sure that he should even be here at all because nightmares are Shiro’s territory, and maybe he’s just sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. But Shiro is gone and Keith had held him as he bawled his eyes out not even a week before. He owes it to the red Paladin— to his friend— to at least try to do the same. 

          He has since been distracting Keith for twenty minutes— bolstered by the slow relaxation of the his breathing pattern— and he’s midway through a story about the time he and his family went on vacation to Disney Land, when Keith’s head drops onto his shoulder. 

       ❝     —'Cause, c’mon; who didn’t have a crush on Tinkerbell??
          My parents can’t blame me f—…

          And maybe he should be insulted, but he’s too relieved to see that Keith is sleeping soundly again… even if it means that now he’s pinned here. With NO CHOICE but to stay where it’s soft and safe and indulgently warm. Very slightly, he relocates the two of them— nuzzles deeper into the nest of pillows that’d formed around their bodies before shutting his eyes; a smile on his lips. 

          Both literally and figuratively, it’s about time Keith started to lean on him.

anonymous asked:

Asking from Mexico, what's your opinion on Tec de Monterrey for studying architecture?

I don’t have any personal experience (and would love to get some tumblrverse feedback) but it seems Tec de Monterrey is a solid architecture school that would rank among the best in Latin America.

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Anonymous said:

Hi, i’m a student from Tec de Mty, it depends of the campus you attend, I’ve been in Campus Cuernavaca and currently I’m in Puebla, the best one for Architecture is Queretaro, but it demands a lot. I have a friend there and she suffers a lot. In Puebla I’ve learned a lot about construction, history structural analysis, and design. Oh, and sustainability! It depends a lot on the professor and right now I’m not happy with all the changes that Tec has done. We know that architecture demands a lot but Tec is crazy. Still, you have a lot of opportunities to participate in a LOT of exchange programs.


Long queue times are anticipated when visiting King Elvis’ throne room. Come and see royal jewels and treasures, solid gold architecture and passed down relics from previous monarchs, for a small entrance fee, of course.
You can visit without the queue times by calling: 0297-7774-108. :P

*Do not expect to see any members of the Royal family when visiting, photo’s are only an example of how the room was previously used.