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Zi !! A question, what's your favorite architectural style ? Does this influence your work and personal projects ? :o

I’d LOVE to incorporate more of an architectural influence on my stuff but right now I’m stuck in that concept art-esque sci-fi building hell! Whenever I do cityscapes I tend to photobash/paint what I think are standard concept art cityscapes, mostly based on what I’ve seen from other concept artists. I don’t have a full understanding yet on how that style came to be or how to deviate from it, but it’s something I really need to resolve soon.

This is due to a not-so-great foundation of architecture I have - I do not know the specific names of the styles I like, but I do have a list of architecture firms, architects, and artists who work in those styles that I can share! I’m especially drawn to anything with sleek curves that uses the space around it wisely.

For solid science-fictiony architecture with a lot of edges and curves I’d recommend checking out the firm MORPHOSIS.

ZAHA HADID recently passed away - her work was largely controversial, but absolutely stunning.

My favorite architect? PAOLO SOLERI. He was one of those people who was well beyond his time. He built an arcological complex called Arcosanti in the middle of the Arizona desert that, unfortunately, never did so well - IMO I think this was because most of the people who moved there in the 70′s were hippies who weren’t committed enough to really contribute to a self-sustaining community (meant to house thousands) for an extended number of time. There are still a few dozen people living in Arcosanti today though, and I hear they make some really cool souvenir bells! Sorry for ranting about this guy a lot, he’s really cool and his books are also really interesting. Most are brief journal-esque books that list his ideas, and he also has this HUGE book filled with his plans/ideas on arcologies that I will treasure until the grave!

Last but not least - as an illustrator I would absolutely love to go to the length of detail that FRANCOIS SCHUITEN puts in his work someday! He is a Belgian comic artist who comes from a family of architects, so it isn’t surprising that the worlds that he builds are driven/powered by architecture. Jeez, this guy’s work is incredible - I highly recommend checking out his graphic novel series “The Obscure Cities” sometime!

ANYWAYS… I ended up ranting again ahhh sorry for the length!!! But I hope I mentioned some names worth checking out. Peace!

For people who say “Fuck that wall of text I aint reading that shit someone give me tl;dr”
  • Elsword DID restore the El, but instead of restoring the El to the original system involving periodical Lady of El sacrifices, or using up all of the Diceon energy of Elysion which can lead to Elysion’s destruction to follow Solace’s plan, Elsword ended up using all of his energy to restore the El.
    • He was consumed by the El in the process
    • In the brief moment, Solace was able to inject the El with some of Diceon energy to prevent Elsword from being absorbed into the El entirely, but only for so long.
  • Harnier lives, no one is ded yet
  • Ellianod/Elianod is actually Elianord according to KoG file naming skillz so from this day forth Ima just call it Elianord cuz Elianordstrom sounds like a great name
  • Elianord was conveniently sealed away after the destruction of the giant El, which the Masters sealed themselves after restoring the scattered fragments with their energy.
    • Read more on what the hell they do for a living and what exactly they did here: (link)
  • And Elianord was conveniently unsealed when the new El was restored
  • The restored El somehow shows up in Elrios instead of Elysion even though Elsword restored it in Elysion
  • Solace wants to find out who sabotaged his plan and blew up the fucking El
    • He still preciously guards Harnier
    • He also knows he’s not worthy enough to be a master anymore
      • quite frankly I dont think he gives a shit because the only reason he became a master in the first place was to protect Harnier
  • Denif is a fucking dragon
    • His dragon clan have watched over the El for generations, and the current Denif is the oldest Masters out of all the Masters
    • Most likely all of the Masters survived for this long
    • We dunno what happened to the others yet

It’s not El Corridor or Halls of El or Corridors of El
It’s Cloister of the El

  • 회랑 is a cloister, which can often be translated as Halls or Corridors, but according to Korean Wikipedia:  회랑(回廊)은 사원, 교회, 수도원, 궁전 등에서 건물과 정원 등을 둘러싸도록 만들어진 복도이다. = 회랑 is a corridor/hall built to surround buildings and gardens in places such as temples, churches, monasteries and palaces.
    • A cloister (from Latin claustrum, “enclosure”) is a covered walk, open gallery, or open arcade running along the walls of buildings and forming a quadrangle or garth. The attachment of a cloister to a cathedral or church, commonly against a warm southern flank,[1] usually indicates that it is (or once was) part of a monastic foundation, “forming a continuous and solid architectural barrier… that effectively separates the world of the monks from that of the serfs and workmen, whose lives and works went on outside and around the cloister.”
    • So yeah it’s a cloister, don’t call it a corridor or halls.
    • Yes I actually spent 5 min researching this
  • Rena’s last name is Erindel. Rena is Rena Erindel.
  • At the end, Rena realizes someone is missing
    • Apparently Ain x Rena is a thing now because of this
  • Within the Cloister of the El, the Will of the El is actively trying to keep the El Search Party members out, telling them that their mission is over so go home, stop trying to save Elsword and guilt trips them but our characters give no shit
  • Cloister of the El is a solo dungeon, available to only Lv.99 characters.