Reykjavik: Die Skulptur Sólfar (Sonnenfahrt, Sun Voyager) von Jón Gunnar Árnason (1931–1989) aus dem Jahr 1986 an der Küstenstraße Sæbraut in Reykjavik symbolisiert ein Wikingerschiff. Die Edelstahl-Skulptur wurde am 18. August 1990 zum 200. Geburtstag der Stadt Reykjavik enthüllt.


Sólfar Secures $2.1M to Recreate Everest in VR and Get You to Climb it

Icelandic developer Sólfar Studios have announced that their quest to bring one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, Mount Everest, to virtual reality just got a significant boost. They’ve announced received over $2M in seed funding to bring their mountaineering expedition VR experience.

There’s significant potential in new markets made possible by the imminent arrival of consumer virtual reality. VR tourism is one area that’s a fairly easy idea to sell, even to those initiated in the ways of immersive entertainment; see the wonderful sights of the world, without having to deal with airports and foreigners! But VR promises to delivery experiences beyond sight-seeing and beach-dwelling, delivering the possibility to send people on adventures they’d never have contemplated attempting in reality.

Now, Sólfar have announced a significant injection of funds from investors to help the developer bring their idea to life. $2.1M in seed funding has been provided by a group of investors gathered from across the Nordics and Asia.

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