soley mourning


Soley Mourning - Deadmans Town

Haven’t heard of them? Well give them a chance. Great rock band who deserve a lot more recognition! From their third album, Zaire.


“She’s Gonna Make It Shine”

Soley Mourning

So it’s been awhile since I’ve spotlighted a soloist or band that took the plunge of following me and that’s because I’ve been doing some projects so I’ve been posting music I’ve relied heavily on during said projects.However, my currents project is in the hands of a graffiti artist I attend school with so I have time to do this.

Soley Mourning is a alternative rock group that may give a bit of a Shinedown feel, so if you’re into tht sort of thing they’re worth a listen. The group isn’t half bad, actually quite good. That sentence sounds off. Just go with it, I had a bit of a SC let down so forgive my possibly poor English .